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Pablo De Leon

SUMMARY: An aviation enthusiast with a broad overview and knowledge of technical, legal and governmental matters as they relate to the general, commercial and military aviation industry in the Americas as well as the European marketplaces. Well informed on all the levels of the transportation industry, flight & maintenance operations, respective functions, regulations, communications and scheduling procedures. Thorough knowledgeable of skills and methodologies involved in the development of aviation training courses. Excellent computer skills (e.g., word processing, dBase, spreadsheets, graphics). Highly capable to read and interpret engineering design drawings (e.g., electrical schematics, assay drawings, wire lists, parts list, specifications, etc.) to plan, organize, and schedule sessions and lesson plans. Enjoy working with others and maintain a close liaison with customer personnel and team personnel. Execute in-depth research of documents of all types and system designs. Willingness and ability to handle multiple concurrent assignments respond to short notice tasking and work in a highly dynamic environment. Willingness and ability to work extended hours when required and to travel domestically and internationally. Strong communication skills, both written and verbally in different languages, if required.

HIGHLIGHTS: Provide customer and program management briefings as subject expert matter (SME), including technical and planning assessments for management actions, personnel training, business development and program execution. Constantly apply an interdisciplinary, collaborative approach to lead activities to customer/operational needs, assess enterprise strategic fit, and identify market opportunities and strategies. Collect and assess market demands and potential industry training. Develop promising concepts and technologies for further pursuit customer’s contracts. Works under consultative direction. Employ excellent oral and written skills for writing reports, preparing and leading briefings. Extensive experienced with planning, scheduling, budgeting and managing team tasks. Experience in coordinating with IATA and ICAO panels on the establishment of international fares and rates for the South American region. Hands-on involvement on governmental relations, such as bilateral and multilateral agreements, between countries represented at ICAO. Well versed on ICAO, FAA, EASA and IATA regulations and procedures. Fully knowledgeable of aircraft and their systems from rotorcrafts to commercial Jets. Liaison between airlines, shipping companies, import/export industry agents and Brokers. Supervision of customized manuals for AIRBUS INDUSTRIE customers. Fluent in English, Spanish, and well versed in French, Italian and Portuguese.

EMPLOYMENT HISTORY: Air Transport Flight Crew Instructor – Ground School – SimCenter (Miami Florida). April 2007 to present Develop maintain and conduct all phases of the ground school training curriculum; including Basic Indoctrination, FAR’s, Meteorology, RVSM requirements, Unusual Attitude Awareness, Low Visibility (CAT II/III), CRM, AIRBUS Performance Training courseware, Navtech, SABRE, Spirent System (OPS) and Teledyne performance software, Systems Integration Training (SIT’s) lessons in the IPT, FTD or FBS, Flight Management Training (FMST) sessions, A320 Recurrent Ground School, Upgrade and Cross Crew Qualification (CCQ) training as pertinent to CFR 14-part 142., low visibility and CRM course Air Transport Flight Crew Instructor – Ground School – US Airways Charlotte, N.C. Feb 2008 to April 2009 Responsible for the instruction of pilots in aircraft systems and procedures. Responsible for course development of AQP training programs to include qualifications, cross qualification training (CQT) upgrade training curriculum and training materials as required under FAR Part 121 utilizing an IPT, FTD of FFS. Additionally; instructed Meteorology and RVSM requirements, Unusual Attitude Awareness, Low Visibility (CAT II/III), CRM, AIRBUS SABRE system for performance, Flight Management Training (FMST) sessions, A320 Recurrent Ground School, Upgrade and Cross Crew Qualification (CCQ) training. Air Transport Flight Crew Instructor -Ground School-, jetBlue Airways (OSC). Sept. 2003 – April 2007. Develop, maintain and conduct all of the ground school training from the Basic Indoctrination portion (FAR’s, Meteorology, RVSM requirements, Unusual Attitude Awareness, Onboard Performance System Operation (OPS) Systems Integration (All chapters) Flight Management Training (FMST 1/2/3/4/5/6) and A320 Recurrent ground school and upgrade training of jetBlue pilots. Co-developed all of the training materials utilized on the jetBlue University initial portion of the pilots training syllabus. Assisted on the integration of the Flight Training Devices into the course syllabus (New syllabus), provided training of maintenance training instructors, airframe and avionics specialties, for jetBlue in order to comply with JBU and FAR 121 requirements. Flight Crew Ground School Instructor, AIRBUS Training Center (ATC). Jul. 2000 to Sept. 2003. Conduct ground school training for airline flight crews, covering all phases of the ground school curriculum as designated by FAA/EASA (former JAR) regulations and Airbus Pilot Transition Training (APTT) syllabus. This syllabus included airlines specific SOP’s; CBT; Procedural Training; performance, systems evaluations, APT sessions (Formerly MFTD), and related briefings and debriefings. Before mentioned training was performed for AIRBUS aircraft’s ranging from A319 to A340. Conduct troubleshooting and practical training; specific to operator’s and regulatory authorities requirements.

Maintenance Training Instructor, AIRBUS Training Center (ATC). Jan. 1997 to Sept. 2003. Conduct training for airline maintenance personal, covering all theoretical and practical aspects in order to maintain and operate AIRBUS aircraft’s as described by the AIRBUS Competence Training for maintenance (ACT) syllabus. Conduct troubleshooting and practical training; specific to operator’s and regulatory authorities requirements. Participated in multiple AIRBUS marketing and sales campaigns, negotiating potential sales of A/C maintenance training for South American operators of AIRBUS aircraft’s, coordinate and recommend maintenance training sale packages based on airlines technical requirements, financial objectives and market conditions. Training Support Supervisor, AIRBUS Training Center (ATC). July 1992 to 1997. Supervise all of the activities regarding development, quality control process, production and distribution of all the maintenance and flight crew training manuals, customized and generic versions used by all trainees and instructors of the Airbus Training Center in Miami. Coordinate the installation of the Video and Computer Based Instruction System (VACBI), its respective software and hardware individualized per customers for all maintenance and flight crew courses conducted. Training Aids Specialist, AIRBUS Training Center (ATC). July 1988 to 1992. Responsible for ordering and maintaining all of the AIRBUS maintenance and flight crew training aids, production and distribution of all the materials required to conduct maintenance and flight crew courses at the AIRBUS training center and/or different customers bases. Ensured the consistency between all maintenance and flight crew operational manuals and their respective up-dates as required by the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) and the French Aviation Authorities (DGAC). Commercial Attaché of the Venezuelan Embassy in Antigua, WI From 1985 to 1988 Responsible for the development and establishment of the commercial air cargo and sea transportation services and respective operations at a governmental level between Venezuela and the majority of the West Indies islands. Development and management of the sales force operation between Venezuela and the Caribbean Countries Community members (CARICOM). Representation and management of corporate accounts involved in commercial trading.

Third Secretary of the Venezuelan Delegation at the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO). From 1982 to 1985 As an appointed member and advisor of the Venezuelan Delegation to ICAO, attended to numerous international meetings at ICAO headquarters. Set policies with advisory board members for air navigation and safety procedures. As a member of the Air Navigation Commission of ICAO. I reviewed statistical, economical and legal matters pertaining bilateral and multilateral agreements between domestic, flag and supplemental air carriers and commercial operators servicing the South American region. EDUCATION: 2008 2008 2007 2007 2003 2003 2001 2000 1997 1997 1997 1996 1995 1992 1991 1990 1985 1983 1982 1980-82 1977-81 US Airways A320 Instructor Qualification US Airways A320 Flight Crew Initial Course SimCenter A320 Instructor Qualification SimCenter A320 Flight Crew Initial Course jetBlue Instructor Qualification jetBlue A320 Flight Crew initial course Airbus Flight Crew Ground School Instructor qualification, Miami, Florida – Airbus Flight Crew Ground School Instructor qualification, Miami, Florida
Single Aisle Wide bodies –

Airbus Maintenance Instructor qualification, Miami, Florida A330/A340 Basic Mechanics and Electric course, Miami, Florida. A319/A320/A321 Basic Mechanics and Electric course, Miami, Florida. A320 Engine Run-up course, Miami, Florida. A319/A321 Engineer Performance course, Miami, Florida Aircraft Dispatcher Qualification on the A310 aircraft’s, Miami, Florida. Aircraft Dispatcher License, Aviation Technical Services, Miami, Florida. A320 General Familiarization Course, Miami, Florida. Principles of Trading in the Caribbean, Ministry of External Affairs of Venezuela, Caracas, Venezuela. International Trading & Commercial Studies, McGill University, Montreal, Canada. ICAO Familiarization course, Montreal, Canada. Private Pilot License, Spartan School of Aeronautics, Tulsa, Oklahoma. Candidate Bachelor of Science, Business Administration, University of Baltimore, Baltimore, Maryland.

PERSONAL: Forty nine (49) years of age, single, two (2) children, and excellent physical condition, US citizenship, multilingual (Spanish, English) (Italian/Portuguese/French-conversational) HOBBIES: Basketball, flying, hiking, football, soccer, water sports. Personal and business references available.