Permaculture In New Zealand Hui 2010

April 16-18, 2010  Poihakena Marae, Raglan
Registration Form
Name(s):___________________________________ E-mail: ___________________________ Phone: Mobile:_________________ Address: ________________________________________
☐ I have special needs that I would like the organisers to know about: access difficulties, special dietary requirements, etc. (Please list these):___________________________________________

Accommodation: Please indicate where you intend to stay. Marae-style limited to first come, first served. You will receive
email confirmation in regards to your accommodation choice. ☐ Marae Accommodation ☐ My vehicle ☐ My tent ☐ I will find alternative accommodation (visit for a list of local options) In order to keep costs down and to share resources, we ask that you bring produce from your garden and home baking to share. I will bring: ☐ produce ☐ baking ☐ Other (please specify) _____________________ Koha: It is customary to bring koha when entering a marae. In addition to your individual koha upon entering the marae, this year PINZ is supporting the efforts of Poihakena Marae to replenish their supply of seed potatoes. We ask that if you have potatoes to share, especially traditional varieties, please bring a few to share as koha, with a note describing their variety and any known cultivation information.

Hui Fees: (Fees include accommodation and all meals from Friday lunch to Sunday lunch)

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We appreciate that people have a wide variety of personal circumstances, so we have a sliding scale for the Hui fee, which is different for members/non-members. Please pay as you can afford. Paying at higher end of scale assists others to attend. To take part in the decision-making at the AGM you are required to be a member. Membership Forms can be found at An annual PiNZ membership fee is $25-100 (sliding scale). Adult non-member Adult member (18+) Youth (11 – 17) Child (5 - 10) Family (2 adults + 3 children) Price $200 - $225 (sliding scale) $150 - $175 (sliding scale) $75 $45 $380 - $450 (sliding scale) How many? x x x x Total= Total Paid = = =

☐ I can contribute to a travel support fund.
Please tick boxes below only if in genuine need.

Travel Support Donation $_________

☐ I would like to discuss an alternative method of payment (eg: installments, etc). ☐ I am travelling a long distance and would appreciate some travel support.

Method of Payment:
☐ ☐ I am paying by cheque to PiNZ. (Please post with Registration Form) I am paying directly to the PiNZ bank account. Kiwibank no.38 9008 0075163 00 Please include your name in particulars and HUI in the reference fields.

Workshops: In addition to our usual Open Forums that are created during the Annual Hui, PiNZ is organising several preplanned advanced skills training workshops. If you have a workshop you would like to offer, please fill in the details below. We will sort through potential workshops to provide the best overall programming. We will be in touch with you via email. Title of Workshop: Description of Workshop: (200 words max) Length of workshop: ☐ 1 hr ☐ 90 min ☐ 2hr ☐ Other ___________ Materials needed: ☐ Data Projector ☐ Other______________________________________ Will you need to be reimbursed for supplies? If so, how much? Please describe your qualifications and/or experience with your workshop topic:

Registrations close Friday April 9th. Please complete form online and send to, or post to: HUI c/o Melinda Hatherly, 673 Papaiti Road, RD 14, Whanganui 4584, Aotearoa New Zealand

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