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10th edition of the Degrmont Water Treatment Handbook

Monday, June 13, 2005: Degrmont announced today the publication of the 10th edition of its "Water
Treatment Handbook", the international reference work in the field of water treatment. With this new
version, fully revised to take technological developments into account, Degrmont reasserts its
pedagogical role and willingness to share its technical know-how with all those involved in water
The standard reference work for water treatment in the world since its first issue in 1950, the Water
Treatment Handbook was the brainchild of Gilbert Degrmont, founder of the company. The objective
was to provide technicians with a day-to-day water guide, combining all the fundamental issues in our
business within a single work.
Fully revised and updated, the chapters have been enriched with the major technological
developments over the last fifteen years, such as membrane separation, development of fixed pure
cultures (Biofor) and mixed cultures (Mteor), sludge drying and incineration, reducing sludge
production (Biolysis), not to mention the issues related to automation, such as command-control and
computer-assisted maintenance. In all, five chapters are dedicated to water treatment sectors.
Jean-Marie Rovel and Pierre Mouchet, two Degrmont experts recognized by their peers around the
world, have headed a team of more than 35 people working for more than two years to share their
knowledge and experience.
With more than 2000 pages, the Handbook makes Degrmont know-how available to all. Both a
reference work and a civic guide, it invites us all to reconsider the issues involved in water recycling
and sustainable development.
For the publication of its 10th "Water Treatment Handbook", Degrmont wished to continue to work
with the Lavoisier publishing house. The company has taken charge of the production of the 17,000
copies of the French version and the 9,000 copies of the English version, which is scheduled for
release at the end of the year. With nearly 300 books and 36 reviews published each year, Lavoisier is
the leading scientific and technical publishing house in France for technicians, engineers, research
workers, students and teachers.
Degrmont is the Suez Environment subsidiary specializing in water and wastewater treatment
plants. With more than 4,000 employees working in over 70 countries, Degrmont had 2004
revenues of 832 million.
SUEZ ENVIRONMENT, a division of SUEZ, provides equipment and services that protect the
environment and deliver the essentials of life. Its activities include drinking water production and
distribution, wastewater collection and treatment, and waste treatment and recovery. Through its three
international brands, Ondo (water distribution), Degrmont (water treatment plants) and SITA (solid
waste management), SUEZ ENVIRONMENT employs over 72 780 people worldwide and in 2004,
generated turnover of 11.4 billion euros.
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