Junior High Fine Arts Exam Comprehensive Test Notes Matching—25 Points 1.

Be able to correctly identify and use the following terminology: Balance Shape Emphasis Space Euryhthmy Texture Harmony Color Horror Vacui Hue Limitation Value Pattern Intensity Proportion Tint Rhythm Shade Tension Principles of Design & Art Unity Elements Variety Line Form Short Answer 1. Color Scheme Identification: Primary Colors Secondary Colors Tertiary Colors Analogous Color Monochromatic Color 2. Drawing Media, what did we use? Name 5! 3. Draw 4 shapes and their 3-Dimensional forms. 4. Draw 10 different types of lines. Thin, medium, thick, horizontal, vertical, diagonal, dashed, broken, angled, dotted. 5. Painting Media, what did we use? Name 3! 6. Identify and define the 3 printmaking styles that we studied and produced in class. 7. Identify the following periods from a slideshow: Greek, Art Nouveau, Renaissance, Impressionism, Cubism, Expressionism, Pop Art, Post-Impressionism, African (Modern), Realism, Modernism Written Essay—Comprehensive and Cognitive Portion: 1. Write 3 paragraphs about your favorite, or least favorite, projects that include the following information—Time Frame of the project, favorite artists from the time frame that we are studying, Art Period, Project Activity—did we paint, draw, print, or sculpt the project?