Postsocial History

An Introduction

Miguel A. Cabrera
Translated by

Marie McMahon
Foreword by

Patrick Joyce

History • Social History

In Postsocial History: An Introduction, historian Miguel A. Cabrera points to the crisis of modernity as a locus for the collapse of social historical models. Previously established theories of social change and social relations are proving insufficient, calling for the emergence of a new social historical theory. Cabrera finds the answer in language, which, more than being a mere communicative tool, he believes to be capable of playing an active role in the forces of social change.

Postsocial History is a lucid and unprecedented account of the need for a new, modern theoretical model. By arguing convincingly for the inclusion of language in that model, Cabrera awakens a revolutionary new approach to historiography. This book will prove indispensable to historians and to social scientists in general who are dissatisfied with the old paradigms and seek new ways of addressing the challenges of social research.

Miguel A. Cabrera is Professor of Modern History at the University of La Laguna, Spain.

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