Near Death Experience of Brother RC “Harley Ride to Heaven” February 18, 2007

On Saturday February 17, 2007 Sister RC and I decided to go on a short ride on our new Harley Davidson 2007 Ultra Classic motorcycle. Sister RC and I decided to go the back way down to Beaver or Cedar City. It was cold in the 50’s, so we put several layers on. I had just bought Sister RC a pair of new leather insulated up the arm gloves. We had our helmets with our intercom mounted in them. Everything was packed and ready to go. It’s a good thing that the bike had a trunk and saddle bags, because Sister RC used all of the space. We had a great ride down to Cedar City. We stopped in Delta and filled up with gas and had lunch. I remember the restaurant that we ate at, they hand made their potato chips. Oh! They were good. We were close to Beaver and we made the decision to take the turn off and go to Cedar City. The country was great; viewing it from a Harley gives us a new insight. We did not call ahead and get reservations at a hotel, because we didn’t know where we would end up. We found a room at Motel 6, a new one just opened in Cedar City. We went to dinner with my nieces that are going to school in Cedar City. We had such a great visit with them; we stayed and talked until the restaurant workers were cleaning up and ready to go home. We enjoyed our visit with the girls. They are great young women that are doing an excellent job on the path of life. We awoke Sunday the 18th of February 2007 and found a little place to have breakfast. We drove to Delta and filled up with gas. The kids were cooking us dinner at home, we were excited to get home. We left Delta and passed through Eureka. I remember going around the sharp turns, being careful not to go to fast. Every time I went even a little fast Sister RC’s knees would squeeze me tight and I would have to slow down. We had just gone through Eureka and started on the straight road leading to Payson, when all “H” broke loose. Sister RC relates the following story to me. I have no memory of the accident or even seeing the deer. Sister RC told me that the deer were off to the left of us on a little hill. She thinks that I saw the deer because the bike started to slow down. Three of the deer had left the hill and hid in a small grove of trees. They spooked and started running across the road in front of us. I was able to go behind the first deer but the second deer we hit in the rear flank with our front tire. The deer was traveling at such a fast rate of speed that when it hit our front tire the handle bars turned all the way to the right the bike slammed down on its left side. We hit the road with such force that I was knocked unconscious, while Sister RC stayed wide awake through the whole thing.


I had a Mechanical Engineer figure out how much force that I hit my head on the ground with. He put all of numbers in a computer program and the answer was staggering, 380,000 lbs of pressure. I don’t believe that it is possible for a human head to withstand that much force with or without a helmet. My life, as everyone knew it should have been over. We hit on our left side and slid for a ways until my body started to move away from the bike. I separated from the bike and started to roll, we figured about 8 to 12 times. Every time I rolled on the asphalt my nose and face would loose a little more skin, what a bloody mess. Sister RC was still on the bike when the rear end of the bike started to lift straight up in the air. She remembers the feeling of somebody’s hands around her waist moving her to the left about 15 feet and stopping all of her forward progression, where she knelled down on the road and skinned her knees. Truly an Angel (maybe my Dad, who pasted away in 1995, he always liked her best) protected her through this accident. The one thing that the Highway Patrol cannot explain is the place that Sister RC landed. They went over and over the crash scene and could not explain how Sister RC came to rest where she did. The Highway Patrol said that the physics of the accident say that Sister RC should have been thrown with the bike when it flipped, and should have died. There was no earthly answer to why she ended up were she did. The bike slid about 40 yards past us and off to the right side of the road. They also said that there was a 40 foot skid mark from the bike, so I must have seen the deer. The deer, that I hit, ran off the side of the road and lay down and died. I guess you don’t get any of the meat if you’re going “Deer Hunting” with a Harley. The Highway Patrol reported that on almost every call that they receive in that area, where a deer and motorcycle collided, it was usually a fatality. The deer in most cases slides up the front forks and breaks the necks of the motorcycle riders. They said, “That because of the size of the Bike and that we were wearing helmets we were still alive. Some people stopped on a bike to help us, they pick our stuff up off the road. Another person in a truck stopped and said he knew the paramedics in Payson. The cell phones did not have a signal in that area so the guy in the truck drove 8 miles into Payson and called the Highway Patrol and the paramedics to come to the accident. The paramedics transported us to Payson Hospital. The following is a list of our injuries: Brother RC: Basle skull fracture on the back left side of my head Skull broken under the left eye socket Ruptured left ear drum Broken left collarbone Multiple rib fractures in the front and back Bruised left lung Road rash on my nose, right wrist and on my left elbow Right shoulder has a tear in the rotator cuff Various bruises, bumps and scrapes


Sister RC:

First two knuckles of the right hand were bruised and swollen badly Ligament pulled the bone from the right thumb Left shoulder has a tear in the rotator cuff Some scrapes on her knees

Everywhere that we had the proper riding gear we did not experience road rash. My leather jacket was black leather and the road wore off the black die of the leather and turned the coat white. Sister RC had a pair of black leather gloves that the road wore the black die off of and turned them white. My helmet was cracked in the back on the left side. It also was broken on the left side of my head; you could move the left side of the helmet back and forth by my left eye. The doctors were not sure the extent of my head injury. They reported that I was unconscious and bleeding out my left ear. They did a CT scan on my head and determined that my brain in both halves was bleeding in the front by my forehead, in the middle by the crown and by the base of the skull. It was determined that I needed to go to another facility. They wanted to Life Flight me to Provo Hospital, but Son RC, being the dutiful son he is, said, “Why can’t we take him to a real trauma hospital like LDS?” They agreed that this would be the best option. I was loaded on the helicopter and flew on the most expensive helicopter ride of my life. The thing that makes me so mad is that I loved Helicopters’, but I can’t remember any of the trip! The following is my account of what happened during the time I hit the ground and woke up in the elevator at LDS Hospital: When I was in an unconscious state, my spirit went to the place of Judgment. As I came into the light, I realized that it was the weigh station between this earth life and going to the next life. My vision was centrally located and not focused on the vastness of the area. I approached a desk that reminded me of a legal Judge’s desk. I knew that the person behind the desk had a final say on the matters that affected me. I did not focus on the person, nor could I tell who he was, just that he had the power and authority to make anything happen. There were many spirits present; the ones I was aware of seemed to be about 500 souls, family, friends and others that have known me for eons of time. After I was greeted by all that were present including the Judge, my attention was turned to my right side, the Veil that separates this world from the next was revealed. As I drew my attention to the Veil, it had the appearance of being similar to the Veil in the Mormon Temple. Several key workers were showing me the Veil and explaining its importance. I was asked to move away from the Veil (all communication was through thought, nobody’s mouth moved). As I stepped back, the Veil began to open and revealed very much the same environment as on this side of the Veil. There was one Master person in charge of the Veil and he and only he controlled the opening and closing of it. I did notice that there were about the same amount of spirits (500 each) waiting for me to come to them. The Master person in charge of the veil forbade me from crossing through the veil. He instructed me that it was not my time to cross and that the judge needed to speak to me.


I was then instructed by a worker to turn around and noticed that there was a Star of David on the floor and one floating about 6 feet in the air. As a side note, the Judges desk was in the East, and the Veil was in the South, the Star of David was in the West, and the people from this life and spirits yet to be born were in the North. I intuitively knew that I was to stand on the Star of David. As I stepped on the Star and turned to face the Judge, a bright white light started to shine from the top of the Star of David to the bottom one. I felt every color of the rainbow pass through me and illuminated every part of my body. Ten Round circles appeared around my body. They were like Data Recorders that have stored all of the information on my life in them. One appeared above my head, which was Brilliant White in color and represented the place that I talked to God, its color is BRIGHT WHITE, and its name is CROWN. One by my Left ear, its color is GRAY, its name is WISDOM. One by my Right ear, its color is BLACK, its name is UNDERSTANDING. One by my Left shoulder, its color is BLUE, its name is MERCY. One on my Right shoulder, its color is RED; its name is SEVERITY or JUDGMENT. One at my Solar plexus, its color is YELLOW; its name is BEAUTY or LOVE. One by my Left Hip, its color is GREEN, its name is VICTORY. One by my Right hip, its color is ORANGE, its name is SPLENDOR. One over my Private area, its color is VIOLET, it name is FOUNDATION or LUST. One at the Bottom of my Feet, its color is OLIVE, RUSSIT, CRIMSON and BLACK, its name is KINGDOM.

All that I was or ever will be was made known to all that were present. I thought that I would be judged on my good and bad deeds, but no mention was made of them. In fact no reference to Religion, Temple, Tithing or Service was ever made. All of these items appeared to be a “by product” if you had mastered certain areas of yourself.


The great interest that all 1000 + Spirits had in me was to see how I had mastered myself. I remember that all of the Spirits on both sides of the Veil were discussing my progression openly, without any attempt of asking me to state or present my case. There was no need for me to defend myself, for all that I was and all that I had accomplished or not accomplished was made known to all of them. They really did not want my input in anyway. I was surprised that the Judgment was being made on the reality of what I had truly mastered and not on a persons attempt to support their actions. There was not a feeling of “Oh he’s been a good or a bad boy” but only a feeling and knowledge of what I was! I heard one spirit say “How is he in Wisdom and Understanding?” They then discussed everything about my development in Wisdom and Understanding. I had the feeling that this was the area closest to God and unless you had mastered these areas to a certain point you in no way would be allowed into God’s presence. I raised my hand and said, “I have some great Wisdom stories!” The person in charge put his finger to his mouth and said, “This is not about your Ego or about you trying to support what you have done, this is about what you have mastered. They discussed my progression in this area for what seamed to be around one hour. The next area was Mercy and Severity or Justice. When the discussion of Wisdom and Understanding was over with, I heard someone say, “What about Mercy and Justice?” Again I was the topic of discussion. They did not talk very long in this area. It was as if I had accomplished everything in this area and they were moving on. Everyone seemed to be quite satisfied with this area. The last area was Love and Lust. Again I heard somebody say, “Check him in Love and Lust!” This area was not talked about for very long. Everyone nodded in approval that all was well. I remember raising my hand and saying, “I have some great stories about Lust!” Once again the person in charged lifted his finger to his lips, indicating for me to be quite. One thing I did notice is that for Wisdom and Understanding all eyes were focused on my right and left ear area. For Mercy and Justice my shoulders were the area of focus. When talking about Love and Lust, my heart and private area were looked at. I did not feel self-conscious in anyway and all that were there knew that this Judgment must take place before anyone could go through the Veil. I do remember that most of the discussion was centered on Wisdom and Understanding. All of the other areas were important, but this area was the deciding factor as to if I would be allowed into the presence of God the Celestial Kingdom (glory of the Sun) or not. I had calmness and an assurance that this option would be presented soon. Mercy and Justice is the level that a person qualifies to enter the Terrestrial Kingdom (glory of the moon). Spirits that were being judged had mastered the art of giving and extending Mercy and Justice. This is the level that all of the people of the world must get to before the Millennium ends. The gathering of Israel means that God’s people will progress to the point that they cease to kill and make war with each other, and can live together in peace. This will be a great time when the Lamb (Mercy) will lay down with the Lion (Justice). 5

Love and Lust is the lower or starter level that a person enters into. Mastering this area will qualify you to enter the Telestial Kingdom (glory of the stars). This is the very basic desires that cause people to Murder, Rape, Steal and Lie. The key is that Love will heal all of these in time. At this point the conversations quit. The Spirit in charge of the Judgment proceedings approached the judge’s desk and said, “Allow him the option!” To me at that time, I did not know what that meant. I was still standing between the “Stars of David” and was lit up with light and open as a book, “The book of life was opened and we were judged out of the things written in the book.” I did not realize it before, but we are the “Book of Life” and are opened to be judged by the things written in our bodies. The Judge got up from his desk and approached me. He said, “You have progressed enough in your life to be given an option!” I still did not know what the option was. He again addressed me and said, “You have proven yourself worthy in all areas to enter into Gods presence, “BUT” (Everything sounded so good why did he have to wreck it with a BUT??) God’s work is not done and neither is yours. You have helped many with their growth on the earth and by removing you from their presence will undo all of the self mastery that they have achieved. We therefore present you with the “Option” of working with all of these people, your family and friends by returning to your life on earth or you can help them on the spirit side of the Veil!” One thing that you need to know is that behind the Veil you may labor all the people’s days and influence them only in one area. Changing someone’s life is a slow process when not in their presences. With a Body filled with feelings and emotion you can speak one sentence to a person with feeling and energy and change them for an eternity. It was really quite simple for me to make the choice I did. I could either work for life times trying to influence somebody in one area, which would frustrate me to no end, or I could change them in a twinkling of an eye forever. Just because you cross over the Veil does not mean that you will be in the presence of God. Had they offered me the option to enter into the presence of God, I would have taken it. But because God’s work and mine were not completed, I knew that I must return to complete my life’s mission. I understood that I would recover with very few, if not any permanent disabilities, and so the decision was made. I woke up in the elevator, going from the Helipad down to the LDS Hospital, a doctor, nurse or worker was hollering in my face saying, “What is your name? Do you know where you are? Do you know what happened to you?” He would not give me time to answer him and it started to make me mad! When I came to my senses, enough to formulate an answer I said, “You know what your problem is?!?!?” He said, “What?” I said, “You don’t know my name! You don’t know where I’m at! You don’t know what happened to me! The problem is with you and not me.” The whole elevator went silent for a moment and then erupted into laughter. I heard a woman’s voice in the elevator say, “Oh, he’s going to be O.K.” My next memory is being in intensive care where Son RC and my other Son RC came up to me and asked me, “Dad, tell us about the light!” I answered and said, “Oh let me tell you about the light, it is way over rated.” I could hear that everybody started laughing. 6

I next remember pushing my pain button for more morphine and hooked my thumb on the IV tube and pulled it out of my arm. The nurse was a big, fat and a mean person. She said, “Look what you have done! Now I will have to re-put it in.” I said, “I only have two other IV hook ups in my arm, can you use one of them?” She said, “Well this one is a Hep—Bla Bla Bla!” and I said, “Will the tube fit in the hole?” She said, “Yes!” I said, “We’ll put the dang thing in!” The next two weeks are a blur to me. I know that people came to see me, but I can’t remember who. I know that the kids with their hopes and prayers helped pull me back into this life. I know that Sister RC and I needed a leader to take care of us physically; we were hoping that one of the kids would take the lead and one did, it was my first Son RC. I was happy to see my family pull together. Even my daughters in law did their part in helping us. For all of the kids’ that did their part to help, I will be eternally grateful. I went back to work in 5 weeks. I found out that I did not have anything in my multitasking centers and my short term memory was totally erased. In the weeks to come I have had my ups and downs, but this much I do know is that I had a choice to leave this earth and I choose to come back to help my family, friends and those that cross my path. The Doctor informed me that with the seriousness of my head injury, I should not have gone back to work for 4 months. I went back in 5 weeks and the healing process could take from 6 months to two years to recover. I have had many challenges along the way, but I knew that if the Judge wanted me back in this life, all things were possible. Sister RC has always, and will forever be the love of my life. She has been with me through thick and thin. We have had to change and adjust in our lives to accomplish our goals. I cannot think of a better person to help nurture and bring someone back from the dead. She has taken on the burden of returning me to this earth life. The weight of the accident and the effect on her and the kids has been great. This has been a “life-altering experience”. I will always be grateful to Sister RC and the kids for their help. My desires and dreams are a little different now. I don’t have the zest for completing projects as I had before the accident. I find it quite soothing and fulfilling to give advice and help by “mouth to ear” in accomplishing the job, over actually doing it myself. When I complete my mission upon this earth, that I was sent back to do, the option to enter into Gods presence will be available. I will be allowed to state the time and place to lay down my body and return to the Father of us all. I will put forth my best effort to help those around me and complete my mission. There is a plan and a path for everyone. We need to help everyone to move onward and inward on their mission of self mastery. Love more, extend more mercy, and use our wisdom to lift all that come our way.


Some things that I have learned In the scriptures when you first read them you see a story being told. When you read them the second time you see “The Law.” The third time you see the higher meaning. When we talk about Adam and Eve being the first man and woman, I have realized that Adam is our Mind and Eve is our Heart Center or Emotions. We are told to study it out in our minds and if it be right I will cause that your bosom shall burn within you. “I will tell you in your mind and then in your heart if it be right.” In the story of Adam and Eve, Adam would never lead out. It was always Eve that led and talked to the Devil to gain further understanding. When Eve partook of the apple and had Adam eat it also, Eve or the emotion made the decision on what to do. Adam received the thought that there was not any other way and followed Eve. After this experience Eve was put under covenant to serve Adam or the Mind. Adam was put under covenant to follow God. So the secret to the Adam and Eve story is this: God will always talk to you in your Mind (Adam) and give you an answer or a task to do. You will feel that it is right and have a good feeling or a burning in you heart. This is Eve (emotion) bearing witness that what God has given the Mind (Adam) to do is correct. We have what they call the “Law of the Witness” build right inside of us. I will tell you by the mouth of two or three witness. We hear the voice of God in our mind this is the (first witness), and then we get the feeling or emotion telling us that it is right (second witness). When we are driving down the road and another car cuts us off, our emotion (Eve) anger takes over and we feel the rage build inside. We get the thought (Adam) that we should run the idiot off the road. This is backwards on how we should be. In this experience Eve is leading out with the emotion and telling Adam or the mind what to do. The order is wrong. If we are watching what goes on inside of us we will see that the Mind (Adam) should say, “I am O.K. just settle down and let it go.” Eve (emotion) confirms that it’s O.K. to let it go. This way you are always in control of your life and the outcome of what happens to you. Our bodies our built in the exact same way, that Christ organized his church when he was on the earth. He had a Prophet and Twelve Apostles that led His church. We have a Prophet or “All Seeing Eye” located in the middle of our forehead. We have twelve main nerves/muscles that hold our neck up. We also have twelve main emotions in our body. Six of the emotions are Dark and six are Light. We must look at all that we are to master ourselves and qualify to enter into God presence. 8

One great exercise is to place all that we are on the Altar of God. God knows that we are not perfect and have things to work on. By admitting the Dark things in our life and looking at them and placing them on the Altar, God can start to help us master our Dark side. Those that run from or never admit that they have a Dark side will at sometime in there life follow their emotion or Dark side and usually have their live turned upside down. This earth life is about Mastering ourselves, not running from it. We are all self contained and need only to explore the inner workings of the mind and heart to see how we should progress. Now is the time to change. Most of us will spend a life time of changing to perfect ourselves enough to enter into God’s presences. If you don’t want to change you shouldn’t have come to this life. So when your life is turned upside down, ask “What do I need to learn and change from this experience?” The more awake we are about what is going on inside our bodies; we will be able to recognize God’s hand in the experiences that happen to us in everyday life. We then need to analyze what we need to change or correct in our lives and move on. Life is like Jacobs Ladder in the bible, there are many rungs of the ladder and we must climb them all to get to the Understanding of God. God Bless all of us on our path leading back to Him.