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30684 Federal Register / Vol. 71, No.

103 / Tuesday, May 30, 2006 / Notices

Plans are required of other vessels to Commandant, Office of Boating Safety women and members of minority groups
minimize impacts of oil spills. (G–PCB–1), U.S. Coast Guard, 2100 to apply.
Need: This information is needed to Second Street SW., Washington, DC Dated: May 18, 2006.
ensure that vessels and facilities are 20593–0001; by calling 202–267–1077; F.J. Sturm,
prepared to respond in the event of an or by faxing 202–267–4285. Send your
Captain, U.S. Coast Guard, Acting Director
oil spill incident. The information will application in written form to the above of Inspections and Compliance.
be reviewed by the Coast Guard to street address. This notice and the
[FR Doc. E6–8300 Filed 5–26–06; 8:45 am]
assess the effectiveness of the response application form are available on the
plan. Internet at; the
Respondents: Owners and operators application form is also available at
of vessels and facilities.
Frequency: On occasion. DEPARTMENT OF HOMELAND
nbsac.htm. SECURITY
Burden Estimate: The estimated
burden has increased from 137,199 FOR FURTHER INFORMATION CONTACT: Ms.
Jeanne Timmons, Executive Director of Coast Guard
hours to 220,559 hours a year.
2. Title: Ballast Water Management for NBSAC, telephone 202–267–1077, fax [CGD08–06–020]
Vessels with Ballast Tanks Entering U.S. 202–267–4285.
Waters. SUPPLEMENTARY INFORMATION: The Houston-Galveston Navigation Safety
OMB Control Number: 1625–0069. National Boating Safety Advisory Advisory Committee
Summary: The information is needed Council (NBSAC) is a Federal advisory AGENCY: Coast Guard, DHS.
to carry out the reporting requirements committee under the Federal Advisory
of 16 U.S.C. 4711 regarding the ACTION: Notice of meetings.
Committee Act, 5 U.S.C. App. 2. It
management of ballast water, to prevent advises the Coast Guard regarding SUMMARY: The Houston-Galveston
the introduction and spread of aquatic regulations and other major boating Navigation Safety Advisory Committee
nuisance species into U.S. waters. safety matters. NBSAC’s 21 members (HOGANSAC) and its working groups
Need: The information is needed to consist of: 7 representatives of State will meet to discuss waterway
ensure compliance with the officials responsible for State boating improvements, aids to navigation, area
requirements in 33 CFR part 151, safety programs; 7 representatives of projects impacting safety on the
subparts C and D. The information will recreational boat and associated Houston Ship Channel, and various
also be used for research and periodic equipment manufacturers; and 7 other navigation safety matters in the
reporting to Congress. representatives of national recreational Galveston Bay area. All meetings will be
Respondents: Owners and operators boating organizations and the general open to the public.
of certain vessels. public, at least 5 of whom are DATES: The next meeting of HOGANSAC
Frequency: On occasion. representatives of national recreational
Burden Estimate: The estimated will be held on Tuesday, June 27, 2006,
boating organizations. Members are at 9 a.m. The meeting of the
burden has decreased from 106,193
appointed by the Secretary of the Committee’s working groups will be
hours to 60,769 hours a year.
Department of Homeland Security. held on Thursday, June 8, 2006, at 9
Dated: May 19, 2006. NBSAC normally meets twice each a.m. Members of the public may present
R.T. Hewitt, year at a location selected by the Coast written or oral statements at either
Rear Admiral, U.S. Coast Guard, Assistant Guard. When attending meetings of the meeting. Requests to make oral
Commandant for Command, Control, Council, members are provided travel presentations or distribute written
Communications, Computers, and expenses and per diem. materials should reach the Coast Guard
Information Technology.
We will consider applications five (5) working days before the meeting
[FR Doc. E6–8220 Filed 5–26–06; 8:45 am] received in response to this notice for at which the presentation will be made.
BILLING CODE 4910–15–P the following seven positions that Requests to have written materials
expire or become vacant in December distributed to each member of the
2006: two representatives of State committee in advance of the meeting
DEPARTMENT OF HOMELAND should reach the Coast Guard at least
officials responsible for State boating
SECURITY ten (10) working days before the
safety programs, two representatives of
Coast Guard recreational boat and associated meeting at which the presentation will
equipment manufacturers, and three be made.
[USCG–2006–24734] representatives of national recreational ADDRESSES: The full Committee will be
boating organizations. The positions held at the Houston Pilot’s, 8150 South
National Boating Safety Advisory from the general public are not open for Loop East, Houston, TX 77017, (713–
Council; Vacancies consideration this year. 645–9620). The working groups meeting
AGENCY: Coast Guard, DHS. Applicants are considered for will be held at the West Gulf Maritime
ACTION: Request for applications. membership on the basis of their Association, Portway Plaza, 1717 East
particular expertise, knowledge, and Loop, Suite 200, Houston, Texas 77029,
SUMMARY: The Coast Guard seeks experience in recreational boating (713–678–7655). This notice is available
applications for membership on the safety. Prior applicants should submit on the Internet at
National Boating Safety Advisory an updated application to ensure FOR FURTHER INFORMATION CONTACT:
Council (NBSAC). NBSAC advises the consideration for the vacancies Commander Jerry Torok, Executive
Coast Guard on matters related to announced in this notice. Each member Secretary of HOGANSAC, telephone
jlentini on PROD1PC65 with NOTICES

recreational boating safety. serves for a term of up to 3 years. 713–671–5164, or Lieutenant Junior
DATES: Application forms should reach Members may serve consecutive terms. Grade Kevin Cooper, Assistant to the
us on or before September 1, 2006. In support of the policy of the U.S. Executive Secretary of HOGANSAC,
ADDRESSES: You may request an Coast Guard on gender and ethnic telephone 713–678–9001, e-mail
application form by writing to diversity, we encourage qualified Written

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Federal Register / Vol. 71, No. 103 / Tuesday, May 30, 2006 / Notices 30685

materials and requests to make discussions on all issues within the defined as fire departments that have a
presentations should be sent to particular working group’s area of minimum of 400 fully paid career
Commanding Officer, Sector Houston/ responsibility. All meetings are open to firefighters. In addition to the 400 career
Galveston, Attn: LTJG Cooper, 9640 the public. At the Chair’s discretion, firefighters, some of the metropolitan
Clinton Drive, Houston, TX 77029. members of the public may make fire departments also have volunteer
SUPPLEMENTARY INFORMATION: Notice of presentations, oral or written, at either firefighters.
this meeting is given pursuant to the meeting. Requests to make oral or SUPPLEMENTARY INFORMATION: The U.S.
Federal Advisory Committee Act, 5 written presentations should reach the Fire Administration (USFA) 1 receives
U.S.C. App. 2 (Pub. L. 92–463, 86 Stat. Coast Guard five (5) working days before many requests from fire service
770, as amended). the meeting at which the presentation organizations and the general public for
will be made. If you would like to have information related to the demographics
Agendas of the Meetings written materials distributed to each of firefighters, including gender, race
Houston-Galveston Navigation Safety member of the committee in advance of and ethnicity breakdowns, and the
Advisory Committee (HOGANSAC). The the meeting, you should send your number of firefighters holding chief
tentative agenda includes the following: request along with fifteen (15) copies of officer and line officer positions. The
(1) Opening remarks by the the materials to the Coast Guard at least USFA also has a need for this
Committee Sponsor (RADM Whitehead) ten (10) working days before the information to guide programmatic
or the Committee Sponsor’s meeting at which the presentation will decisions, to ensure that the
representative, Executive Director be made. demographic make up of firefighters
(CAPT Kaser) and Chairperson (Ms. attending National Fire Academy
Information on Services for the
Patricia Clark). training courses is comparable to that of
(2) Approval of the February 23, 2006 Handicapped
fire departments across the United
minutes. For information on facilities or States, and to encourage and recruit
(3) Old Business: services for the handicapped or to women and minorities to join the fire
(a) Dredging subcommittee. request special assistance at the service. Finally, recommendations for
(b) Aids to Navigation (AtoN) meetings, contact the Executive the creation of a fire department
Knockdown Working Group. Secretary or Assistant to the Executive database included the collection of
(c) Navigation Operations Secretary at the location indicated information related to demographics,
subcommittee report. under ADDRESSES as soon as possible. capabilities and activities of fire
(d) Area Maritime Security Committee Dated: May 19, 2006. departments. This recommendation
Liaison’s report. came out of a Blue Ribbon Panel’s
R. F. Duncan,
(e) Technology subcommittee report. review of the USFA—initiated by FEMA
(f) Deep draft Entry Facilitation Rear Admiral, U.S. Coast Guard, Commander,
Eighth Coast Guard District. Director James Lee Witt in the spring of
[FR Doc. E6–8299 Filed 5–26–06; 8:45 am] 1998. As a result of those
(g) Harbor of Safe Refuge
recommendations, the USFA created the
subcommittee. BILLING CODE 4910–15–P
National Fire Department Census with
(h) Port Coordination Team Updates.
(i) Limited Visibility Working Group. which more than 24,500 fire
(j) Liquefied Natural Gas Working DEPARTMENT OF HOMELAND departments have registered. As a
Group. SECURITY continuation of this effort, USFA plans
(k) National Harbor Safety Committee to look at a snapshot of the
Federal Emergency Management demographics of firefighters in
Agency metropolitan fire departments.
(4) New Business:
(a) NOAA Port Updates Agency Information Collection Collection of Information
presentation—Alan Bunn. Activities: Proposed Collection; Title: Metropolitan Firefighter
(b) Other presentations. Comment Request Demographics Study.
Working Groups Meeting. The
Type of Information Collection: New
tentative agenda for the working groups AGENCY: Federal Emergency
meeting includes the following: Management Agency, Department of OMB Number: 1660–NW17.
(1) Presentation by each working Homeland Security. Form Numbers: None.
group of its accomplishments and plans ACTION: Notice and request for Abstract: Data products and reports
for the future. comments. exist that contain fragmented or
(2) Review and discuss the work estimated information about firefighter
completed by each working group. SUMMARY: The Federal Emergency
demographics, but there is no single
(3) Put forth any action items for Management Agency, as part of its reference source today that aggregates
consideration at full committee meeting. continuing effort to reduce paperwork this data to provide an accurate profile
and respondent burden, invites the of firefighters on a per department basis.
Procedural general public and other Federal The USFA receives many requests for
Working groups have been formed to agencies to take this opportunity to information related to firefighters,
examine the following issues: dredging comment on a proposed new including gender, race and ethnicity, as
and related issues, electronic navigation information collection. In accordance well as the number of firefighters
systems, AtoN knockdowns, impact of with the Paperwork Reduction Act of
passing vessels on moored ships, boater 1995, this notice seeks comments 1 The USFA is currently being transferred to the
education issues, facilitating deep draft concerning the use of a metropolitan newly created Preparedness Directorate of the
jlentini on PROD1PC65 with NOTICES

movements, mooring infrastructure, and firefighter demographic questionnaire to Department of Homeland Security. During this
safe refuge during hurricanes. Not all collect data to determine firefighter transition FEMA, also part of the Department of
Homeland Security, will continue to support this
working groups will provide a report at demographics of metropolitan fire program as the new Directorate stands up.
this session. Further, working group departments. For the purposes of this Ultimately this data collection will be transferred to
reports may not necessarily include study, metropolitan fire departments are the Preparedness Directorate.

VerDate Aug<31>2005 16:51 May 26, 2006 Jkt 208001 PO 00000 Frm 00037 Fmt 4703 Sfmt 4703 E:\FR\FM\30MYN1.SGM 30MYN1