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(NAGAL4ND ACT NO. 8 OF 19711)
Received the assetrt of the Governor on ;Ire 29-9-78 arid pirblished
III tl~cNagolurld Gazeitc dated 15tll h'avcr~~ber,1978.


amend the Assarn Land and Revenue Regulation, 138386

(Rcgulatioii I of 1886)
It is hercby enacted in the iwcaty ninth year of Republic o l India
as follows :I . S h o d title, extent and commencement :
(1) This act may be called the Nagaland Land and Revenue
Regulalion (Amen Jrnent) Act, 1978.
(2) It e ~ e n d sto e he whole Slate of Nagaland.
(3) It shall come inlo forcc on such dates and in such areas as
[he Stale Government, may direct by Notifiation in the
Official Gazctle.
2. TIIC following sub-secrioo s h d bc inscrted in Section 162 &cr
sub-scction (1) and the existing sub-sections (2)and (3) shall be
renumbered as sub-sections ( 4 ) and (5).
"(2) Notwithstanding anything to the contrary io any law, usage,
contract or agreement no pcrson other than the indigenous
inhabilants of Nagaland shall acquire or possess by transfer,
cxct~angc,leasc agreement or se~tlcrnentof any land in any area
or areas consrituted i n h bells or blocks in contravention^'^^ the
provisions of sub-section (1).
(3) From and after lhe commencement of Nagaland Land and
Revenue KeguIation (Amendment) Act, 1978 no document
evidcnciag any transaction for acquisition or possession of any
I;ind by way of transfer, exchange, lease, (Act XVl of 1908)
agreement or settlement shall - b e registered under the India
Regis!ration Act, 190s if it appeirs lo the Registering Authority
that the transaction has heen effected in cpnuavcntion of the
provisions of sub-scction (2)".


The Nagaland Land and Revenue Regulations

(Amendment) Act, 2002 (Act No. 1 of 2002)

[Received the assent of the Governor of Nugaland on the 27th

March, 2002 and p ~ blkhed
in the Nagoland Gazette Extraordinary
deared 15th April, 2002.1

An Act furtherto amend the Assarn Land and RevenueRegulatiog,

1886 (Regulation No. 1 of 1886)
It is hereby enacted in the fifty third year of the Republic of India as
follows :-



Short title. Extent and commencement :


This Act may be called the Nagaland Land and Revenue

~egulation(Amendment) Act, 2002.


It shall extend to the whole of Nagaland.


It shalI come into force from such date and i n such areas
as the State Government may direct by notification in the
official Gmtte.

Amendment of Section 162of the Assam Land and revenue

Regulation, 1886 :

In Section 162, after sub - section (2),the following proviso shalI

be inserted :"Provided that nothing contained in this chapter or in the rules
made themunder shall affect any trans' ,rby way of a mortgage in
favour of any nationalised banks, a cwperative society registered
under the Assam Cooperative Societies Act 1949 or such other
financinginstitution as may be approved by the State Government.
Provided further that such nationalised banks, cooperative
Societies or other financing institution shalI not transfer any land
to a person other than the indigenous inhabitant of Nagaland
except with the previous sanction of the State Government or an
authority appointed in this behalf.