TERM PAPER OF Food Production ON Importance of bakers in today’s world

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Objectives :
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Different types of bakers in different bakeries. Identify the need of a baker. Knowledge about his work. Knowledge about the different types of products which produce by the baker. Knowledge about Frozen products of the bakery produces by bakers. Knowledge about the Baker’s role in dietary needs.

A baker is aperson who bakes and sells bread, Cakes and similar foods may also be produced, as the traditional boundaries between what is produced by a baker as opposed to a pastry chef have blurred in recent decades. The place where a baker works is called a bakehouse, bakeshop, or bakery. Bakers make lots of varieties of food; bread, cake, doughnuts, brownies, and even more.

A bakery also called baker's shop or bakehouse is an establishment which produces and sells bread, pies, pastries, cakes

& cupcakes, biscuits, cookies, muffins, rolls, doughnuts, and other baked goods prepared by bakers. Many retail bakeries are also cafés, serving coffee and tea to customers who wish to enjoy the freshly baked goods on the bakery's premises. Modern bakers Today bakers work in varying environments both as employees and sometimes owning their own stores. Bakers can be found working in:

Large factories. These produce bread and related products which are then transported to numerous selling points throughout a region. These normally include supermarkets, convenience stores, and the like. Bakers in these environments are largely there for quality control as machines take care of much of the labour intensive aspect of the job.

Small Independent bakeries. These are largely family-run businesses. They may specialise in particular types of products, such as sourdough. Independent bakeries are much more likely to create products made from scratch on premises. Chain stores. Recent years have seen the rise of chain stores (supermarkets) selling the same range of products. Bakers in these stores often bake according to a pre-determined recipe book.

Importance of bakers:

A bakery chef, pastry chef or baker requires talent, experience, education and hard work. Only talented bakery chefs can produce a right product. Baker has all about knowledge about the baking product Such as: Specific ingredients in dough formulation: Level of water, sugar, salt and mold-inhibitor Dough pH • • • • • • • • • • • Knowledge about time Knowledge about temperature Understand the biology of food safety Understanding of nutrition and of human physiology Measure correctly Mix and blend. Specific food preparation techniques. Make products visually appealing. Knowledge about different types of flours, Knowledge about fats action Knowledge about improvers

And knowledge all about the ingredients which use in bakery, by which he produces a right product. We can find the freshest Cakes, Pastries, Bread, Rolls, Bagels, and more, all baked fresh every day. Baker offers a wide variety of delicious baked goods, to Special Occasion cakes, birth day cakes, and Wedding Cakes, etc. Each and every day baker offer freshly baked Bread, Rolls, and Bagels for our convenience. And a variety of Bread, from traditional White Bread, Rye Bread, Italian and French Bread

,baguettes, and European artisan bread. And a wonderful world of flavored breads-Vegetable bread, Olive Loaf, Raisin Bread, simple Focaccia, and Challah Bread. Old Fashioned hearth baked round breads, sourdough, and crispy Italian, are also sure to please everyone. In a modern bakery, there are a lot of machines used every day, according to every moment of the production there is a precise machine, as the mixer or divider, or dozer and blender, and also the different types of ovens that can be used. And the same applies to pastry machines, so it is obviously not possible to all work without a bakery chef.

A baker produces different types of products
Such as:

Bread is a staple food prepared by cooking a dough of flour and water and possibly more ingredients. Doughs are usually baked in all over the world. though bread may contain other ingredients, such as milk, egg, sugar, spice, fruit (such as raisins), vegetables (such as onion), nuts (such as walnuts) or seeds (such as poppy seeds). Bread is one of the oldest prepared foods.

Differen types of breads Beer bread Biscuit Bread roll brown bread Brioche Bun Bush bread Canadian White Cardamom bread Challah Chapatti Cornbread Cottage loaf Damper Flatbread Focaccia Indian bread Lavash Matzo Mantou Melonpan Nan Pandoro Paratha Pita Portuguese sweet bread Potato bread Pumpernickel Puri Roti Irish soda bread Rye bread Seed cakes Texas toast Tiger bread Tortilla White bread

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You will always find the freshest cake in Bakery. Fresh Strawberry Shortcake, Black Forest Cake, Fruit Filled Chocolate Bombe Cakes, & Whipped Cream filled Crumb Cake.

Types of Cakes: • Carrot cake • Raspberry • Apple cake • Butter cake, Butterfly cake • Chocolate Mousse • Strawberry

• • • • • • • • • •

Peach Fishcake Fruitcake Hot milk cake Ice cream cake Potato cake Red bean cake Spice cake Teacake Sponge cake

• • • • • • • • • •

Pineapple Lemon Cherry Vanilla Blueberry Black Forest Butter cream icing cake Whipped Cream Icing cake Cheesecake Chocolate cake,

Special Occasion Cakes: Birthday, Anniversary, Communion, Graduation, Bridal or Baby Shower, Confirmation, Wedding, New Home, Holidays, or whatever you are celebrating, bakers make the perfect cake for you in a wide variety of sizes, shapes, and colors to suit the needs.

cookie variety will make us crumble, from famous Black and Whites to Chocolate Chip and French Cookies with Rainbow, Florentine Lace, and Chocolate filled Leaves, to name a few. French cookie trays are available in all different sizes. Different types of cookies: • Candy Cookies - a favorite with the kids, and adults, too, this large cookie. • Chocolate Chip - Everyone loves Chocolate Chip.

• Sugar-assorted sugar cookies • Chocolate, Peanut Butter, Oatmeal Raisin, and Sugar Cookies. Types of Cookie
• • • • • • • •

Berger Cookies Biscotti Oreo Chips Ahoy Chips Deluxe Springerle Chocolate chip cookie Black and white cookie

• • • • • • • •

Rainbow cookie Fortune cookie Snicker doodle Peanut butter cookie Tim Tam Shortbread Walkers Shortbread Vienna Fingers

A muffin is a type of bread that is baked in small portions. Many forms are somewhat like small cakes or cupcakes in shape, although they usually are not as sweet as cupcakes and generally lack frosting. Savory varieties, such as cornbread muffins, also exist. They generally fit in the palm of an adult hand, and are intended to be consumed by an individual. Regular • • • • • • • • Lemon muffin Banana and coffee muffin Blueberry muffin Bran muffin Blueberry muffin Corn Cinnamon muffin Coffee muffin Fat Free • • • • • • • • Corn Banana Carrot raisin Chocolate Cranberry orange Lemon poppy Blueberry cappuccino

• • • • • • • • • • • • • • •

Banana walnut Blueberry Cappuccino Carrot raisin Chocoate chip cranberry nut lemon poppy Apricot Muffins Cheesy Corn Muffins Strawberry Honey Muffins Honey Cereal Muffins Pineapple Bran Muffins Multigrain Bran Muffins Banana Bread Muffins Tropical Muffin

• Honey Muffins • Pineapple Bran Muffins • Strawberry Honey Muffins

Pies :
A pie is a baked dish which is usually made of a pastry dough shell that covers or completely contains a filling of various sweet or savoury ingredients. Different types of pies :
• • • • • • •

Apple pie Banana cream pie Banoffee pie Blackberry pie Buko pie Cheesecake pie Butter pie

• • • • • •

Chess pie Cream pie Custard pie Fried pie Key lime pie Lemon meringue pie

• • • • • •

Pumpkin pie Shoofly pie Strawberry pie Sugar pie Mince pie Sweet potato pie

A doughnut is a type of fried dough food. They are usually sweet, deep-fried from a flour dough. The two most common types are the torus-shaped ring doughnut and the filled doughnut, a flattened sphere injected with jam, jelly, cream, custard, or other sweet filling. Different types of doughnuts • Pumpkin Donut • Apple Crumb Donut • Blueberry Crumb Donut • Chocolate Frosted Donut • • • • Cinnamon Donut Glazed Donut Jelly Filled Donut Strawberry Frosted Donut

• Sugar Raised Donut

Small cakes, tarts and other sweet baked goods are called "pastries". Common pastry dishes include pies, tarts and quiches. A good pastry is light and airy and fatty, but firm enough to support the weight of the filling. There are many types of pastry. Different types of pastries : • • • • • Shortcrust pastry Flaky (or rough puff) pastry Puff pastry Choux pastry Phyllo (filo) pastry

Bakers now produce different types of frozen products:

After vegetables, bakery goods rank as the fastest growing frozen food segment in the world. The recent advance in the frozen bakery segment shows that the category has shed its formerly unsophisticated image. Aside from cakes, other frozen bakery products have emerged as factors in the market. Bakers that produce baked products and freeze them as well as offer them in fresh and refrigerated forms. Now different types of frozen baked products are available in the market such as pre-baked pizza crusts, pizza pastry, croissant dough-and cream-filled pastries called profiteroles, waffles, apple pie, proffer ties, mini baked party snacks, plus cream- and jamfilled donuts, microwaveable sandwiches etc. Frozen Breads now is in the market when the bakeries are closed. Consumers, however, are beginning to discover their convenience, which also includes short baking times with equipment already on hand. At this time frozen bakery products like cakes, rolls, pastry, and breads etc in the world is gear toward older people and families who wanted nothing more than the convenience of having something readily on hand to easily serve up. More and more families are supported by two working parents, who accordingly have limited time to cook. Having a frozen cake or loaf of bread on hand has made the evening meal easier to prepare. Social factors along with higher quality, bigger variety

and better priced products have transformed frozen baked goods from a last option to a reasonable first choice selection. Changing trends in the all countries have been a strong force in the increase of frozen food sales in all categories. A variety of fancy cream cakes was recently unveiled, along with small pies formulated to stimulate greater impulse buying and appeal more to peoples. In addition to frozen baked products and desserts, there is an increasing number of ice cream and ice cream cake desserts now abundant in the market. "The baker and confectioner from the freezer case have established themselves with the consumer,"

A baker provides some other services also such as: Additional Services
Bakers do catering for all occasions, so whether you're planning a large or small party, a meeting at the office, or just having a few friends over, baker fulfill the entire baked product requirement e.g. Bread and Rolls, Cakes, Pies, Pastries, Donuts, or Cookies, premade or made to order. Baker will also help to plan on how much will need, just in case you are not sure.

Special Dietary Needs
Baker is offer more and more sugar free, fat free, dairy free baked goods on a restricted diet. Baker can help, and still satisfy "Sweet tooth", too. Items like:

Sugar free Iced Cake Squares, sugar free Cookies, Pies, Muffins, and Turnovers to suit individual taste. Great tasting fat free Muffins, Cookies and Biscotti will show the world of tasty bakery goods with lower calories and great health benefits. Variety of health related Bread: To help to meet dietary needs such as Organic Bread, sugar free Bread, Salt free Bread, and Fat free Bread.

A baker also produces different types of product for the breakfast, lunch & dinner.
Bakery offers creative, individual pastries, cheesecakes, a large variety of gourmet and classic cookies, fruit pies and cream pies, breakfast pastries, breads, sandwiches, salads in the breakfast. Different types of breakfast, lunch & dinner items are baked in bakery by bakers such as: Different types of Croissant Chocolate Croissant Cinnamon Roll Croissant Butter Croissant etc. Different types of Breads 1. Multi-Grain 2. French Baguette 3. Potato 4. Egg 5. White Assorted Dinner rolls etc. Cookies

1. 2. 3. 4.

Drop Cookies Tea Cookies Decorated Cut-Out Cookies Biscotti etc.

Some other products such as: Variety of Muffins Cinnamon Roll Buns Variety of Tea Breads • Cinnamon Breakfast Puff • Individual pastries • Cupcakes • Cannoli

Now we can say that bakers are very important in our life. They play different-different role in different occasion. We can see that bakery products are being popular day by day. We definitely need of a bakery product in our busy life and on the different occasion like Birthdays, Marriages, and Function etc.


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