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Building Community

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AUMC Youth

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20 Benefits of Singing

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Member Care / Hospitality

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Stephen Ministry

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Love INC Holiday Meals

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A Most Unusual Wedding

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Prayer Opportunities at AUMC

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Praise Expo 3

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Arise! A Christian Response to the Refugee Crisis

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Bits and Pieces

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Staff Listing

The Friendship Luncheon

Cover photo courtesy of Joy Maurer

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is held on the third Tuesday of every month at

12:30 pm at the DoubleTree Hotel on Rt. 29N. We eat a lunch catered by the DoubleTree
chef, enjoy fellowship with each other, and listen to the talented speakers and
entertainers engaged for the event. For more information or to sign up, please see Jean
Ward (964-1178). You do not have to be a member of the Friendship Class. As long as
you enjoy Christian fellowship, we invite you to please join us!

Sign up for AmazonSmile, and Amazon will automatically donate

0.5% of the price of your eligible AmazonSmile purchases to the
charitable organization of your choice. We hope you will pick
Aldersgate United Methodist Church! Our thanks to Sybil
Robertson for setting this up for us.
Its as easy as 1-2-3:
1. Create an Amazon account if you dont already have one.
2. Go to
3. Search and select as your charity Aldersgate United Methodist Church Charlottesville
Amazon sends the checks regularly to AUMC. So, get started today! Remember to pick your charity
before you shop.

Dont forget ... set your clocks back

one hour before bed on
Saturday, October 31!
Saturday Morning Mens Group
The Saturday Morning Mens Group meets each Saturday morning at 8:00 a.m. in Room 208 for fellowship,
coffee and donuts and a short devotional. Each meeting is different, so feel free to come one Saturday or
every Saturday or whenever you could use a little emotional boost because the regular attendees are a great
bunch of guys. All Aldersgate men and friends of Aldersgate are invited to attend. For more information
contact Jonathan Peterson at 434.249.4050 or


A Christian response to the refugee crisis

Barely a day goes by that we dont hear on the news about refugees. The U.N. reported that in 2014 there
were almost 60 million refugees and internally displaced people (IDPs) around the globe. Put another way,
thats one in every 122 people worldwide. This is the highest number of refugees and IDPs since World
War II.

Dear Aldersgate Friends,

The Dept. of Homeland Security allowed about 70,000 refugees to legally relocate to the U.S. last year, and
rescue agencies do amazing humanitarian work to bring them here. The local chapter of the IRC
(International Rescue Committee) relocates about 200 people to Charlottesville annually.but in 2016, that
number will likely increase by at least 25% to 250.

Fall has always felt to me like a time of new possibilities and new beginnings. Students are beginning
another year of classes, sports and other fall activities kick in, and the church moves into another
season for ministry.

So much is needed by refugees when they first arrive in Charlottesville. The IRC provides tremendous
support in the initial months in so many ways...finding a rental home, getting an in initial job, learning to
speak English, and getting registered in schools and for medical and social services.

In this edition of Aldersgate Alive you'll find celebrative stories of our ministry together as well as
new groups and activities emerging this fall. So much of what we do is about building and
strengthening relationships, giving our newcomers places to join in all that is happening here as well
as encouraging members to grow in faith as well.

But refugees continue to need support and education in order to rise up out of poverty and assimilate into
the U.S. culture. Because they do not speak the language, use public transportation, and many do not have
higher education and/or work experience, most initially get jobs in housekeeping, laundry, landscaping...or
similar jobs that pay close to minimum wage. The spiritual and emotional needs are enormous. Refugees
have fled from violence and persecution, and most have lived in refugee camps for years before coming
Our spiritual ancestors were themselves refugees. Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob moved from the Promised
Land in search of food (Genesis 12:10; 26:1; 41:57; 42:6; 43:1-7). Ruth was an immigrant who continually
crossed national borders. Joseph, Daniel, Moses, David, and the baby Jesus were pushed out of their
homeland because of war or persecution. And being hospitable according to the New Testament means to
love the stranger (Romans 12:13; Hebrews 13:2; 1 Peter 4:9). Jesus commanded his followers to welcome
people who had no social standing, such as the poor, the sick, and the outsider (Luke 14:12-14).
As a Christian response to the Refugee Crisis, Faith Painter of Aldersgate will launch a new Ministry with
Africa Lighthouse Baptist Temple called ARISE!...Alliance for Refugee and Immigrant Support and Education.
The ministry will improve quality of life for refugees and support them in becoming self-sufficient through
the following programs:
Coordination of resources among faith-based organizations
Educational and social programs
Scholarship program
Short term direct financial assistance
Volunteer support and mentors

The program will launch this fall. Watch for an announcement of a kick-off program at Aldersgate. For
more information, contact Faith Painter at or 962.6333.

During the Sundays of October we'll continue to build our relationships with God and one another
through a sermon and worship series, "Building Community."
We'll focus on the story of Nehemiah, a person of deep faith and trust in God who demonstrates a
great love for God's community. I'm fascinated by his ability to see possibilities in the midst
of challenging circumstances and his penchant for helping others use their gifts for this massive
construction project he undertakes in Jerusalem.
An important part of building community is learning and working together. I'm very grateful for the
privilege of doing that with you here at Aldersgate and look forward to the journey ahead!
Grace and peace,
Rev. Scott Davis, Pastor

Church website:

Church facebook:
Church twitter: @CVAUMC
Youth twitter: @AUMCYouthCville
Youth instagram: AUMCYouthCville

The mission of the AUMC Youth is to grow together

through Christ by serving others, bonding with Christian
friends, and discovering our faith. AUMC Youth Group is for
Middle School/Junior High (6th-8th grades) and High School/
Senior High (9th-12th grades) and meets every other
Sunday during the school year from 5-7pm. THIS FALL we
begin our Youth Drama Group which meets the off weeks of
Youth Group. The Youth Drama Group is for students grades
5-12 and meets from 5-6pm. (Dinner is not provided on
Drama Group nights.) Contact Rachel Miller, Director of
Ministries with Young People, at
with any questions regarding AUMC youth and/or to be added to the AUMC Youth e- mail list.

Youth Sunday School: There are two classes. We thank

Kathryn Reid for leading the 6th-8th graders and Rebecca
Wagner for leading the 9th-12th graders. If you're interested in
helping either of them, regularly or as a sub, please let Rachel
know!! They will both meet from 10:05ishAM-10:50ishAM.
You can reach Kathryn at and
Rebecca at

Crucifers and Acolytes: All children and youth, grades 3rd

and up, we need YOU to help in Worship! Parents, please
follow the link below to sign-up your child/preteen/teen to
help with leadership in Worship on the Sundays that work with your schedule (you do not have to sign up
for Sign-Up Genius, just pick a date and enter your email, it will email you a reminder closer to the date
for which you signed up...) More information about what the Acolyte and Crucifer do are available by
following the link:

Our current Sunday morning schedule for our super-star kids includes:
9AM - Children's Church for kids in Pre-K through 5th grade during Worship.
10AM - Sunday school for children in Pre-K through 5th grade.
11AM - Children's Church for kids in Pre-K through 5 grade during Worship.

The Childrens Ministry Team (CMT) is made up of congregation members

who believe in devoting time and energy to the children of the church and
community. We do big things! Our first meeting for the 2015-2016 school year will be
Tuesday, September 15th. For more information about the CMT and/or joining in on
the fun please feel free to contact Rachel Miller at


Prayer Opportunities at Aldersgate

The first of the three prayer initiatives, small group prayer, began two years ago this September
as a response to Bishop Chos 2013 Annual Conference Episcopal address and his appeal for churches to
become Prayer Covenant Congregations. Our Wednesday night prayer group began meeting every
Wednesday for one hour of prayer and included in that hour is prayer for the renewal and revival of the
congregation, the conference, The United Methodist Church, and the universal Church. We have prayed
consistently for the Holy Spirit to come and reignite the church and our congregation. We have used a
number of formats including: Korean Style Prayer (we all prayed Psalms simultaneously out loud); Lectio
Divina (praying a Scripture with silence and asking specific questions of discussion); conversational
prayer; and contemplative/centering prayers. Centering prayer is usually described as quietly preparing
for contemplative prayer by internally focusing and silently repeating a sacred word or phrase to open
your mind and heart to God. The expressions resting in God or sitting at Gods feet are used to
describe being in communion with God through contemplative prayer. We consistently open with a
short prayer, music, Scripture, silence intermixed, prayer requests, and closing thoughts and prayers.
All are welcome to join us Wednesdays 5:30 6:30 pm in room 108. You may join us weekly for prayer or
just drop by occasionally.
Prayer Walking began a year ago this September. The focus of Aldersgate is moving from an inward
focus to an outward and invitational focus. As part of this change we decided to begin to intentionally
and specifically pray for our neighbors. An even more exact target was to pray for those who lived within
a one-mile radius of the church. So we decided to walk the neighborhoods, the retail areas including a
mall, and the small office sections surrounding the church. We begin with prayer and then walk for a
while and then stop and pray as we enter and leave areas. We pray for both the spiritual and physical
needs of our neighbors. Our motto is to be on the scene without making a scene. We also try to greet
and talk to anyone we come across as we are walking allowing the conversation to be guided by those
we meet. It is important that even though we generally decide on a path to walk that we allow the Holy
Spirit to work during our walk by either changing paths when led to change or seeing the people around
us through Gods eyes. We walk the first Thursday of each month 5:30-6:30 PM and gather under the
covered walkway. Please consider joining us for a walk!
The Prayer Wall was established a year ago this October as we began to redesign our website. Prayer is a
spiritual discipline that knows no boundaries. We often pray for missionaries and friends all over the
world so it made sense that people should be able to request prayer from anywhere in the world 24/7.
The prayer wall also focused on the area of prayer combined with reaching outside the church. It is
another great opportunity to have a connection between prayer and the community both inside and
outside the church. There is a button to click when someone prays for a request, which allows a
connection between the person requesting prayer and those praying of the request. We have received
request from both inside and outside the church. Please join us in prayer by going to
and clicking on the Prayer Wall each day.
If you have any questions about these ministries or need more information contact:
Mike Thornton 434-305-9531 or email

Special Needs Ministry: Many parents who have children with

special needs are not able to find a church home because nothing
is in place for their child and family on Sunday mornings well its
time to change this! Any family in our community who is not sure
what participation at AUMC could look like due to special needs in
( Please share this information with
any family you know who might need special accommodations.
Want to meet fellow moms of Aldersgate UMC? Join our Weekday Toddler Play Group starting in
September (September 21st to be exact). We plan to meet twice a month on the first and third Monday
from 9:30-11 at different places around C'ville. Please contact Tori or Heidi if you would like to join us
and to find out where we'll be! Tori: (804) 450-7035 (okay to
text!)... Heidi:

Weekend Play Group:

Want to hang out with families on Saturdays and get to know
families at AUMC who have toddlers and young children? We plan
to meet twice a month on the second and fourth Saturdays from
9:30-11. On the second Saturdays we'll meet at the church for play
and fellowship and on the fourth Saturdays we'll schedule to meet
at a local park or join up for a hike or other type of outing. Contact
Alicia or Emmy if you would like to join us and to find out more!
Alicia: Emmy:

Weekday Toddler Play Group

Want to meet fellow moms of Aldersgate UMC? Join our Weekday Toddler Play Group starting in
September. We plan to meet twice a month on weekday mornings at various spots around Cville.
Please contact Tori or Heidi if you would like to join us and let us know what days of the week work
best for your schedule so we can start planning events. Tori Fahrenkrog Text: (804) 450-7035 or
Heidi Crockett:

Trunk or Treat!
Join us at Aldersgate United Methodist Church on Sunday,
October 25th from 4PM until 6PM for this fun and safe event for
children & families. We invite all children to dress up and trick-ortreat from trunk to trunk! We ask that all children are
accompanied by an adult age 18+ and that no adult wears a mask
that completely covers her/his face. Please invite friends, family,
neighbors, super heroes, and especially dragons and princesses!
This event has grown each year so all members and friends of
AUMC are invited to decorate their vehicle's trunk and pass out
candy! This year there will be a small award for Best Trunk! Please
contact Rachel with questions at or
(434) 973-5806.

20 Benefits of Singing in the Church Choir

and Performing in a Musical Ensemble
Music isnt just a pleasure, a transient satisfaction. Its a need, a deep hunger; and when the music is right,
its joy. Love. A foretaste of heaven. A comfort in grief. Is it too much to think that perhaps God speaks to us
sometimes through music? How, then, could I be so ungrateful as to refuse the message? Orson Scott Card
1. Singing and performing creates a sense of spirituality: Participating in a choir can enhance a sense of
closeness to God. Music is an ancient and treasured means of worship and reflection.
2. Singing improves focus: Our whole attention is required when we sing, and thus the stress of the past and
the future disappear.
3. Singing challenges the brain: Coming in on the right note, in the correct key, at the right time and with
enough breath tests the brain of young and older singers.
4. Singing increases lung capacity: Singing is aerobic and oxygenates the blood stream. It also exercises
several major muscle groups in the upper body.

A Most Unusual Wedding


After 62 years of marriage, Loice Isendi Lusiji and Simon Lusiji Natse
finally had a Christian Church wedding ceremony. Pastor Peter
Chege, of Kenya, performed the vow renewal ceremony on June 7 at
Africa Lighthouse Baptist Temple, Stony Point.
Music during and after the ceremony was provided by our own
Aldersgate Praise Band. During the service, Chelsea Morse and Bill
Bricker led the congregation in singing How Great Thou Art and
How Great is our God interchangeably in English, Swahili and two
other African dialects. Scott Davis gave the closing prayer. The full
Praise Band performed during the reception following the wedding.
The wedding was coordinated by Faith Painter, of AUMC, who has
been doing mission work with this church of refugees for two years.
Her son, Adam Blalock, was one of the groomsmen in the wedding.
Loice and Simon are members of the Lihya tribe of Kenya, Africa.
They were married in 1952, when it was customary for girls to wed
at a very young age. Simon and Loice have had a solid and
honorable marriage for 62 years.

6. Singing creates a sense of belonging, community and shared endeavor: Solo singing can foster health
benefits, but singing together enhances these benefits while at the same time reducing loneliness and

It was love at first sight. She was walking on a road through his
village. She was 13. He was cutting down trees to build a house. He
was 17. He spotted her and they had a brief conversation. That
afternoon, he visited her father who stated the price: 6 cows and
900 shillings. A month later, they married in the Kenyan customary
way.a community affair that lasted for 3 days. The year was 1952.
There is no official record of their marriage.

7. Choir singers have fewer symptoms of depression, a higher quality of life and stronger ratings for overall
health. Other research has found that singing releases endorphins and oxytocin, hormones related to
an increased sense of well being and reduced stress. Lower cortisol levels, indicating lower stress, and
higher levels of immune system proteins were also found in singers after singing.

Sixty two years passed. Simon worked in marketing and sales. Loice
was a midwife, and delivered hundreds of babies in their village of
Triki, Kenya. Loice and Simon are visiting their children in the U.S. for
one year. They become Christians, and desired to have a Christian
wedding and blessings, and renew their vows to each other.

5. Singing strengthens the voice: Vocal cords, like other parts of the body, need exercise to function
well. Singing can lead to a healthier, stronger and younger sounding voice.

8. The older you are, the more you may benefit from singing. The Senior Choir Project is an NIH-funded
study presently underway that will measure singings effect on memory, coordination, balance and well
being. Half of those enrolled in the study have never sung is a choir. A promising 2014 study, published in
the journal The Genrontologist, suggests that regular musical activities, including singing, has long-term
cognitive, emotional, and social benefits to people with mild to moderate dementia.
9. Music may be the language of the angels.
10. Singing and performance can produce satisfying and therapeutic sensations, even when the sound
produced by the vocal instrument is of mediocre quality.
11. It brings us outside ourselves. It forces us to think about what another person is doing. We've got to pay
attention to what someone else is doing, coordinate our actions with theirs, and it really does pull us out of
ourselves. And all of that activates a part of the frontal cortex that's responsible for how you see yourself in
the world, and whether you see yourself as part of a group or alone. And this is a powerful effect.

For more information about Africa Lighthouse Baptist Temple, visit or contact Pastor Peter Chege at
434.760.5740 or


AIR (Action In Reading) Begins 11th year in September!

AIR is our afterschool reading program for Pre-K through 3rd Graders living at Mallside Apartments
(across from Aldersgate and behind Putt-Putt). The aim of AIR is to provide positive literacy experiences and
promote an interest in reading and books. Each child receives 2 books a month to take home and add to their
own home library.
This year AIR be led by Lynn Bremer and Marti Crosby. We will meet from 2:30-3:30 on Thursdays at
Mallside. We begin each Thursday by greeting the school bus, having the students check in at home, and
then all joining together for a snack, a read-a-loud, and an activity at the Mallside Community Room. Our
volunteer group consists of adults from the church and the community, UVA student volunteers from Madison
House, and our Junior Volunteers (4th and 5th graders).
All you need is a smile, some patience, and a love of children! The children provide all the rest (and more)!
Info: Ann 973-2860 OR Marty 975-5115

Love In the Name of Christ Holiday Meals for Thanksgiving and or Christmas
During the holiday season Love INC. becomes the clearinghouse to make sure everyone in need is served. They
gather names from all the various support agencies and then match the families to volunteers throughout the
many congregations. As a volunteer you select the size of family you would like to support,
usually volunteers provide the supplies and the families fix their own meals. You will contact the
family to determine food allergies, anything special they like and then set a time to deliver the
meal. Please contact Love INC. at 977-7777 to assist in this ministry.

School Supply Update

Thank you to the Aldersgate community for your generous monetary contributions and school supply
donations for the underserved children of Greer Elementary. Because of your generosity, children will have
smiles on their faces as they begin the school year with supplies needed for a successful year. Over 200 bags of
school supplies were packed and delivered to Greer on Saturday, August 15th. Aldersgate continues to be a
Mission orientated church reaching out to those in need. Blessings to each of you and our outreach ministries.
~ The Mission Team

AUMC Hosting Womens PACEM

Aldersgate will once again be hosting the womens homeless shelter beginning November 7th through
November 14th. If you are not familiar with this ministry, the program provides shelter and a pillow for every
head during the cold winter months. We will be collecting items for the week beginning Sunday, October 4 th
through Sunday, November 1st. Donation boxes will be located in the Reed Room.
Personal items: Chapstick, heavy winter womens gloves, lotion, ladies socks (athletic and dress), new or
gently used bath towels and washcloths, new pillows. Food: Gum/mints/hard candy, snack bags of potato
chips, pretzels, Cheetos, soft snack bars, tea bags, hot chocolate mix, lemonade mix, sugar and Splenda. We
would also like to have a selection of recent women magazines. Monetary contributions will be accepted
through November 15th which will be used to buy food and paper goods during the week and help with other
expenses related to hosting the program. Please make your check payable to AUMC with PACEM listed on the
memo line. There will be many opportunities to help which will be posted in early October, including overnight
staff, help with serving meals, helping setup or take down the cots, laundry and greeting. For more
information contact Deb Reynolds (295-8217), Leatha Harlow (975-0633) or Nancy Berman (973-6555).

12. There's a whole neurochemistry to singing. We now have evidence that when people sing together, it
releases oxytocin, the friendship chemical, or the trusting chemical, or the empathy chemical.

13. It exercises major muscle groups in the upper body.

14. It is an aerobic activity that improves the efficiency of your cardiovascular system and encourages you to
take more oxygen into your body, leading to increased alertness.
Aerobic activity is linked to stress reduction, longevity and better overall health. Improved airflow in the
upper respiratory tract is likely to lessen the opportunity for bacteria to flourish there, countering the
symptoms of colds and flu.
15. It aids the development of motor control and coordination, and recent studies have shown that it
improves neurological functioning.

16. It provides joy. If people are content they are less likely to encounter physical problems. In their
infirmaries, monks used to sing to each other as part of the healing process. And other cultures use singing
constantly as a means to live.
17. It can support a sense of being part of society and increase your self-esteem.
18. It helps individuals connect to each other, and to their environment. There's a goosebumpy feeling of
19. Advocates of singing lament its diminishing role in our lives: from the days when we sang round the
piano in the pub and to pass the working day, to soothe babies and to mark moments of celebration and
sorrow. Singing is sacred and everyday, ritualistic and spontaneous. It makes us better, and makes us feel
better. And we should all be doing more of it.
20. Making music is one of the best ways to give thanks to God and our community about the wonderful
blessings we receive.

Please, consider offering your time and talents and join one
of our musical groups at Aldersgate. Music happens because
our members volunteer their time and talents and we have
many wonderful people who come weekly to rehearsals to
prepare the music for each Sunday. If you would like to be
involved, please, contact Rafael Scarfullery or any other of
our music staff. Thanks and may God bless you!
Rafael Scarfullery
AUMC Music Director

Sharing the Journey in Caregiving November 7

The Member Care/Hospitality team had a great End of Summer social on August 30 th. We had about 70
people attend. There was delicious food, great music by our own Praise Band, and plenty of awesome
Our next big event will be the Advent Brunch on November 29th, so mark your calendars now.
Member Care is also responsible for sip-n-chat which is held each Sunday before and after the Worship
services. We are currently trying to simplify sip-n-chat by cutting back on the food offerings. While we
have someone to coordinate the 9:00 am sip-n-chat, at this time there is no one to coordinate the 11:00 am
sip-n-chat. If you would be interested in acting as coordinator so 11:00 am sip-n-chat can continue, please
contact Robin Oliver at 434-978-3553 or

At some point in our lives, we will experience the loss of someone

very important to us: a spouse, family member, close associate,
friend or a child. It can be challenging to effectively care for,
support, or simply relate to a person diagnosed with a lifethreatening illness.
The Stephen Ministry congregations in the Charlottesville area
have come together to sponsor Sharing the Journey in Caregiving,
Saturday, November 7, 2015 from 9:30 a.m. to 12 noon here at
Aldersgate. The event will feature a presentation by Hospice of
Donna Authers, Billie Campbell, and Dr. James
the Piedmont. Our two guest speakers will be Dr. James Avery,
Avery meet to plan for the November 7 event
CEO of Hospice of the Piedmont, and Donna Authers, author of A
Sacred Walk: Dispelling the Fear of Death and Caring for the Dying. They will help open a dialog on the
important topic of caring for our friends and loved ones when they are most vulnerable.
This event is free and open to the public. AUMC will provide a continental breakfast. Plan to come and
bring a friend!

When was the last time you picked up an Aldersgate UMC cookbook? Thats what we thought ... its been
quite a while! The Member Care / Hospitality Committee would like to change that. We are launching of
an Aldersgate UMC Cookbook with an expected delivery date to be before Christmas, but we will need your
help. We would love for you to share your recipes with us. During the months of September we will be
collecting recipes with the deadline for submission of September 30, 2015. Your recipes can be
handwritten or typed and dropped in the picnic basket in the Reed Room or you can submit them directly
to our webpage at FUNDCRAFT Publishing. We will not only have sections for Appetizers, Soups and Salads,
Main Dishes, Vegetables, Breads and Rolls, Desserts, but also a section for vegetarian and Gluten Free.
Please consider submitting 2-3 recipes, include the title of the recipe, and (of course) your name.
For submission made directly online, go to
1. Login with our Web ID: 395-15E
2. Select Type Recipes Online, which will take you to the Members Page
3. Then select the Short/Cut Online bar and begin submitting your recipe.
We look forward to your recipes and Aldersgates newest cookbook. Any questions, please feel free to
contact Elizabeth Peterson at or 434.466.1116.

Stephen Ministry is confidential, one-to-one lay Christian care to individuals in our congregation and
community who are experiencing difficulties in their lives. AUMC enrolled in the Stephen Series through
Stephen Ministries in St. Louis in February 2003. Stephen Ministry is led by Stephen Leaders: pastors and
lay leaders who have attended a week-long Leaders Training Course (LTC) conducted by the staff of
Stephen Ministries. Pastor Scott Davis and Billie Campbell serve as AUMCs Stephen Leaders. AUMC has
trained three classes of Stephen Ministers, and plans to start a new class in October.
Stephen Leaders assign Stephen Ministers to people with needs for care. Stephen Ministers meet with
their care receivers for about an hour a week for as long as the person needs this level of care. Stephen
Ministers participate twice a month in peer supervision and continuing education. AUMC Stephen
Leaders also meet with Stephen Leaders from other Charlottesville Stephen Ministry congregations on a
bi-monthly basis. These Stephen Ministry Congregations are: First United Methodist, First Presbyterian,
St. Pauls Memorial, and newly enrolled City Church of Charlottesville.
If you feel called to this ministry, please contact Stephen Leader Billie Campbell at 975-5298 or