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A girl who has decided to stay in

Britain as an AU PAIR should be
prepared to help with light housework
and be responsible for looking after
children. An AU PAIR girl is entitled to
take part in family life, have her own
room with heating, and receive pocket
money of $25 (minimum: Autumn

girl who wishes to see something of

Britain and take advantage of all that is
offered will need some financial
An AU PAIR has to be at least
17 years old (by law), but it must be
added that many families are unwilling
to take girls of that age.
Working time
The British Home Office
recommends a daily working time of
five hours for a 6-day week (30 hours
per week), and, in addition, two to three
evenings baby-sitting per week. It is
pointed out that these are only
enforceable laws.

Preparations for a stay as AU PAIR

Without a basic knowledge of
the English language, it is difficult to
find a host family. It is equally
disadvantageous to enter an AU PAIR
arrangement without a basic knowledge
of household duties.
Travelling arrangements
An AU PAIR girl should pay her
own fare to and from Britain. She
should inform her prospective hostess
about her travelling arrangements i.e.
flight number, time and place of arrival,
etc). London has more than one railway
station, and several airports; there are
direct buses and trains (including the
Underground) to the centre of London.
It is advisable to specify where the host
family can meet their future AU PAIR

Entry regulations
EEC NATIONAL can enter the
United Kingdom with a valid passport
or identity card, regardless of the
purpose and length of stay. If they want
to stay longer than six months, an
application for extension of stay has to
be made before the end of this period.
The passport or identity card, two
photos and the completed EEC Form 1
have to be sent or taken in person tot he
Home Office Immigration Department,
Lunar House, Wellesley Road, Croydon,
At the time of the application,
information will be given concerning
registration with the Aliens Police. At
the beginning of a stay no registration is
necessary (for EEC nationals).
valid passport to enter the United
Kingdom, together with a letter of
invitation from the host family. This
letter has to be shown to the
Immigration Officer, who will give
permission to stay in the UK.

Personal expenses
It is strongly recommended that
an AU PAIR girl should bring enough
money with her to Britain. Bus and
Underground fares within London are
very expensive and distances should not
be underestimated. Pocket money given
by the hostess does NOT cover the cost
of school fees, nor is it enough for
purchasing clothes. Pocket money is
just pocket money. It is essential to have
enough money for the first week to pay
school fees, etc., and enough means to
pay for the return journey home. Every
Profesora: Eva Mara Ortiz Egea


Instructions will also be given

about registration. This should be
carried out as soon as possible after
arrival, and for this the passport, two
photographs and $25,00 (Autumn 1988)
have to be produced. The address to go
to is: Aliens Registration Office, 10
Lambs Conduit Street, London WC1.
(Underground Holborn.) Tel: 01-725

Citizens Advice Bureaux

There are about 825 Citizens
Advice Bureaux in the United Kingdom
where you can receive free confidential
advice and help on all problems;
addresses are obtainable from telephone
directories, post offices, libraries, Town
Halls, or local Police Stations.

Now read this paragraph about au pairs. Some of the information is not correct.
Rewrite the paragraph using the correct information.
A girl who works as an au pair must work at least six hours a day and five days a week.
She must look after the children and do a lot of the housework. She has to share a room
with the children. It is not necessary to be able to speak English. The family will pay for
the journey to England and also give the au pair girl money to study in England and buy
clothes. Girls under 17 years of age cant be au pairs. Girls coming from EEC countries
have to have a passport and a letter of invitation from the host family in order to come
into the country. If the au pair has any problems when she is in England she can go to
the Aliens Registration Office.

Profesora: Eva Mara Ortiz Egea