Private Wealth vs Commonwealth

When a nation is economically sick (unproductive), and it has a Central Bank based on Fiat Money Supply, the nation's govt can 'print' money to stimulte production. In essense, it borrows from its FUTURE production to pay for TODAY'S non-production. The problem with this concept is that the 'borrowing' is done AT INTEREST from 'private' lenders. In other words, the producer's of the nation (the people) are enslaved by the central bankers to work harder /longer to pay back that extra Interest payment. This in itself eats into the productive capacity of the people, taking that wealth out of people's pockets that COULD have been spent into their economy. The interest payment reduces the size of the future economy. And as long as the people continue to borrow at interest, the people will continue to reduce the size of their economy until it collapses under the weight of its interest payments. Instead of the people borrowing from their own govt's treasury at NO interest and paying back the debt to themselves (their treasury), the people (through a central bank) are 'forced' to go into the private capital markets to borrow at interest. This concept is essentially 'slavery', which eventually destroys the nation. It brings an entire nation to its knees, dependent, and subservient, to the Wealthy. And through the payment of interest chokes itself to death. Until people realize that they are FREE to write the laws and rules to produce the goods and services they please, and operate an economy based on Production – and NOT private borrowing – they will remain slaves to the Wealthy. When 'private wealth' can control an entire nation of people, you have a nation of SLAVES. The answer to 'private wealth' is 'commonwealth' – Production shared by all. When a nation is economically sick (unproductive), and it needs to stimulate its economy, a nations people can access the 'commonwealth' of the nation, and borrow–interest free–from its own treasury. The benefit, or the ruin, goes to the people, and NOT to private wealth. If a nation is unable to pull together to get its economy producing again in order to payback its own debt, the nation will face a harder future, or ruin. Most likely, the nation that is free to produce the goods and services it pleases will generate MORE than enough wealth to pay back its debt to itself, and enjoy the future prosperity in full. This 'commonwealth' is, in fact, SO productive that it generates a SURPLUS of wealth. Having a surplus of wealth on hand for emergencies is a benefit that only comes from 'commonwealth' societies. When a society is designed for Production, EVERYONE benefits. When a society is designed for Private Wealth, a few benefit at the expense of everyone else.