Beware my Brothers and Sisters - Our Life is in Danger

Awaken to Awaken the Leaders and Illuminati
By John Paily [This is page from the site “Truth of Nature”] We are edging to a period where mother earth and her four forces, which otherwise supported life, by one giving way to other smoothly, would react violently against us. Beware of – Many ecological systems burning beyond control into total destruction. There will a time when the inflammable substances would catch fire spontaneously and explode. Beware of – Many ecological systems flooding and getting washed or getting buried in snow Beware of - Humanity turning against humanity to cause massive self destruction with all his invented weapons of mass destruction, in the name of God. Beware of – Virus and Microbes mutating to cause epidemics that would spread like wild fire. Beware of – Of Earth’s plate winding, leading to huge quakes virtually bringing down concrete, lifeless societies we have built. These winding eventually will lead to compressing earth’s core leading to some of the most violent volcanic out burst. Scientists say many of the major volcanoes are due for eruption. Earth is known to cool herself through volcanic dust. We already had two great quakes creating tsunamis and vast destruction in the span of 6years. Nature has something to do with number 3. The third is always is critical one. Could the next one coincide with 2012 of Mayan calendar leading to the great volcanic eruption? The self sustaining reality of nature comes into effect against humanity that has been recklessly working against her without knowing the “Truth of Nature”. It appears that earth would destroy and scatter human civilization that has become one, on wrong ground against her. What is the wrong ground that nature is opposing so violently? It relates to modern science, where we have put matter first than life. We today exists, work and rule by the knowledge and power of matter than life. We need to have a paradigm shift in our thinking, if wee need to survive the fury of nature. Simple explanation for Mother’s reaction and path way to survive Earth and the universal system is nonlinear one. Just as life, earth is designed to breath and function to maintain her temperature. It works as double pump or heart. When west awakes to sunlight and energizes the environment and earth, simultaneously east sleeps to darkness and de-energizes the environment and earth. There are two opposing cycles, an

ordering and disordering cycle which are one and works simultaneously to sustain the system. The time direction is inevitable reality of nature. The system works to oppose this time direction by information exchange wherein one cycle gives way for the other periodically. [Day and night cycle that alternate in opposite way in the east and west] In contrast to modern thinking, Universe is living. By instinct it works against gravity and matter and its force. Matter and its force, under the force of time, winds and lead the whole system to gravitational collapse or death. All life by instinct is anti-gravitational and opposes this collapse. To understand the truth of the above statement, just look out of the window and observe the grasses grow and Lillies flower. The only exception is Adult human beings. Adult human beings, lives by his mind that has becomes slave to material force and money. Thus he aligns with matter and its force [gravity] and unconsciously out of ignorance of “Truth of Nature” leads the whole system to gravitational collapse or death. Modern man has created two fanged attacks on earth. On one hand by reckless industrialization and destruction of green, he has increased the temperature of earth’s environment alarmingly. On the other hand he has intervened into earth’s functioning to maintain her equilibrium. He has intruded into earth’s dark cycle where she works to bring order. She has been unwinding to sustain herself against human onslaught. There is limit for this unwinding beyond which the collapse becomes inevitable. The heat of the environment is increasing unilaterally causing shearing force on all the ecological systems. Simultaneously the matter is loosing energy and winding towards a collapse. Both these phenomenons are known to science [Big Bang Theory]. The rise in basal temperature cannot be measured by any instrument because all matter is relative and unwinds to temperature change. However, this increase begins to manifest in to signs when the system reaches the critical end point. Stand back and observe - are we not experiencing it? If wee need to survive it is time we realize the “Truth of Nature” and “Awaken to Truth” or the Living Light or Knowledge. I have been airing the caution and simple solution for it for years. We are already witnessing the signs of this destruction

Time is short viral this message of Life before the virus of death engulfs your abode and you