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Elizabeth Tuft 5x5 task

Movie/Comic book villain quotes

1: The Joker Madness, as you know, is a lot like gravity. All it takes is a little push
2: Loki Is not this simpler? Is this not your natural state? It's the unspoken truth of humanity,
that you crave subjugation. The bright lure of freedom diminishes your life's joy in a mad scramble
for power, for identity. You were made to be ruled. In the end, you will always kneel.
3: Harley Quinn YOU'RE WRONG! MY PUDDIN' DOES LOVE ME! HE DOES! You're the
problem! And now you're gonna die and make everything right!
4: Sauron You cannot hide. I see you. There is no life in the void. Only death.
5: Darth Vader You underestimate the power of the Dark Side. If you will not fight, then you will
meet your destiny.
Each of these characters have the typical intentions of an antagonist, e.g. to destroy or prevent
the protagonist from achieving their goal which usually involves saving the world. However, what I
like about each of these villains is that they all have their own specific, personal motives which
gives their villainous plots and schemes a certain signature, making them unique. For example,
DCs Harley Quinn tackles issues such as abuse and mental health as well as being a strong
female villain. She falls in love with the Joker and together they create chaos throughout Gotham,
creating juxtaposition as their characters are always light and bubbly (mimicking that of a circus
clown) however they are inflicting pain and suffering on innocent people, giving their characters a
sick sense of humour. Later on within the narrative, Harley begins to realise how abusive the
Joker is to her, both physically and mentally and her focus is then turned towards destroying him
rather than being a nuisance to the Gotham police department. This creates an epic battle
between two of the most unlikely enemies who are equal in terms of villainy and hatred. The
scenario is similar in Lokis case as he starts out as Thors brother and closest ally, however after
finding out that he is adopted and has no birth-right to the throne of Asgard, he turns against his

Elizabeth Tuft 5x5 task

80s Rock Album covers

1 Guns nRoses (Greatest

2 Highway to3 Hell

(Alice Cooper)


This album is very

I like
cover as it is not as

I love the colour scheme on this

album cover; the brightness of
the red is really brought out by
the silver which emphasises the
bands famous logo. Its simple
but effective

and it shows theflashy

genre as
others within the
through the ideologies
genre as they tend to
from the flames be
the devil
busy in terms of content
horns that the members
and colour.
this cover is
well as the album
title: whilst
stilltoconveying the
Hell. The layout codes
is striking
I audience that it
that and
tell the
find that it reallyiscaptures
of a certain genre. The fashion is
everything that the
effective, again

4 Destroyer (KISS)

5- Queen 2 (Queen)

I love this cover as it incorporates

the band, along with the way they

simple background colour allows

This album cover is iconic still to this day as it
the audience to focus on the star:
shows the hit rock group Queen in their famous
Alice Cooper. I like the fact that
pose which is still recognisable as being unique
this is trying to sell the album
to the group. I like that is it simple in the sense
purely from the image of the artist
that there is nothing other than the group and

are pictured shows the careless,

the album name shown, however the way they

bright mood they create with

are positioned and the lighting that is used gives

their music. Kiss as a group are

the stars a sense of mystery, superiority and the

iconic visually within the genre

lights almost make it look like they are onstage

and this album does them justice

performing. This is effective as Queen are

in showing who they are.

renowned for being outstanding performers.

everything that makes glam rock

and sells the genre into one. The
costume and makeup worn by

conveying the genre and the

Elizabeth Tuft 5x5 task

Cinematography/movie moments

2 Arwen
in the
river (Lord
1 Up is Down (Pirates
of the
At of the rings)
Worlds End)

This scene is known for being one of the highlights of

the entire trilogy as it shows Arwen, a female elf of high

I love this moment within the film where the crew of the
status, coming into her own and defending the main
Black Pearl have to flip their ship upside down as the
protagonist, Frodo Baggins. It is in this moment that the
camera pans out and you see the ship as though it were
audience gets to see her harness her elemental power as
floating underneath the waves rather than on top of
she summons the river to drive away the Nazgul and we
them. For this brief moment everything goes still and
see her display immense courage and strength as a
quiet, which gives the audience the opportunity to see

3 Tennessee (Pearl Harbour)

I love the cinematography
in this opening
4 Schindlers
sequence as it shows a classic biplane flying
majestically into the
of in black and white, partly
to show the context
the film is set during the
Tennessee. The accompaniment
However the only colour shown
sequence so beautiful
it setsWar.
a positive,

throughout to
entire film is the bright red of a little
almost nostalgic atmosphere
girls coat as she runs through the streets as the Nazis
are rounding up the Jews. It really brings home the
message of how many lives went unnoticed.

5 Van Helsing

The upshot used in this scene really helps to

create a dramatic tone at the beginning of
the film as it adheres to the conventions
youd expect to find within a gothic film. The
typical image of the protagonist standing
heroically on high ground with their coat
billowing in the wind, the moon ominously in
the background. It sets up the audience for

Elizabeth Tuft 5x5 task


1 Jack Whitehall: "I'm posh but I dont take any stick for it. It's like I always say, sticks
and stones may break my bones but f--- it, I'm with Bupa."
2 Noel Fielding: Yeah? Rock 'n' Roll is fast, you know. If all goes according to plan I could
be in rehab next Thursday. Tuesday week I'll be living on an island with a small Indian boy
3 Sarah Millican: My mother told me, you dont have to put anything in your mouth you
dont want to. Then she made me eat broccoli, which felt like double standards
4 Russell Brand: My personality just doesnt work without fame. Without fame, this
haircut looks like a mental illness.
5 Richard Ayoade: Ive come here to drink milk and kick ass, and Ive just finished my

Elizabeth Tuft 5x5 task

Tim Burton characters

1 Victor Van Dort (Corpse Bride): A troubled young man betrothed to a shy aristocratic
woman who, when practicing his wedding vows, accidentally marries a corpse of a young
woman who was murdered by her previous fianc.
2 The Hatter (Alice in Wonderland): The Hatter is known for being sociable in holding tea
parties for his friends in Underland. However, when meeting Alice for a second time, he puts
his life on the line to help her find herself and overrule the rule of the red queen.
3 Barnabas Collins (Dark Shadows): A 200 year old vampire wakes up in 1972 after being
locked away by a witch who still holds a grudge. He finds his family and helps to win back
their fortune whilst seeking his revenge on the witch who entrapped him and falling in love.
4 Edward (Edward Scissorhands): A young man is created by an inventor in his own
laboratory and is taught to be human, however the inventor dies before he can finish Edward,
leaving him with only scissors for hands. Edward is found and learns the hard way about life
in the real world, falling in love and sacrificing a lot along the way
5 Emily (Corpse Bride): After being murdered by her fianc, Emily is awoken when a young
man named Victor accidentally takes her hand in marriage. After learning that it is all a
mistake and that he is betrothed to someone else, she is upset and distraught as it is the
second time shes been left at the altar. However, she sees how Victor feels for his betrothed
and helps them get reunited and married. After restoring Victors happiness, she feels at peace
and is therefore free to rest in peace.

I like each of these characters because they do not follow conventional storylines and some of
them do not meet a happy, perfect ending like most movie characters do. However they each
do what they believe is right, whether thats for their friends, family, or even for someone that
they love. I like the fact that they each instil different morals and that its ok not to be ok.

Elizabeth Tuft 5x5 task

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