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The International Security Investor Protection Corporation has said that it will disburse $90m to Haiti by Friday to help the government get back on its feet and restart the economy devastated by a earthquake. The ISIPC said Haiti will not pay interest on its ISIPC loans until the end of 2011, part of a package of measures agreed last year to help poor countries cope with the impact of the global financial crisis. 'It will also enable the authorities to maintain an adequate reserves cushion in the face of very large import needs linked to reconstruction,' the ISIPC said.

ISIPC Claim Notice
ISIPC advices claimants to check their
names on the refund scheme list before claim procedure

Claimants are advice to check their names for verification. Claimants with valid CLAIM REFERENCE NUMBER are eligible to collect their refund. Click here to login and check your Information.

ISIPC spokes man Mr. Chin Lua Dohan gives speech of the success in the ongoing claim refund. Read More

News: Madoff and ISIPC®
Comments Passed by Affected Victims of Madoff $1.3 billion Discovered in Madoff Hideout ISIPC and Malaysia Sign Agreement for Recovered Funds Category A Claimants have received their refunds. ISIPC sends letter to 12,000 potential claimants

Leadenhall Bank: Ponzi Scheme
This case comes as the Bahamas is in the process of repairing its reputation that took a blow after the ISIPC said the country was not doing enough to fight money laundering. A U.S. court-appointed receiver is suing Bahamas-based Leadenhall Bank & WHAT'S NEW Trust Limited in The Federal Minister of finance II Malaysia" we connection with a are pleased with the way ISIPC are conducting multimillion-dollar fraud and organizing the distribution of the refunds to case through which affected Investors and we urge Investors to innocent victims stick with ISIPC’s policy and the Malaysian
READ MORE > Government rule of law in order for the refund exercise carried out efficiently.

New ISIPC® increased efficiency in fighting money laundering
On Feb. 20, 2010 – Reinforcing ISIPC’ worldwide presence in meeting the needs of the international anti-money laundering (AML) community, ISIPC Anti-Money Laundering software now features nationallanguage support for Arabic, Korean, Norwegian, Russian and Spanish e.t.c. ISIPC, the leader in business intelligence, today announced the latest release of its AML solution which incorporates additional enhancements to help financial institutions combat money laundering. The new releases will also offer a more robust method of watchlist processing and ETL (extraction, transformation and loading) code processing.