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October 2008

Q: An instrument that measures deflection

which is proportional to an electric
A: ballistic galvanometer

Q: In class B FM transmitter, the antenna

height must be at least ___ above the
average terrain.
A: 500 feet

Q: At a constant temperature, the volume

of a gas is inversely proportional to the
pressure. This is known as ___
A: Boyles Law

Q: A device used to measure the

illumination intensity of different light
A: photometer

Q: The mass of neutron is ___ that of the

A: 1839

Q: In a simple harmonic motion, there is a

constant ratio between the displacement
of mass and its ___.
A: acceleration

Q: SI unit of energy.
A: joule

Q: Primetime block of FM stations located

in Metro Manila is ___
A: 6 PM to 8 PM

Q: What class of FM transmitters that is

limited to an ERP of 30 kW.
A: class B

Q: An acid capable of donating more than

one proton is ___ acid.
A: polyprotic

Q: What law pertains to the local

exchange carrier policy in the Philippines?
A: E.O. 109

Q: In converging lenses, a ___ image is

formed when the real object is placed
farther from the principal focus of the
A: real

Q: Condensation is a change from the ___

state to ___ state.
A: gaseous, liquid
Q: The first law of Newton is also known
as the law of ___.
A: inertia
Q: 1 Joule is how many ergs?
A: 107
Q: What is the most common crystal
defect in engineering materials?
A: line defect
Q: The minimum monthly retainers fee of
a consultant electronics engineer.
A: PHP 1,500.00
Q: The specific gravity of Silicon.
A: 2.34
Q: What breach in contract wherein the
victims receive a material of inferior
quality not specified in the contract?
A: material breach

Q: The attraction of like molecules.

A: cohesion
Q: What material is used as shielding for
radioactive materials and X-rays?
A: lead
Q: When a heavy nuclei is split into two
medium-weighted nuclei, this process is
A: fission
Q: In the horizontal flow of liquids in a
tube, the sum of the total pressure and
Kinetic energy per unit volume is
constant. This principle is known as ___
A: Bernoullis Principle
Q: The minimum carrier output power of
transmitters that require supervision of an
Electronics Engineer is ___.
A: 1 kW
Q: The ratio of tensile stress over strain.
A: Youngs Modulus

Q: In an undamped simple harmonic

motion, the sum of the kinetic and
potential energy is ___ to the internal
energy of the system.
A: equal to
Q: The second most abundant element in
the earths crust.
A: Silicon
Q: Engineer manager
rewards as ___ and ___.
A: extrinsic, intrinsic


Q: In engineering materials, what material

strength is used for ductile materials?
A: Yield Strength
Q: When one factor is constant or difficult
to increase, changing one of its factors will
result to a less proportional increase in its
A: Law of Diminishing Returns
Q: How many in kgs are there in one slug?
A: 14.6
Q: Faradays constant is equal to ___
A: 9.11083 x 10-31
Q: What are the constants in Keplers
Third Law?
A: T2/R3


Q: The ratio of absolute vapor pressure to

the saturated vapor pressure.
A: relative humidity
Q: When the mass of he nucleon is less
than the sum of its constituent particles.
A: mass defect
Q: free liquid assumes spherical shape.
A: surface tension
Q: Elevation and depression of water in
small diameter tubes.
A: capillarity
Q: In colloids, when seen under a special
microscope, its particles will be seen in
random, zigzag motion.
A: Brownian movement
Q: How is the activity of radioactivity
A: in Becquerel

Q: Who initiated that elements can be

broken into smaller particles?
A: Democritus
Q: The ratio of thermal conductivity to the
A: Weidmann-Franz ratio
Q: oils, wells, mines
A: depletion cost
A: temperature, pressure, density


Q: based on expectations..
A: Expectancy theory
Q: Dose association and separating them
to produce same effect above..
A: electrification
Q: The solute for stainless steel.
A: chromium
Q: separating electrolytes into its ions

A: electrolysis
Q: At 0oC, sound travels fastest at what
A: Glass
Q: At what temperature reading do the
Celsius scale and the Fahrenheit scale
have the same temperature?
A: -40


A: Amplitude

Q: The SI unit for mass moment of inertia:

A: kg-m2

Q: The magnetic moment of electrons in

an atom is zero.
A: Diamagnetic

Q: It is a system of naming chemical

A: chemical nomenclature

Q: What will happen to the intermolecular

forces of solids when it melts?
A: It will decrease.

Q: The frequency range of shortwave

frequency for International Broadcast
A: 5.59 26.10 kHz

Q: It is an application of the first law of

thermodynamics using Hesss Law.
A: Born-Haber Cycle

Q: What refers to a statement of fact

made by one party to the other before the
contract is made?
A: A representation
Q: What states that for any two bodies in
thermal equilibrium or for perfect black
bodies, the ratios of emissive power to
absorptive power are equal?
A: Kirchhoffs Law

Q: The most abundant element on earth.

A: Oxygen

Q: The moment of inertia to an axis is ____

the sum of its moment its center mass
and product of the cross-sectional area
and the square of its distance.
A: equal to
Q: A condition in pressure and in
temperature where liquid and its vapor is
A: Critical Point
Q: The chief ore of zinc.
A: Sphalerite

Q: In HCl, the attraction

molecules is called ___.
A: polar covalent bond

Q: The first letter in ITU Emission

Designation where the main carrier is
amplitude modulated using SSB, full
A: H


Q: Nuclear bombardment of an unstable

nucleus which emits proton and neutrons
to become stable is called ___.
A: nuclear disintegration

Q: What property of an element is

determined by the number of protons in
its nucleus?
A: Atomic number

Q: The act of certifying buildings,

installations and equipments to ensure
that it passed an accepted standard.
A: Acceptance

Q: The SI unit of impulse is:

A: N-s

Q: The ___ of an environment serves as a

measure of strengths of acids and bases.
A: pH measurement

Q: The common device used to measure

electrostatic phenomenon.

Q: The ___ strength of a material is the

force required to bend a rod per crosssectional area.
A: tensile

Q: An image defect formed by horizontal

lines and vertical lines that converge to a
common focus at different distances.
A: Astigmatism

Q: What is the type of bonds in metallic

A: Ionic bond

Q: At 0oC, the speed of sound at water is:

A: 1450 m/s

October 2008

A: Leaf electroscope
Q: The frequency of cordless telephone
within 300 feet of radius as ordered by the
A: TX: 326.250 326.475 MHz;
RX: 210.000 MHz

Q: The maximum displacement of an

object undergoing harmonic motion on
either side of equilibrium position is called
the ___ of the motion.

Q: What is otherwise
A: RA 8792

Q: Element that is used to build DNA

A: Zinc
Q: A civil wrong committed by a person
that causes injury/damage to a person or
property for which law allows a claim by
the injured party to recover damages.
A: Tort
Q: A substance that cannot be use as a
solvent for chromatography of green
A: Water
Q: An instrument that measures the actual
stress experienced in the surface of the
A: Strain Gage
Q: Kelvin temperature is invented by?
A: Sir William Thomson
Q: Specific gravity of mercury.
A: 13.6

known as


Q: The common unit of heat.

A: Calorie, Joule, BTU
Q: The SI unit of energy, temperature, and
A: Joule, Kelvin, Pascal
Q: How many years after revocation of
license can the board reinstate its
A: 2 Years

Q: When incident angle of the denser

body is greater than the critical angle.
A: Total Reflection
Q: The unit of potential difference in mks
unit system.
A: Volt
Q: Attraction between unlike molecules.
A: Adhesion
Q: In spherical mirror, it is the
convergence point halfway between the
mirror and its radius of curvature.
A: Principal Focus
Q: The tendency of a liquids surface to
A: Surface Tension
Q: The basic law


for the

communications in the Philippines and

other purposes.
A: RA 3846
Q: For crystalline structure, the atomic
arrangement of the repeating structure.
A: Unit Cell
Q: For Rankine Absolute temperature
scale, the value of absolute temperature.
A: -460oF
Q: For simple harmonic motion, the
displacement from its equilibrium position
is _____?
A: Zero
proportions of elements based on the
quantitative law of chemical combination.
A: Stoichiometry
Q: The space created by the spinning
electrons around the nucleus that gives
the atom is volume.
A: Electron Cloud
Q: Under percent cost method in
computing professional fee, what is the
minimum design fee under book 2
complexity of requirements?
A: 8% of cost but not less than 6,000
Q: Molar is expressed in ___.
A: grams / mole
Q: An echo occurs when the reflected
sound arrives ___ or more after the
original sound wave reaches the receiver.
A: 0.1 s
Q: Surface tension is expressed in ___.
A. dyne / cm
Q: The IRR of RA 9292 is the Board of
Electronics Engineers Resolution No. ___,
Series of 2007.

A: 2


Q: Moment of Inertia depends on ___ .

A: Mass, axis of rotation, size and
Q: ___ days after receiving the receipt
of the alleged text spam.
A: 3
Q: Every point in a wavefront is regarded
as a source of distortion. This is known as
A: Huygenss principle
Q: If an ECE is to be an expert witness in a
court arbitration hearing, the minimum
chargeable fee is ___ per hour.
A: P 500.00
Q: What is the coefficient of restitution for
an elastic collision?
A: Always equal to 1
Q: It is a form of lateral spherical
aberration where the rays do not pass on
the principal axis but forms a comet
shaped object.
A: Coma
Q: Acid that is present in automobile
A: Sulfuric acid
Q: What is the reciprocal of the coefficient
of volume elasticity?
A: Compressibility
Q: When was the IRR of RA 9292 approved
by the PRC?
A: August 31, 2007
Q: The maximum fine for any violation of
RA 3846, an act of providing for the
regulation of radio and communications.
A: 2 years
Q: Color appearance of chlorine.
A: Greenish yellow

Q: The electrostatic
A: Statvolt

October 2008
unit of potential

Q: Group 1A to Group VIIIA or Group A are

A: Representatives
Q: Rays passes to come from the image
after refraction.
A: Virtual Image

Q: What law states that it is impossible for

an engine unaided by an internal heat to
transfer from one body to another in a
higher temperature?
A: Second Law of Thermodynamics
Q: What refers to blackbody radiation
emitted at the temperature of freezing
A: Candle

Q: The electron dot structure shows:

A: Electrons in the outermost energy

Q: The failure of paraxial and marginal

rays through the same point on reflection
at a spherical mirror or refraction through
a lens is known as ______.
A: Spherical Aberration

Q: What is a large cylindrical container,

shaped like a pill box, placed between
huge electromagnets, and used to
accelerate electrons?
A: Cyclotron

A: Fouriers Law

Q: An act of giving advice and information

to a client in the area of electronics
engineering and its related fields in line
with current internationally accepted
standards and practices.
A: Engineering consultation
Q: Bending of a strip of steel is a form of
what elasticity?
A: Elasticity of Flexion
Q: When an object exerts a force on
another object, the second object exerts
on the first a force of the same magnitude
but in the opposite magnitude.
A: Third law of motion
Q: Is a form of determining the
contribution of subunits on allocated
A: Intermediate planning
Q: A body under stress has ___, which is
equal to the work in deforming it.
A: Elastic potential energy



Q: In Metro Manila, commercial load shall

not exceed ____ minutes or one hour
A: 15
Q: NTC memorandum Circular requires
Class B-1 to have a transmitter power of
500W and an effective radiated power not
lower than ___ watts.
A: 1000
Q: In Metro Manila, Am broadcast has a
maximum power allocation of _____.
A: 50 kW
Q: A solution is considered _____ if it has a
PH of 8.5
A: Alkaline
Q: What is the generic name of the trade
name nylon?
A: Polyamide
Q: What is the type of annuity where he
payments are made at the end of each
period starting from the first period?
A: Ordinary Annuity

Q: What is the latent heat of vaporization
of water in cal/g?
A: 540
Q: In Am broadcasting stations operating
in the Philippines, the term daytime
refers to which period of time?
A: 2200 to 1000 UTC
Q: In economic terms, the length of time
of which the net cumulative profit will
reach the value of initial investment is
A: Payback Period
Q: Nitrogen family belongs to which group
in the periodic table?
Q: What thermodynamic property best
describes the material activity of a
A: Internal Energy
Q: The ratio of the size of the image to the
size of the object is called _______.
A: Linear Magnification

Q: What is a device in which the fission

controlled radioactive material produces
new radioactive substances and energy?
A: nuclear reactor
Q: What refers to the amount of energy
given off when an electron moves from
one orbit to a lower orbit?
A: Quantum
Q: What do you call the distinct pattern in
space which atoms of metal arranged
themselves hen they combined to produce
a substance of recognizable size?
A: Space-Lattice
Q: At constant pressure, the volume of a
gas is directly proportional to the mass.
A: Charles Law
Q: The vector quantity is the sum of all
vectors acting on a system of particles.
A: Principle of motion of center mass
Q: A good radio transmitter and receiver
has a broadcast band with a range of
_____ vib/s.
A: 40-8000

Q: ___ may occur when the light passes

through a material of less speed to one of
greater speed
A: Total Internal Reflection

Q: When the temperature is unchanged,

PV = constant. This is known as ________.
A: Boyles Law

Q: Chemistry is primarily concerned with

the composition and changes of ______.
A: matter

Q: An uncombined element
oxidation number of ______.
A: 0

Q: A scientific law is a statement that

A: Summarizes observed fact

Q: The legal basis of NTC requiring the

services of an ECE for design and
operation of radio stations.
A: Department Order No. 88
Q: A kind of damage in which indirect
losses are incurred by an injured party and
not directly related to the contract.
A: Consequential Damage

Q: The catenary is a graph of _____.

A: y = coshx
Q: Light-weight nuclei are combined to
form heavier, more stable nuclei. This
process is called ______.
A: Fusion


Q: The value of Avogadros number is

6.022 times 10 to the ______ power.
A: 23rd
Q: The keystone of professional conduct
A: Integrity

October 2008
A: Cryogenics
Q: Water is hard when _________.
A: It contains certain dissolved salts

Q: What do you call the basic building

block of engineering materials?
A: Atoms

Q: The ratio of the speed of light in an

empty space to the speed of light in a
A: Absolute index of refraction

Q: An instrument used to measure the

constant fraction of radiant flux and is
calibrated in units of illuminance.
A: Foot-candle meter

Q: The weighted average of molecular

masses of isotopes based on their relative

Q: In NTC 03-11-2005, it states that any

person or entity intending to register as
VOIP service provider has to post a
performance bond of how much?
A: 5 million

Q: The ______ of sound is dependent on

the harmonics present and on their
A: Quality

Q: The total volume of nonreacting gases

is equal to the sum of the partial volume
of each gas.
A: Azamats law
Q: The maximum term for certificate of
authorization issued by the NTC to the
cable operator.
A: 15 years
Q: The molecular mass of a gas which
diffuses at the rate has fast as H2.
A: 8

Q: Successive repetition of one regular
vibration or more different frequencies.
A: musical tone
Q: What affects chemical equilibrium?
Q: Fluids are classified as _____ and ______
A: Ideal and real
Q: The branch of physics that is concerned
with low temperature phenomena.

Q: What values form the moral philosophy

which constitutes the foundation of
A: Justice, Honesty and Courtesy
Q: If no net force acts on it, an object at
rest will remain at rest and an object in
motion will remain in motion at constant
velocity. This statement is the ______.
A: First Law of Motion
Q: The style of leadership an engineer
manager should use if his unit is manned
by professionals.
A: Free-rein leadership
Q: Also known as specific gravity
A: relative density
Q: Models of...
Q: F = ma
A: Newtons Second Law
Q: The easier the atom lose its electrons,
the lower its _____
A: Valence electrons

Q: Solid to gas
A: sublimation

A: Torsion

Q: In Thermodynamics, series of process

in which system may return to its original
condition or state.
A: cycle
Q: Distribution on initial cost
depreciation or reduction of a debt
A: Amortization


Q: Dispersion
A: emission
Q: Bluish black halogen solid that gives
purple fumes when heated.
A: iodine
Q: Limit of an electronic equipment to be
exposed to radiation
A: 100 ms
Q: One nuclear disintegrations per second
decrease - with constant mass of mole, as
temperature decreases, the pressure _____
A: Becquerel
Q: "Atomos"
A: Indivisibility
Q: Electrostatic unit of discharge
A: statcoloumb
Q: Perfect absorber of radiation / perfect
A: Black body
Q: absorbed dose
A: Gray


Q: One pound equal to ____ Newton

A: 4.45N
Q: Type of psychological test to measure a
persons capacity of potential ability to
A: Aptitude test
Q: Measure of rigidity of a material
A: Shear modulus
Q: Released by acids...
A: Hydrogen
Q: To make acid neutral, add base (base
cancels acid. To make base neutral, add
(acid cancels base)
A: Neutralization
Q: Person who occupies a higher position
over lower positions
A: Legitimate power
Q: Most electric conductive material
A: Silver
Q: Easiest to die-cast
A: Zinc
Q: Number of SI units.
A: 7
Q: (hearing range) certain pitch
A: 20 to 20000 Hz
Q: Annual cost method
A: Capital Recovery Method

Q: unit of radioactivity
A: Curie

Q: Number of FM translators in a primary

(FM) station
A: 2

Q: Diatomic with 5 added half tone

A: Chromatic dispersion

Q: Founder of scientific method

A: Galileo

Q: Twisting...

Q: ... paired electrons

A: Diamagnetic
Q: Ability of a material to mix with other
A: Miscibility
Q: Mass of water vapor in a volume
A: Absolute Humidity
Q: Mass of water vapor in a mass of air
A: Specific Humidity
Q: Minimum stress to cause a permanent
A: Elastic Limit
Q: Cause of thin film liquid to be elastic
A: Surface Tension
Q: Management control where the
engineer manager gathered information &
evaluation and steps for improvement are
A: Feedback Control
Q: Payoffs granted to employee by
company such as money, benefits,
promotion, recognition, status and praise.
A: Extrinsic Rewards
Q: Authority of budget officer
A: Functional Authority
Q: Unit charge of alpha particle
A: +2
Q: A material in which the sum of
magnetic moments in an atom is equal to
A: Diamagnetic
Q: Process in which molecules of a
substance pass the other molecules of
other substance. Mixing of gases due to
molecular motion.
A: Diffusion

October 2008
Q: Refer to a fundamental obligation
under the contract which goes to the root
of the contract.
A: Condition
Q: Visible light spectrum
A: 4000 A to 7000 A
Q: The force that binds molecules in a
A: Van der waals
Q: The property of light which is
composed of assortment of wavelength
and its intensities
A: Hue
Q: Father of modern chemistry
A: Antoine Lavoisier
Q: Most abundant elements in the earth
crust in terms on the number of atoms
A: Oxygen and silicon
Q: What is another term for specific
A: relative density
Q: Illustration of release of energy
A: Changing water to ice
Q: The amount of potential difference of
moving a 1 statcolumb charge requiring 1
erg of energy
A: Statvolt
Q: The process in which a material of
greater dense settles in a liquid and the
lesser dense particles are poured off
A: Floatation
Q: Force that binds the proton and neutron
inside the nucleus with the help of a third
A: Exchange force
Q: Internal friction in fluids
A: Viscosity


Q: Ph stands for
A: Positive hydrogen ion
Q: Why does pupil contract and dilate
A: To control the amount of light
Q: The time it takes for 1 complete cycle
of a sinusoidal signal
A: Period
Q: The squares of the periods of
revolution of the planets about the sun are
directly proportional to the cubes of their
mean distances from the sun(the major
axes of the elliptical orbits).
A: Keplers Third Law
Q: Ratio of normal stress to the change in
A: Bulk modulus of elasticity

A: carbon dioxide is not an ionic


Q: Physical characteristic of sound which

relates to the frequency of the sound
A: pitch
Q: What refers to the measure of disorder
present in a given substance?
A: entropy
Q: Amount of heat required to change the
temperature of a substance.
A: sensible heat
Q: Paid up capital required to grant the
mobile providers permit (MC 08-08-2004).
A: 100,000
Q: A solution wherein water is the solvent
A: Aqueous solution

Q: Brass is an alloy of:

A: copper and zinc

Q: Defines the electron spin angular

momentum vector
A: Electron spin quantum number

Q: A scientific law is a statement wherein:

A: Summarizes observed facts

Q: 1 curie =
A: 3.7 x 1010

Q: A large group of organic compounds

A: Carbohydrates

Q: What is used to determine

frequency of a tuning fork?
A: Vibrograph

Q: Refers to annual maintenance for

waste investments such as oil wells or
A: depletion cost
Q: Which is not an ionic compound?
A: C6H12 O6
Q: Is a type of annuity where the
payments are made at the start of each
period starting from the first period.
A: annuity due
Q: Which is true about carbon dioxide?

A: capillarity

Q: Measures the radius of proton.

A: Chadwick

A: atoms

Q: 107 dynes
A: 1 Joule
Q: cg / s2
A: Dyne
Q: Faraday in coulombs/kg
A: 9.65x107 erg
Q: Separation with respect to the different
boiling point of the surface.
A: Distillation
Q: Unit of surface
A: Dynes/cm
Q: Wavelength of IR
A: above 7000 Angstrom

disintegration per second


Q: F= ma
A: Newtons second law of motion
Q: Doubling the amplitude of simple
harmonic motion doubles the?
A: It maximum speed
Q: Penetration of molecules of a
substance into another substance
A: diffusion
Q: Mechanical vibration resulting to a
barrel-like shaped or pin cushion image of
a square mesh object
A: distortion

October 2008

Q: The separation of visible light or other

electromagnetic waves into different
A: dispersion

Q: Measures the wave generated by the

tuning fork.
A: Vibrograph
Q: What is the minimum carrier power
output of a standard AM broadcast or
effective and direct supervision of an
electronics engineer is required?
A: 1 kW
Q: In a _____, friction progressively
reduces the amplitude of the vibration.
A: Damped harmonic oscillator
Q: Unit charge of alpha particle
A: +2
Q: Law that describes the heat conduction
A: Fourier law
Q: Rise and fall of liquid in a container

Q: Unit of viscosity
A: N-s/m2



Q: Intensive properties in thermodynamics

A: temperature, pressure and density
Q: A defect in the outer curvature on the
surface of the eye that causes distorted
A: Astigmatism
Q: A defect in a lens that produces a
blurred, comet-shaped image of a point or
the image produces.
A: coma
Q: What law states that for a set of equal
energy orbital, each orbital is occupied by
one electron before any orbital has two
A: Hund's Rule of multiplicity
Q: The difference between the mass
number of an atom and the lesser mass of
actual atom
A: mass defect
Q: The _____ of a liquid refers to the
tendency of its surface to contract to the
minimum possible area in any situation.
A: surface tension
Q: The force of attraction between
adjacent particles within the same body
A: cohesion
Q: Interaction between the surfaces of
different bodies
A: adhesion
Q: Summarizes observed facts
A: scientific law

Q: A satisfied employee is motivated from
within to work harder and that a
motivated. This is the indication of which
of the following theory?
A: Herzbergs Two Factor Theory
Q: Another name for the shear modulus of
a material is _____.
A: Coefficient of Rigidity
Q: ____ is an oscillatory motion that occurs
whenever a restoring force acts on a body
displacement from its equilibrium position
where the magnitude of the restoring
force proportional to the magnitude of the
A: Simple Harmonic Motion
Q: What physical property of a material
that refers to the rate of heat flow per unit
time in a homogeneous material under
steady state condition per unit area per
unit temperature gradient in a direction
perpendicular to area?
A: Thermal conductivity

October 2008

Q: Ideal mixture
A: Gibbs Theorem
Q: The principle that an object immersed
in a liquid experiences an upward thrust
equal to the weight of liquid it displaces,
so that light objects float and heavy
objects sink.
A: Archimedes Principle
Q: A data network operated by an
enfranchised telecommunications carrier
that is authorized to provide data and
services to the public.
A: Public Switched Data Network
Q: A test, especially a scientific one,
carried out in order to discover whether a
theory is correct or what the results of a
particular course of action would be
A: Experiment

Q: Under percent cost method in

computing professional fee, what is the
minimum design fee under book 3
complexity of requirements?
A: 6% of cost but not less than 3,000
Q: A simple harmonic frequency that acts
on its natural frequency.
A: Resonance
Q: Revenue equals cost.
A: Break-Even Analysis
Q: An act providing for the installation,
operation, and maintenance of public
telephones in each and every municipality
in the Philippines, approaching funds
hereof and for other purposes.
A: R.A. 6849