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Belly to Belly

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Belly to Belly Vol. 1 is the fifth studio album by American glam metal Belly to Belly Vol. 1
band Warrant. The record was released on October 1, 1996, through CMC

 1 Production and marketing
 2 Songs
 3 Track listing
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Studio album by Warrant
Production and marketing Released October 1, 1996
Recorded 1996
The making of the record was a collaborative process. The members of Genre Hair metal
Warrant got together for one week in November 1995 and one week in
Length 43:22
January 1996 and wrote songs together. The recording process lasted a
further two weeks, and the record was mixed in seven days. Label CMC International
Producer Jerry Dixon, Jani Lane, Stefan
Neary, Rick Steier, Erik Turner
Songs Professional reviews
 All Music Guide link
The record was described by guitarist Rick Steier as a "concept album"
that follows a rags-to-riches-to-rags storyline concerning fame, fortune Warrant chronology
and the examination of one's value system once the spotlight fades [1]. The Best Of Belly to Belly Vol. Warrant Live 86-97
Warrant 1 (1997)
"Feels Good" was about the band "starting from scratch". Vocalist Jani (1996) (1996)
Lane explained that the song dealt with being free from major label
pressure to "follow up this big hit or that hit". The band was given complete control to do whatever seemed appropriate to the
members, without having to try and please others.

"Letter to a Friend" was an idea Lane had about how relationships should end; the parties agree that they don't gel, but that
they can go their separate ways without animosity. Lane admits that this was "wishful thinking", since all of his failed
relationships have ended on bad terms.

"AYM" (Angry Young Man) was recorded in one take. During a flight to Japan for shows at a United States Naval Base,
guitarist Rick Steier suggested to Lane that he put a twist in the lyrics for the then incomplete song. When the band got back
into the studio, Lane re-wrote the lyrics as a "tongue-in-cheek satirical look at the alternative thing".

"All For You" features a duet with the girlfriend of the part owner of the studio in which the record was produced. Lane
thought her vocals sounded "a little like Stevie Nicks" and asked her to perform on the album.

Track listing
1. "In the End (There's Nothing)"
2. "Feels Good"
3. "Letter to a Friend"
4. "AYM"
5. "Indian Giver"
6. "Falling Down"
7. "Interlude # 1"
8. "Solid"
9. "All 4 U"
10. "Coffee House"
11. "Interlude # 2"
12. "Vertigo"
13. "Room With a View"
14. "Nobody Else"

 Jani Lane: Lead Vocals
 Rick Steier: Guitar
 Erik Turner: Guitar
 Jerry Dixon: Bass
 Bobby Borg: Drums

 Rocknet Q & A with Jani Lane

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Dirty Rotten Filthy Stinking Rich
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Dirty Rotten Filthy Stinking Rich is the first album by American glam  Dirty Rotten Filthy Stinking Rich
metal band Warrant.

The record, which was released in 1989, was highly successful, spawning 
the hit singles "Heaven" (#2, 1989), "Down Boys" (#27, 1989) and 
"Sometimes She Cries" (#20, 1990).

The song "Down Boys" is not the Cars song of the same name.

 1 Musical style
 2 Production and marketing Studio album by Warrant
 3 Songs Released January 31, 1989
 4 Track listing Recorded November 1988 - May 1989
 5 Band Genre Glam metal
 6 Additional musicians
Length 37:08
 7 Charts
 8 Notes Label Columbia
 9 References Producer Beau Hill
Professional reviews
Musical style  All Music Guide link
Warrant chronology
The album's sound is typical of the Sunset Strip glam metal scene of the  Dirty Rotten Filthy Cherry Pie
1980s, featuring heavy guitars and melodic, catchy choruses. Stinking Rich (1990)
As mentioned above, the song "Down Boys" is not the Cars song of the 
same name. However, aside from borrowing the title of the aforementioned Cars song, musically it is a pretty direct lift from 
another Cars song, "Bye Bye Love".

Production and marketing

The album was released amidst some controversy. It was widely rumoured that guitarists Erik Turner and Joey Allen had not 
played a note on the album and that all guitar work had been performed by ex Streets guitarist and session musician Mike 
Slamer;[1]. While the rumour was never been verified, Slamer's wife confirmed in 1998 that her husband played guitar on the 
During the recording of the album, vocalist Jani Lane walked in on his best friend in bed with his girlfriend, leading to his 
nervous breakdown. The album was recorded without Lane's vocals, and its release was delayed by several months while Lane 
recovered. These events would later be recounted in the single "I Saw Red" on the band's following album, Cherry Pie. [3]
The record was produced and engineered by Beau Hill, who also contributed keyboards and backing vocals. It was recorded at 
The Enterprise in Burbank, California.

The album's themes, which include materialism ("32 Pennies", "D.R.F.S.R"), sex ("Down Boys", "So Damn Pretty", "Cold 
Sweat"), heartbreak ("Heaven") and loneliness ("Sometimes She Cries"), would be echoed on later Warrant releases.
The smash hit "Heaven" took Warrant's record company by surprise. Indeed, once the widespread appeal of the song became 
apparent, the band were instructed to re-record the track to lend it a "bigger radio sound". The first 250,000 copies of the 
record featured the original version while later pressings featured a new version. [4] "Heaven" had previously been recorded by 
Jani Lane and Steven Sweet's old band Plain Jane.

Track listing
1. "32 Pennies" 
2. "Down Boys" 
3. "Big Talk" 
4. "Sometimes She Cries" 
5. "So Damn Pretty (Should Be Against the Law)"
6. "D.R.F.S.R." 
7. "In the Sticks" 
8. "Heaven" 
9. "Ridin' High" 
10. "Cold Sweat" 

 Jani Lane: Lead Vocals, Acoustic Guitar 
 Joey Allen: Guitar 
 Erik Turner: Guitar 
 Jerry Dixon: Bass 
 Steven Sweet: Drums 

Additional musicians
 Beau Hill: Keyboards and Backing Vocals 
 Bekka Bramlett: Backing Vocals 

Album - Billboard (North America)

Year Chart Position

1989 The Billboard 200 10

Singles - Billboard (North America)

Year Single Chart Position

1989 "Heaven" Mainstream Rock Tracks 3
1989 "Heaven" The Billboard Hot 100 2
1989 "Down Boys" Mainstream Rock Tracks 13
1989 "Down Boys" The Billboard Hot 100 27
1989 "Big Talk" Mainstream Rock Tracks 30
1989 "Big Talk" The Billboard Hot 100 93
1990 "Sometimes She Cries" Mainstream Rock Tracks 11
1989 "Sometimes She Cries" The Billboard Hot 100 20
Then and Now Warrant
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Then and Now Warrant

Then and Now Warrant Compilation album by Warrant

Released 2004
Genre Hard rock
Then and Now Warrant is the 2nd greatest hits album from the american
rock band Warrant. Featuring the best songs from albums that came out Professional reviews
after the first greatest hits compilation: "Belly To Belly" and "Warrant  All Music Guide

Live", also features songs from the album "Ultraphobic" which didn't Warrant chronology
feature on the first compilation. Under the Influence Then and Now Born Again
(2001) Warrant (2006)
No songs from 'Greatest and latest' and 'Under the influence' albums (2004)

Track Listing
1. D.R.F.S.R - Live
2. Family Picnic
3. Uncle Tom's Cabin - Live
4. Feels Good
5. Heaven - Live
6. Followed
7. Cherry Pie - Live
8. Indian Giver
9. Uncle Tom's Cabin - Live
10. Stronger Now
11. Machine Gun - Live
12. AYM

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Ultraphobic is the fourth studio album by American glam metal band Ultraphobic
Warrant. Released on March 7, 1995 on CMC International, after the
apparent break-up of the band, the record was regarded as the band's
"comeback" album.

 1 Musical style
 2 Production and marketing
 3 Lyrics
 4 Track listing
 5 Personnel
 6 External Links Studio album by Warrant
Released March 7, 1995
Recorded April 1995 in California
Musical style Genre Glam metal
Ultraphobic is Warrant's heaviest and most raw release, continuing down Length 44:02
the darker path first explored on the band's previous record, Dog Eat Dog. Label CMC International
It is vaguely similar to Danger Danger's Dawn, which was also released in Producer Beau Hill
1995. In particular, the record represented an experimentation with the Professional reviews
grunge sounds which had by this time become popular, and which,  All Music Guide (3/5)link
ironically, had contributed to the band's commercial demise. In songs such Warrant chronology
as "Undertow" and "Followed" the band attempted to mix pop metal
Dog Eat Dog Ultraphobic The Best Of
sounds with the alternative stylings of Seattle bands such as Alice in
(1992) (1995) Warrant
Chains and Soundgarden.

Production and marketing

Warrant began recording Ultraphobic in November 1994 with producer Beau Hill. The band supported the release of the
record with a national tour beginning in Dallas, Texas.

Lyrically, the album appears to have been heavily influenced by the painful divorce which vocalist Jani Lane endured during
the record's production.

Track listing
1. "Undertow"
2. "Followed"
3. "Family Picnic"
4. "Sum of One"
5. "Chameleon"
6. "Crawl Space"
7. "Live Inside of You"
8. "High"
9. "Ride #2"
10. "Ultraphobic"
Warrant Live 86-97
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Warrant Live 86-97 is the first live compilation album by American glam Warrant Live 86-97
metal band Warrant released in 1997. Live album by Warrant
Released July 29, 1997
Genre Glam metal
Track Listing Label Sanctuary Records
Professional reviews
1. "Intro"
 All Music Guide
2. "D.R.F.S.R."
3. "Down Boys" Warrant chronology
4. "Uncle Tom's Cabin" Belly to Belly Vol. 1 Warrant Live 86- Greatest & Latest
5. "A.Y.M." (1996) 97 (1999)
6. "Family Picnic" (1997)
7. "Machine Gun"
8. "Heaven"
9. "Sometimes She Cries"
10. "I Saw Red"
11. "Hole in My Wall"
12. "Feels Good"
13. "Indian Giver"
14. "32 Pennies"
15. "Vertigo"
16. "Cherry Pie"

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