Corlons 1

Pizzo Corlon
Corlons 2
Fosl Food Pockoging
Corlons 3
Ielescopic pockoge
Corlons 4
5hoe pockoge
Corlons 5
Iroy wilh porlilion ond lid
Corlons ó
5leeve ond slinding lroy pockoge
Corlons 7
Flip lop corlon
Corlons ß
Double woll lroy wilh lid
Corlons 9
Double woll slinding lroy wilh hondle & sleeve
Corlons 10
Perloroled leor open box
Corlons 11
One piece, double woll lroy wilh cenlre opening
Corlons 12
Mulli decker lroy corlon
Corlons 13
Double decker lroy corlon
Corlons 14
5lroighl luck corlon wilh hinged lid ond sell lroy covily
Corlons 15
Aulo ossemble lroy
Corlons 1ó
Aulo ossemble lroy wilh hinged oulo ossemble lid
Corlons 17
Heovy duly corlon wilh corry hondle
Corlons 1ß
Iopered side corlon wilh double luck-in llops
Corlons 19
Iopered side wilh double luck-in llops
Corlons 20
5eoled lype, leor open pockoge
Corlons 21
5eoled lype, leor open corlon
Corlons 22
Heovy duly lroy & sleeve drower lype corlon
Corlons 23
Heovy duly llip lop corlon
Corlons 24
Iopered bollom wilh hinged lid
Corlons 25
Folder lype corlon
Corlons 2ó
Folder lype corlon wilh double decker lroy
Corlons 27
Iroy wilh hinged lid ond lronl ponel luck-in lock
Corlons 2ß
Wrop oround lor gill pockoge
Corlons 29
Dome lype lid ond brood bose bollom lroy
Corlons 30
Gill pockoge
Corlons 31
Gill pockoge
Corlons 32
Flip open lid
Corlons 33
Folder lype wrop round pockoge
Corlons 34
Iob lock lroy
Corlons 35
Gusseled side lock lroy, hinged lid wilh dusl llop ond lop lob
Corlons 3ó
Gusseled side lock lroy, hinged lid wilh dusl llop ond bollom
lob lock
Corlons 37
kounded sides wilh press lold lock
Corlons 3ß
Diomond shope pockoge
Corlons 39
Crole slyle pockoge
Corlons 40
Ironsperonl pvc pockoge
Corlons 41
Book shoped pockoge
Corlons 42
Gusseled side lroy wilh double side woll lid
Corlons 43
Double side woll lid/lroy
Cartons 44
Twin hinged box with windows
Cartons 45
Reverse tuck carton with windows
Cartons 46
Transparent carton
Cartons 47
Pillow pack with windows
Cartons 48
Carton with telescopic lid and window
Cartons 49
Double sleeve package with window
Cartons 50
Reverse tuck carton with window display
Cartons 51
Auto assemble window carton with supporter
Cartons 52
Stackable type Bottom and Lid Carton
Cartons 53
Auto assemble carton with window
Cartons 54
Two sided window carton with hanging panel
Cartons 55
Tie carton with window
Cartons 56
Double wall tray/lid with window
Cartons 57
Auto lock bottom window carton with tapered side
Cartons 58
Haxagonal carton with window display
Cartons 59
Haxagonal double wall tray
Cartons 60
Single piece triple decker hanging carton
Cartons 61
Four side dome top with hook locks tuck-in flaps
Cartons 62
Sleeve & double wall slinding traywith tapered corner
Cartons 63
Horizontal Pentagon Carton
Cartons 64
Wide mouth opening Carton
Cartons 65
Twin sides tapered wall carton
Cartons 66
Tapered walls tray with double wall lid
Cartons 67
Tapered sides half rounded top flap
Cartons 68
Self locking six sides carton
Cartons 69
Double wall tray with house type lid
Cartons 70
Single piece self locking house shaped carton
Cartons 71
Six sides diamond shaped carton
Cartons 72
Twelve side roundedwall tray/lid
Cartons 73
Haxagonal tray with partial telescoping lid
Cartons 74
Hexagonal gift carton
Cartons 75
Pillow type sleeve & slide-out insert
Cartons 76
Strait tuck carton with curved sides
Cartons 77
Two sides open pillow pack
Cartons 78
One side open pillow pack
Cartons 79
Transparent pillow pack with sleeve
Cartons 80
Pillow pack with tuck in fap
Cartons 81
Pencil shaped carton
Cartons 82
Gift pack
Cartons 83
Self locking gift carton
Cartons 84
Book type Window Carton
Cartons 85
Set up carton for gift items
Cartons 86
Self & inter locking gift pack
Cartons 87
Banana shaped carton
Cartons 88
Bag type tapered sides carton
Cartons 89
Ladies purse type carton
Cartons 90
Heart shaped set up carton
Cartons 91
One side open triangular insert with sleeve
Cartons 92
Round corner gift pack
Cartons 93
Reverse tuck with curved crease & cut top carton
Cartons 94
Triangular top/bottom curved crease carton
Cartons 95
Book type Carton with two rounded sides
Cartons 96
Rounded lid and bottom Carton with fip open lid
Cartons 97
Tree piece triangular carton
Cartons 98
X’mas tree shaped top/bottom carton
Cartons 99
Tie shaped top/bottom carton
Cartons 100
Self locking one piece tray/lid with window
Cartons 101
Cheese cube shaped carton
Cartons 102
Seven panel bag type carton with partition & handle
Cartons 103
Rounded sides bag type carton with side tuckings
Cartons 104
Vertical carton with handles built in ear locks
Cartons 105
Hexagonal carton variation with handle
Cartons 106
Variation in carton with handle
Cartons 107
Variation in carton with handle
Cartons 108
Hexagonal carton with handle
Cartons 109
Diamond shaped carton with handle & side lockings
Cartons 110
Tapered top carton with handle
Cartons 111
Tapered tray carton with handle & side lockings
Cartons 112
Briefcase type carton
Cartons 113
Carrier type carton
Cartons 114
Half-cut Hexagonal Carry on Carton
Cartons 115
Tapered top vertical carton with handle
Cartons 116
Hanging type Straight Tuck Carton
Cartons 117
Carton with loop Hanger
Cartons 118
Hut shaped carton with handle
Cartons 119
Butterfy dust fap carton
Cartons 120
Cheese/Butter self assembly carton
Cartons 121
Six Bottle Carry-type Pack
Cartons 122
Six Bottle Carry-type Pack
Display Cartons 123
Counter display with three side tear open panels
Display Cartons 124
Double wall display with windows
Display Cartons 125
Bag type display with partition
Display Cartons 126
Double wall carton with inner display platform
Display Cartons 127
Straight tuck carton with round window
Display Cartons 128
Straight tuck carton with ffth back drop panel
Display Cartons 129
Double wall tray/lid with platform
Display Cartons 130
Double wall tray & liner with partition window & handle
Display Cartons 131
Single piece display with window & self locking closer
Display Cartons 132
Self locking one piece tray/lid with separate partitions
Display Cartons 133
Self locking one piece triangle shape display
Display Cartons 134
Self assemble type Display Carton
Display Cartons 135
Self locking one piece tray/lid with built in partitions
Display Cartons 136
Press lock Carton with tear open display top fep
Display Cartons 137
Double wall tray & window lid with bottom liner
Display Cartons 138
Reverse tuck carton with hinged lid & self cavity tray
Display Cartons 139
Portable display with three panels
Display Cartons 140
Self locking single piece folder type display
Display Cartons 141
Top/Bottom closure with printed ventilation type insert
Display Cartons 142
Tear Open Top Display Carton
Display Cartons 143
Straight tuck display with built in back easel
Display Cartons 144
Straight tuck carton converted to tray type display
Display Cartons 145
Straight tuck carton converted to tray type slant display
Display Cartons 146
Faceted top with window display
Display Cartons 147
Three side window Carton
Display Cartons 148
Hinged top with built in partition
Dispensers 149
Dispenser package for CD’s
Dispensers 150
One piece self locking carrier type dispenser with sleeve
Dispensers 151
Two piece gravity-fed dispenser
Dispensers 152
Two piece gravity-fed dispenser
Dispensers 153
Single piece self locking dispenser
Dispensers 154
Two hanging self locking dispenser with back supporter
Dispensers 155
Single piece gravity-fed dispenser
Dispensers 156
Two piece gravity-fed dispenser with built in partition
Dispensers 157
Single piece gravity-fed dispenser variation
Dispensers 158
Single piece gravity-fed dispenser variation
Dispensers 159
Display-cum-Dispence Carton
Dispensers 160
Single piece tapered dispenser
Displays & POPs 161
Two piece tray/lid dispenser where, lid used as holder
Displays & POPs 162
Six panels dispenser for pens & cosmetics
Displays & POPs 163
Two piece tower shaped POP
Displays & POPs 164
Two pieces slotted POP
Displays & POPs 165
Two pieces slotted POP variation
Displays & POPs 166
Two pieces slotted POP variation
Displays & POPs 167
Triangle shaped display for brochures
Displays & POPs 168
POP with backlock support
Displays & POPs 169
Multifold Index Folder
Displays & POPs 170
Folder type display
Displays & POPs 171
Roof type self locking display
Displays & POPs 172
Roof type Two pieces display
Displays & POPs 173
Simple Base support for counter display
Displays & POPs 174
Centre locking display
Displays & POPs 175
Single piece double wall Piramid shaped display
Displays & POPs 176
Gravity-fed dispenser with stand
Displays & POPs 177
Single piece tapered sides display
Displays & POPs 178
10ft. high gate display for exhibition
Displays & POPs 179
Wall display
Displays & POPs 180
Three pieces pillor type display
Displays & POPs 181
Diamond sahped tray with tapered backdrop
Displays & POPs 182
Floor display
Displays & POPs 183
Triagle shaped display with pocket
Displays & POPs 184
Display with backdrop
Displays & POPs 185
Floor Display with tear-open top
Displays & POPs 186
Single piece display with steps & backdrop
Displays & POPs 187
Two pieces slotted display with partition & locks
Displays & POPs 188
Auto assemble Foor Display
Displays & POPs 189
Hording type display with self locking stands
Displays & POPs 190
Hanging dispenser
Displays & POPs 191
Hanging display variation
Displays & POPs 192
Hanging display with partition
Displays & POPs 193
Counter Display with Despencer
Displays & POPs 194
Three panel display with back pasting fap
Displays & POPs 195
Triangle shaped foor display
Displays & POPs 196
Pillor shaped display
Displays & POPs 197
Center Display
Displays & POPs 198
Tapered platform with hinged backdrop
Displays & POPs 199
Tapered sides with high backdrop
Displays & POPs 200
Single piece counter display
Displays & POPs 201
Curved display with tapered autolock backdrop
Displays & POPs 202
Curved display with tapered autolock backdrop variation
Displays & POPs 203
Tapered autolock display with hinged backdrop
Displays & POPs 204
Counter Display with Backdrop
Displays & POPs 205
Two sides tapered display for pen
Displays & POPs 206
Tapered display with window
Displays & POPs 207
Tapered display with window variation
Displays & POPs 208
Triangle shaped display with centre locking
Displays & POPs 209
Counter Display-cum-dispencer
Displays & POPs 210
Hinged top with built in partition
Displays & POPs 211
Counter Diplay
Displays & POPs 212
Wall hanging POP danglar Wall
Displays & POPs 213
Wall hanging danglar variation
Displays & POPs 214
Counter display
Displays & POPs 215
Round table top display with steps
Displays & POPs 216
Reverse tuck platform with forth backdrop panel
Displays & POPs 217
Single piece double pasting platform with hinged backdrop
Displays & POPs 218
Floor display with slotted lock back support
Displays & POPs 219
Slant display with inner platform & backdrop
Displays & POPs 220
Vertical display with tuck lock backdrop
Displays & POPs 221
Reverse tuck display with tucklock back support
Displays & POPs 222
Center Table with display selves
Displays & POPs 223
Revrse tuck display for tie
Displays & POPs 224
Pop-up Counter Display
Displays & POPs 225
Tapered top display with separate double wall partitions
Displays & POPs 226
6 sides auto lock bottom outer with inner 6 sides supporter & slotted par-
Displays & POPs 227
Single piece four sides slant platform with built-in easel
Displays & POPs 228
Tuck in fap bottom with curved end sides
Jackets 229
Wrap around pouch with interlocking faps
Jackets 230
Single piece portfolio type jacket
Jackets 231
Folder type Bussiness Card Holder
Jackets 232
Jacket with Pasted pocket on right side & diary on left side
Jackets 233
Jacket with Pasted pockets
Jackets 234
Single piece three fold jacket withdust fap & tuck-in fap
Jackets 235
A jacket with pasted window pocket
Jackets 236
Three fold jacket with pasted pockets on two sides & one on center
Jackets 237
Jacket with pasted pockets on both sides
Jackets 238
Jacket for digital CD
Jackets 239
A CD jacket with triangle shape sides formating top
Jackets 240
Three fold jacket for digital CD
Jackets 241
Hinged, two CD Holders
Jackets 242
CD Jacket variation
Jackets 243
Jacket with inner suppoter & CD holder liner
Jackets 244
Multiple CD holder case
Jackets 245
CD jacket variation
Jackets 246
Folder type Six CD Holder
Jackets 247
Folder type nine CD holder
Files & Folders 248
Spiral bound book type folder
Files & Folders 249
Bound Sample Holder
Files & Folders 250
Telescopic type tray/lid Document Holder with window
Files & Folders 251
Spiral bounded curved shaped package
Files & Folders 252
Folder type swatch holder
Files & Folders 253
Three fold fle with pasted pockets
Files & Folders 254
Document Holder with locking Flap
Files & Folders 255
Document folder with four wall & locking faps
Files & Folders 256
Folder with tuck-in faps
Files & Folders 257
Eight Page Folder
Files & Folders 258
Twelve Page Folder
Files & Folders 259
Twelve Page Accordion Folder
Files & Folders 260
Eighteen Page Accordion Folder
Files & Folders 261
Eighteen Page Folder
Files & Folders 262
Sixteen Page Folder
Files & Folders 263
Forty Page Folder
Files & Folders 264
Twelve Page Folder with Thumb Index
Files & Folders 265
Forteen Page Accordion Folder
Files & Folders 266
Double Gatefold
Files & Folders 267
Gatefold with Tumb Index
Files & Folders 268
Variation Twelve Page Folder
Files & Folders 269
Variation Sixteen Page Folder
Files & Folders 270
Variation Sixteen Page Folder
Files & Folders 271
Variation Twenty Page Folder
Bags 272
Bag with tapered sides & holes for hanging belts
Bags 273
Bag with in built handles
Bags 274
Bag with tapered curved sides & in built handles
Bags 275
Sealable type Bags
Bags 276
One piece self locking bag with in built handle
Bags 277
Grocery Bag
Bags 278
Self locking triangle shape bag with in built handles
Bags 279
Pillow type T-shirt shaped bag
Bags 280
Aseptic Packaging
Bags 281
Two piece bag with inter locks & in built handles
Bags 282
Box type bag with curved top & holes for hanging belts
Bags 283
Bottom pasted bag with in built handle
Bags 284
Interlocking sides with in built handles
Bags 285
Portfolio type bag with handle
Bags 286
Bottom pasting triangle shape bag with holes for hanging belts