God is good and He knows those that trust in Him. Much can be said on this subject.

But to be brief we will just say the following. God is good. Christians believe in God. They have put on the righteousness of God. The devil hates the righteousness of God because the devil knows that he can never be redeemed. The devil hates Christians because Christians have been redeemed by the grace of God through the Blood of the Lord Jesus Christ. The devil is wicked. The devil is a fallen angel. The devil is evil. There is good and evil in this world. The first man Adam was made in the figure of the Messiah who was to come the Second Man Adam. The first Adam by disobedience brought sin and death on the whole human race. The second man Adam, the Lord Jesus Christ , born of a virgin , fulfilling Genesis 3 verse 15, Deuteronomy 18 verse 18 ; Psalms 22; ; Isaiah 7 verse 14; Isaiah 9 verse 6 ;Isaiah 26 verse 19 ; Zechariah 13 verse 6; and many others. He became the Son of Man so that you and I could become the Children of God. He became poor so that we could become rich. He came to die so that we could live. He arose from the dead and led captivity captive and appeared unto many to show that He is King of Kings and Lord of Lords the Alpha and Omega the Beginning and the End , the First and the Last. When evil meets good or good meets evil there has is a clash. There was a clash between the twins Cain and Abel. There was a clash between Israel and Moab. There was a clash between the Lord Jesus Christ and Judas. The Lord Jesus Christ was the Son of God. The Lord Jesus Christ came from God and went back to God. Judas was the Son of perdition. Judas came from hell and went back to hell. In the Book of Genesis in the Lives of Abel and Seth we see the Gospel of the Lord Jesus Christ. In the Garden of Eden Cain who was of the wicked one slew Righteous Abel. Cain types out sinful mankind who slew the Lord Jesus on the Cross. Abel types the innocent lamb of God, the Lamb slain from before the foundation of the

World. Seth speaks of the resurrected seed the resurrected Lord Jesus Christ. In the time of Noah when the imaginations of men's hearts were evil and there was evil everywhere and great wickedness and all flesh had corrupted themselves and there were giants in the land before and after the flood we find that Noah was perfect in all his generations ...there was no blemish in his genes or his generations and Noah found grace in the sight of God. When righteous Noah preached to the people they repented not and refused to enter the Ark save for his family...his wife and his three sons and his three daughters in law. The rest of the people mocked him. Noah and his family entered the Ark . . After seven days it rained.The Lord shut the door . The scoffers and mockers were left outside. Joseph was hated by his brethren and sold for pieces of silver. Potiphar's wife lied about Joseph and Joseph went to prison. In prison he interpreted the dreams of two prisoners. It happened according to his interpretation. One prisoner had his former life restored to him the other lost his life. The Lord Jesus Christ was a prisoner on the cross . One thief went to Paradise with Jesus. One thief went to hell with Judas. Moab refused to give Israel water and feed for their animals. Everytime Balaam tried to curse Israel the prophetic gift he had made him bless Israel. The teaching of Balaam caused Israel to sin and bring God's wrath on Israel until Phineas killed an adulterous man and women in one of the tents. When good meets evil there is a clash. When Moses was born babies were killed. When The Lord Jesus was born babies were also killed. Moses received the Ten Commandments on Mount Sinai and when he came down the Mountain he found some of Israel in apostasy worshipping a golden calf. The Lord Jesus Christ when He comes in the Rapture will take His people home multitudes will be in apostasy. Why are Christians hated ? Christians are written epistles of Christ read of all men. The devil hates the Word of God and so the Cosmos system hates the Word of God and the people of God. The Cosmos system is of the Wicked one. The Cosmos system hated the Lord Jesus Christ.

The Cosmos system hates the Word of God. The Bible is the Word of God. The Cosmos system hates the Bible. Christians believe in the Bible. The Devil hates the Christians.