Each group will have to spend the next week preparing all of the following for a wiki page you will create. Make your page exciting, interesting and informative. Pack it with meaningful reflection about what we’ve learned about Greek literature and what you will research about Greek art. Finally, make sure to connect the lessons from the unit on the Greek s with something important in your lives. 1) Myth: For those of you who may be complaining that I never give you anything creative to write, here’s your moment: Write a myth. Remember, a myth explains phenomena from the natural or human world. Yes, we humans are part of the natural world, but what I mean is we saw myth explain both natural phenomena and psychological realities. Do your best to write a story that explains either one of those things. Minimum: 2 pages

2) Review: For those of you who may be complaining that I never give you any more compositions to write (Is anyone actually complaining about that?), here’s something that’s kind of a composition:

Write a review of Antigone. A review is a reviewer’s subjective, that is, highly biased, opinion of something he/she experienced, a play, a movie, a CD, a meal at a restaurant. Most of the time reviews of plays are written for plays that are actually performed. For example, a reviewer might see a performance of Antigone and write about whether the performance and actors do the play and its characters justice. However, you’re just going to write a review of the play Antigone and discuss some positive and negative aspects of the drama, after which you’ll decide on whether the Greek tragedy, especially as seen in Antigone, is an effective genre. You can define effective in any way you want. You must use at least three examples to prove your point. Minimum: 2 pages 3) For those of you who may be complaining that all we do is read, read, read, it’s enough already, here’s something different to research: Make a PowerPoint presentation on the three works of art or architecture I am assigning your group. Identify each work and date it. Give the work’s medium, describe the work, and explain the work’s subject matter or why the building was made. Finally, express what Greek values the work reveals. Minimum: 6 slides 4) Connect the dots: Compare a Greek god, goddess, hero or heroine to another character or historical figure you have studied in class this year. What did you learn from making the comparison? What have you learned from looking at the world through the lens of the Greeks and of the additional character or figure? Has this unit impacted your identity at all? Minimum: 2 pages 5) Miscellaneous: A) Each of your group names is a god or goddess from the Greek pantheon. Introduce your page by explaining who your god or goddess is and how we identify the figure. Find an artwork of your god or goddess and include that near your description as well. B) Include anything else you think would be interesting or you found interesting about the Greek unit.

C) Write and post on the discussion section two wiki discussion questions that force your wiki page viewer to think critically about any of the ideas you’ve presented. Groups: Zeus: Josh Ethan Yisroel Noah Artworks: 1) Geometric krater, ca. 740 BCE 2) Temple of Zeus at Olympia 3) Altar of Zeus at Pergamon

Hera: Elisheva Elly Rachel S. Sara R. Artworks: 1) Lady of Auxerre 2) Temple of Hera I, ca. 550 BCE 3) Nike of Samothrace Apollo: Akiva Amy Tehila Eliana Artworks: 1) The Francois Vase

4) Niobid Painter, Artemis and Apollo slaying children of Niobid 5) Temple of Apollo, begun 313 BCE Aphrodite: Tamar Rachel F. Sarah W. Karen Artworks: 1) West pediment of Temple of Artemis at Corfu 2 and 3) Siphnian Treasury with Gigantomachy

Athena: Leetal Abigail Penina Helena Esther Artworks: 1) The Parthenon 2) The Athena Parthenos by Phidias 3) Temple of Athena Nike, with Nike adjusting her sandal Poseidon: Yoni Tali Danielle Ari 1) Exekias, Achilles and Ajax playing a dice game 2) Andokides painter, Achilles and Ajax playing a dice game 3) Seated boxer Have fun with your pages, and may the best Olympians win!