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Company Profile 2009
E x p e r i e n c e d Te a m Good Communication Competitive Cost Good Cultural Fit

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Welcome to A U T V I E W
Eight years experience High- quality solutions Cost- efficient development Skilled Staff Satisfied Customers A U T V I E W is a modern and dynamic IT company with eight years of experience in programming of various web services. Our main business is renting software developers to clients based all over the world. It is established with joint Austrian and Serbian capital with offices in Novi Sad and Nis, Serbia. A U T V I E W offers flexible arrangements and high-quality solutions, with rapid cost -efficient development. Our reputation as a reliable service provider is proven by our track record of successful projects and satisfied customers. Our skilled and experienced staff allows us to provide best services and products to customers across the globe. Our mission is to understand customers' needs, provide effectively high quality solutions that meet customer expectations and be a long-term reliable partner.


Why A U T V I E W ?
Low operating costs Minimum 3 years experience Know how Open and running communication

Competitive Cost
The main development center of A U T V I E W is located in Serbia, city of Nis. Southeastern Europe region has low operating costs and low-cost labor, which significantly lowers the total cost of engagement.

Good Cultural Fit
A U T V I E W primarily focuses on clients in Austria and Germany. Our previous work experience on demanding projects enabled us to understand how to manage large, complex projects with European customers.

Experienced Team
A U T V I E W programmers have minimum 3 years experience in coding and database driven web application creation. They are trained to follow software development methodologies (e.g. extreme programming) and they speak fluent English.

Good Communication - Priority Number One
A U T V I E W 's main priority is efficient internal & external communication and our workers are trained to keep all communication channels open and running (email, chat or telephone). This prevents the project from being slowed down because of unnecessary delays and misunderstandings; the result is seamless work-flow and timely deliveries.

Cheaper and better communication
Our programmers use the following channels of communication: Skype ICQ E-mail Telephone Fax


Our Services - Your Key to Success
Rent people who best fit Meet your deadlines Get exactly what you ask for Full cycle custom development Reliable applications Specific software programming

In order to fulfill your requirements we created AUTrent. AUTrent is a service of renting our resources. You can rent: programmer, tester, designer, project manager, quality analysts. According to specific customer's needs, A U T V I E W will offer team which will best fit to requested job. A U T V I E W software engineers will help you meet your deadlines and provide exactly what you ask for.

AUTsource is a type of service that enables the client to hire our company for a specific software programming project. A U T V I E W engineers can provide a full cycle of custom development (from idea to implementation and support stage). We can deliver professional designing and professional testing. Our objective is to create fast and reliable applications and to fully satisfy the needs and requirements of our customers. Our efforts are oriented towards the creation of qualitative solutions which can be used easily and intuitively by experts from different fields and not only by IT specialists.


Quality Assurance and Control
Improved satisfaction Reduced costs Controlled and documented activities

We know that through QA methodology our company can achieve improved customer satisfaction, reduced costs of development and reduced costs of maintenance. That's why A U T V I E W has embedded several quality practices and quality related procedures into its organizational culture: Validation Testing Peer Reviews on a regular basis "Test-first" development approach Regular project review and status meetings Annual process audits and continuous improvement Independent QA team Our Test Department has 6 year experience and all its activities are controlled and documented in accordance with best international standards and practices.


New technologies Next-generation web applications Java applications on desktops and servers Embedded and Real-Time environments Organized manner Customer - the main team member Graphic department Every day there is a new welfare in IT industry. A U T V I E W successfully stays in game by observing and analyzing new technologies and development process busters. In order to meet customer's needs, we made strategic specializations for currently most popular software development technologies.

Java EE
Java Platform, Enterprise Edition (Java EE) builds on solid foundations of Java Platform, Standard Edition (Java SE) and is the industry's standard for implementing enterpriseclass service-oriented architecture (SOA) and next-generation web applications.

Java SE
Java Platform, Standard Edition (also known as Java 2 Platform) lets you develop and deploy Java applications on desktops and servers, as well as today's demanding Embedded and RealTime environments. Java SE includes classes that support the development of Java Web Services and provides the foundation for Java Platform, Enterprise Edition (Java EE).

Extreme programming
Developing efficient projects with proper quality means to work on a project in an organized manner. For this purpose we based our development process on Extreme Programming methodology. Keeping customer informed about project progress, even in the early stages of development, enables developing high quality projects which exactly suit customer's needs.

Graphics, 3D modeling and 3D animations
A U T V I E W has a graphic department which is specialized in 3D modeling and 3D animations. This department has professionals ready to meet customer's tasks about graphics and 3D demands. Professionals working in this department have great experience in this area.


Brief overview of our expertise

Technologies Java Presentation layer
JSP Display Tag JSTL Html Dhtml CSS/CSS2 XML/XSL DWR Freemarker Velocity JavaScript AJAX

JAVA frameworks
Struts 1.x Spring Hibernate JMS SWING Wicket

Test frameworks
JUnit TestNG Risks Selenium

Modeling Language

Linux Windows Mac OS X

JavaScript frameworks
YUI jQuery extJS

Oracle Postgresql Mysql

Reports frameworks
POI iText Jasper

Apache Web Server Tomcat

JfreeChart JQueryFlot

Virtual Box VM Server 7


Product Portfolio

DESCRIPTION: Application is an independent communication tool that enables tracking and management functionalities for daily work including: projects, associated tasks, project documentation, relevant news, project meetings and detailed information about project status. Different departments and teams can be coordinated through this tool. Every user can check her/his daily work through weekly timesheets. Statistics are created on project basis. As separate module, application offers possibility to specify budget per each project and to manage invoices directly. Basic tasks functions are available also for touch screen and some PDAs.

Used technologies:
Java Struts Tomcat PostgreSQL JSP Display Tag JSTL HTML CSS/CSS2 Freemarker Velocity JavaScript YUI jQuery POI iText Jasper JfreeChart JQueryFlot JMS - Active MQ AJAX 8

Prophi.NET Touch Screen

Product Portfolio

E-procurement tool p
DESCRIPTION: E-procurement is a web application made for procurement office in order to: make purchasing easier, track offers and orders, and have supplier's internal structure in one place. The main information source is catalog provided by suppliers. Purchasing agents can add catalog's articles to Shopping cart, create orders and send them to suppliers. The purchasing process is controlled centrally by purchasing manager who has to approve the order before it can be sent to a supplier. Also, application enables stock workers to confirm deliveries of ordered goods.

Used technologies:
Java Struts Spring Tomcat Hibernate PostgreSQL JSP Display Tag JSTL HTML CSS/CSS2 Freemarker JavaScript jQuery POI iText JfreeChart AJAX 9

Product Portfolio

WorkOver Report
DESCRIPTION: WorkOver Report is desktop application used on mobile oil stations (which can have slow or have no Internet access). The main purpose of this desktop application is collecting data from specific station and sending them to Prophi server. All necessary master data are defined on server. Every station through synchronization process gets all master data and reports from other stations. Also, on server it is possible to create appropriate statistic charts.

Used technologies:
Java Spring SWING iText Jasper Derby database


Product Portfolio

Process Control System
DESCRIPTION: Application is used to manage links to applications which will be used directly through this application for thin clients with security login. Restrictions are set on single or group users level. Way of opening links can be specified per individual links basis: in new, independent browser window or in the main frame, with or without menu bars and/or toolbars. There is a possibility to create tasks in Prophi through this application. User will have feedback from Prophi about task's progress.

Used technologies:
Java Struts Spring Tomcat PostgreSQL JSP Display Tag JSTL HTML CSS/CSS2 Velocity JavaScript POI iText Jasper JfreeChart JMS - Active MQ AJAX 11

Product Portfolio

Copy Center
DESCRIPTION: Copy Center web application is specialized for specific customer's needs and is primarily oriented towards jobs that are performed on daily basis in Copy Center. Application provides simple and easy way to register and manage all requested jobs (copying, scanning, printing etc.). It is also possible to see how much time is spent and which material is used for accomplishing requested jobs in Copy Center. Also, it is possible to create periodical reports for performed jobs.

Used technologies:
Java Struts Spring Tomcat PostgreSQL JSP Display Tag JSTL HTML DHTML CSS/CSS2 XML/XSL JavaScript jQuery POI AJAX


Product Portfolio

Emergency management
DESCRIPTION: This application is used for notification in case of emergency events. Emergency (crisis) is an event where some disaster occurred, and emergency team has to react. Management team organizes actions and allocates responsibility to teams. Using this tool, a manager can observe real - time situation on the field. Other team members are allowed only to track down current crisis progress. For every crisis and every action it's possible to attach a document.

Used technologies:
Java Struts Spring Tomcat PostgreSQL JSP HTML DHTML CSS/CSS2 XML/XSL JavaScript jQuery extJS


Product Portfolio

Backup Proxy
DESCRIPTION: This application provides a possibility to organize backups from all departments by sharing space on file server with strong security and permissions. All users and departments that are registered on the system will get their own account to access file server and three protocols for managing their space content (FTP, Samba, Web access). Application takes care of disk quotas per client, space sharing, clients locking, etc.

Used technologies:
Java Struts Spring Tomcat PostgreSQL JSP Display Tag JSTL HTML CSS/CSS2 JavaScript AJAX


Product Portfolio

Printer Report
DESCRIPTION: Printer Report web application is specialized to specific customer needs. This application provides simple and easy way to monitor all printer activity in the company and create reports with statistic charts for every printer. The main idea is that all printer activity can be monitored from one place, through list of all printers in the company.

Used technologies:
Java Struts Spring Tomcat PostgreSQL JSP HTML DHTML CSS/CSS2 XML/XSL JavaScript jQuery extJS JQueryFlot Quartz


Product Portfolio

Protocol data base
DESCRIPTION: The protocol database (PDB) is an application based on fetching data that will be read from the serial port and stored into the database. The fetched data are being received continuously and further processed and sorted as valid or invalid. The purpose is to identify valid data blocks according to predefined templates. Processed valid data can be transferred to other departments for further use in their database and used for creating of statistical reports.

Used technologies:
Java Struts Spring Tomcat PostgreSQL JSP Display Tag JSTL HTML CSS/CSS2 Freemarker JavaScript AJAX


Product Portfolio

Manual system
DESCRIPTION: Manual system is a uniform platform for Help systems (user manuals) which enables centralized management of instructions and descriptions for all systems. Manuals can be created and updated on regular basis, according to eventual changes in corresponding applications. The user can access the manual system from all applications which have Help manuals. In this way, all manuals are available in web format, which is especially useful on systems that do not have support for other documentation formats (for example, systems without possibility to open Word documents, etc.).

Used technologies:
Java Struts Spring Tomcat PostgreSQL JSP Display Tag JSTL HTML DHTML CSS/CSS2 XML/XSL Velocity JavaScript jQuery AJAX