Love once known IAN WEBB AKA SHILOH STARTED APRIL 2009 Dreaming of theyn eyes,deep into

a love long gone my heart in tattered shreds,blowing in an icey wind it chills my soul ,and holds my mind never dreaming of the time,we lost never to regain the sweet passion of our souls,a love that will remain a fleeting moment in lifes turn,my love an ever lasting flame, the mocking sounds that people make, they no not how my heart doset break, now standing on my own,in drakness and in cold, no one knows my torment,of this flame i hold, no one cares to ask me, if my heart is broken, or is the pain to great, in the drakness of my sleep,in a corner i still weep, i hope one day you will think,of the love i still keep.

THE KISS A nervouse smile,a shaking hand, a kiss that stole my heart, a fleeting kiss is all it took, to steal my heart no one could touch, all though your love for me as gone, my love for you still lingers on, it matters not what people say, my heart keeps breaking each new day, that first kiss will be with me forever in eternity.

MY LOVE FOR YOU They say true love will never die, and this i know is true, for not so very long ago, i feel in love with you, in waking hours of day and night, my love for you,it feels so right, and though i know your love as gone, my love for you still carrys on, my sleepless nights are full of you, and when i sleep i dream of you, in time i hope you understand, my love for you is true and grand.

THE PAIN OF LOVE The strenth you gave, when first we meet, i held a long and bated breath, in your arms it felt so right, i told you of my love that night, i never thought this love would die, but now i know your loves a lie, i hope in time you realise, my love for you was true, i hope you never have the pain, the pain you put me through.

TRUTH First you love me, then you dont, first you cheat, but say you wont First its one night,

then its two, never knowing, what to do, then the lies, they never stop, until one day, your love is lost, even though, you broke my heart, my love for you, will never part. DARKNESS. Now my heart is broken, shattered by your lies, you promised me eternity, and said your love was mine, so i gave you all my love, and my heart to hold, Forever and for always, is what you lead me to, but when it came to loving me, you could not follow though, shattered dreams and drakness, all around my heart, so my love i take this pain, and on these words i part.

NEVER ENDING I know you think its stupid, i know you laugh out load, i know you mock my love, when your with your crowd, if you think its stupid, to give my love away,

then my dear, a stupid fool every waking day, for i give my love to you, even now your gone, my love for you, through out the years, will carry on and on. IN WORDS A LIE Sadly know i sit alone, the love you gave you took away, and in its place you left your hate, you say to me you do not feel, the love to me seemed so real, like a torent in a stream, the breaking of loves dream, my heart is pounded on the rocks, now my heart ache never stops, if i could i would be like you, and say that love was so untrue, to say these words would be a lie, my love for you will never die.

LOVE AND PROMISE You told me that you loved me, you told me that you cared, you said this love was wonderful, and that it felt so rare. Now i find myself alone, every night without my love, the love that was once promised me, taken from my sight in lightness and drakness, the world still carrys on, but in my heart time stands still, the love i lost a bitter pill.

THE PAIN INSIDE Lying in our bed at night, the pain becomes so bright, i thought my heart was mending, but now i know the truth, without your love to heal my heart, the pain comes screaming through, the pain i felt when first you left, i thought would soon be gone, but the truth is clear, it lingers on and on, the hurt the pain it never stops, this drakness in my heart will i ever find a love, to chase away the drakness, and heal this broken heart.

HER KNIGHT A knight in shining armour, is what shes looking for, some one to depend on, to catch her when she falls, to wrap his arms around her, to say that things are right, to tell that he loves her, to sleep beside her through the night, to kiss her sleeping eyes, with love so true and fair, these things are not so hard to do, these things i did for you.

NO RAINBOWS LEFT Once we lay together,

wrapped with in our love, now were worlds apart, never to collied, my dearms were filled with rainbows, my heart was filled with joy, but shadows of lost love, have left that all behind, darkness all around me, deep with in my heart, this pain that you have caused, broke this tender heart, the pain is never ending, darkness through and through, but my love is endless, and this my love is true.

MY LOVE WILL NEVER DIE The love that you onced promised me, was never really there, and left my heart in darkness, through each and every day, will i ever know the likes of you, through out these long drark years, i wish your love had been there , instead of all these tears, my love for you is everything, my love for you is strong, my love for you will never die, even now your gone. THE LAST TIME The last time that i saw you, your eyes were dull and cold, the feelings that you had, were never really there, you said you did not hate me,

for that would show you cared, so now i sit and wonder why, was it just to hurt me, to see this grown man cry, well my love you did it , i hope your satisfied, now this man is broken, and crys each day inside. YOUR HELL Thoughts that travel through my head, throughts of you and i, trying to assemble,the reason that you lied, the reasons i will never know, the truth you will not tell, for if you told the truth to me, your soul would go to hell, this hell that i now speak of, is not the one below, but the one that you have made, with each and ever blow. MADDNESS. The fairies dancing in my mind, pixies run around my bed, coulors flashing through my head, the beat of never endind time, now there dancing in the street, to the never ending beat, the fairies wings beat in time, to the never ending rime, will this maddness ever stop, or drift into a brand new day, where fairies dance my mind away.


Malcolm is a pixie, a coat of red and green, and if you ever meet him, youll see hes rather bold, he likes to play a joke or two, mischief is his game, people are so much fun, they really are quite strange, they fall for every little trick, some even think i am cupid, so if you ever meet this pixie, and says his name is malcolm, listen to him carefully, or he will make you look real stupid. TOXIC When i look in to the sky, i watch the clouds go by, pictures from with in my head, pictures of the living dead, we fill the sky with toxic gas, and those in power just walk on by, and put the blame on you and i, they say there is nothing they can do, to help the humanrace pull through, and now without the humanrace, the earth again abetter place. NEW MOON As the new moon breaks the night, the fairies sing with sheer delite, they dance around the forrest floor, planning mischief for one and all, and while the fairies dance and play, the humanrace just sleeps away, the fairies and there friends will play, we never see the things they do, there concequence will not undo, so as you lie with in your bed, the fairies dance around your head,

playing tricks upon your mind, and so you wake to light of day, the fairies start to fade away, but in the corner of your eye, a pixie waves a found good bye.

QUESTIONS Walking through my mind, looking for the answers, the questions keep on coming, the answers i can not find, the reason for me being here, just do not seem so clear, the maze that i am walking through, each path i take is wrong, i never seem to find my way, i cause myself such harm, will i ever find the answers, to escape this maze, or will i spend the rest of time, walking through this haze.

PUSHED TO FAR Questions questions all the time, never answers no more rime, reasons,when,why,what, will the questions ever stop, my brain is squeezing tight, will i get the answer right, darkness in my mind, senses start to bend, find the truth is it there, living hell in my head, is this life or am i dead.

WHAT WE HAVE The trees that touch the sky, and clouds that whisper by, winds that chill you to the bone, the sun that warms you through, water that will quench your thirst, water that will not, these things we take for granted, believe me we should not. NOTHING LEFT Every day is just the same, when i wake i feel the pain, and as the day lingers on, then the pain carries on, and so to chase the pain away, i try to sleep both night and day, but even then,there is no escape, still i feel my heart that breaks, and so for know i carry on, i do not love, i do not care, and so for me the pain seems far, i have no love in my heart, so on these words i have to part. ENDING HOUR No matter what people say, the planets time still ebbes away, we seem to think we have the power, to slow or stop the ending hour, these people sit in ivory towers, the power they have is not enough, to stop the time that marches on, destruction of the humanrace, is what we have to face, if we want to slow it down, we have to change our moral ground. DREAMS

The fairies and the pixies, play on through the night, in the day they sleep and sceam, how to play within our dreams, the mischief that we see at night, is every fairies sheer delite, as i lie within my bed, the pixies run around my head, they prick my ears,and pull my hair, then they just sit and stare, but this is just a dream,then i wake, well at least thats what i think, or have the fairies took control, of my mind and my soul.

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