A web-based, real-time management solution tailored to your actual production, income and expense data: farm facts can now drive your business decisions!

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Farmers Profits Answered Daily

FPAD is a real-time farm management decisionTM

making tool that will do all the homework for you, enabling you to focus on your highest priority: achieving maximum yield potential in the most efficient and cost-effective way possible.
The FPAD application is accessed through the familiar GreatAg web portal for Great American Crop insurance agents and policyholders. The program is password-protected and fully secured.

The Problem: Information Overload! Working in the fields is just the tip of the iceberg for America’s farmers. The hardest job begins after the crops are in: planning for the growing season ahead. Every year, farmers face a complicated maze of information they must collect and analyze: county yield data; yield trends; pricing from the Chicago Board of Trade; production history; expenses for seed and fertilizer; estimated revenues; actual vs. expected stats; market fluctuations — the list is endless. But perhaps most importantly, farmers must decide how much crop insurance to buy to protect their farms and families. Access to the right information — information that’s current, accurate and consolidated into a single, comprehensive report — can make or break the year. Without it, farmers can’t see where they’ve been and they can’t see where they’re going.

How Does FPAD Work? The FPAD application is preloaded with a farm expense guideline module localized to a specific area through university data, which farmers can further refine with details from their own farm. The application is also preloaded with all of the historical yield history drawn from each farmer’s insurance policy with Great American. This data enables farmers to better understand their insurance policy and allows them to communicate more effectively with their agent. More importantly, it takes the guesswork out of insurance decisions. Coverage choices can be made confidently, based on hard data presented through a series of well organized screens. Signing Up for FPAD Through AgCents, the FPAD solution is available ONLY to policyholders of Great American Insurance Group’s Crop Division. AgCents offers flexible payment options, listed below: Credit Card / One Full Year $199 Start-up Fee + $1,125 Credit Card / Month-to-Month $199 Start-up Fee + $105 per month Checking Account / One Full Year $199 Start-up Fee + 1,100 Checking Account / Month-to-Month $199 Start-up Fee + $100 per month

It’s like farming blind.
The Solution: FPAD Developed by Farmers, for Farmers Great American Insurance Group is pleased to offer an exclusive opportunity to policyholders of our Crop Division: access to an online business management tool, developed by farmers, for farmers. This real-time software solution “data mines” through all the various files and records farmers need and pulls them all together into a fully functional program that provides customized up-to-the-minute profit calculations unique to each farmer, 24 hours a day.

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Farmers Profits Answered Daily

Screen 1: Dashboard

Screen 2: What If Analysis

The FPAD dashboard will display real-time “alerts” if market pricing will influence or jeopardize your marketing plan. You’ll know exactly when you should enact on or modify your plan.

The Dashboard’s “Featured Resources” section includes tutorials and “help” videos that will enable users to use FPAD to its fullest potential.

The Dashboard is FPAD’s home page and shows how your farm data is downloaded and deposited into one consolidated information “library” The FPAD program is . preloaded with a farm expense guideline localized to your area through University data. The program also automatically populates with all the historical yield data from your Great American crop insurance policy.

What level of insurance should I buy? How many bushels should I sell at this level? What if the price goes up and I sold too much? What if the price goes down and I didn’t sell enough? What’s the worst case scenario? What’s the best strategy? FPAD’s What If Analysis enables you to experiment with a variety of different price and yield matrices and adjust your marketing plan as needed. Your decisions will be based on facts, not guesswork, and you’ll know exactly what results to expect.

Farmers Profits Answered Daily

Screen 3: Financial Summary

Report 1: Financial Summary


With the volatility of the agricultural marketplace, it is important to have instant access to a real-time evaluation of your financial status. The Financial Summary is a one page report that records all of the decisions you’ve made and benchmarks them against the market at the end of each day. Even though your numbers may change every day, you can share this information — effortlessly — with your banker, business partner, broker, accountant or financial consultant with the confidence that it is accurate up to the last 12 hours.

FPAD’s easy reporting function enables you to print or email your financial information to your banker, insurance agent or business partner in one quick step.

Farmers Profits Answered Daily

Screen 4: Historical Level Comparison

Report 2: Historical Level Comparison

As a farmer, how do I know what level of insurance to buy? Do I do what my neighbors are doing? Do I follow my banker’s advice? Do I simply do what I did last year? When faced with unpredictable fluctuations in both income and expenses, how do I choose? As an insurance agent, how do I recommend the right level of coverage when each farmer has different expenses and APHs?

The FPAD Historical Level Comparison is based on your yield and historical price movement, either field by field or for the whole farm. It will calculate both your net cost per acre and yield guarantee per acre from information drawn from your Great American crop insurance policy — data that is pre-loaded and available the minute you log in to FPAD as a Great American policyholder.

Farmers Profits Answered Daily

Screen 5: Marketing Plan

Report 3 (page 1–4): Marketing Plan

With the FPAD Grain Marketing tool, you can develop a practical plan based on your actual farm data and your own farm goals. You’ll see how to integrate your crop insurance policy with your marketing plan and receive automatic alerts when the price achieves your planned objectives. You’ll determine: • Open Bushels Marked to the Market • My Actions/Completed Actions to Date? • My Plan/Profit and Market Objectives • Overall Equity • Bushels Left to Sell • Realized and Unrealized Gains and Losses


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takes the guesswork out of insurance decisions.

The information in this brochure is intended as a brief description of the FPAD solution. Please contact a Great American crop insurance agent for an explanation of the application’s full functionality. You can also contact Great American to obtain the name and number of our nearest representative at 800-587-1553, ext. 18475, or visit our website at The FPAD solution is owned and licensed through AgCents, Incorporated. References to Great American or Great American Insurance Group includes the lead insurer, Great American Insurance Company and its wholly owned subsidiaries who write crop insurance. Access to the FPAD application is not available in all states. The following registered service marks are owned by Great American Insurance Company: the Great American Insurance Group eagle logo, the GreatAg logo and the word marks Great American® and Great American Insurance Group®. Decisions with regard to production and sale of commodities can have substantial financial consequences. The calculation tools, historical data, opinions, examples and all other information obtained herein are provided in good faith but the owners, host and contributors to the site expressly disclaim any and all liability for the use thereof or the reliance thereupon. Calculations generated by the current version of FPAD are drawn from data on corn and soybeans only. Additional crop options will be available in upcoming versions of the FPAD application. Great American Insurance Group is an equal opportunity provider. © 2010 Great American Insurance Company. All rights reserved. GAIC 2815-5 (2/10)

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