Network Topologies

Describe three network topologies?
The first network topology is the star topology. This is an individual wire that should connect each personal computer to a central location. This can also work for a node. An example is all the personal computers or nodes are all connected to a hub or switch which is the central location. The next topology is the bus topology. This uses a cable in a single line with two ends points. At each end point there is a terminator that will prevent signals at the end of the cable from being reflected back into the network. The last is a ring topology. This cable is laid in a circle. Each signal has to pass each node. It can be a one-way around a loop or it can go both directions with a double loop.

Identify one advantage for each topology?
A star topology gives each node its own cable so it doesn’t need to share a cable with another node. A single cable is used to connect all the nodes in a ring topology. Bus topologies are cheap, easy to install and the nodes can be removed and installed easily.

Identify one disadvantage for each topology?
In a star topology if the central node fails, the entire network will not operate. In a ring topology the ring must be broken if you would like to add or remove nodes. If there is a fault in the cable of a bus topology, it will be very difficult to detect because it will most likely stop all nodes from transmitting and receiving.

What topology would you use so that you and three of your friends could play networked computer games?

I would use a star topology because each node has a single cable for itself. And if a cable if broken, only the node connected up to that cable will be affected. There might be more caballing than other topologies but if there is a fault it is very easy to detect.

If your school has a network, find out what topology it uses. What would be the most appropriate network topology for your particular school?
I think the most appropriate topology for this school would be the ring topology because it would be easy to keep track of the one cable.