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1. What is the need of sustainable practices in agriculture and Animal husbandry?
2. Give two examples for each of the following
1. food that provides protein
2. food that provides fat
3. food that provides vitamins and minerals
4. food for the livestock
3. Name the two growing seasons for crops and give examples for each type
4. which are the 3 basic scientific approaches for increasing yield of crop.
5. What is hybridisation?
6. Explain any 5 factors for which crop variety improvement is done.
7. What are micro and macro nurtients? Name 3 of each kind
8. How does manure help in help in enrichment of soil?
9. How does the deficiency of nutrients affect the plants?
10. What are the different types of manure? Explain them.
11. What are fertilizers? How are they useful for the plant growth?
12. What are the hazards of using fertilizers ?
13. Name any four types of water resources that are made available for the agriculture.
14. Which are the fresh initiatives/ new methods of increasing the water availability for agriculture.
15. How does inter cropping differ from mixed cropping?
16. Mention 3 examples of mixed crops grown in India.
17. What are the advantages of inter cropping?
18. What is crop rotation?
19. What are weeds? Give 3 examples. How do weeds affects crops?
20. How do insect pest damage crop plants?
21. Write any three methods of weed control.
22. What factors are responsible for loss of grains during storage
23. What is Animal husbandry?
24. Name the two species of Indian cattle.
25. Name two exotic or foreign and local breeds of cow.
26. The cross breeding of exotic and local cattle result in the animals with better qualities,Justify?
27. What is meant by lactation period?
28. Explain the food requirement of diary Animals.
29. What are broiler chickens? What special care is given to them and why?
30. Name one Indian and one foreign breed of poultry.
31. What are the desirable qualities seen in a cross bred improved variety of poultry?
32. Mention any two methods to reduce the infectious diseases in poultry fowl.
33. Differentiate between 1. Aqua culture and mari culture
2. Capture fishing and culture fishery
34. Give two examples for each of the following
35. 1. Indian fresh water fish
2. Marine fish
3. Fishes of economic value

36. What is composite fish culture? Write the advantage and disadvantage of such a practice. 39. 37. Write four characteristics of this variety which help in bee keeping. Write short notes on 1. What is the major problem in fish farming? What is done to overcome it? 38. An italian variety of honey bee is commonly used for commercial honey production. What are the factors on which the quality and taste of honey depend upon? 40. . Apiary 2. Poultry farming.