Junior High Final Art Notes (If you don’t know this information, you will NOT pass the

Final) The final exam will consist of the following information, all requirements for each section will be listed as well: 1. Essay—an essay consists of at least 5 paragraphs with a fluid, linear thought. A. 2 major artists—be sure to correctly identify the Time frame, a work of art, and the NAME of the artist’s. Do some research, locate your information ahead of time, and I will let you use it on your Final! B. Use the Critique Rules of Engagement. C. Name 2 positive and 2 negative FACTS about the work and the artists. D. Given an honest opinion on the work… which one do you prefer and why? Why don’t you prefer the other artwork? E. You MUST use at least 15 vocabulary terms correctly. Don’t just throw a word into a sentence and expect it to work. 2. Color Wheel—Make one, label it, identify major color schemes. 3. Description—You will have to describe a painting, in detail, using at least 7 vocabulary term correctly in 5-9 Sentences. 4. Slideshow—Identify, by looking at paintings and drawings, the period of art that each piece of work is representative of. 5. Short Answer—The easiest section of the test as it depends entirely upon your personal opinion and ideas. If your answer does not re-address the question or it is jibberish (nonsense) that does not form a complete thought it’s a zero.