Dan Felker founded Sterling Boiler and Mechanical, Inc.

, in this building in 1982, focusing on power plant maintenance and repairs. The company grew from there, to become a multifaceted operation serving a wide variety of industries.

Our Reputation is Sterling
The utilities of southern Indiana had a need for fast, reliable, quality service; Dan Felker, an experienced boilermaker, saw and understood the industry’s issues. In 1982 he founded Sterling Boiler & Mechanical to meet these needs, focusing primarily on small emergency repairs. We continue to be ranked in the top 100 in the Engineering News-Record Periodical Top 600 Specialty Contractors. Throughout it all, the core philosophy of our business has remained the same: quality and timely service performed in a safe manner, in the building of long-term customer relationships, and a continuing focus on improvement. We strive to be the standard by which all other contracting companies are measured.

Safety Culture – Driven by Values, Passion and Commitment
At Sterling Boiler & Mechanical, Inc., core values drive our culture – and safety is at the top of that list as our number one value. We have world-class safety performance. Our people do not, and will not, compromise safety under any conditions, because they know the safety of all of our customers, our employees, our partners and our public is the most important aspect of every project. Our customers benefit from our safety culture as it often ensures a tight synergy with their safety culture and programs designed to protect the well-being of their stakeholders. We believe that we are obligated to protect the human, physical and financial resources of both the Company and the client. We recognize our responsibility to manage our business in a manner that will effectively conserve and utilize these resources. It is our belief that all accidents occur as the result of a specific cause or causes and are therefore preventable.

From small fire tube to large utility boilers
Draw on our experience in all aspects of boiler and pressure vessel work, including the removal and replacement of tubes and other large components. ASME Certifications PP, U, U2, S, and the National Board R Stamp assure you we meet strict standards for quality assurance and control. We are highly skilled in a wide range of boiler and power plant systems including: • Air heaters • Condensers • Duct work • Stacks • Expansion joints • Dampers • Precipitators • Dust collectors • Baghouses • API 650 and 620 tanks • Scrubbers • Industrial incinerators • SCRs • Chemical columns • Ash hoppers • High pressure heat exchangers

Experts in fabrication, installation, repair and retrofitting
Through a sound understanding of operation and design, Sterling offers a skilled advantage to anyone working with process piping schemes. An aptitude for highly specialized, technology-intensive work is demonstrated in our experience with hazardous systems, including toxic chemical, high pressure steam, petrochemical, and petroleum processes. Our strict adherence to procedures for safety and quality assurance meet or exceed the rigorous standards for control and documentation established by the ASME and recognized national and industry codes. Additionally, we offer complete plumbing, heating, and HVAC service for installing and maintaining commercial and institutional systems.

Getting you up and running
When your productivity depends on machinery, depend on Sterling’s millwright operations for fast and effective installation, renovation, and repair. Our capabilities extend to sophisticated optical alignment for the most accurate installation available anywhere. Our equipment experience includes new service installations and maintenance of: • fans • compressors • pumps • kilns • ball mills • pulverizers • conveyors • metal processing equipment • agitators • air heaters

Towering capabilities in structural and pre-engineered applications
Experience is the foundation of our steel erection capabilities, from engineered specialties such as supports for machinery and piping, to structural steel erection for multi-story buildings and industrial facilities. Our capabilities and experience enable us to perform ancillary rigging operations for lifting and handling heavy machinery and equipment, as well as reworking large furnaces and quench units for aluminum and steel processing.

Industrial, commercial, institutional
Our experience with complex electrical systems underscores a problem-solving orientation suited for specialized work. Sterling’s experienced leaders will supervise each project to completion. Our craftspeople are trained to execute routine and emergency maintenance of industrial electrical power systems and equipment. We are prepared to perform new construction, major shutdowns, capital expansion, plant relocation, and contract maintenance service to clients across the nation. We’ve completed projects as diverse as customized data communication systems involving broadband and fiber optics…power distribution and high voltage wiring…and high tech controls including programmable logic controller installations and custom panel fabrication. We’re available 24 hours a day with emergency response capabilities and service.

A solid foundation for enviromental projects
Every quality system must be supported by a sound foundation. The Concrete Division of Sterling Boiler and Mechanical, Inc. is made up of individuals with 15 to 20 years of experience in industrial foundation installations. We have the ability and expertise to assist owners and engineering consultants in making the most economical construction decisions while still in a project’s conceptual stages. Sterling is also able to design and build. We are experienced in subsurface work including H-piles, and our personnel are capable of completing massive, complex pours on grade.

On the cutting edge of technology
In extremely corrosive atmospheres, the application of high performance alloy linings may prolong the life of critical system components. Only a proven installer can capably execute this acutely specialized and meticulous work. Since 1982, Sterling has demonstrated leadership, building a reputation for excellence in such applications for power plant FGD scrubbers (wet or dry), chemical vessels, SCR’s, precipitators (wet or dry), and bag houses. We can inspect, repair, or replace as required. Our work with stainless steel and high nickel/high chromium alloys such as Hastelloy C22 and C276 alloys, AL6XN, 254MO, 2205, 2507 and Inconel, just to mention a few, has earned professional endorsements from plant engineers and recommendations from alloy manufacturers.

Mastering heat and corrosion
We are widely known as specialists in the installation and repair of all kinds of refractory and corrosion resistant linings. Our experienced crews can install refractory materials by Shotcrete, Gunnite, Hot gunning and Plastic gunning methods as well as conventional installation methods of refractory materials such as formed and poured. An extensive inventory of Harbison Walker Refractory Products™, Ceilcote™, as well as other materials, permit us to respond immediately to sudden needs, including spot repairs, large gunned applications, and new installations.

Plate and Structural Steel, from Our Fab Shop to the Field
To provide the widest possible range of fabrication services, we maintain ASME-certified shops for fabricating plated and structural steel. Two freestanding fabrication shops support the work we perform in the field and encompass a total of 100,000 square feet. Sterling runs shifts up to twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week when necessary to meet our customers’ time-critical needs. All work is performed in accordance with the strictest standards for quality, and meets all applicable codes. Surface preparation and painting capabilities include high performance 2- and 3- coat applications using inorganic zinc primers, intermediate coats of high-build epoxy, and specialized top coats.

Our machine shop facilities offer both CNC and conventional machining capabilities
Our capabilities and 40,000 square feet of usable floor space allow us to machine one-of-a-kind items as well as mass produced quantities. We are proficient in machining materials such as aluminum, brass, copper, carbon and alloy steels, stainless steels, titanium, and high nickel alloys such as Hastelloy and Inconel. We machine parts from 1 inch to 70 inches OD. We machine weldments up to 6 feet by 20 feet. Our CMM (Coordinate Measuring Machine) 3-D measuring technology allows us to reverse engineer almost any part to exacting standards. All jobs are performed to customer specifications. We perform manual lathe operations, milling, boring, and drilling. Our seven (7) CNC machining centers and three (3) CNC lathes give us state of the art machining capabilities with which to serve our customers. With automatic sawing, CNC machining, total QA/QC support and dedicated machinists, we can offer our customers quality products and reliable delivery performance.

Respect for people and the world in which they live
The well-being of our employees and coworkers is a foremost concern with us. That’s why we make safety the first consideration in everything we do. We also take seriously an obligation to protect the environment. It is our belief that we don’t inherit the earth from our parents--we borrow it from our children. As builders, we are responsible for the effects our actions have on their world and its natural resources. For all or any part of a construction project, Sterling Boiler & Mechanical, Inc., offers the skills, ingenuity, and responsiveness to reach completion safely, successfully and efficiently. As a general contractor with unusual strengths, we stand prepared to channel our talents and resources on your behalf. When you’re ready, so are we.

Our mission: quality, service, and efficiency
The men and women who are Sterling Boiler and Mechanical strive to fulfill this mission through a common philosophy of continuous improvement and a broad base of specialized disciplines: • Boilermaker • Piping fabrication, design and installation • Refractories • Steel erection • Millwright • Electrical • General/Civil • Clean air technology • Shop fabrication Because we make quality a priority, our work is guaranteed. Through our emphasis on service and efficiency, we keep your project on schedule. As proven innovators in manufacturing and process technology, we are recognized for our work in energy and environmental processes. And we’re ready to earn your confidence as well.