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June - August 2015 Newsletter

Greetings everyone from the Andes Mountains of Ecuador!

Its winter now, so enjoy some warm weather for
us. It has been a very busy summer missions
team season for us, but what a blessing it has
been to us and the communities in which we
What have we been doing! Dena broke her leg,
had surgery and is healing well; Thank you for your prayers for
her. We have had many mission teams, vision teams and
summer interns come and help us so far this year. They came
from the States of Alabama, Florida, Georgia, North Carolina
and South Carolina. We have taken most of the teams into
communities in which we work on a regular basis and have
weekly kids bible clubs. We have enjoyed
watching how God used them in sharing the
gospel and the unconditional love of Christ in
kids bible clubs, vacation bible clubs,
community and youth movie nights, womens
bible studies, Upward soccer camps and
construction projects in the communities. We
even had team members lead hotel staff and
our van driver to Christ! Praise the Lord!
Helping hands needed: short term, long term or full time. .
We have more work then we can do
by ourselves and the ministry
opportunities are endless; we need
help. If you are interested or feel
called to come work with children,
adults or in construction - we need
you. We are looking for short term
couples and singles to work or intern
with us for a week, month or full time.
Please contact us at 904-879-1396 or for more
Calendar: We are already scheduling interns and mission/vision
teams for our 2016 calendar. We also have a few dates for this
coming November and December open. The size of the team
does not matter. We can handle from one person to ten people

School supply drive for our kids bible

clubs: Thank you to all who gave funds and
teams who brought supplies for the school
supply drive. We were able to make 315
string back-packs filled with school supplies,
hygiene items and a complete Bible. We
have delivered back-packs to our largest club
in Beln and our smallest and poorest in
Arriendo (4 hr. one-way drive); Pastor Zhagui's
(pronounced shuag-wee) church. Note: This
area so remote and
treacherous that our van
driver will no longer take
us there, but we will rent
vehicles to take larger teams there who
want to go. The children were so happy
and excited to receive the packs full of
school supplies and the complete bible. Some
of the mothers were in tears when their child
received this wonderful gift as it is a huge
blessing to them because many have no
money to buy the items. We have four more
communities to deliver the packs in the
coming weeks.
God is always faithful: He meets our needs, but if the Holy
Spirit has been speaking to you in regards to praying or
supporting us financially, or you have in the past, but have not
for some time, please consider now.
Prayer requests:
Urgent- Sell of our home in Callahan, Florida. Listed on MLS #66775
Our financial supporters and future
supporter growth.
Open doors to new communities to
2015-16 missions teams/interns
Long term missionary help.
How can we pray for you?
Please feel free to call us, email
us and let us know how we can
pray for you or just say Hi.

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Blessings, Gary & Dena

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