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By Shien Ransel F. Villaruel And many got interested in this issue and would like to give their idea on what is good governance―how do it look like in the outside, how it should appear as it is, and how it must be sought. The National Election Day is fast approaching; again, we are face with the confronting question, “Does our Government Govern the Way They Ought to?” Deep analysis is impossible to be dealt on this short space. Let me delve with its core. The subject of governance is tackled by political scholars, theorists, & activists and those considered ‘great’ thinkers of the century under one branch of Philosophy: the Political philosophy, which is the study of government and the relationship of individuals and communities to the state. It includes questions about justice, the good, law, property, and the rights and obligations of the citizen. But before either the one or the other can be done, it is absolutely necessary to define the term, to fix the precise meaning of the word in question. Unless this is done, men may dispute to the end of the world without coming to any good conclusion. This is one great cause of the numberless altercations which have been on the subject. Very few of the disputants thought of this; of defining the word they were disputing about. The natural consequence was, they were just as far from an agreement at the end as at the beginning. I believe that good governance happen under favorable situation where the following ingredients are present:
[1.] Only leaders with “unquestionable integrity” should be allowed for a position in government institutions: whoever failed the test of character must not be allowed to sit on any leadership position as he/she is only likely to disturb the peace and order of governance. [2.] A systematic, clear, directive, thus reasonable PLAN AND PLATFORM for “Nation-Reformation” reformation not only of old, useless systems, but also of moral and spiritual character, & re-alignment of values: any plan which does not emphasize these aspects of our being should automatically be subject to critical examination and should be reconsider in the light of its consequence. Character matters most. [3.] Cooperation of individuals, citizens, societies, and groups of people: commitment to the vision of the present government, and loyalty to our mission as a whole. [4.] A just [well-disciplined] implementation or execution of the laws of the land, ordinances & resolutions: be watchful of how the in-charged institutions do their duties and obligations. [5.] Proper balance in all areas of development and aspects of life of the society: check everything and value them with equal dedication; never allow one area be emphasize to the point if neglecting the others.

Those ingredients or qualifications are calculated to bring out “good governance” in its ideal level. Of course, we are not looking for a PERFECT GOVERNANCE coming FROM IMPERFECT LEADERS―but we are all aiming for an excellent leadership, management, & governance throughout its very possibility. On the other hand, bad governance―the opposite one―is a direct manifestation OF ALLOWING UNWISE PEOPLE TO SIT IN A LEADERSHIP POSITION TO GOVERN PEOPLE: yes, this is the consequence of wrong choice among the candidates for political leaders of the nation. People with low standard of justice, righteousness, & godliness will not fail to corrupt the existing establishments and societies―they will affect others. _____________________________________________________________________________

Shien Ransel F. Villaruel: PSU Christian Methodical Camaraderie * A Fellowship of Evangelical Christian Students Who Works Together in Campus Ministry * E-mail Address: __________________________________________________________________________________