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March Bulletin
Hudson Valley Family church is just that -- a Family. We believe that no matter Hudson Valley Family church is just that a Family. We believe that no matter what background you come from we can all strive for one common goal, to make what background you come from we can all strive for one common goal, to make Jesus the center of our lives. The greatest commandment given to us as Christians Jesus the center of our lives. The greatest commandment given to us as Christians is to love one another. This is the scriptural principal that HVFC is built on. is to love one another. This is the scriptural principal that HVFC is built on.

Daylight Saving Time “Spring Ahead” Weekly Schedule
Sunday: Getting a Grip on the Basics - 9:30am Morning Prayer - 9:30am Service - 10:30am Wednesday: Evangelism Meeting - 7:30pm Contact Ramaul: 914.320.6018 Friday: Prayer Meeting - 7:30pm Contact Maria: 914.819.3353 Daylight Saving Time is Sunday, March 14th. Don’t forget to set your clocks ahead one hour so you won’t miss Sunday Worship. Daylight Saving Time is a change in the standard time of each time zone. The American law by which we turn our clocks forward in the spring and is known as the Uniform Time Act of 1966. The law does not require that anyone observe Daylight Saving Time; all the law says is that if we are going to observe Daylight Saving Time, it must be done uniformly. But it is a myth that you can save daylight. Just like you cannot save time: you can only maximize the opportunity that time presents. Ephesians 5:15-16 says, “Be very careful, then, how you live—not as unwise but as wise, making the most of every opportunity, because the days are evil.” The Scripture teaches that we are to maximize our days by making the best of every opportunity. That may not give you more hours of daylight but it will give you more hours of walking in the Light.

March Events
March 7th - 12:30pm HVFC Ministry Meeting Location: Manhattanville College March 13th Community Outreach Day Location: White Plains, NY Contact Ramaul: 914.320.6018 March 26th Victorious Women Bible Study Location: White Plains, NY Contact: Liza 914.760.3116

Preparing for Easter
How are you preparing for Easter? In just a few short weeks we will be celebrating the resurrection of our Lord Jesus Christ. Like with any holiday, there is a tendency over time to shift the emphasis from the original meaning and purpose and concentrate on something quite different. It’s happened with Christmas, and even such holidays as Independence Day, Labor Day and Memorial Day sometimes have an emphasis not completely in accord with the original purpose. Easter is a season fraught with great meaning for believers in Christ. The week leading up to Resurrection Sunday is indeed Holy Week for Christians. The event that changed the course of the history of the world took place when Jesus died on the cross for the sins of mankind, and He rose from the dead on that Sunday morning. So, how are you preparing for Easter? Many people fast from some food or activity in order to spend that time focused on what God in Christ has done. Use this week to pray, and to study and meditate upon the truth that God was in Christ reconciling the world to Himself. Choose to prepare for Easter this year by focusing on what really matters; that Jesus suffered, died and rose again so that we may live. Easter is a time of celebration, we need to remember the cross and the sacrifice that was paid, but more importantly we need to celebrate the fact that Jesus rose from the grave reconciling us to God and bringing us into union with the Holy Spirit.

Upcoming Events
April - Battle Cry Contact Tiffany Garcia at 914.589.5469 for details 16-17th

Thanks from the Manhattanville Christian Club
On behalf of the Christian Fellowship Club at Manhattanville College, I would like to thank each member of Hudson Valley Family Church for praying for the campus during this difficult time. God (the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit) is our Savior, Deliverer, Friend, Comfort, Protection, Guide and so much more. I am so encouraged as you keep the leadership of the club and myself in prayer regularly. Your prayers assist in the manifestation of God's plan and repentance on this campus. I thank God that I am a part of Hudson Valley Family Church and am being used for His glory! In Christ, Corinne Lee Garcia

Hudson Valley Family Church Located at Manhattanville College Reid Castle 2900 Purchase Street Purchase, NY 10577

Community Outreach Are We Prepared
We have been praying for the harvest but are we prepared for them to come in? Easter is a time when peoples hearts are open to Christ and Church’s receive many first time visitors. With the Holiday fast approaching we all need to be prepared to do our part to make sure that every visitor at HVFC has a positive experience. Here are a few helpful tips:  Intentionally say Hello and Good-bye to guests  Silently pray as you approach a guest  Walk the guest to their destination  Tell guests what you love about your church  Introduce guests to other members of the church  Sit next to a guest during worship so they feel comfortable  Personally invite the guest to an upcoming church event  Escort the guest to meet the pastor after service  Write down the guests name and contact information God will only give us what we can handle so lets make sure we are prepared for an overload of visitors ready to receive Jesus as their personal Lord and Savior.

Praying for Our Pastors
By Monica Gould

Nowhere in the scriptures was there an elite group of people who were set aside to do the church’s praying. The commands to pray are universal. There is no such thing as a certificate of exemption and there are no acceptable excuses. God wants us all to pray! How awesome would a church be if every member prayed daily for his/her pastor? The power of God would be seen in so many ways, such as: evangelism, worship, personal growth, commitment, service, unity, love, healing, and gifts of the spirit flowing freely. A church that seriously prays for its pastor will unite in vision and passion. Praying daily for our pastors is very important. They are serving God with their lives and the attacks of the enemy are constant. Our daily prayer support is vital to protect them and their family, as well as ensure they can deliver effective ministry to us. There is no denying that God hears the prayers of one person but when our entire church pours out our souls in sincere prayer, we can storm the gates of heaven with a mighty voice. There is love, unity, compassion, victory, and souls saved when we all agree in prayer. In Hebrews 13:17-18 Paul said: “Obey your leaders and submit to them, for they keep watch over your souls as those who will give an account, so that they can do this with no grief, for that would be unprofitable to you. Pray for us; for we are convinced that we have a clear conscience, wanting to conduct ourselves honorable in everything.” Our leaders want us to pray for them. God’s Word commands us to pray for them and they will be blessed if we do. God’s kingdom will be blessed if we pray for them and we will be blessed as well. Many benefits result in praying for pastors. First is the awesome power of prayer; God does hear the fervent prayers of the righteous and He answers them. The second benefit is that we will be increasing our support for the pastor and strengthening the entire support base for our church. Thirdly, we promote unity when we unite in prayer for the pastors. Therefore, this is an act of obedience to pray for God’s vision for the church to be revealed to the pastor. Our prayers will be more effective if we know their visions, needs, and goals so that we can pray and believe specifically for them. To fail to pray is to be disobedient to the numerous scriptural commands to pray. When praying for the pastors, ask that God will reveal His truths that they need to apply in their personal life and in ministering to the congregation. Pray that God will keep them strong spiritually, emotionally, mentally, and physically. Pray that they will continue to be lead of God. Pray that lost souls will be drawn and be responsive to the spirit of God through them. Pray that leaders in our church unite and carry the load. Pray that their needs are met and family life is blessed and protected from harm. Pray they are refreshed. Pray for each family member (immediate and distant) by name and that there would be complete harmony, unity, and salvation. Nothing is impossible with God and I pray that you are all encouraged on how and what to pray for daily as we unite in praying for our pastors.

HVFC Library
The Word of God is our spirit's breakfast, lunch, and dinner. No matter how much we may read, our spirit is always craving for more. So why not treat our spirits to some dessert as well? Many of our HVFC family members have books, teaching tapes, DVDs, etc. that have helped transform their relationships with God. It is time to rescue our soul food from dusty shelves and share them with others who have been praying for that same transformation! The HVFC library will meet every six weeks so we can borrow and loan books to one another. Between meetings you can give any materials you have to Christina Autiero, who will label your items (to ensure they are returned to you!) as well as organize them into various categories such as new believers, physical healing, spiritual fulfillment, etc. We look forward to sharing our spiritual growth with you! For more information contact Christina Autiero: 845.642.5019

Ministry Contacts
Senior Pastor….………… Pastor Jack Yurus Worship Leader…………. Pastor Marilyn Yurus Community Outreach.….. Ramaul Morgan Head Usher……………… Bill Velez Children’s Church………. Aracelli Morgan Administration…………… Maria Gisbert Administration…………… Kathy Velez Women’s Fellowship........ Michelle Garcia Youth Ministry…………… Tiffany Garcia Helps…………………….. Tony Russo 914.557.8157 914.557.5252 914.320.6018 918.619.2033 914.320.5943 914.819.3353 918.619.3623 914.886.3141 914.589.8465 917.400.2776

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