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6th Grade

8th Grade



Activity 1 -T greets the Ss and asks them some questions: eg.How are 5
-T checks homework

Activity 1 T greets the Ss and asks them some questions: eg.How are
- T puts on the Bb several pictures representing different
objects and some pieces of paper on which there are written adjectives,
nouns and determiners.
- while the T checks the 6th grade homework, Ss are asked to
rearrange the words in order to describe correctly the objects in the
-then T checks homework

Interaction T-Ss ; Ss-T

Aids: notebooks, books

Interaction T-Ss ; Ss-T; Ss-Ss

Aids: notebooks, books, blackboard, cut outs, pictures
Activity 2 The T tells the Ss that the todays lesson will help them
Activity 2- T tells the Ss that today they are going to revise the two
tenses that have been taught before : Past Simple and Past Continuous. 15 find out whether they were right when doing the sentences at the
beginning of the lesson. The T writes the title of the lesson on the Bb:
Then T writes the title of the lesson on the Bb and the Ss in their
Adjective Word Order.

-the T explains that in English it is common to use more than

-T writes a sentence on the Bb : I was driving to school when
one adjective before a noun: Eg. Shes a smart, energetic woman.
I suddenly heard a strange noise. And asks the Ss to identify the verbs
When we have more than one adjective we have to put them in the right
in the sentences and to recognize the two tenses. Then T asks the Ss to
order, according to type: opinion, size , shape ,age color ,origin being
tell the difference between of use of the two tenses. What kind of
followed by the noun.
action does the first structure express? ( expected answer: a continuous
- T gives Ss worksheets with a chart with the correct order
action, taking place at a certain time in the past) What about the second
and asks them to check the exercise they did at the
verb? ( expected answer: a completed sudden action which interacts
beginning of the lesson. If there are mistakes they have to correct them.
with the first one.)
T then checks the answers
Interaction- T-Ss ;Ss- T
Aids- Bb , notebooks

Interaction T-Ss ; Ss-T

Aids: Bb, worksheets

Activity 3 T then gives the Ss a Worksheet and tells them to do the 13 Activity 3 Then T asks the Ss to open their books at page 79 and do 10
first exercise. Then T checks the answers together with the class.
exercise 10. T checks the answers
Interaction T-Ss ; Ss- T
Aids -, Bb

Interaction T-Ss ; Ss-T

Aids: worksheet

Activity 4 - T asks them to do the next exercise in pairs. One of the Ss 15

in each pair receives the first part of the sentences and the other one
receives the second part of the sentences. They have to match the two
parts of the sentences in order to form correct sentences. Then the T
checks the answers together with the Ss.

Activity 4 then T asks the Ss to do the exercise on the Worksheet. Then

T checks the answers.
Interaction T-Ss ; Ss-T
Aids: worksheet

Interaction T- Ss ; Ss- T; S-S

Aids -cut outs

Activity 5 Homework- exercise 1 / page 87


Activity 5 Homework- exercise 2 /worksheet