News Blaze, March 07, 2010

By B. K. Rana Nepal, currently under the three Bahuns: Girija P. Koirala [Bahun, Congress], Puspa K. Dahal alias Prachanda [ Bahun, Maoist] and Jhal Nath Khanal [Bahun, Marxist-Leninist] is going nowhere, apparently. These three Bahuns recently formed a club which they hope will sort out the problems the country is facing now. A note was received, discussing this club, from a Constituent Assembly Member from Kathmandu, written in vernacular Nepali. The following information has been translated from the original document. The Constituent Assembly Member, in his write-up, tried to answer a perplexing question about three leaders, and why they might need to form the "Wretched Teen Bahun Club." The three leaders of parties in the Constituent Assembly are: • Girija P. Koirala (Bahun)[a stubborn, never-never-retiring, almost 90 year old Chairman, Nepali Congress Party, 22.79% votes, 2nd largest party] • Prachanda (Bahun)[Maoist Chairman - the largest party 30.52% votes] • Jhala Nath Khanal (Bahun)[Chairman - Communist Party, United Marxist-Leninist 21.63% votes, 3rd largest party] The question posed was: Why would the three Bahums have needed to form such a Wretched Teen Bahun Club which has no constitutional standing at all and which has also failed to secure endorsement from their own respective parties? They also unwillingly 'inducted' the Chief Executive of the country, the sitting Prime Minister, as an invitee member, with no voting rights. Here are his answers: 1) The current Prime Minister of Nepal, Mr. Madhav Kumar Nepal represents the UML, third largest party in Nepal. Losing twice, this leader portrays an unelected image to the country, and rightly so, because it is true! The three party heads or TBs [Teen Bahuns > Three Bahuns] sometime question among themselves - how on earth could an unelected guy become the prime minister in a

democratic country? In fact Mr. Khanal should have been where Mr. Nepal is right now. Mr. Khanal won the CA election amidst the Maoist heat-wave in the country. And his party also elected him Chairman. So he won the election twice! Winning two separate elections, Mr. Khanal could have become the prime minister of Nepal. But you see, this wretched leader has the fate of only becoming Nepal's Mrs. Sonia Gandhi! 2) Girija P. Koirala was keenly interested in becoming the first Head of the State, meaning the first President of Democratic Republic of Nepal. But the Maoists threw cold water on that, completely spoiling his ambition. Given his age, fragile health and party position, he could never become the President of Nepal. He may instead want to become Prime Minister again, but one of his lieutenants, Dr. Ram Baran Yadav is the President of Nepal now. Understandably, it is not possible for him to take the oath of office from the man who is his lieutenant. 3) Belonging to the largest party, the ever-boastful Maoist hunk, who caused almost 16,000 deaths in the country, Mr. Prachanda believes he alone eliminated the monarchy, so he must have a major role in the governance. Sounds natural, doesn't it ? Nowadays, he has no options other than hanging around with Mr. Koirala as the New Delhi South Block Messengers always want them together, even though they were fierce enemies a few years back. So, the three of them decided to form the "Wretched Teen Bahun Club." This is completely unlike the US Presidential Club, where the sitting president has the major role. Also the Club very rarely meets. The elected CA Members, other elected officials, and the party workers are against such a club. Rastriya Brahmin Samaj & Kshatriya Organization In the aftermath of the Maoist's strong showing in the Constituent Assembly Election 2008, Nepal, a diverse Himalayan country, has come under serious threat of chaos and disintegration as ethnic division has flared up, sometimes as high as the sky. Now, the country's most privileged people's organization, the Rastriya Brahmin Samaj, [ &] has begun to show its true colours. And, one of the Constituent Assembly Members who heads another Kshatriya Organization, another most privileged ethnic group in Nepal, has donated Rs. 1,01,01,101.00 [ one crore one lakh one thousand one hundred and one] to speed up his campaign in the country.

Editor's note: Bahun is the colloquial Nepali term for a member of the hill or mountain Brahmin caste, the traditional caste of educators, scholars and priests in Hinduism. [ Wikipedia ]