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Into The Darkness

If we can be spiritual, we can see the Darkness that was here, In the
Beginning, as out of the Darkness, that was over the face of the deep, God
called forth His marvelous Light, Let There Be Light! Moses who in this
temporal world from His perspective is seeing something in the eternal
world. He sees darkness and then He sees, light come forth from that
darkness. We know He was seeing this great thing called Calvary, as it was
the hinder parts of God. We know from that darkness in Genesis, we find
there before the Fall, Calvary in the Mind of God, the Lamb slain before the
world ever was. SO we know it was manifest we say 2000 yrs ago, as the
Man to be made Sin is on a Cross of Wood and darkness is covering the
Land. There in the darkness of that great Event, we find it is a night time
and the Moon is hanging between heaven and earth, bloodied from head to
toe, as a vesture dipped in blood, so the moon at that time, is covered in
blood, turned to blood, we find in the darkness of that night time, the stars
can be seen, as the same darkness typified by the birth of this Man of Sin as
it was night time and His star was revealed in the heavens.

Now in this darkness we can see the Moon turned to Blood, we can also
easily see the great red dragon, blood life, wrapping its tail around those
stars, who were the Sons of God. We find in one dimension this was the Jews
being cast out of heaven, as God was with them and them being cast down
to the Earth, as a Body dies then it is buried in the ground. We know the
Jews typified the Body. We know they represent 1/3 of the God head bodily.
Body, Soul and Spirit. So as we walk into this great darkness, our eyes wide
open, our spiritual light of revelation shining from within, we turn the
darkness to light, as even the darkness is light around about us. We see by
spiritual revelation this incredible spiritual mystery of Calvary being
unveiled, like a movie before our eyes. This was where the stars fell from
the heavens, the fleshly bodily reflectors who had no inward light, as
Salvation had not yet come and the darkness of wrath and the Law, by great
condemnation, cast them down to the ground. We see the stars falling from
their first estate.

The Jews showing this as a type of the fleshly body of us all, as no flesh can
glory in his sight. Jesus the head of all humanity and the Jews, showing the

First Man Adam, being smitten, veiled in the darkness. The Fire of God, or
the Pillar of Fire by Night, consuming the evening time sacrifice. When we
look back at Genesis, we see one perspective of things taking place, when
we come to Calvary we find yet another view of things taking place, same
things, just a different dimensional perspective, then when we come to The
Book of Revelations we see this exact same scene unfold in another
dimension. Just like the 4 Gospels, One event seen from many views to give
us a 360 of the entirety of this incredible scene.

So lets imagine we are standing inside of the darkness of Calvary, as if a

great tent was put over it and it was made into an exhibit of sorts. Can you
see the Moon turning to blood, as Jesus is bloodied from head to toe? He
hangs between heaven as Earth the same as the natural moon does
between the Earth and the Sun. Do you see the Fire of God as the Pillar of
Fire by Night burning in the Night time of sin? Do you see Moses serpent he
held up in the wilderness? Do you see the gate Samson took from the city
and hauled it up a hill and planted it there symbolically at Mt. Calvary. Do
you see the great red dragon as Jesus being made Sin that as he spilled His
blood that Satan was in that Blood and how it was Satan being cast out of
heaven and Woe to the inhabitants of the Earth and the Flesh, Satan is now
as a roaring Lion and is among you going about in wrath, seeking whom He
may devour. To drop another tid bit in, can you see truth being held in
unrighteousness, or the truth being turned into a lie? He who was and is
Truth, being made into a Lie or being made Sin, which is unbelief and is a lie
against God. The Great Reflector of God, The Flesh. When God looked upon
that reflection, He seen His opposite that appeared to be Him, was made in
the likeness of Him, was in the form of God, but had not the power thereof,
speaking of Him becoming Literal Sin itself. Do you see, as it has been
called, the Seat of Satan, sitting there in the Temple of God, or the Body of
Jesus, showing Himself as God, the Abomination of Sin itself standing in a
Holy Place, a Place where it ought not. Him being made sin, like a Serpent,
hanging on a Tree, do you see whom the entire world has been wondering
after and worshipping? The Fallen One, not the Risen One. They put the
Crown of Thorns on Him to show He was the Curse, he was the Serpent that
was to be circumcised to reveal its head. There the head of the man was
revealed and the blood issue of the woman, the uncleanness, the lustful
inspiration of blood life that craved lust and passions and was a spiritual

power of perversion that was at enmity with God. There He is the Ruler of
the Darkness, Satan having climbed into the upper lintels, or we say Satan
entering the 2nd heaven of the Soul of Men. Grace ushering in a time of
lawlessness, for where there is no law, sin is not imputed. This death of
Jesus signifying the death of all men as to our flesh, makes us all, since
Calvary, disembodied spirits, Ghost. We are Spirits without a Body. We have
been waging a war inside of that darkness of Calvary as the Storm Clouds
raged with lightning and thunders, the great war commenced. The Thunders
uttered their voices.

We find this realm of darkness we have entered, is the removing of the

fleshly veil and we have entered the invisible realm of the Soul. Where the
Spirits resided, like the chick in the egg, the Spirit in the Soul, like the Holy
of Holies in the Tabernacle. Satan in the Body warring against the Law of
God in your Soul. We find even from Genesis it says the Earth was without
form and void and darkness was upon the face of the deep. The first man
Adam being from that Earth, and is that Earth, His Soul being void and
without form and the darkness of the Mystery of God was upon His deep,
the deep calling to the deep. So we see Jesus, being the true Adam, His Soul
being without form and void NOW, because of Sin. Inside that darkness lay
the Mystery of God, upon His Deep. A Mountain He is burning with Fire, so
scary and so awesome a sight to behold, no one dare enter that place. For it
is death, do not touch that mountain or that Ark, for you will die! You are
unworthy to enter such a place. God commanded you to Do not touch that
Tree, or that Mountain, or that Ark, for in the day you do, you will die! That
is the Law and it will bring you to a ministerial knowledge of truth that will
condemn you and send you to hell. It will bring life to your flesh, to which
Grace was given for the Lamb was innocent, but the Soul that sinned shall
surely die.

So lets take in our Minds, the Garden of Genesis and those events, and lets
take Calvary and those events, and lets take Revelations and those Events
and lets fold each one as an overlay on top of the other and you will see it is
all the self same one event, told in 3 different dimensions. A Natural, a
Physical, and a Spiritual dimension. It is the One self same event. The
Revelation of Jesus Christ. Moses seeing the back side of the event, Jesus

showing the Physical Soul view of that event, and John seeing the Spiritual
Heavenly view. In one way you could say Moses foretold the event, Jesus
acts out the event and John sees the actual Movie after it has been made.
Or Moses writes the script, Jesus performs and records the event and John
watches it like a movie.

We could say also the darkness was the film and the calling forth of the light
has struck the film to show it on the stage of life for all to see. We the
audience accusing or else excusing according to our faith. So remember
Moses wrought Genesis, God revealed this to Him upon the Mount of SINai.
Told Him, make all things according to the movie I showed you or the
heavenly things I revealed to you while you was up here with me. The
mountain showing Moses ascending to a heavenly realm in God. Fire means
Blood so we easily see this Mount Sinai experience is the same as Calvary,
Jesus the Prophet liken unto Moses. So we can see the Law Moses wrought,
we can see the Serpent on the pole, we can see the Law empowering the
Condemnation bringing Unbelief to Life. Can you see a Beast or Serpent,
using the Law as a False Prophet bringing the Image of Anti Christ to Life. In
another dimension we can see this same thing pertaining to Grace as well.
In the end Law and Grace are pulled down as the Two Pillars of the World,
because a True Child of God has always had His Righteousness, they have
never needed His Law or Grace as to their Salvation. Grace was only
temporary so Righteousness could be revealed. The Law was temporary to
reveal sin and show us the need for a Saviour or Grace. Both of them
worked together to ultimately produce for the Elect Eternal Righteousness!
These are they that testify!

The Image of the Beast is shown as the Body in its fallen lustful state, but in
all reality the Image of the Beast is Satan. His Spirit is the Image. Same as
We are the Image of God, which is Christ. So we see how the Serpent and
the False Prophet brought the Image of the Beast to Life in Revelations. It
was an Image that was wounded and its deadly wound was healed, it was
dead and was brought to life. The whole world has and is wondering after
that beast, they worship that beast to this day. Satan sitting in fallen man in
unregenerated flesh, in the temple meant for God, showing himself as God,
all of the world is wandering after passions and lust and showing off that

serpent body with their dressing and fashions and shaking and dancing, it is
a worship unto the God of the Flesh, Satan. Since Calvary this has been His
World. A time of lawlessness in the flesh. Burning in their flesh till the dart
strikes the Liver, making faith shipwreck by condemnation that is killing it.
Searing their Souls. Them coming to the Mountain of Firey Flesh and
touching it, giving place to the Carnal Mind and believing its lies and being
damned! Deceived and being deceived. Blind leading the blind.

The Flesh and Body and Soul of Jesus being made Sin. The God Forsaken
Image that hung upon the Cross between Heaven and Earth, saying if I be
lifted up, I will cause all men to wander after me. The Cross showing the end
of all Satanic Flesh. The whole world wandering after that Human Flesh and
Lust and Passions and Intellect and education and carnality! The Serpent
saying, come to this Tree of Calvary and eat its flesh and drink its blood else
you have no life, you shall not surely die. It was never about His Flesh and
Blood, it was about His Spirit, His Holy Eternal Life comes from His Spirit not
His Flesh and Blood.

Do you see what is in this world of darkness? The darkness over Calvary?
There is the Beast, The False Prophet and the Anti Christ. The Law was for
the Lawless and now Grace brought in utter lawlessness. The Lawless have
lived in a heaven ever since. However, things are changing now. A new day
is dawning in old Gethsemane. One has conquered death and is calling forth
the Light, and He has the Law with Him and He is coming forth to seal in the
wicked to their eternal damnation, and the Saints into Everlasting Life. A
Change is come, a 3rd day is broken forth. The Great Light of His Glorious
Resurrection is Come, even The Revelation of Jesus Christ. We are folding
up Calvary now and laying it away. Grace is at its end and Eternal
Righteousness of the Law of Spirit and Life is come. The Adoption is Here,
the Change is Here, the Transfiguration is Here. Amen and Amen!

PHN 9-15-15