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Seeking stability and a challenging position with advancement potential, which utilize my acquired skills. S



Type 60 -WPM, IBM PS/2, IBM PC Workstation, AS/400, Microsoft Windows 95/98/XP/Vista, Microsoft Office Suite 97/00/03 (Word, Excel, Power Point, Access), WordPerfect, File Maker Pro, Sametime, Outlook, SAP, ECS, PCMSWEB, APOLLO, CPS, PERC, MARS, Remedy, CMS, TSO, VM, OS/2, DOS, MVS, Verizon Business Billing Systems, Sharepoint, PeopleSoft.

Verizon – Ashburn, VA Admin-Mgmt Occasional/Executive Assistant March 06 – December 09 • Provided administrative support to the Director, Managers, Tax Analysts, and over 25 employees using Outlook, telephone, email, mail, faxes, copies, scheduling/arranging conference rooms, luncheons/group events, etc. • Coordinated with Basking Ridge, NJ with ordering supplies as needed for the Ashburn, VA tax department. Handled the distribution/maintenance of same. • Sorted/distributed large volumes of incoming and outgoing mail and other correspondence between the various Tax and Regulatory Groups for the organization. Organized transitioning of mail and other correspondence from the Virginia office to the New Jersey, Texas, New York, and Nebraska offices. • Using Excel, created and maintained spreadsheets for the Department’s File Inventory and transitioning of files to the New Jersey office. Also handled transporting of files, via FedEx (Express/Ground), to various Verizon Sites. • Stuffed large volumes of Checks and Returns for mailing via Certified Mail, FedEx, Express Mail, Regular Mail, etc. for Tax Analysts for the Virginia and New Jersey offices. • Assisted the various tax groups in Ashburn, VA with various projects (mailing exemption letters to customers for billing system conversions, pulling invoices for the Audit Group, and filing information for product taxation group, etc). • Coordinated with the Ashburn, VA Real Estate Group any move involving the Ashburn Tax Department. Sprint/Nextel – Reston, VA (Contract Assignment) Executive Administrative Assistant September 05 – January 06 • Provided administrative support to the Director, 10 Managers, over 100 employees, and contractors of the GSD employees and of the GSD Sales Support Organization. • Provided administrative support to the Director including calendar upkeep/scheduling using Outlook, scheduling/arranging meetings, travel arrangements, telephone, email, mail, faxes, copies, power point presentations, scheduling/arranging conference rooms, luncheons, group events, etc. • Processed and filed Director’s Expense Reports and Monthly Express Buy Card statements. • Using Word, prepared Weekly Reports from Managers’ input and Director’s edits. • Managed Recognition Program by creating Certificates and ordering Plaques to recognize employee excellence.

• • •

On-line (Internet) ordered office supplies, business cards, and PC equipment. Maintained expenses for supplies at or below department budget. Managed incoming and outgoing mail for organization. On-line (Internet) issued software, hardware, and telephone requirements.

Lee Technologies – Fairfax, VA (Contract Assignment) Receptionist • • June 05 – July 05 Handled Incoming Deliveries, Outgoing Packages, Federal Express, UPS, Mail Room Duty, Etc. Operated multi-line switchboard and greeted clients.

IP Network Solutions – Herndon, VA (Contract Assignment) Office Manager/Administrative Assistant May 05 – May 05 • Provided administrative assistance to the Senior Coordinator as needed. Updated CEO’s Rolodex. George Washington University, Virginia Campus – Ashburn, VA (Contract Assignment) Executive Administrative Assistant March 05 – April 05 • Provided administrative support to the Assistant Director including calendar, meetings, travel, telephone, email, mail, faxes, copies, scheduling/arranging conference rooms, etc. Using Excel, created and maintained the Department’s Assignment Tracking Log. • Issued software, hardware, and telephone requirements. • Using Excel, created and maintained the Accounts Payable Daily Summary Report. Assisted with the maintenance of the Department Leave Requests for the Human Resources Manager. Lockheed Martin Corp. – Manassas, VA (Contract Assignment) Contracts Records Analyst • June 04 – October 04 Print out and scan all Contracts and post into the Electronic Contracting System (ECS). Print out and copy all Proposals and Letters received. Create hard copy files and file/maintain all documentation (RFP’s/RFQ’s, Company Proposals, Delivery Orders, Customer Orders, Customer Letters, Company Letters, Agreements, etc. in accordance with Company procedures). Enter all Delivery Orders into ECS and/or Access Data Base. Maintain/Update as required. Generate various periodic System Reports; i.e., Weekly Status Reports for both DMS and Non-DMS Orders and forward to Management.

Subcontracts Close-Out Administrator June 04 – October 04 • Run Monthly Electronic Contracting System (ECS) Report to show Expired or Expiring Contracts/Task Orders. • Run CLIN 4 Certification Report from the Finance Database. Generate CLIN 9 Letters. • Run a Ledger Report from the Program Control Management System (PCMSWEB). Analyze against the Finance and Procurement information (from the Invoice Referral Sheet). • Look up Purchase Order (PO) information on the Accounts Payable On-Line Operations System (APOLLO), the Consolidated Purchasing System (CPS), the Procurement Electronic Requisition Control System (PERC), or the Management Accounting and Reporting System (MARS). • Request Certification from the Vendor/Subcontractor, via email, based on the information obtained. Upon receipt, analyze the information between Vendor/Subcontractor, Ledger, Finance, and Procurement. Save a soft copy on the Project Database. Create and maintain a hardcopy file. • Upon closing the Task Order, email the appropriate Contract Administrator/Negotiator to close out the Task Order at the Subcontracts Level and to upload the attached Reports, Spreadsheets, Certifications, Correspondence Files, etc. onto ECS. Send a copy of the email to the Program

or Task Manager, the Finance Personnel, Procurement Personnel, and Subcontracts Management. Send Weekly Status Reports to appropriate personnel and attend Status Meetings.

Nissan North America, Inc. – Herndon, VA Administrative Technical Specialist February 03 – April 04 • Match up original Manufactured Statements of Origin (MSO’s) with their corresponding Factory Invoices. Create Duplicate Manufactured Certificates of Origin (MCO’s). Run CarFax/AutoCheck Reports for Dealerships. • Using SAP, process Invoices for Repair Orders from Dealerships. Process all other Invoices from Vendors for payment. • Process Timecards for Administrative Technical Specialist (ATS) Staff. Process Vacation/Sick Leave Reports and Staff Vacation Records for MidAtlantic Region. • Create letter for Administrative Manager’s signature, denoting checks received and accounts to be credited. • Operated multi-line switchboard and greeted clients. • Performed various administrative duties while also working as the Front Desk Receptionist (Deliveries, Federal Express, Mail Room Duty, Order Supplies/Baby Birth Plaques/Colossal – Jumbo Grams/Flowers, Etc.). Coordinator/Point-of-Contact for all Federal Express/FedEx Ground activities; i.e., ordering of supplies, upkeep and maintenance of machine, processing of invoices, providing of technical support, incoming deliveries, outgoing packages, etc. Intersections, Inc. – Chantilly, VA (Contract Assignment) Customer Service/Data Entry • • GTSI Corp. – Chantilly, VA Data Coordinator November 00 – January 02 Read the Request for Proposal (RFP). Create proposal outlines based on RFP instructions. Monitor RFP websites. Coordinate proposal deliveries. • Responsible for collecting, organizing, and managing data needed for proposal development and for overall proposal assembly and final production. Maintain master solicitation documents and duplicates of all data. Maintain all RFP documents, correspondence, plans, timelines, agreements, and technical specifications. Distribute all RFPs, amendments, reports, and updates as needed. • Coordinate proposal tracking and status. Develop and prepare status and analysis reports. • Take assignments and instructions from and be directly accountable to the Director, Sr. Capture Managers, Proposal Team Manager, Pricing Manager, and Product Managers on a daily basis. • Coordinate the hand-off of information to Program Management required during post-award transition. NOTE: Awarded several government contracts totaling billions of dollars. • January 03 – February 03 Perform outbound calls to customers to obtain correct mailing addresses and to verify last four (4) digits of social security number, date of birth, and e-mail address. Update database with corrections/updates. Answer customer inquiries on the Credit Monitoring Service.

Advantage Human Resourcing – Herndon, VA (Contract Assignment) Administrative Assistant • • • • • • July 00 – November 00 Maintained Travel Budget. Organized Medical Library. Using Microsoft Word and Excel, created documentation. Provided administrative/clerical support; i.e., filing, copying, faxing, ordering/distributing supplies, scheduling conference rooms, etc. Prepared Information Packets to be mailed upon customers’ request. Handled incoming and outgoing deliveries for the building. Provided Receptionist support; i.e., operated multi-line switchboard and greeted clients for both companies.

NRTC – Herndon, VA (Contract Assignment) Business Resources Assistant • • • • January 00 – June 00 Coordinate the hiring of Temporary Employees with various Temporary Agencies. Provide copying/faxing and assist with mail distribution. Maintain the vendor files. Generate purchase orders from Accounting. Assist in new hire desk set up by ordering and maintaining office supplies, issuing security access cards, issuing nameplates and handling facility requests via "Remedy (Request/Task Tracking System)” (i.e., space requirements, software and hardware requirements, access requirements, and telephone requirements). Process facilities requests via "Remedy" for permanent employee moves/changes and issue nameplates. Act as back-up support to the receptionist by answering multi-line switchboard telephone lines and performing all other receptionist responsibilities as needed. Monitor and administer company Records Retention and Records Transfer System with the storage vendor. Coordinate monthly meeting with executives and employees (i.e., food ordering, processing purchase order, emailing reminder notices of event).

• • •

NOVEC – Manassas, VA (Contract Assignment) Customer Field Services Assistant September 99 – October 99 • Provide customer field services to the project members. Maintain record of Contracts/Agreements. • Update the documentation for the Work Orders from Phase I, Phase II, through Completion by using AS/400 (Work Order Tracking System), which provides an Audit Trail. TRW, Inc. – Falls Church, VA Information Technology Systems Engineer April 99 – September 99 • Surf the Internet to extract compliance data. Convert data into Microsoft Word files. • Created and maintained the project notebooks to be used as part of the Deliverables to external clients for the Phase I and Phase II Testing documentation (Y2K). Tested Phase II (Y2K) of the project at the client’s site. Germanna Community College - Locust Grove, VA Office Services Specialist August 96 – April 99

• • • • • •

• • •

Revised Application for Admission. Enter in computer, insuring that coding is appropriate. Devised system, which allows for ease in locating any documentation. Process registrations and schedule changes. Assist with coordination and implementation of registration process. Prepare initial transcript evaluation form for evaluation by Registrar. Process official and unofficial transcripts. Distribute withdrawal notification reports. Assist with the processing of Nursing Applications and Graduation Applications. Assist with the Graduation Ceremony. Travel to Western Region High Schools to perform Dual Enrollment Registration (collection of money and forms). Process all dual enrollment forms. Maintain close contact with Western Region High School Directors of Counseling to insure documentation has been submitted. Process and distribute Dual Enrollment Class Rolls to high schools in advance of expected deadlines. Trained part-time staff in the application process, evaluation of transfer credit process, and the registration of non-credit courses. Assisted with work assignments for work-study students in the absence of the Office Manager. Supported off-campus registration needs by traveling to Coffeewood (Prison) to register students. Traveled to Germanna’s Fredericksburg Campus to support needs at that campus.

MISSIONARY FIELD Rarotonga Cook Islands, Fiji Islands, Papua New Guinea, Australia, and New Zealand International Business Machines - San Jose, CA Senior Associate Programmer • • •

1993 - 1996

• • •

April 73 - July 93 Design, integrate, test, install and package various workstation products on the IBM PS-2 systems using OS/2 and DOS. Electronically shipped products to customers. Trained designated staff members. Prepared and presented integration and packaging results to management. Team leader responsible for all phases of program products. Maintenance of project documentation, source code, test materials throughout project lifecycle and continual developmental support. Act as a liaison between programmers and customers fulfilling customer requirements. Provided support services (e.g., code entry, print specifications and test case entry) to the project members by creating, maintaining, updating and controlling both internal and external programming libraries. Maintained security of the libraries from unauthorized access. Conducted design reviews to assure quality product delivery. Programmed using JCL and SMP control statements. Provided MVS tapes of backup data for disaster recovery EDUCATION

High School Diploma, Rapidan, VA Programmer Certification, San Jose, CA 1982

June 1967 November 1981 – February

Accelerated intense studies using Introduction to Programming, MVS, VM/370, EXEC Coding and Techniques, MVS Operator Training, General Programmer Training, Programming Systems Techniques, Numbering Systems, Structured PL/S, Fundamentals of Flowcharting, Review/Inspection Techniques, Design Techniques, SMP/E Fundamentals, OS/2 for First Time Users, OS/2 for End Users, JCL User, Bookmaster and Introduction to PS/2

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