Words vs.

What Station Casinos Says When the company completed its $5.4 billion buyout in late ’07, which paid top insiders $660 million, a top executive told the press: “Tomorrow it’s business as usual for our team members as well as the guests that come to see us every day. I really see no change at all.” (“Station Casinos buyout closes,” Las Vegas Review-Journal, 11/8/07) When the company filed for bankruptcy protection on 7/28/09, another top executive said to the press: “It is business as usual at our 18 operating properties. Team members, guests and vendors are going to be treated just as they always have been for the last 33 years.” (“Station Casinos regroups, continues normal operations,” Las Vegas Review-Journal, 7/29/09) The company is supposed to run Green Valley Ranch the same way it operates its other 100%-owned high-end properties, to “a standard of operation at least as high as that existing at [Station’s other] highest quality casinos,” according to its joint venture operating agreement with Mr. Brian Greenspun, the owner and publisher of the Las Vegas Sun. What Station Casinos Does In 2008, the company subcontracted PBX operations, subcontracted out coffee shops at Fiesta Rancho, Fiesta Henderson, Wildfires, Wild Wild West, suspended the 401(k) match, and raised health insurance premiums. In 2009, the company subcontracted out the coffee shops at Green Valley Ranch and Santa Fe Station and raised health insurance premiums again. Two months after the bankruptcy filing, the company subcontracted out coffee shops at Palace Station, Sunset Station, Boulder Station, and Texas Station. In Jan. ’10, the company fired all uniform room attendants and subcontracted the work to Cintas. It also shut down the Cherry nightclub without advance notice. In a 2/18/10 court filing, Mr. Greenspun is now accusing Station Casinos of violating their agreement by "flagrant and continuing breaches of its contractual and fiduciary duties" and "a longrunning scheme implemented...to systematically divert customers, business opportunities, and other assets from Green Valley Ranch." The filing is accompanied by a sworn statement by GVR's former General Manager with detailed examples of this alleged scheme. Station has denied these allegations and claims the former GM was a "disgruntled" employee who engaged in "personal and professional misconduct." Inside Station properties, workers have been harassed and intimidated for engaging in legal union activities. They have documented more than 100 such instances of alleged violations of federal labor law. An Unfair Labor Practice Charge has been filed against the company with the National Labor Relations Board.

Faced with Station workers’ demand for freedom to organize without interference, a top executive of the company said to the press: “We recognize and respect our team members’ right to be represented by a union if that’s what they choose to do.” (“Culinary Union alleges unfair labor practices at Station Casinos,” Las Vegas Sun, 2/25/10)

Now, top executives are telling you that there will be no more subcontracting and everything will be better after the company emerges from bankruptcy.

Why should you believe them now?

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