Two “Tuning In” Scenarios by Sam Sherratt

Teacher Knowledge Teacher Issues Teacher Experience Teacher Interests
Positives  Easy to teach  Easy to resource  Easy to control Negatives    Scenario One The teacher is “tuning the students in” to the issues that the teacher feels are important or worth inquiring into. This is commonly referred to as “front-loading”.   Random – like fishing Hopeful Lack of student engagement Lack of personal student involvement Lack of passion

Teacher Values

The Student

Student Knowledge Student Issues

Student Experience Student Interests
Positives  Ensures personal connections  Increases engagement  Gets “under the skin”  Ignites passion  Constructivist  Developmental  Differentiated Negatives  Difficult to teach  Requires creative strategies  Difficult to resource  Difficult to control

Student Values

The Student

Scenario Two The teacher is tuning-in to what the students already know, think and feel as a result of being alive and learning for as long as they have been.