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How to make USB ports available to NComputing X-series users
NComputing X-series access devices do not have USB ports in them, but USB ports can easily be made available to X-series users with USB port reassignment. With port reassignment, USB ports on the shared computer or a hub can be assigned to specific workstations. This is a simple way to give X-series users fast, full-featured USB support. The most common use of USB port reassignment is to connect: • USB thumb drives (for individual data storage) • USB headphones (or standard headphones via USB sound adapters) • USB cameras (video or still) But, in fact, almost any USB device can be used on an X-series with port reassignment.

The easiest and most common implementation is to connect a USB 2.0 powered hub directly to the shared PC’s USB ports. This method provides the following advantages: • More ports: Each hub usually adds 4 or 7 USB ports for each port on the PC. • Longer distance: The hub can be up to 5 meters from the shared PC; each USB device can be up to 5 meters from the hub; so each USB device can be 10 or more meters from the PC. • Higher speeds: Many PCs have both USB 2.0 and USB 1.1 ports. By attaching the hub to a USB 2.0 port, you’ll get the best performance for all of your attached USB devices. • More power: USB allows a maximum power per port of 500mA at 5V, or a maximum of 2.5 watts per port. Unless the hub is separately powered, all USB ports on that hub must share the 2.5 watts maximum coming from the PC’s port. Therefore, it is important to use a powered hub so that each USB device can have the power (up to 2.5 watts) that it may need.

Typical configuration
The photo shows a common powered hub configuration. In this example, the hub is connected to one of the PC’s USB ports. Two of the hub ports use extension cables (USB Type A male on one end and USB Type A female on the other) to attach the USB peripherals to the hub. In this example, a USB thumb drive and USB sound card are assigned to the X-series workstation, and the PC is 10 meters away. Using one of the many inexpensive USB devices available and a simple USB sound adapter (as pictured, costing less than $10), you can provide microphone and audio support at your X-series workstations.

Configuring the ports
Configure your USB reassignments with the USB-Device Assignment(s) utility in the NComputing Administration Console. The X550/X350 and X300 User’s Guides contain details on how to configure your ports. A more extensive description can be found in the NComputing Knowledge Base at: (search on USB) or 00000HGY7

The port assignment utility within the NComputing console.

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