Microsoft Citizen ID and Card Initiative

Today government organizations demand more from the IT, which play an increasingly vital role in determining the success of national security and service operations. Microsoft Citizen ID and Card initiative is one of Core Focus Area under Microsoft Global e- Governance Strategy, here national or federal government issue common personal identity verification card usually called smart card and specific number - national id and security number to every citizens with the objective of increasing national security, managing citizen identity and facilitating egovernanance. We gather personal data of citizens including gender, age, martial status, permanent address, names of family members into a national register. Each citizen will be assigned a specific number and smart card that will be used as a reference for various socio-economic databases including passports, licenses and for accessing health care and education and also for identity verification and to access various e-gov and e-comm transactions. Citizen ID and Card initiative also has electronic identification concept, which citizens can use for identifying themselves by digital means to public authorities that form the basis for e-card and allow citizens to be uniquely identified and authenticated by federal law. It contains a qualified electronic digital signature that can be used for online e-comm, e-banking and various other transactions and also to avail online e-gov services. It can be a significant step for online G2G , G2B and G2C services that citizens used to interact with businesses and governments. Citizen ID and Card initiative has the potential to transform the delivery of public services in an important way and simplifies the life of citizens with its multiple applications functionality. This initiative has three facets for federal governments and its constituents:

National Security Number : - Here federal or national government assigned a specific number to every citizen usually called National Security Number or Social Security Number which can be used as a citizen reference and identity and that can be used to access various governments’ schemes and entitlements. Personal Identity Verification Card :- The second facet is to issue hard physical smart card for personal identity to citizens. This Personal Identity Verification card eradicate the multiple ids used in government operations like driving licenses, voter card, tax payments , open bank and post office accounts and for various other purposes. e - Card – Citizen Electronic Identification: - The last step in this initiative employs the use of electronic, online and internet means for identification with e-card and digital signature features. Citizens can make qualified electronic signature with e-card that makes it possible to sign forms or contracts that normally require personally handwritten signature. It provides electronic services, secure authentications and communications between government’s authorities and agencies, businesses and citizens.

Citizen ID and Card initiative is significant step in nation building; the major outcome of that project is to fight terrorism and control illegal immigration, same time to control tax evasion and to spearhead government schemes at various levels so that the benefits reach those they are not meant for. Here we identify and authenticate citizens entitlement to government services and benefits through a single system rather than all governments departments individually and independently. Governments invest heavily in creating infrastructure, systems and procedures for verifying entitlement of residents under various schemes of the Government. Citizen ID and Card initiative make this process simple and also provide human capital management, financial and

citizen centric services to constituents. It is also proposed in order to eliminate multiple ids in various government departments.

Microsoft Citizen ID and Card is the industry's only comprehensive solution set that helps federal or national government to issue common numbers, smart and e-cards to citizens. It can deliver the following benefits :

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Citizen Id and Card initiative will eliminate the need for existing multiple ids used for government operations and identification purposes like to open bank & post office accounts, driving licenses, tax payments and others. Database of residents from various sources will be used for biometric identification and also for socio – economic activities. Citizens can perform ATM transactions and other e-comm services with the smart card. This initiative controls the growing problem of illegal migrants in various countries to curb terrorism and essential step for national security. National Security Number can be used in order to distribute the various government schemes at national, state and local level. Provide confidential informations about citizens like health related such as allergies, medications, medical history – ensures immediate medical attention during emergencies. Citizen Electronic Identification with e-card and digital signature feature enables secure e-commerce, e-banking, online transactions and to access e-gov services. No need to replace government current technology investments; easier training requirement to deploy and manage the solution; leverage investments in this initiative.

Microsoft Technologies and Solutions
Here we offer robust Microsoft technologies; platform and software solutions stack with Microsoft Citizen Id and Card Environment to conceptualize the whole initiative from assigning national security number, smart cards to e- cards. We provide Windows Server environment, SQL Server database , Active Directory, Identity Integration Server , .Net architecture and other platform services and partner solutions for identity management and card services. We build and maintain reliable database of residents containing very simple data in biometric which is integrated with Citizen ID system; used the latest chip and biometric technology to ensure that data on the card are accurate and secure. We used emerging technologies like Microsoft Public Key Infrastructure for Windows Server and sophisticated applications called SCOSTA for the whole project. The whole initiative is built on Microsoft very secure, reliable, scalable and most productive Windows platform fully integrated with .Net architecture and with Microsoft full product portfolio and software solutions stack. Microsoft Windows is the most powerful applications platform for powering connected applications, networks and web services from workgroup to data center. It offer the most secure and reliable computing platform. Government can build a very secure IT infrastructure for enhanced communications and collaboration to build applications on top of Windows. We provide Microsoft Windows Sever System and Microsoft Active Directory as the network operating system directory. This directory provides data repository for users, computers, policies, and other objects used to provide a common secure authentication, access control and

centralized management infrastructure based on open standards. Microsoft Public Key infrastructure for Windows Server provide an integrated public key infrastructure that enable secure and exchange informations with strong security and easy administration across the internet , extranets and intranet. Microsoft comprehensive information management software SQL Server provide enterprise class database platform which has data warehousing, business intelligence, content management, information integration and master data management capabilities and its database engine provide more secure, reliable storage for both relational and structured data. Government can manage highly available, per formant data applications with excellent data warehousing services with SQL Server Microsoft offer robust Server Systems to manage physical and virtual IT environment across data centers, desktop and devices; integrate disparate applications, heterogeneous systems and environments. Microsoft offer end to end tools, products, technologies, software stack with partner solutions to conceptualize Citizen Id and Card imitative.

Core Products Used in Microsoft Citizen ID and Card initiative
Microsoft Citizen ID and Card Environment Microsoft Windows Server Microsoft SQL Server Microsoft Identity Integration Server (IIS) Microsoft Share Point Portal Server Microsoft BizTalk Server Microsoft Visual Studio Microsoft .Net Microsoft Office Suite Microsoft Commerce Server Microsoft Host Integration Server Microsoft Systems Management Server Microsoft Operations Manager Microsoft Virtual Server Microsoft Windows XP Microsoft Citizen Service Platform Microsoft Trustworthy Computing