Mateo, Alberto Nel R.

O0B Answers to the Guide Questions I created for the Casas Bahia Case Study 1. What is the largest retail chain store in Brazil? • Casas Bahia 2. What do you call Casas Bahia's sales on installment basis? • Credit Sales 3. Who founded Casas Bahia? • Samuel Klein 4. When was Casas Bahia founded? • 1958. 5. How many categories does Brazil have in terms of economic groups? • 5 6. What are the economic groups that belong to the affluent class? • .Economic group A and B 7. What are the economic groups that belong to the lower income class? • .Economic group C, D and E 8. How many percent of the population of Brazil in 2004 belongs to the lower income class? • 84 9. What is it that formed the core of Casas Bahia business model? • Credit Financing 10. Where Casas Bahia do obtained the information about the credit history of their customers? • Service of Credit Protection 11. How many initiatives does Casas Bahia have? • 4 12. What is the role of Technology at Casas Bahia? • To enable productivity, low-cost operations and client satisfaction 13. How many percent of Casas Bahia's revenue was spent on technology? • 0.8 14. Where does the majority of work focused in today's time? • Maximizing the customer experience

15. How many average contracts do Casas Bahia handles every month? • 800,000 16. What is that important factor for the company to respond quickly to the unforeseen problems that arise? • Unique Network Infrastructure 17. What factor does the competition doesn't invest? • Technology 18. Why Casas Bahia prefers to hire locally for its stores? • It's because of familiarity, minimum impact of bus and train strikes and helping their employees and customers to feel a sense of pride and ownership. 19. What challenges does expansion poses? • The study of behavior of the new customer base, new distribution demands and controlling of the default level. 20. What is one of the most significant issues that Casas Bahia faces? • The long-term plan for succession.