Feed your need for power, superior technology and riding satisfaction with the Aprilia Tuono 1000 R. The Tuono 1000 R is not ‘just another naked’ but a thoroughbred supersport with the fairing removed and higher handlebars fitted to achieve a unique blend of performance and rideability. The Tuono is a genuine street fighter that has been specially made to dominate road and track alike. Refined, aggressive, powerful, competition-beater thanks to the V60 Magnesium Evolution engine. Here is everything you could ask from a naked, with unique style on top. Developing 139 HP (102 kW) at the crank and amazing torque even at low revs thanks to larger diameter valves and exhaust collectors, the Aprilia Tuono 1000 R sets new standards for performance in the naked category. Yet the Tuono still promises Aprilia’s legendary reliability and total respect for the environment too. The double silencer exhaust system with three way catalytic converter and Lambda probe oxygen sensor keeps emissions well within the limits required by Euro 3 legislation.

2007 Engine Power kW








Engine Speed RPM

The V60 Magnesium Evolution engine brings you the best technology available from any production V twin. This includes electronic fuel injection with 57 mm Ø throttle bodies, and a sophisticated EPROM control unit for real time management of all engine parameters. The AVDC anti-vibration double countershaft and PPC hydraulically operated slipper clutch are both patented Aprilia solutions.

2007 Engine Torque Nm

The Tuono 1000 R stands out at first glance for its unmistakable style, and self-evident aerodynamics and ergonomics. The nose fairing has been developed in the wind tunnel and combines an enviably aggressive look with a superior level of protection. But that’s not all! The shape of the nose fairing helps improve stability at high speeds, working in conjunctionwith the spoilers on the sides of the frame. The rider’s seating position is decidedly race-oriented, and conceived to ensure absolute control over the front end without fatigue, assisting concentration and more effective handling. The sleek tail tapers upwards and incorporates fully integrated direction indicators, contributing to perfect aerodynamics and giving the bike a mean, aggressive look. The Tuono 1000 R is special from every point of view.



• The frame is a clever combination of aluminium-silicon castings and Peraluman 450 pressings, a solution that gives superior structural rigidity and a total weight of less than 10 Kg. The aluminium swingarm, with its double banana design to provide space for the new exhaust system, is extremely lightweight and robust. • The suspension creates the ideal balance between racetrack performance and road-going comfort, and is fully adjustable for a completely personal setup. The 43 mm upside down fork provides adjustments for spring load and hydraulic damping. The monoshock at the rear offers adjustments for extension damping and spring preload. • The Brembo Gold front brakes feature four-piston radial calipers with two pads per side for improved braking control with no extra effort at the lever. Both the front and rear brakes incorporate aeronautical metal braided hose for maximum precision. • Super-lightweight alloy wheels mean less gyroscopic effect, something you are sure to appreciate when total control means total domination of the field.

As agile as an idea, as powerful as an emotion, the Tuono 1000 R simply has no rivals when it comes to handling. And handling is the secret of its adrenaline pumping racetrack victories and its total rideability on the road. The Tuono’s agility is the result of perfect balance, perfect symbiosis between rider and bike, and a perfect mix of lightness and rigidity in the frame. Instant response and intuitive control is always yours, at all times and under all riding conditions.

• The double taper handlebars, aided by lightweight steering yokes designed for maximum agility, give you total control over your motorcycle. The multifunction instrument panel lets you monitor all necessary parameters, and the innovative headlight cluster provides perfect lighting and improved aerodynamics. The fully integrated electronic engine management system incorporates a sophisticated digital ignition system complete with immobiliser. In fact, everything about the Tuono 1000 R is special.

• The digital-analog instrumentation is an integral part of the Tuono’s auto-diagnostic system. The instruments are connected to the CAN engine management line and incorporate their own memory to form a genuine on-board computer. Thanks to a builtin 40 lap timer, the instruments are perfect for the racetrack as well as the road. User friendly and crystal clear to read, they also feature a more compact and lightweight design. The display’s LED backlighting can be adjusted to three levels of brightness.

On the Tuono 1000 R even the smallest details have been designed with rigour and finished to perfection as only Aprilia knows how. The reason behind so much care and attention is simple: the need to maximise performance, reduce overall weight and deliver unrivalled riding satisfaction.

• The tail light features an unmistakable design integrated into the lines of the tail and uses the latest LED technology. The headlight cluster too is derived from the RSV and incorporates four light units for perfect visibility even under the darkest riding conditions.

Improved racing graphics, giving you the immediate sensations of the racetrack, the refined style which is second to none, the undeniable Aprilia passion. The ultimate in technology and prestige in a production naked. This is Tuono 1000 R Factory: the culmination of Aprilia’s experience on racetracks around the world, ready to thrill even the most expert and demanding riders with its blistering performance and superb equipment. Carbon fibre, aluminium and magnesium for an even lighter, more powerful and effective Tuono 1000 R Factory: exclusively the best.


• The frame is a mix of aluminium-silicon castings and Peraluman 450 pressings, and gives amazing torsional rigidity despite the fact that is actually the lightest frame on any bike of this type, weighing in at only 9,650 grams. • Ultra-lightweight forged aluminium rims, specially manufactured to Aprilia specifications, minimise inertia for even better acceleration and braking and for even more precise control through the bends. • The Tuono 1000 R Factory is equipped as standard with a 190/55 rear tyre for maximum agility and grip on the racetrack. The bike is also fully homologated for 190/50 (standard) tyres. • The 43 mm Öhlins upside down fork is the top of the range in terms of technology and allows you to find exactly the right setting for your own riding style. • At the rear, a fully adjustable Öhlins monoshock with piggy back cylinder guarantees superb suspension action and precision control. • Carbon fibre parts, including belly pan, side panels, mudguards and spoilers, have not only added to the prestige of the Tuono 1000 R Factory but have also reduced mass to a record 181 Kg dry weight.















Fuel Bore and stroke Displacement Compression ratio Maximum power at the crank Maximum torque at the crank Fuel system

Rear brake Wheels

Starting Exhaust system
A. APRILIA STREET LEGAL SLIP-ON SILENCERS BY AKRAPOVIC Slip-on silencers developed in conjunction with Akrapovic especially for the Tuono. Homologated for road use and conformity to strict E3 noise and emission standards. The titanium hexagonal bodies terminate in a carbon fibre tail to give your Tuono an even more aggressive look. These Akrapovic slipons reduce your bike’s overall weight by 3.9 kg and improve performance at medium-low engine speeds around 5400 rpm, with a further improvement in power output over 9000 rpm. Come complete with a certificate of conformity, allowing you to circulate freely on public roads. Maximum performance can be achieved quickly and easily by removing the DB killer. B. FULLY ADJUSTABLE ÖHLINS STAINLESS STEEL AND ÖHLINS ALUMINIUM REAR SHOCK ABSORBER KITS Specially designed for racing use. These fully adjustable race tech shock absorbers allow you to find exactly the right setup for any riding conditions. The hydraulic damping system offers a wide range of adjustments for both compression and rebound. Spring preload and unit length are fully adjustable too. Wheel travel is 133 mm. Every component in the lamellar damping pack and external adjustment systems has been developed, tested and calibrated on road and track to achieve perfect control over the hydraulics. The aluminium version reduces your bike’s overall weight by a further 450 grams. C. CARBON FIBRE PARTS Race ready lightness and prestige even on the road. These body parts are manufactured in clear varnished carbon fibre and give an average reduction in weight of 45% compared to the standard parts they replace. All parts have been safety tested and homologated by TÜV and can therefore be used on the road as well as on the racetrack. D. ÖHLINS ADJUSTABLE STEERING DAMPER KIT Unbeatable adjustment and shimmy control. Fits across the top yoke on a single-piece bracket. Provides an ample range of adjustments to customise steering response and absorb the shimmy that sets in at certain speeds and over rough ground. Twin chamber pressurised hydraulics prevent air from entering the damper and ensure consistently effective control over the steering. E. FORGED ALUMINIUM WHEELS Maximum performance on the track and on the road. Forged from Anticorodal 6061 aluminium. Thanks to the use of lightweight material and advanced forging technology, these special wheels (front and rear) help reduce the energy required to move and steer your bike. The result is improved handling on road and track alike. Less weight means less inertia and a reduction in the gyroscopic forces that affect a bike’s equilibrium and handling. Available in GOLD and BLUE. F. ERGAL REVERSE PATTERN GEARSHIFTER For optimised performance on the racetrack. Made in polished Ergal, and CAD/CAM machined from a solid blank. Easy to fit and to adjust thanks to uniball control linkages. G. ADJUSTABLE ALUMINIUM FOOTRESTS Competitive racing style. Made in polished aluminium, and CAD/CAM machined from a solid blank. Easy to fit and to adjust thanks to the eccentric cam fixing system. H. TANK BAG The ideal accessory for brief trips and long journeys. Expands upwards to give a total capacity of 26 litres. Detaches quickly and easily from the tank for use as a back pack. Made from extra strong nylon with a non-scratch base to avoid spoiling the finish of your tank. Transparent top pocket for road maps. Comes complete with rain hood for total weather-proofing. Stylish black finish with the Aprilia logo. J. REAR PADDOCK STAND An indispensable aid to servicing in the pits or at home. Derived from the paddock stand used for SBK and GP bikes, this accessory proves invaluable whenever you need to work on your bike in the pits or in your own garage. Makes changing the rear wheel quick and easy. K. ELECTRONIC ANTI-THEFT SYSTEM Specially developed for the Tuono’s electronics. This system has not been merely adapted but specially conceived, developed and tested by Aprilia. Protects your Tuono without interfering with its sophisticated engine and fuel management systems. Incorporates the latest technology. Homologated to THATCHAM standard, the strictest international security standard. Independently powered to avoid running down the bike’s battery. Displays main battery level as well as functioning as alarm. L. PASSENGER SADDLE COVER Standard on the Factory version. It can be bought separately for the R version. For an incredibly streetfighter look.

Generator Lubrication Gearbox Clutch Primary drive Final drive Frame Front suspension

Tyres Dimensions

Dry weight* Tank

* Without liquids and battery

TUONO 1000 R + TUONO 1000 R FACTORY is an ecological vehicle with communitarian homologation Euro 3, in the respect of the acoustic and atmospheric pollution limits.
Drive safely always wearing a helmet and protective clothing. Observe the laws of the road and respect the environment. Carefully read the owners’ handbook. Photographs, technical data, specifications and colours shown in this brochure refer to the Italian market version and may be subject to change without prior notice. Ask your official Aprilia dealers for full details. In order to maintain your machine in a safe and efficient manner, always demand official Aprilia Spare Parts, which are guaranteed by Aprilia Quality Service in respect of current legislation. E & O E. Aprilia offers Aprilia Road Assistance, a call centre available 24 hours a day for information and road rescue. E. & O.E. Aprilia reserves the right to change colour/specification without prior notice. Concessionair aprilia recommends


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V60 Magnesium Evolution. Longitudinal 60° V twin, four stroke. Liquid cooling with three-way pressurised circuit. Double overhead cams, mixed gear/chain timing drive, four valves per cylinder. Patented AVDC anti-vibration double countershaft. Euro 3. 95 RON unleaded petrol. 97 x 67.5 mm. 997.62 cc. 11.8 : 1. 102 kW (139 HP) at 9,500 rpm. 10.9 kgm (107 Nm) at 8,500 rpm. Integrated electronic engine management system. Indirect multi-point electronic injection. 57 mm diameter throttle bodies. 10.3 litre Air Box with dynamic Air Runner intake. Digital electronic ignition, integrated with the injection control system. One spark plug per cylinder. Electric starter. Two silencers with three way catalytic converter and lambda probe oxygen sensor (Euro 3). 12 V – 500 W. Dry sump with separate oil reservoir. Double trochoid pump with oil cooler. Steel oil reservoir. 6 speed. Transmission ratios: 1st 34/15 (2.27), 2nd 31/19 (1.63), 3rd 26/20 (1.3), 4th 24/22 (1.091), 5th 24/25 (0.96), 6th 23/26 (0.88). Multiple disc in oil bath with patented PPC power-assisted hydraulic control. Metal braid clutch line. Radial master cylinder with 15 mm piston. Spur gears. Transmission ratio: 60/31 (1.935:1). Chain. Transmission ratio: 40/16 (2.5:1). Box section sloping twin-spar frame in aluminium alloy. Showa 43 mm upside-down fork with adjustment for spring preload, compression and rebound damping. TUONO FACTORY: Öhlins Racing 43 mm upside-down fork with adjustment for spring preload, compression and rebound damping. 120 mm wheel travel.

Rear suspension

Front brake

Aluminium alloy double banana swingarm. APS (Aprilia Progressive System) rising rate linkages. Sachs hydraulic monoshock with adjustment for spring preload and rebound damping. TUONO FACTORY: Aluminium alloy double member swingarm. APS (Aprilia Progressive System) rising rate linkages. Öhlins Racing piggy-back monoshock with adjustment for spring preload, compression and rebound damping. Wheel travel 133 mm. double floating disc in stainless steel, Ø 320 mm. Brembo triple bridge caliper with four 34 mm pistons and four sintered pads. Metal braided brake line. TUONO FACTORY: double floating disc in stainless steel, Ø 320 mm. Brembo Triple Bridge radial caliper with four 34 mm pistons and four sintered pads. Metal braided brake line. Rear: Brembo stainless steel disc, Ø 220 mm. Twin piston calliper, 32 mm diameter pistons, sintered pads. Metal braided brake line. Aluminium alloy. Front: 3.50 x 17”, rear: 6.00 x 17”. TUONO FACTORY: Aluminium alloy. Front: 3.50 x 17”, Rear: 6.00 x 17”. Radial tubeless. Front: 120/70 ZR 17, rear: 190/50 ZR 17 (alternative: 180/55 ZR 17 and 190/55) Maximum length: 2,025 mm. Maximum width: 830 mm (at handlebars). Maximum height: 1,100 mm (at handlebars). Seat height: 810 mm. Handlebar height: 1,020 mm at bar ends. Wheelbase: 1,410 mm. Trail: 103.7 mm. Steering angle: 25°. 185 kg. TUONO FACTORY: 181 kg. Capacity 18 litres, 4 litre reserve.