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carrier-scale wi-fi

Solutions for 3G/4G Offload and Managed Services

Helping Great Names Provide Great Service

In a few short years, Wi-Fi has gone from a convenience
to a business must. Businesses are managing the massive
onboarding of user-owned devices; stadium owners are running
up against bandwidth limitations as smartphone-wielding fans
download apps, view statistics and stream instant replays;
and everyday mobile users simply expect dependable service
anywhere, anytime.

A far superior and cost-effective solution involves

offloading traffic to Wi-Fi and integrating it as part of
the carriers access network to create a seamless end
user experience. Integrating Wi-Fi provides operators
more visibility and control while delivering hassle-free,
secure and high-bandwidth services to customers. This
allows operators to offer walled garden or premium
content services over Wi-Fi, leading to additional
monetization opportunities.

For years, weve been helping a wide range of companies, venue

owners and service providers solve exactly these issues. Names
like NTT-BP, Microsoft, Heathrow Airport, and United Center
arena depend on Aruba to keep service levels high and give
users of todays smart, high-bandwidth devices unparalleled
performance while retaining uncompromising policy control.

Arubas carrier-grade Wi-Fi solution provides the

high levels of security, RF reliability and performance
needed to deliver the best end user experience.
Communications between the Wi-Fi infrastructure and
Wi-Fi gateways that interface with mobile core elements
are secured via GRE or IPsec tunnels.

Carrier-Class Public Wi-Fi

Our strategic partnerships with leading Wi-Fi gateway

vendors and authentication/policy management
solutions have enabled the creation of an end-to-end,
carrier-grade solution that provides operators with realtime RF network information and application visibility,
allowing them to design and deliver secure, intelligent
and policy-driven traffic offload.

Mobile data and video traffic is exploding, owing to the

fast-growing popularity of bandwidth-hungry applications.
Smartphones and tablets are great for subscribers, but are
creating a real problem in cellular networks.
The resulting congestion is causing increasingly poor
performance and frequent service disruptions. Users call to
complain about poor video quality or slow downloads. Deploying
more and smaller licensed spectrum cells is one solution to
the problem, but limited and expensive licensed spectrum and
backhaul costs makes this approach cost prohibitive.

Aruba has been closely involved with the Wi-Fi Alliance,

through the Wi-Fi-certified Passpoint program (based
on Hotspot 2.0 specifications), as well as the Wireless
Broadband Alliance, through the Next Generation
Hotspot (NGH) initiative.

The Aruba Advantage

Arubas scalable, flexible wireless network
solutions are being deployed right now by
major carriers, venue owners, and managed
service providers to deliver superior Wi-Fi
and keep service levels consistently high,
even in demanding RF environments.
Specially designed for high
performance and centralized
manageability, Arubas distributed
architecture scales without
compromising performance, reliability,
quality, security or ease of management.
Choose from a full range of access
points (APs), all purpose-built for highdensity Wi-Fi client environments.
Aruba Activate enables zero-touch
AP provisioning and automates firmware
upgrades and inventory management,
significantly reducing operational costs.
Adaptive Radio Management (ARM)
technology automatically optimizes Wi-Fi
client behavior and ensures that APs stay
clear of RF interference.
Policy Enforcement Firewall (PEF)
utilizes contextual information to
enforce access privileges and
restrictions for each user without
requiring any traffic re-engineering.
Application awareness automatically
identifies and prioritizes the most
important latency-sensitive traffic,
guaranteeing the highest-quality
user experience.
AirWave network management offers
centralized, end-to-end multivendor
control and visibility into the entire wired
and wireless infrastructure.
The ClearPass Guest visitor
management system automates the
provisioning and management of mobile
device network access, allowing guests
to self-register for secure access to
hotspots and corporate WLANs. It also
supports highly customizable captive
portal pages with branding and locationspecific advertisements.

These organizations are working to promote automatic and secure connectivity

to Wi-Fi hotspots and make roaming between hotspots as simple as roaming
between cellular networks, and Aruba is actively participating in several NGH trials
with operators globally.

Wi-Fi for Large Public Venues

With dense, complicated environments and constant browsing, downloading,
streaming and uploading of content, large venues like stadiums, arenas, and
airports can pose a challenge in terms of effective wireless LAN design.
Aruba WLANs are optimized to deliver the RF performance and reliability required
to support the highest densities of wireless clients while enabling the intelligent
offloading of traffic from 3G/4G networks. Now fans can enjoy video instant replay,
use in-seat food and beverage service applications, and upload photographs or
surf the Internetquickly, smoothly and seamlessly.
Meanwhile, ClearPass Guest lets you enhance public Wi-Fi with customizable
branding of captive portals and location and context specific advertising, and
allows for further interaction with the fans. And advanced security features provide
comprehensive protection against various threats while enforcing differentiated
policies for network access based on the user role, device or application.
At Aruba, we want to be your public Wi-Fi partner. Let us help you design,
configure, and validate your deployments, applying unmatched network design
experience and expertise to ensure a best-in-class network experience.

Managed Wi-Fi and Mobility Services

With companies officially issuing a wide range of mobile devices to employees, and with
more employees insisting on using their own mobile devices for work, high-performance
and secure Wi-Fi is no longer a convenience its essential. Since many companies
dont possess expertise to manage complex Wi-Fi, they are outsourcing IT services to
managed service providers (MSP).
Armed with Aruba technology including core infrastructure, management and network
service solutions, MSPs are able to provide a wide range of the capabilities outsourced
to them, from providing standard off-the-rack WLAN services for small and medium
businesses (SMBs) all the way up to designing and maintaining highly distributed
enterprise-level networks.
The components of Arubas unified wired and wireless architecture work together
seamlessly, enabling MSPs to successfully deliver managed value-added services.
Ideal for large campus Wi-Fi installations, Aruba Mobility Controllers centrally manage
encryption, policy enforcement, and network services and can scale to support
thousands of APs.
Aruba Instant works in distributed Wi-Fi environments by dynamically electing one AP to
manage other APs, while Aruba Activate provides zero-touch provisioning, automates
configuration and enables cloud-based inventory management.
Adaptive Radio Management (ARM) technology lets Wi-Fi clients associate with the best
channel, frequency and AP. The Aruba Policy Enforcement Firewall provides granular
access policy enforcement and sophisticated protection against wireless threats, while
ClearPass Policy Manager automates the implementation of network access policies for
guest, company-supplied and BYOD devices.
The Airwave network management platform provides comprehensive visibility and
control over multiple customer networks and extensive RF troubleshooting capabilities.
Together, Arubas extensive carrier-grade Wi-Fi solutions empower MSPs to provide
managed Wi-Fi services with a remarkably low total cost of ownershipand a superior
bottom line.

We selected Aruba because it met our

security, resilience, scalability and
flexibility needs.
- Kevin Fallon
Commercial Leader
T5 Systems at BAA (Owner/Operator of
Heathrow Airport, London)

As host to more than 200 events per year

and 40 million guests, we have been
relying on Aruba to provide the most
reliable, high-capacity Wi-Fi access for
multimedia value-added services for over
seven years.
- Steve Schulze
CIO, United Center

We looked for a cost-effective, enterprisegrade solution that was simple to deploy

and manage. Unlike other Wi-Fi vendor
solutions we considered, Arubas Instant
platform provides a full set of features...
reducing our deployment time by at
least 75%.
- Rick Tangeman
President and CEO


Network Operations Center

AirWave Network Management



Value-added Services
with Aruba ClearPass
7200 Mobility Controller







Mobile Core


Packet Gateway


Basic Internet traffic

Value-added services, business traffic

Service providers can now offload cellular traffic locally and selectively centralize managed applications to reduce mobile core bandwidth
requirements, while still providing the application visibility.

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