IRC Seminar from Sept 02, 1997

<Sandworm> Guys and Amykins...I have a special treat...the reporter, who is a VERY kewl guy, is here watching this IRC chat! Care to share with him?L [JoeP] RoSS Rules! [Wolfadom] kewl who is it? LeGrande? [TigerWorm] ROSS THE MESSAIAH [Wolfadom] Or Heathn? [Spudzz] wolf..nope <Sandworm> I was telling this guy you all love he is more convinced! * LeGrande is not the reporter. <Sandworm> He's sitting here watching over my shoulder! He's not actually on the channel! [Wolfadom] Oh you mean - THERE! [misjief] I am building a shrine to ross!! [JoeP] What kind of glowing review would he like to write about you Ross? A very long one, or just one of Epic Proportions? [tref] Ross has distilled the essence of capturing and leading the imagination to a scince that we can all use to develop closer relationships... PRONTO <Sandworm> I'm going to go out later and show him how I Sarge the HB's! [Spudzz] Ross is one amazing guy... [tref] ....he's a lucky guy... [studgirl] Do you mean "here" as in at your house or here as in at the channel? <Sandworm> I already demonstrated some psychic stuff on a waitress! He was suitably impressed! [JoeP] Wooooooieeee! He's got a GF tho... Heh :) [tref] the reporter will actually see the creator in action... <Sandworm> Amy..he is here over my shoulder! [{spiff}] why does He get to have all the fun [JoeP] Hey Ross, link some killer connections from a HB to the reporter! [PhilAlex] What's the Topic tonight, Guru o' gunch? [Spudzz] _k12 gotta show 'em the ideal attraction and blowjob patterns. :) [misjief] My advice ..... Bring a film crew <Sandworm> Anyway..tonight I want to talk about using handwriting in conjunction with patterns to Sarge the HB's! [JoeP] Ahhhhh yes! [tref] handwriting.. GREAT it myself.. [{spiff}] oh i have a killer idea regarding handwriting [{spiff}] it kicks ass [tref] and it is FOR REAL! <Sandworm> As you know....I advocate stopping an HB and quickly getting her attention by pointing out that her LOOKS are NOT enough <Sandworm> Can anyone tell me why this is important? [studgirl] hello? [tref] the look thing is common.. [JoeP] because everyone else points out her looks

[Spudzz] puts you in the drivers seat. [Eq] It seperates you from all the "nice guys" [WorfWorm] To point out that you are special and she has to be differnt [{spiff}] it puts emphasis on HER to prove herself to you [LeGrande] well, for starters, it causes her to pause and take notice of you .. [misjief] Because I don't want a beautiful bimbo.... I have higher standards [Spudzz] raises your value. [tref] all of the above? <Sandworm> CORRECT! You are all SUCH good students! Sargy gives you all a lick and a nuzzle! [Wolfadom] ouch those cat licks are rough! <Sandworm> Ok..well..the way you present the handwriting, it enforces that message AND intrigues her! [LeGrande] enforces or reinforces? <Sandworm> What you say is, "Look...I don't have much time...but if you'll sit with me for 5 mintues, I'll analyze your'll get to learn secrets about yourself that your best friends don't know...and I'LL get to find out... <Sandworm> If you're the kind of person I want to get to know better! [Wolfadom] kewl. I once offered to do a girls handwritting and she said she already had it analyzed. [JoeP] Then It's a contest to see if she can hold YOUR attention for more than 5 min <Sandworm> once you have done the then have the opportunity to pattern her like Sargy going after a flightless bird! <Sandworm> Follow so far? are being WAY too silent! [misjief] Bye bye birdie [studgirl] I'm lagging [Spudzz] 2 seconds. [studgirl] okay better [Vizionary] As Wolfadom once mentioned, I tried the handwriting with one bartender the weekend b4 last, with REALLY TEPID results! [Vizionary] Which is TOTALLY RARE, in my experience... <Sandworm> once I've done the writing. here is the ALL important TRANSITION PHRASE! As you know, understanding the transitions is a KEY to being able to FLOW with the patterns! [Vizionary] So I stepped back (shifted back into 1st... :) <Sandworm> Can anyone tell me what the transition would be to start talking about HER..the things you know about her that are NOT in the writing?????????? [Vizionary] and re-assessed the situation, paying attention to what she responded to. <Sandworm> If you answer wrong, SARGY will SKEERATCH you! [Vizionary] You know, aside from the handwriting, I have a REALLY strong intuition about you... <Sandworm> Good, Viz..anyone else? [Spudzz] I can tell you are a woman with great taste. [misjief] That intresting, it says here you have the following qualities..... <Sandworm> No, Spudzz..that is EARLIER! [Vizionary] Nice tits?

[Wolfadom] Just for this playful discussion we are having, what would you say if I were to ask you what your ideal vacation spot would be? [{spiff}] before i begin.. i can tell you some general characteristics.. before we move to the specifics <Sandworm> it is: You know, there's something else I can tell about you...that has nothing to do with what I see in your writing.... <Sandworm> You then can move in TWO possible directions: [JoeP] You wanna see something really cool about the way you store pictures in your mine? <Sandworm> By the way, I've tested this THREE times and it's worked ALL three times with some HOT HBS! [Spudzz] duh...connection. :( *slaps forehead* <Sandworm> You can go two directions: If she's highly visual, you go one way..otherwise, you run Discovery you want me to elaborate???? [kamilian] that she is curious? [studgirl] how can you tell again if someone is highly visual? [TigerWorm] YEEPPPP and also WHAT is the easiest way of testing she is VISUAL? [tref] yes, elaborate... on e choice #1 [misjief] YESSSSSSS!! [Spudzz] what about the auditory types? [JoeP] you can easily form mental images <Sandworm> Ok...if she's highly visual you say, "You have a great visual make imagery in your mind, VERY vividly...for example...WHAT COLOR IS THIS ROSE I'M HOLDING IN MY HAND" and then mime holding it in front of her! [JoeP] and can you picture the garden it came from! <Sandworm> When she answers, you say, "Now take it from me...and smell you brush it against your cheek, how clearly can you feel the velvet softness of the petals? [JoeP] mmmm, that's right..... [tref] transition... <Sandworm> Ok...notice how the next thing is setting her up for the Blow Job pattern! I am SUCH a genius, don't you all agree? [JoeP] yes! <Sandworm> Tell the nice reporter what a Godlike guru I am! [tref] f'n a-RIGHT [Spudzz] kines....discovery...visual....rose garden/ideal vacation...auditory ???? [Vizionary] Oh, MAJOR sensory overlap. <Sandworm> What will you all do to him if he writes a hit piece? [LeGrande] I'm not worthy. [JoeP] did you give the reporter some salmon Ross? [Vizionary] Damn, why would you take what little choice away from them that they had had? [tref] 2. send letters to the edoirot explaining why... [tref] eoirot = editor. <Sandworm> Just kiddin'..he's a kewl guy..I think he's the first writer who will do a fair story..... [studgirl] tref I think you interpreted that comment as opposite <Sandworm> Or kimmy will rip his nuts off! [studgirl] a hit piece or a hitpiece?

[JoeP] he'd better!!! And slap Rdong while he's at it! [Vizionary] I mean, I'm hearing the primary 3 rep systems, you're touching on all kinds of submodalities, and I can really see someone being overwhelmed with the experience... [tref] he will be FINISHED!.. but he's obiviously an intelligent, polished professsional and will write the facts.. ROss is great.. <Sandworm> By the way...can I pause a sec..cause the reporter has a question: which is, have most of you been to a seminar or bought a course? [tref] hae three tape coursee and one book.. [Silmaril] i have master's weekend, but i haven't been to a seminar yet. * Vizionary is a 2-time seminar attendee with a 3rd brief visit... [{spiff}] going to hawaii [Wolfadom] I've bought the course + more ... going to the next seminar [tref] will go to seminar when he comes to bosotn.. [WorfWorm] I have. Please send him my address for testimonials. * Vizionary is also going to Maui. [JoeP] I have advanced master weekend and am going to palo alto... will reporter be there <Sandworm> Joe..he WILL be there! [Wolfadom] Ross... has any other reporter followed you and watched u in action? [JoeP] YEAH! [----listening to old bootleg of ross as I type :) <Sandworm> Keep it up, and I might let you come for free for entertainment purpose.s... [tref] HEHEHHE <Sandworm> Ok...back to the pattern... [Vizionary] What, she didn't jump your bones yet? <Sandworm> What you say next is, "notice what it's like as it turns into your favorite flavored lollipop from when you were a little it in your mouth..and taste it! <Sandworm> And take a deep breath..and step into your IDEAL vacation spot... <Sandworm> Are you inside or outside? <Sandworm> Is it daytime or nightime? <Sandworm> What is the temperature like! <Sandworm> Look down at your feet and describe what you see... [Vizionary] Can you say, synesthesia? This is a step beyond, RJ, from which orifice did you yank this? [misjief] PLEASE tell me some one recorded this!! [JoeP] i have it in my buffer [grasshppr] logging [Vizionary] She'll be glued to her chair by then (in a number of ways, I guess. Ewww!) [studgirl] just imagine what experiencing this will be like in person at seminar! <Sandworm> Take that answer they give, and have them feel it against there feet! (So if they say, "white sand" say, can you feel the soft powder against your feet? <Sandworm> Hang on..they'll be back...while we wait..I gotta take a amongst yerselves for a minoota! And Viz is's sythnesia...explain it viz! <Sandworm> while ross is gone, it's I -- the reporter... [Vizionary] Synesthesia is the process where we overlap multiple channels of sensory input. [Vizionary] Hear a B-flat. [tref] viz is a great student... [belaflek] you see the music in the air

[studgirl] Ross said he thinks I can do sensory overlap [Vizionary] See yourself playing a note on the piano at the same time. [tref] you hear how it looks to you.. <Sandworm> What's your suck-sess ratio with the HBs? [Vizionary] Feel the ivory under your fingertip. [belaflek] thats how I play drums [Vizionary] Tref, not bad, [tref] ....suckcess with HB with SS... about 400% better than without,.. [Vizionary] but what you want to begin to do, is to find yourself discovering just how easily and naturally you could begin to talk about what it feels like to play those notes, getting in touch with how the sounds break down into their various qualities. I mean, a really wonderful sequence of notes can be amazingly tasty, can't they? [misjief] Me .... I am still to new at it..... Besides that not my goals and ross knows it and encourages me anyways [LeGrande] reporter, before I began to study Ross's free materials, I was not very lucky at all .. now I am able to pick and choose the women I want to date. [tref] [- an overweight balding dude... without ss i probably would NEVER get laid.. [misjief] I have had to turn girls down [misjief] seriously [Vizionary] So while you understand a memory or an experience with MULTIPLE sensory channels, you dramatically increase the response your brain has to the language used. [Wolfadom] Since I'm 32 and recently separated, I have very little dating experience. SS gives me a great framework for going out and pushing my limits... I'll see ya in Palo Alto man. [PhilAlex] Who is logging? [LeGrande] I had help from many of these people ... Viz, Rusty, and others. [Vizionary] The same is true of people you speak WITH. [JoeP] Reporter... I have applied the techniques ross teaches to close several large sales and to get out of speeding tickets and parking tix, and one time to get laid (so FAR) [{spiff}] i'll talk face to face palo alto [misjief] Mr reporter are you going to hawii as well? [belaflek] if anything my attitude is sooo much better that meeting women is fun and exiting, totally different from 3 months ago [LeGrande] there is so much logging going on I see several forests gone by the time we're finished here ... [LeGrande] That's where SS is initially most helpful ... in building courage and self-confidence. [Vizionary] I remember JoeP using some visualization techniques I had posted about, and closing a deal with them! [kamilian] but ross did not directly overlap sensory descriptions the way you mentioned <Sandworm> Ok..thanks for answering..NOW...back to the pattern.... [Vizionary] No, but he used all three primary REP systems. * PhilAlex has experienced Quantuum leaps, and not just Sex related... [tref] REPORTER.. ross has taken the most powerful underlying principles of some VERY extremely persuasive technologies, and coupled it with a VERY powerful motivational forcegetting laid... he has advanced the sciences Enormously. [Vizionary] And he did sequence nicely.

[kamilian] he just went from one to the next. no "feel the music" <Sandworm> Thank you, Tref. They say the whole reason VCR's came about was porno movies! [tref] REPORTER..he also tells us to apply it in other parts of our lives. He has made the technology available to people who would otherwise be uninterested. [LeGrande] but the overall effect seems to be similar. [tref] REporter .. maslov' s hierarchy of needs.. first level.. or is it second? <Sandworm> Thank you Tref. I am BLUSHING! Enough praise! [Wolfadom] I think of SS as a personal development program with a twist... that the motivation is to get laid, but the goal is really to transcend that and take control of your life and become a player rather than a spectator. [LeGrande] SS has helped me out in my job .. I'm a club DJ .. SS helps me keep the crowds happy and excited (and drinking and spending money) <Sandworm> WOLF! WELL SAID! <Sandworm> Wolf gets the ROS! <Sandworm> Royal Order of Sargy! [tref] AGreed.. wolf... [Wolfadom] kewl [misjief] The truth is NLP is a lot of work and very few goal are worth the effort ...... a realtionship is in my mind worth it [Spudzz] oh...yeah...the job interview...I pulled an I-We at the interview we were both saying we. I knew I had the job. [JoeP] Yes, I pictured a 40 foot tall me running along side my car on the way to meeting with a millionaire, who invested substantially in my company... that was thanks to Viz and Ross <Sandworm> Wolf is entitled to walk the back fence, kill helpless rodents, and get snugglies from Kim! [Wolfadom] super kewl! [misjief] If you listen to the net.... we are portrayed as losers.....but I think in reality our ranks are filled with the success of life [misjief] Proud to be a ss'er!! [misjief] Wish I didn't have to keep it secret!! [JoeP] BOOOOO RIP OFF miss manners ancient technique! [misjief] Lame'o [Houston] I don't!! [{spiff}] does the lion think about the ant? [RustyC] What the head of theives? [LeGrande] I don't think of Don Steele. [Tiger--] Don STEEL is the worst thing to have happne to this world after NEWT GINGRICH [JoeP] Oakland AMY... whose the German GIRL???? [LeGrande] I'm too busy ss'ing and enjoying myself to think of Mr. Steele. [Spudzz] hiring? [studgirl] Why are we wasting time talking about Don <Sandworm> Ok...back to the PATTERN! [Tiger--] ROSS how do you figure out someones Internal REP? <Sandworm> Now that we've got her visuzling and fantasizing, what pattern should we introduce?

[belaflek] BJ or dark sun <Sandworm> Right..and from BJ. we go to Dark Sun! What is the transition from BJ to Dark Sun! [belaflek] i like dark sun first to make the voice more pwerful and integrated [studgirl] The chocolate pattern :) <Sandworm> Amy...tell the nice reporter man..did the chocolate pattern work on you? [{spiff}] how we all have our fantasies in our own special place in your mind [studgirl] Yeppers :) [Spudzz] lol.... [Spudzz] it sure did. [studgirl] I was so tranced out all weekend <Sandworm> Spiff got it right! Good boy, spiff [Wolfadom] Ever have a reporter tag along on a night out, Ross???? <Sandworm> Studgirl...tranced out by me or the hunk? [studgirl] by your words :) [Vizionary] RJ, Bros, I've gotta run, I'll see everyone here next time, & on the list... night is calling out to me... "Viz... we're all waiting for you...!" <Sandworm> I know..I melted you, AMY! But you didn't want to fight with Marietta for me, Right! <Sandworm> By VIZ! [tref] g'nite viz.. piece... [Vizionary] Thanks for a killer mini-sem, Ross! [Houston] seeya VIZ [misjief] Give them hell ross!! [Vizionary] Seeee ya! And if anyone finds themselves in FL, look me up... [studgirl] Uncle Ross [misjief] Save some for me, please ross <Sandworm> Guys..I gotta wrap this up! Say gnight to the reporter man... [misjief] later ..... [LeGrande] good night reporter! :) [misjief] Enjoy the ride....gonna be a rush! [{spiff}] later ross [Tiger--] REPO DONt get too close to SArgy tonight [glen_ster] ciao reporter man :} [Spudzz] night reporterman....learn the BJ and ideal attraction patterns. :) [misjief] Thanks ross...... For everything [LeGrande] I must leave too [tref] G'[nite reporter dude... we'll be watching for your TOTALLY unbiased represenation of a great guy, and his controversial yet effective methods... [JoeP] go out with Ross... watch what he does! Learn! perchance to fantasize about making love to _) [tref] I envy you Mr Reporter., few have seen Ross up close and personal.. Ä Muadib! Muadib! Muadib!