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Installation Manual

Server Setup
Please make sure your OS is Windows XP. Turn off Windows Firewall. Do not install GCafePro
Server and Client on the same machine.
All contents in Drive D will be cleaned during installation. Make sure you have backed up all your
data before installation.
Get Cafe ID before installation. You will need them during GCafePro Server installation.
Setup Procedure
Get Installation Package
Run Installation Package
After running the installation package, 2 files, GCafePro Server.exe and Readme.txt will be
generated in the current directory. Double click to run GCafePro Server.exe. A window as below will be

Click Next;

Select Yes to continue

Click [Change] to customize the installation path, or the default installation path can be usedClick
[Next] to continue.

After verifying installation information, click [Next],installation will start. At the end of the
installation, enter caf ID and password. If you do not have caf ID and password, please contact

Click [Next] after keying in Caf ID and Password;

User can choose programs to be launched after installation. Click [Finish] to complete the
installation. GCafePro Control Panel will be launched after server installation (or it can be launched
manually by double clicking the shortcut on the desktop).
Client Installation
In Replicate Mode, installation consists of Replication setup and auto configuration. Once Replication
setup is done, you may make image or burn disks,then system will do auto configuration based on
settings on server to complete the installation. If you choose Single Mode, you can configure computer
name,IP etc. after installation.
Make sure the client computer has fulfilled the following requirements:

Client must have 3 partitions in NTFS format,



C Drive: System Drive for storing all system files

D Drive: File Drive for storing temporary files. Size must be larger than 8G. Please do not save any
file in D Drive, as everything will be wiped after a reboot.
E Drive:Game Drive for storing all game installation files and games for the client.
Make sure you have all 3 partitions as above, or "Fatal Error" may occur during installation, and
installation will fail.

Run the installation file of GCafePeo client

Click Yes to continue installation

There are 2 options for Installation Type

A.Single Mode
B. Replicate Mode

Basic Settings Introduction

Virtual MemoryDefine the size of virtual memorythe default is system managed size
Server AddressEnter the server address
Windows Auto Login SettingSet the Windows settings for auto login
A. Install Single Client

Select Install a single client and config the IP now(s) and press Next(N), A new configuration window
will appear as below:

Installation wizard will auto detect the network adaptor installed. If more than one adaptoris
installed, use the drop down menu to select the correct one.
Installation Wizard will auto detect the computer name, IP address, subnet mask, gateway, preferred
DNS, alternate DNS, server address or name. All these can be modified manually.
Enable Restore
1. Check to enable restore function of the client
2. If not checked, client will be in non-restore mode
Press OK to restart the client
Install in Replicate Mode
Shutdown the computer after installing client in replicate mode, and do a system image (with
Norton Ghost, CloneZilla, or something else similar), then restart into Windows again. The client will
configure the settings according to the configuration of the server.


As shown below, select Install in Replicate Mode and auto config client based on servers IP setting
after rebooting. 3 startup modes are supported: Normal, Minimize on startup and Delayed Startup.
Normal Start: The Configuration Wizard will start immediately when Windows starts.
Minimize on Startup: The Configuration Wizard will minimize to task bar when Windows starts.
Delay: The Configuration Wizard will start after a specified time when Windows starts.


Click Next (N) to continue. Replicate Mode installation is completed. Shutdown the computer to make
system image:

If the startup mode chosen is Normal, the following window will be displayed once client is rebooted
into Windows again:

If Minimize on Startup is chosen:

Double click to show the task window

Note: If no image has been made, click Cancel Task (C)


Click Execute Now to run the auto configuration

Auto Configuration
Auto Configure computer name and IP
1. Server has used Volume Generate Clients, and client computer names have been generated;
MAC addresses of the clients have been scanned.
2. Client will send IP request to the server, if the server has this clients MAC address registered, an
IP will be assigned to the client, and client will restart with restore function enabled.
3. If client is not able to get an IP from server, (time out after 30 sec), the configuration wizard will
use the current local IP and restart the client PC with restore function enable.
Manual Configure IP
1.If clients IP information is not registered in the server, and the local configuration does not match
with the actual one, or it is incomplete or does not exist, enter the machine name, press Enter or
confirm button to get IP information. (Clients have been batched added in the server)


The server will return information correspondingly

Installation complete here.