Ca erWIn MODel Manager • Do you have more than one license of erwin Data Modeler? • Does your modeling team need to collaborate so that they don’t ‘step on each other’ when changes are made? • Do you need to track versions or audit trails for changes? • Do you have a Data governance project in place? • need a single repository to store your model-related metadata? Ca erWIn DaTa PrOFIler • Do you need to compare your model design with real-world instance data? • are you looking to improve the quality of your data? • Do you have legacy systems for which you need to document primary and foreign key structures? • need to compare data from multiple systems for a merger, acquisition, MDM or DW effort, etc.? Ca erWIn PrOCess MODeler • are you looking to relate your data assets to the key business processes which use this data, such as customer info? • Do you need to document business processes in your organisation? • are data flow diagrams important to you? Ca erWIn DaTa MODel valIDaTOr • Do you need to validate the quality or structural integrity of your data models? • are there new members of your team who are not familiar with modeling that need to learn relational theory? Ca erWIn DaTa MODel navIgaTOr • are there members of your team who only need read-only access to your models, such as business analysts? Ca erWIn saPhIr OPTIOn • Do you need to integrate your erP systems with other data sources for a data warehousing, MDM, or data consolidation effort? • Do you need to understand the data structures of your erP systems? • are you having trouble understanding the cryptic column and table names in your erP system? Do you want them translated to ‘user friendly’ names?

Ca aDvanTage
Ca erwin® Data Modeler leads the Data Modeling market and has been in the market for 20 years as a result, Ca erwin understands that data modeling is at the heart of your data-focused initiatives, and has kept its core focus on data modeling in its 20 years on the market. Other vendors tout data modeling as a side product of application development, enterprise architecture, or application modeling. Ca sees things the other way around—data modeling is our focus, and we provide you with a rich set of tools and best-practices to support data modeling. Award-Winning Solutions • Ca erwin Data Modeler is the winner of the 2008 visual studio readers’ Choice award for modeling tools. • Ca erwin Data Modeler is the winner of the 2007 riding the Crest award from Programmers’ Paradise for the most-often selected tool by customers in the Database Design/Modeling and Database Deployment and Migration categories. • Ca erwin Data Profiler’s underlying technology solution was voted Most Innovative MDM Technology at the TDWI Master Data Management Insight Conference in 2008

CA ERwin® r7.3 Modeling Family — Partner Pocket Guide

Overall Challenges
Quality information management is as critical to any organisation’s success as the quality of the goods or services they provide. Business agility and market adaptation requires faster, better decisions based on accurate and consistent data. Companies must manage and maintain their data while facing increasingly complex challenges such as mergers and acquisitions, IT downsising, an iterative technology stack and numerous compliance related requirements. The Ca erwin® Modeling family of products is built around our core competency in data modeling. Ca erwin® Data Modeler is our flagship product that supports organisations in designing data models that support both high-level business needs and implementation-level database design and deployment across a wide range of platforms. Data and information is a strategic asset in your customers’ organisations today. To that end, Ca has built a wide range of products that support your customers’ data modeling and information management—from the ability to visualise how core business processes relate to strategic data assets with Ca erwin® Process Modeler, to the ability to compare their live instance data values with database design with Ca erwin® Data Profiler.

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sOlUTIOn: Ca erwin® r7.3 Modeling Family
Ca erwin® Data Modeler is an industry-leading data modeling solution that enables you to create and maintain databases, data warehouses and enterprise data models so that you can successfully moderate data complexities, effectively manage database technologies and properly align your information delivery infrastructure. CA ERwin® Data Modeler • Data modeling with design layers • Metadata import/export • naming standards • reporting with Crystal reports In addition to the core Ca erwin® Data Modeler product, Ca offers several other products in the Ca erwin Modeling Family to help manage and understand your customers’ data infrastructure. Data modeling is our strength, and we provide a rich set of tools which support data modeling and the disciplines that surround it. CA ERwin® Data Profiler – New product for data profiling and cross-system analysis. • Cross-system data profiling • Compare actual data to model design • Foreign key discovery in legacy data • helps improve data quality CA ERwin® Process Modeler – Link business processes with their associated data assets. • Business process modeling • Data flow modeling • activity-based costing • relate business process to data assets CA ERwin® Data Model Validator – Check the structural integrity of the models. • analyses structural integrity of models • Provides detailed diagnostic reports • “Teach me” facility CA ERwin® Saphir Option – Understand the structure and meaning of ERP System data. • Create a data model for erP systems • Translate cryptic column labels into user-friendly names • Organise vast number of tables into subject areas CA ERwin® Model Navigator – Read-only access for a wide range of non-modeling users. • read-only view of data models • great tool for business analysts

CA ERwin® Model Manager – Multi-user collaboration and model management. • Model management • Metadata management • Collaboration an overview of these products and their relationships to the facilitation of strategic data modeling to create a “single version of the truth” is shown below. Ca erwin Data Modeler: at the centre of your data management initiatives

MICrOsOFT vs Ts DB eDITIOn InTegraTIOn The integration of Ca erwin DM with Microsoft’s visual studio Team system Database edition 2008 (vs Ts DB edition) provides a rigorous platform from which organisations can manage and assure the development and deployment of their critical sQl server applications. COMPleTe COMPare IMPrOveMenTs Ca er win DM r7.3 introduces several improvements to further simplify our single-pass Complete Compare functionality that greatly improves the overall usability and enhances ease-of-use.

InTegraTIOn • Ca erwin Data Modeler provides bi-directional metadata exchange across a wide variety of database platforms, MDM hubs, data integration tools, business intelligence tools, Metadata repositories, other modeling tools, etc. • Ca erwin’s robust aPI facilitates programmatic integration for your customers. • Ca erwin saphir Option provides erP system integration. CrOss-sYsTeM analYsIs • Ca erwin Data Profiler integrates cross-system analysis and data profiling with visual data modeling for a robust data and metadata discovery, analysis, documentation and reuse solution. • Ca erwin Data Modeler’s Complete Compare Facility provides the ability to analyse structural differences between diverse database structures that support multiple technologies, project, and regions. • Metadata inference, cataloguing, transformation and reuse provide integrated import/export from a variety of diverse systems and databases. Ca erwin DM provides the ability to visualize this information in an intuitive diagram, create standards and naming conventions, manage this information in a common repository, and easily report and export this information to a variety of stakeholders across both the your customers’ business and IT. CUsTOMIsaTIOn • Ca knows that each of your customers’ organisations is unique. To this end, Ca erwin Data Modeler allows the modeler to create and modify the way DDl is created via powerful and easy-to-use templates. • naming standards can be created and customised for your customers’ unique organisational standards. • subject areas allow your customers to organise model information in alignment with their individual model structure or organisational hierarchy. rePOrTIng • Ca erwin’s reporting capability using Business Objects’ Crystal reports combines best-of-breed reporting with best-of-breed modeling and information management.

neW FeaTUres In release 7.3
enhanCeD DaTaBase CUrrenCY anD sUPPOrT Ca erwin DM now delivers enhanced out-of–the-box full relational support for Teradata v2.6/v12 as well as new support for sQl server 2008. enhanCeD MeTaDaTa eXChange Ca erwin provides bi-directional metadata exchange with a variety of tools meaning you can share critical business and technical information contained in your metadata to improve the consistency and efficiency of your enterprise-wide initiatives. FleXIBle rePOrTIng CaPaBIlITY Ca erwin DM includes a simple to use mechanism to effectively produce a multitude of predefined and ad-hoc reports: new ODBCbased reporting feature coupled with Crystal reports 2008, an industry leading report generator. sQl QUerY TOOl The sQl Query Tool empowers users with the ability to query database and catalogue information, quickly browse model metadata and validate reporting syntax – all from within the comfortable confines of Ca erwin DM. CUsTOMIsaBle FOrWarD-engInerIng TeMPlaTes Ca erwin Data Modeler allows you to create and modify the way DDl is created via powerful and easy to- use templates. Ca erwin DM now includes an integrated Forward- engineering (Fe) Template editor and macro scripting language (TlX) to create, view and modify database template files.