Want to be healthy inside and out?

Being healthy doesn’t only refer to our physical health or the absence of disease in our body. Rather, this can also mean being healthy on the inside which means our emotional and mental health. And this refers to how we handle difficult situations that we find ourselves in. So, if you were asked with the question “Do you want to be healthy inside and out?” you would certainly say yes to that. Of course, nobody wants to be ill physically, mentally, or emotionally. This is why the term “prevention” is known to help us manage our health. Aside from physically preventing diseases from coming to our lives; being healthy also means preventing bad situations from coming into our lives as well. And since bad situations can sometimes occur without our permission, being healthy emotionally and mentally is also defined as being able make your way through the rocky paths of life. That is why it is important to know yourself or see your character. And this is possible through the help of a seer or a health seer. Physically, a health seer can help you by knowing what diseases are incident to you so you can prevent it. Emotionally and mentally, a health seer can help you see through your character to know what part of it could make you succeed and what would make you fall. In other words, a health seer can help you get in touch with your strengths and weaknesses and will give you tips on how to improve your strengths and lessen your weaknesses to be able to make it in every situation. So, how can a health seer do this? Well, a health seer like Chinese Seer does this by making use of the eight diagrams in the Book of Changes. For you information, this Book of Changes was created more than 3000 years ago and is one of the most ancient written texts in the world literature. According to the Book of Changes, the time you were born determines your congenital constitution, and the congenital constitution determines what diseases are incident to you in your life. With this, Chinese Seer helps you determine what congenital constitution you belong to – Qian, Zhen, Xun, Kan, Li, Gen, Dui and Kun, just by submitting your birthday. For instance:

Qian Diagram Constitution. As a sincere, sunny, and independent person with a strong capacity of organization and leadership, you are always the leaders in companies or groups. But your weaknesses are legible; you would be puffed up with pride easily. Diseases incident to you are Headaches, dizziness, nose bleeding or other head diseases. So, the true meaning is that brain is your most important organ. If your brain doesn't get ill, other organs' diseases are easy to cure. Do protect your head. Xun Diagram Constitution. Energetic, positive, quick, nimble, mercurial. Xun represents wind which keeps moving all the time. You may have a slightly shorter lifespan, but longer than Li-people. Diseases incident to you are Irritable, sore in eyes, suffering from coughing and tonsillitis without recovering for a long time; dental ulcer repeats. For the Xun person, there is no serious illness as long as the liver keeps healthy. Kun Diagram Constitution. You own a distinctive feature of honest, very stable and you are the doers. In personality aspect, you are a little introverted, but not as inward as Kan-Diagram people. The drawback of you is that you are relatively slow - slow behavior, as well as slow qi-blood flow

which cause you to be a little slower to react than others. Diseases incident to you are Diseases in spleen or diseases caused by moisture, such as phlegm and fluid-retention, edema-like symptoms, or stomachache, diarrhea and so on. Gen Diagram Constitution. Gen refers to the mountain which is stationary and free from outside influence. Diseases incident to you are Stomachache, indigestion, vomiting. The stomach is particularly important for the Gen person, because compared with other types of physique, Gen person's stomach is hard to recover spontaneously once injured or easy to recrudesce after temporary cure. Zhen Diagram Constitution. You act in a sweeping manner, and are courageous and resolute. Zhen person is easy to suffer from diseases of tachycardia, blood shortage of cardiac muscle, dreaminess, slow thought, being forgetful, weary exhausted feelings, even unconsciousness etc. Kan Diagram Constitution. Relatively shrewd and deep; very introverted, but fairly good at scheming, giving advices and suggestions. Kan corresponds to the kidney in the body. So you are more likely to get kidney diseases compared with other people, such as chronic nephritis, leakage of urine after exercise, painful urination, frequent and urgent urination. Li Diagram Constitution. Forward-looking, good at innovation, mentally responsive and perceptive, over self-confident sometimes. In astrology, Li belongs to the fire which symbolizes the sun and fire. So you maybe are easy to get angry. Diseases incident to you are Insomnia, dreaminess, neurasthenia, facial paralysis, anorexia, abdominal distension and diarrhea, jaundice, ulcer. Dui Diagram Constitution. People of pleasant personality belong to Dui which represents happiness. Diseases incident to you are Cough, asthma, edema, rustiness, aphonia, weary-looking and various dermatosises. Dui is in accordance with lung. If you are Dui person, please pay attention the lung’s maintenance because once Dui person gets lung’s diseases, it is hard to recover spontaneously or easy to recrudesce after temporary cure.

By knowing your character and the diseases incident to the constitution you belong to, Chinese Seer also provides you health preservation tips suited for you. That way, preventing yourself from illness and bad situations will be a lot easier now.