By Oleksandr SIKORSKIY and Ivan BATALYUK, Group 33-E Zandaro today is facing the situation when the roads are badly damaged, blocked by debris and landslides or destroyed. The bridges across five mountain streams and the only one in the capital across the river Grand are completely destroyed. Vast territory around Lake Grand is flooded. The airfield is seriously damaged both by the flooding and the earthquake. The non-existent transport system hampers any attempts of delivering humanitarian aid to the suffering people. Under the circumstances we ought to act fast and efficiently. The sequence of activities is going to be the following: A. IMMEDIATE ACTIONS: 1. To cater for transportation needs of the international rescue mission, particularly to operate in the flooded area, we are going to deploy amphibious vehicles received from the military surplus stock. 2. The five bridges across the small rivers in the mountains are going to be replaced by temporary girder bridges, which are included into standard equipment of military engineers. The source of the girder bridges is the same. 3. The Zangora Bridge will be substituted by a temporary ferry crossing, augmented by another similar crossing in Riverville. In both places we are going to use mechanized engineer ferries. 4. The repairs of the airfield should commence immediately. Meanwhile, the network of fastbuilt helicopter pads has to be created in the disaster area

. 5. Volunteer engineers and professional construction teams are going to be recruited and send to Zandaro. Equipped with trucks, bulldozers, cranes and other machinery donated by the nations involved in the aid program they

have to commence renovating the roads aiming at bringing them to a higher standard. They also have to employ local work force and train them “in the field”. It will reduce unemployment and enable Zandaro to develop its road network in the future. Not only local workers but also local building materials should be used, if possible. It may help Zandaro to develop its industry.

B. LONGER-TERM PLANS include: 1. Restoring the damaged and destroyed bridges. 2. Building a new bridge in Riverville. 3. Modernizing the existing airfield by building additional 4-km runway, installing a modern ground lighting system and an up-to-date air traffic control elements. It will enable the airfield to operate at night and in unfavorable weather conditions, and also to provide landings and takeoffs for larger aircraft. 4. Local engineers and workers ought to be trained to continue developing of Zandaro’s infrastructure.