Asheesh Kumar

Mohalla-Gandhi Nagar, Post-Utraula,Dist.- Balrampur,Uttar Pradesh, 271604 Email: DOB: 21/09/1987 Cell: +91 94151 10292


A challenging growth oriented position, where my technical skills can be effectively utilized and improved eventually leading to the growth of the organization.
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Working as Engineer in the domain of Datacom. A team player with good oral and written communication skills.

WORK EXPERIENCE Ericsson India Pvt. LTD March 09 – Present

Lucknow, India

Working with Creative Engineers for Ericsson India Pvt. LTD, Lucknow from 23rd March 2009 to till date as O&M Engineer. Core Devices worked onSGSN R8, Cisco Routers, Redback Routers, Extreme Switches, Cisco switches, OSS-RC. Key Role: Performing changes and facing challenges in the live customer’s telecommunication networks for SGSN and MPBN. Managing and executing incoming customer configurations, design to ensure successful network implementations for the customer. Duties Performed for the Enterprise: MPBN Network: Performed various activities on live MPBN network like managing and configuring on incoming updated design for MPBN. And also managing on incoming customer configurations to ensure successful customer implementations.  Performed Up-gradation of IOS on Redback router on Live Network.  Performed various activities on live MPBN network like managing incoming customer configurations to ensure successful customer implementations.  Also troubleshooting and solving various real time issues occurring in these LIVE networks. SGSN Node: Monitoring and configuring SGSN for end to end connectivity.  Configuring Gb , Gom , Gn , Lu , interfaces on SGSN.  Troubleshooting GPRS issues from SGSN side and update the needed configuration.  Performing Roaming Test and troubleshoot from SGSN end.  Validating the designs after changes are implemented.  Active role in Gb over IP implementation from SGSN and MPBN end. Configured CISCO Routers to provide connectivity to external network. To ensure the smooth working of OSS-RC.


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Patching OSS and maintaining its Healthy Operation.



Cisco Certified Network Associate

Exam Code : 640 -802 Completed on : Nov 2009 Percentage Score : 97 %


SUN Certified System Administrator

Exam Code : CX310-200 Completed on : June 2009 Percentage Score : 73 %

Having good understanding and experience in troubleshooting packet switch as well as circuit switched related issues.  Having good understanding of OSS-RC Architecture and its Integrity with AXE and IOG nodes.  Having good understanding and competency in various protocols after integrating and troubleshooting of networks running on protocol independent routing, RIP, OSPF, EIGRP, ISIS.  Having good understanding and experience in working on switches (both L2 and L3) with concepts of VLAN .  Having knowledge of UNIX/SOLARIS. Have worked on Solaris based servers such as OSS, SGSN(based on hp Unix).  Having good understanding with ACCESS LISTS, ROUTING POLICIES, NAT.  Knowledge of WAN Protocols – HDLC, FRAME-RELAY, ATM.  Having good understanding of IP Addressing (CIDR, VLSM, and NAT).  Good understanding of basics of MPLS Technology.  Having good understanding of SS7 and SIGTRAN Protocols.


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One month training on GSM from Dr. Pandian Institute of technology, Greater Noida. Training on SOLARIS OPERATING SYSTEM . Two months training for CCNA preparation. Core Java from Sun certified Center.

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B.Tech. in Electronics and Communication from Maharana Pratap Engineering College, Kanpur in 2008 with 64% marks. Intermediate in 2003 with 64% marks. Hi-school in 2001 with 71% marks.


Skilled in: Solaris 10, Java, C, VB6 Programming language. Worked on PIC series Microcontrollers (PIC 16f72 etc.).


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Developed Gesture based Hand Recognition System as Final year project in B.Tech. Developed a Project on GSM based application control. Developed a Project on Heart-Beat Sensor and Data-Transfer through Computer Screen using PIC16F72 Microcontroller.


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Ram Hriday Male 21st September 1987 Indian Single English, Hindi. Utraula, dist: Balrampur, Uttar Pradesh