Renesmee Cullen

I figured I was over-doing it, what with my acting like a little girl, jumping up and down, screaming and giggleing. "Its my
birthday! Its my birthday!" I yelled, Jasper smiled at me, with his teeth showing. "Yes, it is. Happy birthday." He said again. I was so excited, I would be able to go to high school. I would be able to drive, if my dad would let me drive his Volvo, or if my mom would let me drive her Ferrari. I laughed because I didn't even concider it again. "What was that? Don't doubt yourself." Jasper said to me, senseing my mood, im guessing. "No no, I was thinking about me being able to drive. And then I thought about cars, and wondering if my dad would let me drive his Volvo, or my mom her Ferrari. And I doubt it." I said, laughing while speaking. Jasper laughed too, it was too cool. "Ahh, I love you so much Uncle Jasper." I told him, and he hugged me. "I love you, too. Happy birthday sweetie." "Can you come with me to the cottage really quick? I don't really want to be alone.." I told Jasper, and he nodded. "Absolutely, lets go." I guessed the family left him here because of our new bond. I loved my uncle Jasper more and more every minute. I loved him as much as I loved my momma, and my daddy. He was a big part of my life now. If I ever thought he would leave, it was because he had nothing to keep him here, except Alice. But now he has me here, and I wouldn't do too well if he left. I would probably go insane. He would have to come back to make me calm again. I laughed to myself. Once we arrived at the cottage, I took a quick shower, put on a brand new, green satin dress and heels. I felt like a princess. The part I enjoyed the most was when I came back into the living room, where Jasper was waiting, he gave me one of my birthday gifts, from him. "Here, I know it isn't much.. but still." He told me, and when I opened it a tear welled up in my eye. "Oh, Uncle Jasper, its amazing. Its beautiful! Thank you." I turned to him, stood up on my tippy toes and kissed him on he cheek. "Put it on for me, please?" I asked him. "Its the prettiest necklace that I have ever seen!" I turned around, and held my hair up. He hooked the dimond necklace around my neck, and I let my hair drop. "Thank you." I mouthed to him, I couldn't speak. I was crying too hard. "Aw, don't cry." He told me, wipeing my tears. I did what he said, and smiled at him. "Okay, lets go back to the house?" I asked, and he smiled,

took my hand and we ran off to the main house. When we neared the house I smelt a wearwolf. Or two... "Jacob!" I shouted, and Jaspers chuckle confirmed it. As we neared the house, he came outside. I ran right into his arms. He smiled "Happy birthday, beautiful." he told me, and I grinned. I had something to tell him, something important. "Jake. Can I talk to you?" I asked him, being completely serious. We walked towards the sound, and we stopped by a large bolder, and I turned to face him. "Jake," I began, "I am in love with you." I told him, and the look on his face was more than anything I would have ever dreampt for. "Im in love with you too Nessie." He told me, and I went out on a limb here. "Kiss me, Jacob Black." I said, and he did. It was like nothing else I had ever felt before. His lips meant mine with a sort of eargerness, a feeling of triumph. It was amazing, the way our lips moved. I loved the taste of his breath, in my mouth, the way his hands held me. It was better than a dream. He had to breath, so he stopped the kiss, and I lay my head on his shoulder. "I love you, Jacob Black." I told him, "I love you more than you will ever know." I smiled at him. "Renesmee Cullen, you are the love of my life. I will never love anyone like I love you." He told me, and you have absolutely no idea how this made me feel. We walked back to the house, holding hands. This time it wasn't as friends, this time is was as more than friends. It was as boyfriend-andgirlfriend; everyone knew the difference. I smiled as wide as possible, and my mother smiled the same back at me. Alice skipped towards me, with a very large grin on her face. "Happy birthday, Nessie!" she squeeled, hugging me. "Thank you Alice." I giggled back at her. I got lots of hugs, and lots of 'Happybirthdays' from my friends and family, never letting go of Jake's hand. In the earliest part of the morning, Jake and I went hunting. Jake had phased into wolf form and I had a silly joke for him. "You know what.. I know one person cuter than you.." I said to him, tugging on his fur, and he whined. "Hes a human, his names Jacob Black. And I am in love with him." Suddenly, Jake ran behind a tree and phased. He walked back towards me with a sumg smile on his cute face, "Were you talking about this young stud?" He asked me, with a bright grin across his face. "Yes, yes I was." I told him as I walked over to where he was standing. I wrapped my arms around his neck, and kissed his soft lips once, then traced the outline of his lips with my tounge. I felt his hands move down my back, and up again. I locked my fingers in his hair, and continued to kiss him. It went on like this, kissing, and holding, holding and kissing, for around a half hour. It would have gone longer, but I could hear Alice shouting for us. I unwilligly pulled away from my love, and decided to hold hands, rather than what we were doing. "Mmm, Jake." I said to him, "Weve got to goo." I told him, pulling away, though I didn't want too. He loosened his grip on me, and pulled me up into

his arms. I giggled, and he smiled at me. We began running back towards the house. "Don't think about what we were just doing if you want to live." I whispered in Jakes ear, knowing my dad wouln't want to hear it. He chuckled, "That would be intersting." he replied. I gave him the death stare, not wanting to think about that. "Im sorry, I was just kidding." He told me. I put my hand up to his cheek, 'Much Better.' And from there we continued running to the house.

When we returned to the house the whole place was decorated, banners hanging up, and everyone was there. "Jake! The pack's here!" I yelled to him, grinning. "Yep, Emily and Claire, too. All of them." He told me. I was so happy. "Put me down! Put me down!" I giggled to him. He sat me down, and I darted into the house, right to Sam. "Ahh! Sam I missed you so much! "I told him, he smiled and picked me up, hugging me. "I missed you too, Nessie. Its been far too long. Happy birthday!" He told me. I smiled, "Thank you!" And, Oh. I thought, Leah is here. I smiled and walked towards her. We never really had any kind of relationship. "Hi Leah." I said to her, Smileing. She looked up, as if she were amused. "Happy birthday, Renesmee." she smiled at me. Woah, she smiled at me. She said my name without hatered. "Oh my god, thank you so much Leah." I told her, and I meant it. Now I was really supprised, she got up and walked over to me. "I am really sorry for being rude to you in the past Renesmee. I have been thinking about this a lot. I want to be friends with you. If you do with me, of course." Leah told me, and I wanted to cry. "Do you really mean that, Leah?" I asked her, a tear dripping from my eye. She walked over to me, and hugged me. "Yes." She told me, and I hugged her back. I was so supprised. I was over joyed. She pulled back and looked at me, "Im sorry I didn't get you anything. Happy birthday, though." Lead said, and I wanted to yell. "Oh, Leah. Your friendship is the best gift I could ask for." Our exchange took plave behind the stairs, so nobody saw this. But the faces of all my friends and family was just... well funny! Leah and I walked out smileing, arm and arm. As I walked in, with Leah, confetti fell from the ceiling. Everyone, includeing Leah, yelled supprise. I smiled. Alice drug me away from my new friend, and Jake watched Leah with wary eyes, I saw her do an eye roll of her own. "Present time!" Alice squeeled in excitement. Everyone followed us outside, into the back yard where it was turned into the best party venue. Knowing Alice, she did this on her own. She sat me down in a pink chair, and handed me a little white box with a bright pink bow. "This one is from Sam and Emily." She said, moveing out of the way so that everyone could watch me open the box, I looked at her and rolled my eyes, then turned my attention back to Sam and Emily. "Thank you both, very much. I appriciate it." I said, and Emily laughed. Sam looked at her confused. "You haven't even

opened it!" She said, and smiled at me. I then pulled the lid off the box, and inside of it, lying flat on the bottom of the box, was a broach. It was a very pretty little thing, with a pink flower over-lapping the green flowers. "Oh, Emily! Sam! Its gorgous." I told them, and Emily smiled. "Im glad you like it, I made it myself." She told me, "Are you serious! Your amazing, Em." I told her smileing. Alice then moved back to the table full of gifts. I went through the most of them, but even that took an hour, and I still had many to go. "Wow! You guys, did you get me enough things?!" I asked them.

I had gotten everything from gift cards, and dimond necklesses, pins, broachs, shoes, hair products, purses, back packs, umbrella's. Finally we were done with almost everything. Then Esme and Carlisle came to me. "We gave you most of our gifts, but we saved the best one for last." Esme told me, and I smiled. Carlisle took my hand, and Esme took his. We walked out, around the house, we were almost to the front when I heard Esme call Alice, "Don't attack me." She said, and I felt her jump on my back and put her hands over my eyes, so that I can't see. I giggled, "Ill think about it." I told her, and we then proceded. "Okay, ready Esme?" Alice asked. Withought warning, Alice hopped off my back. In front of me I saw the most amazing car ever, it was so beautiful. It was white, with a pink bow bigger than you could imagen possible. "Holy crap! Is that a Lamborghini Gallardo LP560-4 Spyder?!" I heard Jake yell, "A what?" I asked, Esme smiled. "Thats exactly what I said." She told me. I grinned at her, "Thank you. This didn't cost too much did it? And lie to me if it did." I told Esme and Carlisle. I saw the two of them exchange a glance, and then smile at me. "Don't worry about it." Carlisle said. I sighed, I knew that meant it cost more than ten bucks. "You're all too kind. I hate it." I said, smileing at them all. They all laughed. "Ahh, Im gonna run home really quick. I need... sweat pants." Jake said suddenly. "Ohh! Maybe I could drive you?" I said, smileing. Now my father was front and center, handing me my licesnds. "Woah.. I don't want to know." He grinned at me.

I had never driven a day in my life. But I guess I was driving now. Driving was good, it makes me feel like I can be someone new. I can go places. Like La Push. "I don't know how to drive.." I mumbled to my father, and he smiled at me. "Jake's going to be with you if you need any help, but I assure you it comes naturally. No worries." He reassured me, and I gave him a weak smile in return. "Unless.. you want Jake to drive?" My mother said, she seemed reluctant. "No, I think I can do it. Ill pull over if I need to." I said, because I really wanted to drive. Jake walked over and opened my door for me. "Thank you." I said to him, smiled and I got in the car. I put the key in

the ignition and revved the engine, Jake got in right when I started giggleing. "Whats with you?" He said sarcasticly, I just stuck my tounge out at him. "You don't know how to drive a stick shift do you...?" He told me. I ignored him, and put the car in 'D', or drive, and began weaving my way down the drive way. I turned off onto the high way, and sped faster than I needed to, shifting as we carried along. "Well, I guess I don't need to tell you where were going." Jake said, smileing. "You don't need sweats, do you?" I accused, eyeing him. He grinned, "Nope." He said, popping the P. I laughed, "Okay, so why are we going to your house?" I asked him. He rolled his eyes and pointed to his bare chest, and I marvled over it for a spilt second. "No shirt." he told me. I was still stareing when he started laughing at me, and I flicked my head up and stared out the window. "Why are you laughing at me!" I squeeled, sounding more like a baby than anything. He just shook his head, trying to control his laughter. "No reason." He said, still laughing silently. In my breif moment of annoyance, I accelerated as we neared La Push.

I pulled up to Jake's small little house in the heart of the rezervation, and skidded to a stop. "Not bad for a first time driver." Jake said to me while he got out of the car. I giggled. He opened my car door, like the gentlemen he wanted to be, and escorted me to his little house. He left me right inside the front door, "Two seconds." He said, kissed my cheek, and dashed out of the small foyer. I started counting, one.... two... three.... four.... five.... six... Well, I thought, so much for two seconds. I laughed at my little joke, looking down at my feet. "Whats funny?" Jake asked, and I jumped, not expecting his sudden re-appearnce. "Er." I said, stunned. I looked up at him, his expression guilty. "Im sorry, I didn't mean to scare you." he told me, closeing the two feet of distance in-between us, hugging me gently. "Its okay, I just wasn't expecting it." I told him, now smileing. I looked up at him, and to my supprise, he was looking down to me. He smiled at me, and my smile got wider. His face turned from guiltly, to sweet. His eyes looked as though they were danceing, and they did this whenever I saw him look at me. I stepped up on my tippy-toes and pressed my lips to his soft, warm lips. He seemed just as eager to kiss me as I was him, because he picked me up in his arms, holding me close to his chest. The way our lips moved together was more than magic, it was indescribeable. I could feel his breath in my mouth, and it tasted sweet. We stood there, locked in our on moment, for quite awhile, and it wouldn't have ended.. not yet, anyway, if my father wasn't knocking on the door. Jake sat me on my feet, and smiled at me, as he walked to get the door. "Oh, Jacob. You guys were gone for a while, we didn't know what happened." My father said, and I saw the panic attack he was having come to an end. I walked towards the door, and my father saw me, his eyes became softer, and he darted over to me, and hugged me

tightly. "Nessie.." he murmered. "Sorry about you and your painc attack, I didn't think we were gone long at all.." I told him, but he didn't reply, he was still holding me. "I love you daddy, Im okay." I told him, and I guess this convinced him because he slowly released me. "I love you too, and ill go now. You two hurry home, okay?" He told me, kissing my forehead and mussing Jakes hair, and then he was gone. Jake closed the door, and walked back over to me. I twined my arms around his waste and kissed his jaw-bone. Jacob's present to me was nice, it was alone time. I didn't want, or need, anything extravegent from him. Or anyone, but nobody else would listen to me. Jake and I spent most of the day at the beach, sitting in the sand together, just talking. One time I began a... odd conversation.. "Jake?" I asked him, and he looked at me. "I have a question." I told him and he smiled at me, "Ask away." he replied. I inhaled a short burst of air, trying to keep myself from laughing. "Whats it like... you know.. kissing a vampire, rather than killing one?" I asked him, and he rolled his eyes. "You're not a vampire, Nessie." he told me, twirling a stand of my hair around his finger. I sighed, "You know what I mean." He laughed, "I guess I do. And... well its different. But I don't care, im not kissing any vampire but you." I smiled at this, and as if to prove his point, or as an excuse, he put his hand under my chin and proped me up so that he could kiss me. I reflexively kissed him back. Once the kiss was ended, I decided to clarify my point. "So, did you use what you said as an excuse to kiss me, or to prove your point?" I asked him, grinning openly. He smiled at me, "An excuse to kiss you." he told me, I scowled at him, rolling my eyes. He cocked his head to the side, and one of his eyebrows rose as if to say, 'What?' and his smile then turned into a line. "You never need an excuse to kiss me Jacob Black. You've been waiting for this day for six years, and I don't think you should hold back." I told him, and this sudden intense passion was burning in his eyes. Once I saw this, I was pleading with him, internaly, to kiss me. Kiss me with more passion and more love then I thought could exist. All of the sudden, it was as if my prayers were answered. His lips met mine with a crushing force, with the lust I needed, the passion I hoped for, and the love I always knew was there.

We had left to go to Jakes house at about noon, and we returned half past two, and it was just as lively then as it was when we had left. Once we returned, Alice insisted on taking pictuers of my in my new car, with Jake, with her, my mother and father, and every other person, vampire and wearwolf in sight. I kept my spirit up, and smiled the whole time, though I really would have preferd to spend my time with my boyfriend, my uncle Jasper and my mother and father. Selfish, I know, but its what was on my

mind the whole time. Throughout the day my father sent me many apologetic looks, since he knew how I felt, as did my uncle Jasper. Everyone else was oblivious to the birthday girl's annoyance. I didn't really mind as much as they thought, so I just smiled at them whenever our eyes met. I assumed my father had told my mother how I felt because she looked at me with those same 'Sorry' eyes. I guess I should be thankful for everything I got on my birthday, but I was feeling really ungreatful. I got one of the two things I wanted most, I got Jake. At a quarter to seven my father and my aunt Alice both looked at each other with smiles showing all of their teeth. "Nessie! Come here!" My aunt shouted, so I , reluctantly, got up and walked to her side. "You have one supprise left. Okay?" she said to me, and I rolled my eyes. I wanted one thing, one thing! But I knew that I wouldn't get it, not yet.. My father pointed into the darkness towards the woods, "Look there." he told me, but I couldn't see anything. A moment passed, and three figures appeared, emergeing from the trees. I suddenly stood erect, my lips wanting to twitch up into a smile, but not sure. Could it be them? I saw my father nod. "Zafrina! Kachiri! Senna!" I shouted, sprinting out the doors. I heard laughter behind me, but I didn't care enough to look. "Ah, Nessie. Its been too long." Zafrina said, holding her arms out to me, and I ran right into them. "Happy birthday, young one." Senna said to me, and I grinned. I embraced each of them, telling them how this was what I wanted for my birthday. That they're presence is the best gift in the world. They smiled poiltely, and told me it was nothing special. I bombarted her with my yelling. It was of joy, not anger. I don't think they knew the difference. I didn't care. I wouldn't leave them alone for a second. I was too happy to be with them, and of course Jake was by my side the whole time. The night was fun, hanging out with my friends and family. I don't think I have any friend any more, everyone is family to me. I was devestated to hear that the Amazon's were leaving in the morning, but they promised to visit Bellingham once we got settled. "Everyone should just stay here." I told my mother, hopeful. She smiled, "Everyone is." she replied. "Everyone?!" I asked, grinning at her. She nodded, and brushed my hair behind my ear, "You look tired." My father told me, and I grinned, he knew me too well. I wondered if Jake and I would sleep.. "Absolutely not." My father told me, cutting the thought out of my mind. I put my palm to his cheek, 'Please, please, please don't tell anyone I just thought that.' He nodded, "Fine." He said curtly. I walked away, to the back windows, where Jasper was stareing out into the darkness all alone. I rested my head on his shoulder, and he smiled weakly at me. "Youre not enjoying all the company, are you?" he asked me after a minute or two. I sighed, "Too many people. I feel like I have to put on a show. I am glad they all came, I guess." I told him, and he nodded thoughtfully. "I know exactly how that feels." He concluded, and I smiled,

drifting off to my happy place of sleep.

I had a good dream that night. I was in the cottage, the rest of the family was out in Bellingham. Jasper was at the main house, he wanted alone time, and he was assiganed to watch over me. I didn't mind, it wasn't like when Alice was with me. She scrutinized everything I did. But with Jasper it was easy, I could do my thing and he could do his, or we could hang out together. He didn't mind my company, though he did for almost everyone else. Besides that, Jake had came over. We had been laying in my bed talking about everything. About our life, about our family and friends. But most of all, about us. It was so sweet, he was completely himself. I love it when he just lets his gaurd down, and its just us. Hes so easy to talk to, easy to be with. I was truly in my happy place. This was what I had always wanted. A happy place, just like this. And I finally found it.

I woke up when it was still dark outside. I surely fell asleep before nine o' clock, and it had to be before five now. I sat up, and looked around. I was in my fathers room at the main house. I saw Jake was asleep on the floor, no blanket or pillow. I frowned, got up and layed my blanket on top of him. I wasn't tired anymore, I was fully awake. I walked out of my fathers room and heard many more asleep. Ah, so the pack stayed, I thought. I heard some voices downstairs, so I skipped down from the third floor, and saw that my vampire family, and the Amazons. "Good morning." I said, a bright smile upon my face. All heads turned, and smiles were upon each of their faces. "Good morning, Nessie." Jasper said, and I smiled. "Good morning Uncle Jasper." I replied to him, and he smiled wider. I continued my walk down the staris, when suddenly I saw my aunt Alice stare off into space, she was having a vision. "Edward!" she shouted, and my father ran towards me, just as I sliped on the last stair. I heard many intakes of oxygen as every vampire in the room watched my fall, in horror. I was an inch from the ground when I felt my head hit something hard. It was my fathers hand, and he'd saved me. "Oh, thank god." I heard Esme say, finally exhaleing air. "Are you alright?" My father asked me. I couldn't answer, I was in far too much pain to speak. I shook my head 'No.' My fathers face twisted in horror, hearing my thoughts. They were all of pain, I was begging to be killed. The impact my head had on my fathers hands was too much for me to take. "Carlisle! Shes hurt." he yelled, and suddenly I was being rushed up the stairs, towards my grandfathers office. "Lay her there Edward, it may just be a concussion." I head Carlisle tell my father. "I don't care if its just a concussion, Carlisle. She is in pain!" My father screeched, and Carlisle recoiled as if that was a slap in the face. "Yes, my son, of course." I heard Carlisle say, and the pain from my

head began to fade. I could think clearer.

'I don't know what time it is. I don't know where I am. I think I know who I am. Am I a girl, a girl by the name of Renesmee. Yes, I am. I now remember what happened. I think I can stand.' I thought to myself, "Nessie?" I heard a familiar voice say. I opened my eyes to see Jacob stareing down over me, and the passion I felt for him flodded my mind. I sprung up, quickly but gently, and wraped my arms around his neck, and pressing my lips to his shoulder. "Oh Nessie, you scared the hell outta me!" I heard him say, relieved. I took my face away from his shoulder, and faced him, standing on my tip-toes, and I pressed my lips against his. I then looked into his eyes, and inch away from his face and whispered, "So sorry." He smiled, and kissed me quickly.

"Edward, Bella." Jacob called, encradeling me in his arms. "Shes awake." He continued, and a second later my whole family was in the room with me. I smiled at them, "Bella, sweetie, are you okay?" My father asked me, "You took quite the spill." he finished, and I nodded. "Yes, daddy, im okay." I told him, and he relaxed. "Nessie, baby, are you sure you're okay?" my mother pushed, and I nodded. "Yes momma, im sure." They all hugged me and told me that I very nearly gave each and every one of them a heart attack. They told me I was to lay low, and spend the day at the cottage with Jake, and we were moving tomorrow. I had no problem with spending the day with Jake. I was actually quite eager. "Ready to go do absolutely nothing!" Jacob asked me with mock-enthusiasm, and I frowned. "You don't have to spend the day with me, you know...." I told him, feeling rejected. "No! Thats not what I meant by all, I would rather spend the day with you than do anything else in the whole wide world." He told me, rushing over the words, trying to get them out as quickly as possible. I gave him a wary smile, "Promise?" I asked him, and he nodded. "Promise." he agreed. My smile became more genuine.