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Tourists pat and kiss
Republican wants more Massa exposure but grey whales in San
Ignacio Lagoon, Baja
Democrat says it’s over California Sur, Mexico
David Morgan (Front Row hold his nose. And he is not within the next 48 hours, I was (Latest news, breaking news,
Washington) alone. “I’m a little taken aback told that, in fact, they had current news, UK news, world
and stunned,” the Virginia contacted the ethics committee,” news, celebrity news, politics
Submitted at 3/10/2010 7:18:02 AM news)
lawmaker confided. “I don’t Hoyer recalled.
House Republican Eric Cantor know the facts of this at all. I “Within three weeks, as you Submitted at 3/10/2010 8:24:13 AM
thinks Congress should get to know that the American people know, the congressman decided When the massive, barnacle-
the bottom of Eric Massa’s are sickened.” that the charges that were spotted head of a Pacific grey
bizarre tale of congressional Massa’s descriptions of the pending, or the situation that whale slid alongside Pachico
nudity, satanic White House events that led him to the exit existed, was serious enough that Mayoral's wooden boat, he
advisers, the groping of men (or door have become a spectator he was going to resign.” nervously reached out to touch
not) and a congressional sport with more back-and- Did Democrats try to oust it. Like other fishermen, he
healthcare putsch forth grunting than professional Massa? “Absolutely not. usually beat his boat with a stick
by Democrats. But House tennis. And with only one Or did he? Hoyer describes Period.” to try to frighten the giant
Majority Leader Steny Hoyer player. only one chain of events leading And what about the need for mammals away, but for once he
says the case is over. He did, or didn’t, leave because to Massa’s departure, and further investigation? “This was hesitated. "I was curious and,
“I know that Steny joins me in of his health. Did or didn’t relatively speaking, his account a situation that needed to be very gently, I stroked the
hoping that the ethics committee grope a male staffer. Did or sounds pretty realistic if only by dealt with immediately. And it whale's face. And nothing
in Congress looks into this didn’t jump ship to avoid an virtue of its plainness. was, and action has been taken, happened. It stayed calm,"
adequately and can get to the ethics probe into sexual Hoyer’s office learned of the and the member is now not in Mayoral said, driving a boat of
bottom of all of this,” said harassment claims. Did have a harassment claims on Feb. 8 and Congress.” tourists across the San Ignacio
Cantor, who appeared along close encounter with a naked strongly advised the young man Photo Credit: Reuters/Kevin lagoon some 40 years later
with Hoyer on NBC’s Today Rahm Emanuel. Did decide that in question to go to the ethics Lamarque (House Ethics Picture: AFP/GETTY
show. ”The best place for this to Emanuel’s a blood relative of committee. In fact, Hoyer may Committee room); Five Filters featured article:
be resolved is in the ethics Satan. Did get pushed from have applied some pressure. But Reuters/Official Handout (Eric Chilcot Inquiry. Available tools:
committee and let’s get to the office by a White House not the kind Massa likes to talk Massa) PDF Newspaper, Full Text RSS,
bottom of it.” infuriated over his refusal to about. Click here for more political Term Extraction.
Otherwise, the whole thing back the Obama healthcare ”I said further: ‘If you don’t coverage from Reuters
seems to make Cantor want to reform plan. make the complaint, I will.’ And
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Karl Rove says did not ask for gay marriage fight
Ed Stoddard (Front Row possible to bring a courteous conservative Christian circles.
Washington) and caring tone to a divisive Rove also talks about the
Submitted at 3/10/2010 8:35:39 AM issue. The issue also revealed allegations that his adopted
the nuttiness of the Left, which father was gay -- allegations we
Karl Rove, the political never saw how persistent blogged about the other day
operative widely credited with America's traditionalism really when he said in an interview
the electoral successes of former was. Instead, the Left seemed that families should be off limits
U.S. President George W. Bush, convinced that Bush and I in politics. He says that the
says in his new book that he did e n g i n e e r e d t h e i s s u e ' s reporters who pushed those
not choose gay marriage as a e m e r g e n c e t o d r i v e B u s h allegations were " driven by
w e d g e i s s u e b u t t h a t partisans to the polls. But, of hatred" and that they wanted to
circumstances thrust it his way. course, it was a liberal supreme push the angle that Karl Rove,
Conventional wisdom, at least court that brought the issue to the anti-gay crusader, had a gay
in some circles, has it that the fore," he writes. father.
Rove masterminded gay He was referring to a For the record, Rove says he
marriage as an issue in the November 2003, Massachusetts does not know to this day and
2004 White House race in a bid Supreme Judicial Court decision does not care if his late father
to get conservative evangelicals that legalized gay marriage in was gay.
-- a key base for the Republican that state. Rove said that Rove does not have much more
Party, especially during the development sparked the ballot to say on the hot-button social
Bush years -- to the polls. There initiatives and he maintains their issues and religious vote that
were ballot initiatives in about a impact in the election battle have been associated with him
dozen states that year to ban against Democrat John Kerry and Bush. I have only had a
gay marriage (or, supporters of has been greatly exaggerated. chance to read a few sections of
such measures would argue, What did matter in his view was the book but according to the
to defend traditional marriage). that state court decision. index the word abortion is only
Many political commentators " In the end, whether a state had found on about a dozen of the
have said such tactics are in a marriage ballot measure didn't book's over 500 pages and some
keeping with the "Rovian" affect Bush's share of the vote: of those references are brief.
strategy of ginning up the base he increased his portion of the independents who might " Neither Bush nor I regret his The word "evangelicalism" is
to clinch narrow victories. vote between 2000 and 2004 by otherwise have voted stand on gay marriage. The mentioned on only a handful of
R o v e , i n " C o u r a g e a n d an average of 2.7 points in the Democratic to abandon Kerry issue was thrust upon us and we pages as well.
Consequence: My Life as a states without referenda and by over his wobbly views on were perfectly willing to make Rove was widely seen as a
Conservative in the Fight," says an average of 2.5 points in the marriage." our case. To overturn the time- hardened warrior in the trenches
the ballot initiatives made little eleven states with defense-of- Bush of course opposed same- honored definition of marriage of America's culture wars. But
difference to the outcome that marriage initiatives on the sex marriage and called for a is a socially revolutionary act. he says he was reluctantly
year and that they were not his November ballot, a statistically federal constitutional To do so through the courts and dragged into some of those
idea anyway. insignificant difference ... But amendment to bar it, though against the will of the people battles.
" Gay marriage was an ugly the Massachusetts Supreme Rove also notes that the former makes the attempt even more
fight we had not asked for but Judicial Court decision did president supported same-sex radical," Rove writes, giving the
could win if we handled with affect the 2004 election by partner rights such as hospital standard critique of gay
care. Done right, our response to m o t i v a t i n g c u l t u r a l l y visits and health coverage. marriage that one hears in
gay marriage could show it was conservative Democrats and
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Massa: some tickling, nothing General Odierno gives

sexual, and it’s about healthcare vote “The Hurt Locker”
Tabassum Zakaria (Front Row
Washington) friendly review one of his wife’s best friends.
When King asked several times
why the former congressman
Submitted at 3/9/2010 8:23:56 PM
Tabassum Zakaria (Front Row
did not call the former staffer to Washington)
One day after resigning as a find out what it was all about,
freshman congressman from Massa said he didn’t have the Submitted at 3/9/2010 7:05:19 PM

Upstate New York, Eric Massa number any more.

has found his 15 minutes of As the top U.S. military
At one point, Massa said the
fame. commander in Iraq, General Ray
main reason he resigned was
He landed on two major talk Odierno must have on-the-
because of health concerns. At
shows Tuesday — Fox News ground knowledge of the
another, he said Democratic
Channel’s Glenn Beck and American military teams that
leadership wanted him gone
CNN’s Larry King — and they defuse roadside bombs in Iraq.
because he didn’t support their
both wanted to know about So it seems like high praise,
healthcare reform. When
allegations of sexual indeed, that he complimented
pressed, Massa said he forced
harrassment against male the Oscar-winning movie “The
himself out.
staffers. Hurt Locker” for how it
“I am in trouble because I’m a
Larry King asked him outright portrayed the sacrifices made by
Democrat standing up to a
if he was gay. Massa, who is “Now they’re saying I groped a horrific mistake that we’re about bomb disposal soldiers in the
married, said it was an insult to male staffer – yeah I did. Not to make, period,” Massa told Iraq war. and fighting a war on
every gay American that such a only did I grope him, I tickled King. “You end up bucking “I think what I like about it is, it terrorism,” he said.
question was being asked in this him until he couldn’t breathe. your party, you’re out.” shows, first, the camaraderie “The Hurt Locker”, an Iraq war
day and age, and he refused to Then four guys jumped on top “ T h a t ’ s a b s u r d , ” H o u s e that is required here, the tension, drama about a team of bomb-
answer it. of me,” Massa told Beck. “It Democratic leader Steny Hoyer the risk that’s involved in some defusing specialists, won the
Glenn Beck wanted Massa to was my 50th birthday. It was said, when asked about Massa of the jobs that we do here,” Oscar for best picture and
name names in his allegations of ‘kill the old guy.’ You can take contending he was being pushed Odierno said in an interview placed Kathryn Bigelow into
a conspiracy to oust him from anything out of context.” with PBS Newshour. history books as the first woman
out. “That is really untrue.
Congress. When the talk show He later said: “I did nothing A b s o l u t e l y , d e f i n i t i v e l y , “I’m sure many people would ever to win the Academy Award
host didn’t succeed in eliciting sexual. I did some things u n t r u e . ” say it could be a bit more for best director.
the answers he was seeking, he wrong.” accurate in some areas, but I Photo credit: Reuters/Lucy
For more Reuters political
apologized to his audience for Massa told King that he had not coverage, click here believe it’s a good Nicholson (Bigelow poses with
wasting their time with the known that the allegations were representation of the sacrifice, her Oscar for “The Hurt
P h o t o c r e d i t :
interview. forwarded to the House Ethics Reuters/ dedication that it takes here in Locker”)
The following are some Committee by his former deputy ut (Massa) order to combat such a very
highlights from the Massa chief of staff — a man who had difficult mission of terrorism
interviews. lived with his family and was
Antony Gormley takes his statues to New York
(World news: United States | Antony Gormley is breaking showing of public art in into America with a debut Manhattan
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Honored, humbled and a bit Trainee teachers 'should

embarrassed, first lady consigns her act like Clint Eastwood
gown to history to gain respect'
David Morgan (Front Row (Latest news, breaking news, teaching. In films, the really
Washington) current news, UK news, world tough men are not ones with big
news, celebrity news, politics machine guns. They're the
Submitted at 3/9/2010 11:31:45 AM
ones who stare and quietly say 'I
Michelle Obama acknowledged Submitted at 3/10/2010 8:53:12 AM don't think you want to do that'.
having mixed feelings Tuesday Published: 4:18PM GMT 10 ''There are times when you do
as she consigned her 2009 Mar 2010 need to shout. But good
Inaugural Ball gown to posterity Jim Wood, who trains teachers c l a s s r o o m m a n a g e m e n t i s
and a glass case at the a t t h e U n i v e r s i t y o f about taking decisions. My
Smithsonian. Southampton, champions an instinct may be to shout. But if I
“So, here we are. It’s the dress,” ''intimidation through silence'' stop for a second then I might
she laughed at a ceremony in the approach similar to that of the think it would be better to use a
National Museum of American Dirty Harry movie star. quiet voice.''
History to mark the addition of Mr Wood, who is a deputy head Linda Jones, director of the Kip
her one-shouldered, floor- a t B a y H o u s e S c h o o l i n McGrath centre, said: ''Jim is
length, white silk chiffon Gosport, Hampshire, says this really exceptional. He covered
gown to a permanent exhibit on is more effective than shouting v a r i o u s t e c h n i q u e s a n d
first ladies. like Arnold Schwarzenegger, s t r a t e g i e s f o r m a n a g i n g
She was joined by the gown’s which he c l a i m s o n l y behaviour mainly for secondary
26-year-old Taiwan-born galas, including Jackie come rushing back. I remember ''entertains'' the children rather school pupils.
designer, Jason Wu. Kennedy’s and Mary Todd that it was freezing cold in than control them. ''His technique is about being
“To be honest, I am very Lincoln’s. Washington. I know we all He presented his ideas to a non-confrontational, you do not
honored and very humbled, but I Mrs. Obama had to wonder remember that. Yet, despite the seminar of teachers held at the get into an argument with the
have to say that I’m also a little how the other first ladies felt frigid temperatures, hundreds of Kip McGrath education centre pupils, you steer away from the
embarrassed by all the fuss,” she in their dresses. thousands of people flooded the in Portsmouth. confrontation.''
added. “Like many of you, I’m “Did her feet hurt in those Mall. Nothing was going to "The Arnold Schwarzenegger She added that the two
not used to people wanting to shoes? How many times did her stop them from being part of style of teaching is to be strong seminars were fully booked and
put things I’ve worn on husband step on that train?” she history.” and shouty," he said. ''But a third has now been arranged
display.” said. Click here for more political most pupils say they love that. to be held in Southampton on
Humble comments from the And what of her own coverage from Reuters T h e y f i n d i t e n t e r t a i n i n g April 21.
first black woman to become experience? Photo Credit: Reuters/Jason because the teachers have lost Five Filters featured article:
America’s first lady. “When I look at my gown — Reed (Michelle Obama and control and they can see them Chilcot Inquiry. Available tools:
The collection includes which I, in fact, have not seen Jason Wu) going red in the face and their PDF Newspaper, Full Text RSS,
inaugural gowns from the since the day that I took it off — temples throbbing. Term Extraction.
nation’s long march of January memories of that moment truly ''The most effective, though, is
the Clint Eastwood style of
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Bibi's snub to Biden may backfire | Simon Tisdall

Simon Tisdall (World news: Israeli government spokesman Obama's pledge to mediate a professorial aloofness and get Israel cannot afford to keep on
United States | Mark Regev were deployed on resolution of the Israel-Palestine publicly passionate and angry behaving in this disobliging firefighting duties on conflict and with it, an end to about the things he believes in. manner towards its friends.
Submitted at 3/10/2010 9:32:45 AM Wednesday, dutifully uttering the Israel-Arab confrontation At home, this could apply to Whether it is blatant disregard
I n t e n t i o n a l o r n o t , t h e conditional words of contrition. that has scarred the region for healthcare reform. Abroad, the for international rules
a n n o u n c e m e n t o f n e w "We have to express our generations. Netanyahu resisted new approach may single out concerning the protection of
settlements in East Jerusalem apologies for this serious direct talks, rejected a full Israel-Palestine. civilian life, as in Gaza; whether
may push the US into a tougher blunder," Herzog said. settlement freeze, flaunted his Biden's visit, though reassuring it is calculated insults aimed at
stance towards Israel But protestations of innocence uncompromising views on and conciliatory on the surface neighbours, as with Turkey; or
It's not the first time that Israel by interior minister Eli Yishai, Jerusalem, pooh-poohed a Syria until the east Jerusalem whether it is the theft of
has stiffed Barack Obama over head of the Shas religious party opening, and, at the same time, bombshell dropped, may mark passports and identities from
his attempts to kick-start Middle in Netanyahu's coalition and no endlessly reiterated his supposed the start of this tougher friendly countries and the
East peace negotiations. But the great advocate of American willingness to talk to the approach. Many Obama lawless assassination of its
sudden, highly inflammatory attempts to forge a two-state Palestinians "without supporters in the US and enemies, as in Dubai, it goes too
announcement of plans to build peace settlement with the conditions". Europe, and in the post-Cairo far.
an additional 1,600 homes in Palestinians, are hard to credit. Simultaneously, Israel's leader Muslim world, will wish it so. Now, Netanyahu has deeply
occupied East Jerusalem, in the " T h e r e w a s c e r t a i n l y n o tried, with some success, to shift The vice-president, whose angered his country's best and
midst of a visit to Israel of US intention to provoke anyone, the US conversation on to Iran, attack dog qualities were most powerful friend – again.
vice-president Joe Biden, was and certainly not to come along which he says poses an unleashed on the subjects of The coming message to Bibi:
certainly the most brutally and hurt the vice-president of existential threat to his country Russia and Ukraine last year, don't over-reach.
contemptuous rebuff so far to the United States," Yishai said. and the region. All in all, it was certainly did not mince his • Comments on this article will
American peacemaking. These are weasel words. Is it to an Oscar-standard performance words, once he realised the remain open for 24 hours from
It may be that Binyamin be believed that Yishai, like in obfuscation, prevarication extent of the insult. the time of publication but may
Netanyahu, Israel's rightwing Netanyahu, was unaware of and disingenuousness. To the "I condemn the decision by the be closed overnight
prime minister, was unaware in what his own ministry was achingly smart, but politically government of Israel to advance • Middle East
advance of the provisional doing? Did he have no idea the less pugnacious Obama, planning for new housing units • Israel
decision by a Jerusalem district planning decision was pending? Netanyahu's behaviour was in east Jerusalem," Biden said. • Joe Biden
planning committee, as he Did he, as an experienced intellectually insulting. The fact "The announcement ... is • Binyamin Netanyahu
claims. But the announcement politician, not foresee the he has put up with it until now precisely the kind of step that • Palestinian territories
was promulgated by his interior destructive political implications may be a measure of Israel's undermines the trust we need • Barack Obama
ministry, which thereby gave it o f t h i s a m b u s h ? L i k e clout in Washington, especially right now and runs counter to • United States
an official stamp of approval. If Netanyahu, Yishai presumably on Capitol Hill. the constructive discussions that • US foreign policy
Netanyahu did not know, then regards Jerusalem as Israel's This could change. Obama's I've had here in Israel." In the
why not? eternal and indivisible capital. problem, and not just in the last part of this sentence Biden Simon Tisdall
D e s p i t e t h e e v i d e n t Another day on, it seems he was Middle East, is that he is liked seems to be suggesting that© Guardian
embarrassment and considerable determined to rub Biden's nose but not feared. After a first year Netanyahu told him one thing to News & Media Limited 2010 |
political damage caused by the in that insupportable idea. in office devoid of substantive his face and did another behind Use of this content is subject to
decision, Netanyahu has so far The Americans, until now, have achievement, Washington his back. Little wonder he kept our Terms & Conditions| More
made no move to repudiate it. been too polite, or too weak, to insiders say the president must Israel's first couple waiting for Feeds
Lesser figures, such as welfare say it, but Netanyahu spent most show he is ready to fight, to get dinner.
minister Isaac Herzog and last year deliberately frustrating down and dirty, to drop his It doesn't seem to realise it, but
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Water Found in Apollo Moon Rocks

(National Geographic News) Space Center in Houston, Texas. When the Nature study came and chlorine present suggest moon's earliest days, shortly
Submitted at 3/9/2010 2:23:21 PM Lofgen, who wasn't involved out, Greenwood was pioneering there's another compound after it had been created by the
with the new research, called it a technique that allowed him to needed to complete the mineral's collision of a Mars-size object
Recently NASA crashed two "solid work" worthy of further study the chemical makeups of crystal structure. with Earth.
spacecraft into the moon and investigation. Martian meteorites. He later The missing molecule, the team One possibility, according to
orbiters scanned the lunar ( R e a d m o r e a b o u t m o o n applied his method to samples concluded, must be Wesleyan's Greenwood, is that
surface for telltale light exploration.) of the mineral apatite, culled hydroxide—a common icy comets hit the molten young
signatures—all to confirm the New Line of Evidence for from a variety of moon-rock component of apatite and a moon as it was still solidifying.
rocky body isn't bone dry after Moon Water types, to determine the byproduct of the breakup of Another possibility, said the
all. Hints of water in moon samples fingerprint of the water water. Carnegie Institution's
But, it turns out, solid evidence first surfaced in a 2008 study in molecules inside. The finding is "one of the first McCubbin, is that not quite all
for water on the moon was the journal Nature, in which The work proves that the moon- to detect water in a lunar the water was driven off when
under our noses the whole time. scientists reported having rock water "is not from us," he magmatic mineral" and adds to chunks of Earth were flung
Tiny amounts of water have detecting water molecules in said at a presentation of his evidence that moon magma, in spaceward to form the
been found in some of the lunar glasses from the Apollo findings at the 41st Lunar and general, contains trace amounts moon—in other words, the
famous moon rocks brought missions. Planetary Science Conference in of water, according to water may be from an ancient
back to Earth by the Apollo That team, however, hadn't Houston, Texas. geoscientist Francis McCubbin, version Earth. (See"Where Is
astronauts, scientists announced been able to prove the water ( Video: Moon 101.) who participated in the research. W at er on M oon
l a s t W e d n e s d a y . hadn't been introduced to the Water in the Moon Minerals But, though discoveries of From—Volcanoes, Sun ...
(Related:"Apollo 11 at 40: moon rocks on Earth, perhaps At the presentation, a second moon water continue to mount, Earth?")
Facts, Myths, Photos, and through sloppy handling. team announced the discovery they're really just drops in the The tiny amounts of water now
More.") One way to determine a water of water in apatite-bearing rocks bucket, said McCubbin, of the being found in lunar rocks are
The water levels detected in s a m p l e ' s b i r t h p l a c e i s t o from one of the moon's mares, Carnegie Institution for Science about what you’d expect if
Apollo moon rocks and volcanic m e a s u r e t h e a m o u n t s o f dark regions thought to have in Washington, D.C. water had been depleted during
glasses are in the thousands of different hydrogen isotopes been formed by ancient lunar "While there is a lot more water the moon's fiery birth,
p a r t s p e r m i l l i o n , a t inside the water—a technique lava flows. (See"Volcanoes in the moon than we previously McCubbin said. "But you are
most—which explains why unavailable to the Nature team, Rocked Dark Side of the thought," he said, "it is still never going to get rid of all of
analyses of the samples in the s a i d J a m e s G r e e n w o o d , a Moon.") orders of magnitude drier than it."
late 1960s and early 1970s p r o f e s s o r o f E a r t h a n d In part by bombarding the the Earth and Mars and Five Filters featured article:
concluded that the moon was environmental sciences at mineral with a particle beam therefore completely consistent Chilcot Inquiry. Available tools:
absolutely arid. Wesleyan University in from an electron microprobe, with the last 40 years of lunar PDF Newspaper, Full Text RSS,
"Only in the last decade have M i d d l e t o w n , C o n n e c t i c u t . the researchers were able to sample observation." Term Extraction.
instruments become sensitive Isotope measurements can calculate the amounts of the Where's Moon Water From?
enough to even analyze water at serve as fingerprints. Water gases fluorine and chlorine Going forward, the researchers
those kinds of concentrations," from Earth's mantle has a within the sample. plan to investigate how water
said Gary Lofgren, the lunar different isotope ratio than water Given known formulas for ended up in the moon. The most
curator at NASA's Johnson from a comet, for example. apatite, the amounts of fluorine common guesses center on the

Italy, FBI raids crack down on Mafia in US, Sicily (AP)

(Yahoo! News: U.S. News) Nathan buzzed up:'Lost Boys' 6 s e c o n d s a g o 2 0 1 0 - 0 3 - Chilcot Inquiry. Available tools:
Submitted at 3/10/2010 9:29:02 AM actor Corey Haim dead in 1 0 T 0 9 : 3 5 : 0 2 - 0 8 : 0 0 PDF Newspaper, Full Text RSS,
Burbank at 38 (AP) Five Filters featured article: Term Extraction.
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Tortured logic of intelligence chief | Vikram Dodd Exclusive: Chile

Vikram Dodd (World news: what they were doing." 2004 suspects, 25 January 2006 Earthquake
United States |
It did not require a high degree
of James Bond-style espionage
New York Times: Threats and
responses: The interrogations;
Washington Post: Guantánamo
force-feeding tactics are called
Aerial Pictures
Submitted at 3/10/2010 7:31:07 AM for MI5 to realise – much earlier Account of plot sets off debate torture, 1 March 2006 (National Geographic News)
F o r m e r M I 5 h e a d E l i z a than she says it did – that over credibility, 17 June 2004 Guardian: Evidence against Submitted at 3/9/2010 12:40:24 PM
Manningham-Buller denies Guantánamo and other US sites Guardian: US abuse could be terror suspect extracted by
knowing about mistreatment of were places where torture was war crime, 5 August 2004 torture, hearing told, 10 May Destroyed Houses
detainees. Didn't she read the practised. Times: Britons accuse US 2006 Photograph by Nicolás
papers? Before her retirement in 2007, Government of 'torture' at Times: Bush admits that Piwonka
To be fair to Britain's security then, all that Manningham- Guantánamo Bay, 28 October terrorist suspects were held in Smashed houses and other
services, the gathering of Buller needed to have been 2004 secret prison network, 7 debris lie scattered in the mud
intelligence can be the most d o i n g w a s r e a d a d e c e n t Times: Guantánamo report September 2006 left after waters receded from
difficult of jobs. newspaper or use a web search, reveals 'torture', 1 December Guardian: Cheney condemned the village of Tubul, Chile, as
The claim on Wednesday from either of which would have 2004 for backing water torture, 28 seen in a March 6, 2010, aerial
the former head of MI5, Eliza produced headlines and articles Guardian: Guantánamo Briton October 2006 photograph.
Manningham-Buller, that the that would have pricked the 'in handcuff torture', 2 January • Torture Following the February 27
US hid from the UK security curiosity of even the dullest of 2005 • Guantánamo Bay Chile earthquake, many of the
services the torture they were minds. Never mind those who Independent: My nightmare of • al-Qaida seaside houses in the 3,000-
meting out to the Muslim men see themselves as among the torture and assault, by Briton • Khalid Sheikh Mohammed person village were inundated
they had labelled terrorists, sharpest and brightest. held in Guantánamo, 30 January • MI5 by both a succession of tsunami
comes as a bit of surprise. In a So, for the benefit of the former 2005 • MI6 waves and the overflowing
lecture given in the Palace of intelligence chief, the list of Washington Post: Va. terror • Human rights Tubul River, according to the
Westminster, she related: reporting of disturbing suspect testifies to torture, 20 • United States New York Times.
"I said to my staff, 'Why is he allegations and evidence of October 2005 • Dick Cheney As of March 2, the rural, mostly
[Khalid Sheikh Mohammed] torture employed by the US and Guardian: Hunger strikers • George Bush poor village had not yet received
talking?' because our experience its allies in the war on terror allege 'force feed torture' at • Global terrorism any aid from local or federal
of Irish prisoners and terrorists starts here – but please add your Guantánamo, 21 October 2005 • Terrorism policy officials, residents told the
w a s t h a t t h e y n e v e r s a i d own in the thread below: Guardian: Torture claims • UK security and terrorism Times, though people there are
anything … Guardian: Father fears for son 'forced US to cut terror charges', desperate for drinkable water,
"They said the Americans say held by US in Afghanistan, 10 25 November 2005 Vikram Dodd food, and fuel.
h e i s v e r y p r o u d o f h i s February 2003 ABC News: History of an© Guardian Published March 9, 2010
achievements when questioned Guardian: Briton held as terror interrogation technique: News & Media Limited 2010 | Five Filters featured article:
about it. It wasn't actually until suspect says CIA threatened Waterboarding, 29 November Use of this content is subject to Chilcot Inquiry. Available tools:
after I retired that I read that, in torture, 4 October 2003 2005 our Terms & Conditions| More PDF Newspaper, Full Text RSS,
fact, he had been waterboarded Guardian: Officials 'knew of Telegraph: Torture law victory Feeds Term Extraction.
160 times." beatings at Guantánamo', 15 for terror suspects, 9 December
She went on to claim that "The May 2004 2005
Americans were very keen that Observer: US guards 'filmed Guardian: US accused of using
people like us did not discover beatings' at terror camp, 16 May gangster tactics over terror
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Lava, Not Water, Made Mars "Riverbed" Chile Fund

(National Geographic News)
Submitted at 3/9/2010 2:35:15 PM
The channel is also roofed over
in some areas and lined with
vents—features most often
the channel.
"I think there are some very
clearly water-formed features on
color pictures of the Martian
surface in 2007, with the
primary goal of finding a
(ECH): Post
A channel in an ancient Martian associated with lava tubes. On
"riverbed" wasn't carved by Earth, lava tubes form during
Mars, but there are other things
that are more puzzling. Jake and
suitable landing site for the
upcoming Mars rover Curiosity,
-Quake Buy
liquid water but was built by sustained volcanic eruptions, colleagues make a very slated to launch in 2011. Steven Halpern
molten lava, according to a new when lava flowing through compelling case that at least this Now that the options have been (BloggingStocks)
study of surface features on previously solidified masses one is volcanic," said Kestay, narrowed down to four possible Submitted at 3/10/2010 11:10:00 AM
Mars. leaves behind empty channels in with the U.S. Geological landing sites, NASA has
Pictures of the red planet have the rock. (Related:"Mars Has Survey's Astrogeology Science launched HiWish, a Web site Filed under: International
long revealed features such as Cave Networks, New Photos Center. where the public can suggest Markets, Newsletters, ETF
v a l l e y s a n d a l l u v i a l f a n s Suggest.") And there's a good chance other new targets for the high- Investing, Commodities, Stocks
reminiscent of those seen "You don't see this on Earth in channels in the Ascraeus Mons resolution camera. to Buy"Our latest buy
around water bodies on Earth. [river] settings," Bleacher said. area will turn out to be lava- Bleacher's research is based on recommendation, the i Shares
(Related:"Huge Mars Region "But you see it all the time in made as well, Kestay said. images taken after he had MSCI Chile Investable Market
S h a p e d b y W a t e r , R o v e r volcanic settings. So that's kind In general, the latest find is submitted a request to a beta Index( ECH), is a high-risk bet
Mission Finds.") of our smoking gun." among the myriad new details version of HiWish made that Chile's stock market will
Water is a prerequisite for life That's not to say liquid water about Martian lava flows being available to scientists. weather the devastation of the
as we know it, so these formerly never flowed on Mars, said uncovered by high-resolution In previous pictures of the earthquake just fine and resume
wet landscapes have been touted Bleacher, who presented his imaging of the Martian surface, Ascraeus Mons region of Mars, its already strong upward trend,"
as some of the best places on work last week at the 41st Lunar Kestay said. "the big hindrance has been that says international expert
Mars to look for traces of past a n d P l a n e t a r y S c i e n c e The new image data, he said, you can see [only] the big Nicholas Vardy.
life. Conference. are "revealing not just these features," Bleacher said. "But In The Global Bull Market Aler
But new high-resolution images But the findings do mean that channels but a whole suite of you really need the details to see t, he explains, "The market will
of a peculiar 168-mile-long (270 researchers might need to smaller volcanic features and how things evolved." very likely be weak near term
-kilometer-long) channel near reevaluate when and where they showing that volcanism is more HiRISE offers "a more detailed because of the general level of
the Ascraeus Mons volcano think water might have existed widespread spatially than people glimpse into what's going on uncertainty and concerns over
aren't likely to have been made o n t h e r e d p l a n e t . thought." with these volcanoes. Now, as damage to infrastructure.
by water after all. (Related:"Mars Had Liquid NASA Grants a "HiWish" we're able to look at these things Looking back a few weeks from
"We started seeing that, instead Water in Recent Past, Rover In addition, the new study in their entirety, we really need now, I believe this will represent
of this [liquid] cutting into an Finds.") highlights a pioneering program to readdress our thoughts on a buying opportunity.
existing surface, it was building Solving a Martian Puzzle that allows people anywhere in how they formed." Continue reading Chile Fund
a surface—it built a ridge up to The results are also exciting the world to get behind the lens Five Filters featured article: (ECH): Post-Quake Buy
40 meters [130 feet] high" because they add new layers to of the Mars-orbiting camera Chilcot Inquiry. Available tools: Chile Fund (ECH): Post-Quake
millions of years ago, said study Mars's volcanic history, said used in Bleacher's work: PDF Newspaper, Full Text RSS, Buy originally appeared on
co-author Jacob Bleacher of Laszlo Kestay, a planetary NASA's High Resolution Term Extraction. BloggingStocks on Wed, 10
NASA's Goddard Space Flight geologist on the NASA team Imaging Science Experiment. Mar 2010 11:10:00 EST. Please
Center in Greenbelt, Maryland. that produced the new images of HiRISE started sending back see our terms for use of feeds.
Permalink| Email this|
The Highlights of Glenn Beck's Interview with Eric Massa Comments
(Little Green Footballs) A public service announcement directly to the forehead.[Video]
from Glenn Beck. Apply
E-reader News Edition World/ Business/ Tech/ 9

Ancient Corpses Ritually Dug Up, Torn Apart,

(National Geographic News) life but rather a passing from corpse would have decomposed For instance, the double burials
Submitted at 3/9/2010 2:33:30 PM one state to another. enough that the limbs and head and the shells and bones found
Since 1991 Rosales-Lopez has could be easily broken off, he at the sites certainly point to a
According to the first known examined more than a hundred noted. culture that emphasized
evidence of "double burials," of the double burials along the Once separated, the ceremony and were China Mobile Bets
ancient people in what is now
Mexico routinely dug up
southern coast of Baja
California and is currently
dismembered parts were placed
near the body and reburied.
seminomadic, Laylander, who
was not involved in the
$5.8 Billion on
decomposing bodies and took working on a paper describing Near the burial sites, Rosalez- research, noted via email. Mobile Banking
off their arms, legs, and heads, the practice. Lopez and colleagues also found That's because the artifacts
then reburied the bodies, new Tom Taulli (BloggingStocks)
Double-Burial Corpses Torn stone tools—such as projectile suggests the people did not
research shows. Limb From Limb heads, knives, and fishing abandon their settlements Submitted at 3/10/2010 12:20:00 PM

Indigenous peoples of the Cape Immediately after death, harpoons—that would have forever—they had an obligation
Region of Baja California Sur candidates for double burial been used to kill and prepare to revisit and protect their dead, Filed under: Competitive
(see map) practiced these double were shrouded in animal skins food. Food remains including project leader Rosalez-Lopez Strategy, China Mobile Limited
burials for about 4,500 years, and bound tightly in the fetal shells of mollusks, seeds, and said. (CHL)
from about 300 B.C. to the 16th- position with cords made from plants were also discovered. Not much more is known about In terms of subscribers, China
century A.D, when Europeans agave plants, the same (Related:"Baja California Rock the culture, Laylander said. The Mobile ( CHL) is the largest
first arrived in the region, succulents used in tequila Art Dated to 7,500 Years Ago.") Cape Region groups became mobile carrier (the base is more
anthropologists say. production. Each corpse was Reasons for Double Burials culturally extinct more than two than 500 million). But of course,
To the native groups, death was then placed in an individual Still Speculative centuries ago, he added, and the company wants to become
"a motionless, painful state, shallow grave lined with Double burials appear unique to there are few modern even bigger.
from which the living could seashells, charcoal, and soil. the Cape Region, said Don ethnographic accounts of them. And one of the most promising
free" the dead by sectioning the "It would appear this would end Laylander, senior archaeologist As for Rosales-Lopez's markets is mobile payment.
limbs, physical anthropologist the funeral, but the abundance with the archaeological interpretations as to why the However, it can be difficult to
Alfonso Rosales-Lopez said in of sectioned remains clearly consulting firm ASM Affiliates bodies were torn apart, pull this off. So, China Mobile
an email translated from shows this is not the and co-editor of The Prehistory Laylander said those has agreed to pay$5.83 billion
Spanish." case—rather, it was only the of Baja California: Advances in conclusions are only for a 20% stake in Shanghai
(See pictures of facedown first part," said Rosalez-Lopez, the Archaeology of the "speculation." Pudong Development Bank. The
burials from around the world.) of Mexico's National Institute of Forgotten Peninsula. Five Filters featured article: transaction was priced at a 13%
The double-burial practice, he Anthropology and History. Rosales-Lopez's research also Chilcot Inquiry. Available tools: discount.
added, is consistent with beliefs About six to eight months after offers some new insight into the PDF Newspaper, Full Text RSS, Continue reading China Mobile
in other cultures around the a first burial, a body would be culture of Mexico's ancient Term Extraction. Bets $5.8 Billion on Mobile
world that death isn't the end of exhumed. At this point, the native peoples, Laylander said. Banking
China Mobile Bets $5.8 Billion
Google Maps to add bike maps, directions on Mobile Banking originally
appeared on BloggingStocks on
Tom Krazit ( Google Maps to plot directions Originally posted at Relevant Wed, 10 Mar 2010 12:20:00
around 150 U.S. cities when Results EST. Please see our terms for
Submitted at 3/9/2010 9:00:00 PM
bike directions go live on use of feeds. Permalink| Email
Cyclists will be able to use Google later on Tuesday. this| Comments
10 World/ Popular News/ E-reader News Edition

Number of failing schools leaps 150 per cent

under new regime
(Top stories from Times since the new inspections were concerns were not borne out by and who the school knew to be a
Online) introduced in autumn last year the figures — only 17 schools difficult year group.
Submitted at 3/10/2010 5:25:48 AM inspectors had focused on of 2,140 inspected since then The better results of the
weaker schools. had failed because of child previous year were discounted
The proportion of schools Schools previously found to be protection practice alone, she by inspectors as they were
judged inadequate has leapt good or outstanding are now
since a tougher inspection inspected less — once every
Last weekend John Morgan,
reflected in the 2007 Ofsted
inspection, Mr Fairhurst said.
“Mad Men”
regime was introduced last year. five years — while those judged
Ofsted inspectors placed 218 only satisfactory or weak are
president of the Association of
School and College Leaders,
Ed Balls, the Schools Secretary,
said: “It is absolutely no surprise
schools — 10 per cent of those inspected every three years. used a speech to his that there is higher rate of (Holy Kaw!)
inspected — in its lowest Weaker schools also receive organisation’s annual inadequate schools at the start of Submitted at 3/10/2010 9:37:00 AM
category in the first four months monitoring visits after an conference of head teachers in the inspection cycle — exactly
of the new regime. inspection. London to demand an apology the same happened when a Move over, Ken; there’s a new
Of these, 102 were placed in Ms Gilbert said: “My job is to from Ofsted, saying that schools tougher inspection regime was dashing fellow in the toy box.
special measures and 116 given raise expectations on behalf of had unfairly been given lower introduced in 2005. Mattel has announced plans to
notices to improve. the pupils and parents. It seems gradings under the new “Weaker schools are being release Barbie and Ken-like
This represents a jump of 150 to be absolutely right that inspection system. specifically inspected more versions of four “Mad Men”
per cent from the previous parents expect their child can Among the first to fall foul was regularly and earlier in the characters, including handsome
academic year, when 4 per cent attend a good school, that they Shenfield High School in inspection cycle to turn them womanizer Don Draper. Don’s
of the schools inspected were can thrive at that school, learn Brentwood, Essex, which was around, while outstanding and wife Betty, Roger Sterling, and
found to be inadequate. well at that school and achieve inspected a fortnight after the good schools are now inspected a decidedly scrawny-looking
Fewer schools were also judged good results.” new system was introduced in every five years and satisfactory Joan Holloway round out the
outstanding. A total of 199 were The new inspection regime September last year. schools every three years. collection that will sell for
given Osfted’s highest rating brought protests from heads and The school, which had been “A single term’s figures are not $74.95 each, cocktails and cigs
b e t w e e n S e p t e m b e r a n d teachers, particularly ver the rated good with outstanding a reliable indicator of not included.
December, or 10 per cent of n e w n e w t h r e s h o l d s f o r features in 2007, was performance for the year.” Full story at New York Times.
those inspected, compared with achievement, child protection downgraded to satisfactory. Five Filters featured article: Tons of TV news.
19 per cent in the previous year. and equality which schools had John Fairhurst, its head teacher, Chilcot Inquiry. Available tools: Permalink| Leave a comment »
Christine Gilbert, Ofsted’s chief to meet to be judged good or blamed lower GCSE results PDF Newspaper, Full Text RSS,
inspector, said it was misleading outstanding. from one group of students, Term Extraction.
to compare the figures because Ms Gilbert suggested that such which sat their exams in 2008

BPA in plastic permanently alters uterus

(Holy Kaw!) abnormalities in the uterus of Yale University, says that Full story at Futurity.
Submitted at 3/10/2010 8:39:00 AM offspring, including alteration in exposure to BPA as a fetus is Get smarter: research news.
their DNA, new research shows. carried throughout adulthood. Photo credit: Fotolia
Exposure to bisphenol A The study is the first to show “What our mothers were Permalink| Leave a comment »
(BPA), a common component of that BPA exposure permanently exposed to in pregnancy may
plastics, causes permanent Hugh Taylor, a professor at
affects sensitivity to estrogen. influence the rest of our lives."
E-reader News Edition World/ Popular News/ Tech/ Politics/ 11
Google announces
Microsoft launches free rival to BBC iPlayer - the business app store
MSN Video Player for Google Apps
(Top stories from Times will have to watch single 30- The technology company has failed technology. Tom Krazit (
Online) second advertisements before, secured deals with a number of Microsoft’s move into internet Submitted at 3/9/2010 6:15:00 PM

Submitted at 3/10/2010 4:25:00 AM during and after the programme. television studios and video programming is set
The system is available only in broadcasters such as Endemol, against in increasing battle over Software developers can cater
Microsoft is launching a free the UK. the maker of Big Brother; RDF the medium. The BBC is to Google Apps customers
online video player - the first The system was launched by Media, which created Location, awaiting a green light from its through a new application store
serious rival to the BBC’s Ashley Highfield, Microsoft’s Location, Location; and BBC own regulatory body over a announced at Google's Campfire
iPlayer UK consumer and online Worldwide. controversial web video service. One event in Mountain View.
The MSN video player, which managing director, who had Microsoft is also in talks with Project Canvas, a joint venture Originally posted at Relevant
goes live tomorrow, will feature been one of the key figures some of the big film studios and between the BBC, ITV, Channel Results
a thousand hours of television behind the development of the believes that its new player will 4, Five, BT and Carphone
programming that is aimed BBC’s iPlayer. feature a suite of movies in the Warehouse, aims to offer on-
mainly at the youth market, The iPlayer has been near future. demand video over a broadband Onion: Breaking
f a m i l i e s a n d remarkably successful in
Britain, regularly dealing with
It claims that it may have
solved one of the main bugbears
connection. It has been roundly
attacked by BSkyB, the pay-TV
Rather than providing a “catch- m o r e t h a n 4 0 m i l l i o n with other online videos - operator that is 39 per cent- (Little Green Footballs)
up” service like the iPlayer, programme requests a month. pictures stuttering because of owned by News Corporation, Submitted at 3/9/2010 5:45:14 PM

w h e r e p e o p l e c a n w a t c h However, Mr Highfield insisted poor internet connections. Using parent company of The Times.
programmes for only a few days that Microsoft’s product, which the company’s Silverlight Sky says that the service does [Video]
after they are aired, Microsoft has been in testing for the past technology, the screen quality not do anything that commercial (Language warning. NSFW.)
says that it will allow viewers six months, is superior to the will adjust automatically rivals cannot provide. The
to enjoy full series of their iPlayer. “Not all video players according to the strength of the satellite broadcaster has also
favourite shows. are equal,” he said. “Our connection. However, those launched a online video player,
The new service features average viewer watches for 25 who do not download but it is available only to paying
programmes including the cult minutes, significantly higher Silverlight will be able to watch subscribers.
comedy Peep Show, the teen than other online services. It programmes - an important Five Filters featured article:
drama Skins and the reality shows we’re doing more than concession to viewers, since Chilcot Inquiry. Available tools:
show Wife Swap. slapping on any programme for many experts consider PDF Newspaper, Full Text RSS,
The service is free, but viewers people to watch.” Silverlight to be a flawed and Term Extraction.

Taking a pass on work during March Madness?

(Holy Kaw!) that really affect their work? percent in the week right after tournament’s power to influence
Submitted at 3/10/2010 7:25:15 AM It certainly appears to, at least the NCAA field was announced. patterns of work," he says.
among a segment of the The following week, library Full story at Futurity.
M i l l i o n s o f A m e r i c a n s , population who use research usage resumed its increase, at a Get smarter: research news.
including President Obama, fill libraries, according to a study by rate of 3 percent a week. Photo credit: Duke University
out their “brackets” when the Charles Clotfelter, a professor at “This drop in research activity Permalink| Leave a comment »
NCAA Tournament field is Duke University. He used data U.S. and found that usage fell 6 in these libraries is quantitative
announced each March, but does from 78 research libraries in the evidence of the NCAA
12 World/ Tech/ Tech News/ E-reader News Edition

Ex-Cazenove partner found guilty of insider Foursquare

unveils its
dealing SXSWi arsenal
(Top stories from Times other a suspended sentence. of the profits in cash envelopes "Calvert was convicted of five
Online) Calvert’s conviction is a with a bookmaker at a racetrack. counts involving three separate Caroline McCarthy
significant victory for the It can now be revealed that Mr companies and the jury were (
Submitted at 3/10/2010 8:04:55 AM
Financial Services Authority, Hatcher agreed to pay a £56,000 evidently satisfied in relation to Submitted at 3/9/2010 11:37:00 AM
Malcolm Calvert, a former which is bringing a series of fine and accept a ruling of those that he was in possession
p a r t n e r a t C a z e n o v e , t h e insider-dealing prosecutions as market abuse as part of his of specific price sensitive In heated war with rival
Queen’s stockbroker, has been part of a wider campaign to immunity deal. information he knew to be from Gowalla for the geek seal of
convicted of insider dealing and clamp down on financial crime. Rob Moulton, a partner at law an inside source, as oppose to approval at the annual digital
faces up to seven years in Calvert, who retired from firm Nabarro, said: "This is a merely a hot tip."" culture festival, Foursquare
prison. Cazenove ten years ago, used an big victory for the FSA, as it is Calvert’s lawyers argued from unveils new badges, new
A jury at Southwark Crown u n k n o w n i n s i d e r t o g e t their first criminal success the outset that the FSA’s case partners, and new promotions.
Court today returned a guilty confidential information on a against a "city" name. At a time was based on a “gigantic Originally posted at The Social
verdict for Calvert, 65, on five series of proposed takeovers and when FSA is fighting for its assumption” because they could
counts of insider dealing after mergers. Then he directed his survival, this conviction is a real not identify who the inside
18 hours of deliberation. He was friend Bertie Hatcher to buy boost to FSA's credible source at Cazenove was or how Google Maps
acquitted of a further seven more than 150,000 shares in
counts. three businesses.
deterrence strategy.
"Prosecuting financial crimes
and when they had passed
information to Calvert.
Finally Adds Bike
He will be sentenced at 2pm The FSA told the jury that has often proved problematic, They said that Calvert was a Routes
tomorrow. A confiscation of C a l v e r t a n d h i s a l l e g e d but the FSA is on something of skilled stock-picker with 40 Mary Catherine O'Connor
assets hearing will be scheduled accomplice made a £280,000 a roll. It has said it wants to be years' stock market experience (Wired Top Stories)
for a later date. profit from the trading, which seen as a 'scary regulator' and who did not need inside
Calvert, of Cobham, Surrey, was split two thirds, one third in this case is going to help to get information “to pick a winner”. Submitted at 3/9/2010 9:01:00 PM

will be sentenced tomorrow. Calvert’s favour. that message across." Five Filters featured article:
With a click of a mouse,
F o u r p e o p l e h a v e b e e n Mr Hatcher gave evidence for Dan Hyde, a corporate fraud Chilcot Inquiry. Available tools:
cyclists can get the quickest, and
convicted of insider dealing in the prosecution in return for consultant at Cubism Law, said: PDF Newspaper, Full Text RSS,
flattest, route between Point A
the past 12 months, three of i m m u n i t y f r o m a n F S A "This case signals the onward Term Extraction.
and Point B.
whom received immediate prosecution. Mr Hatcher said march of the FSA in its criminal
custodial sentences and the that he had left Calvert’s share prosecution of insider dealing.

Glenn Beck's Massa attack | Richard Adams

Richard Adams (World news: anticipated Glenn Beck Democratic party, Massa got an Glenn Beck comes out as the • United States
United States | interview with serial strange invite to spend an hour talking sane and rational one means person Eric Massa, the to Glenn Beck on Fox. And if you're doing it wrong. Richard Adams
Submitted at 3/10/2010 8:18:54 AM representative who abruptly you want to see what an© Guardian
Maybe it takes one to know resigned from Congress for ... encounter between two swivel- • Glenn Beck News & Media Limited 2010 |
one, but Glenn Beck wasn't well, it depends who you ask eyed inhabitants of the planet • US politics Use of this content is subject to
buying any of Eric Massa's and when. Mad looks like, watch the video • Democrats our Terms & Conditions| More
stream of gibberish last night After alleging he was the victim above. • Fox News Feeds
Here's a taste of the much- of sinister forces within the As a rule: an interview where • US television
E-reader News Edition World/ Politics/ 13

Pay freeze for mandarins 'won't Rush Limbaugh, Costa

influence wider salaries' Rica bound? | Richard
(Latest news, breaking news,
current news, UK news, world
news, celebrity news, politics
restraint and it proposes no
increases for our remit groups
this year.
takes their loyalty and goodwill
for granted.”
The pay freezes for senior
news) Richard Adams (World news: medical insurance for people
“We are not persuaded by this public sector staff were first United States |
signalling argument since we announced by the Treasury who want to be treated faster in
Submitted at 3/10/2010 8:32:52 AM private hospitals and clinics.
By James Kirkup, Political have seen no evidence, in this last year.
Correspondent or previous years, that the level Mr Brown confirmed that Submitted at 3/10/2010 9:33:34 AM Is Rush totally ignorant? ... or
Published: 4:32PM GMT 10 of settlements for our small In praise of Costa Rica's does he want the best of all
senior civil servants, NHS
Mar 2010 healthcare system – although c o m b i n a t i o n s : a p e a c e f u l
remit groups has any impact on managers, judges, military
Gordon Brown said that curbs b e h a v i o u r i n t h e w i d e r Rush Limbaugh appears to be country, no army, great health
commanders, GPs and dentists
on public sector pay would save e c o n o m y ” . unaware of its existence care, great affordable education.
will all have their pay frozen.
more than £3 billion by 2013- The SSRB also warned that My colleagues at Cif America The major bad thing: lousy
Some junior staff in the same
14. h a v e a n e n t e r t a i n i n g p o l l drivers who are intend to kill
repeated pay freezes among sectors will receive wage rises,
Confirming the freezes, the senior officials could end up running at the moment on Rush each other by the most stupid of
although the Government also
Prime Minister said the deals d r i v i n g a w a y t a l e n t e d Limbaugh's vow to move to actions. Maybe Rush would like
rejected a recommendation for a
would persuade other workers i n d i v i d u a l s . Costa Rica if healthcare reform to join the kamikaze motorcycle
2.25 per cent rise for NHS
t o a c c e p t s m a l l e r p a y “The fact remains that the public gets passed by Congress. So far drivers of this country.
managers earning less than
settlements. more than 2,000 voters are Limbaugh should also be aware
sector needs to pay sufficient to £80,000.
Mr Brown said: “It is important recruit, hoping that Rush will up and that the country's newly-elected
retain and motivate The Conservative have said
in the present economic climate people of high calibre to lead leave – although of course that president is a woman, Laura
they would impose a one-year
that senior staff in the public and manage public services number may include opponents Chinchilla, who aims to make
pay freeze on 4 million public
sector show leadership in the and serve in the judiciary and of healthcare reform who side Costa Rica the first carbon-
sector workers earning more
exercise of pay restraint." with Rush. neutral nation in the world.
uniformed services. Otherwise it than £18,000.
But the Government’s Senior will become harder over time to What has Costa Rica done to • US healthcare
Five Filters featured article:
Salaries Review Body, which fill senior posts with people of deserve this? It's the second • Costa Rica
Chilcot Inquiry. Available tools:
reviews public sector pay, sufficient quality,” the body most beautiful country on earth, • US politics
PDF Newspaper, Full Text RSS,
explicitly rejected that claim. said. after all. More importantly, • US domestic policy
Term Extraction.
In a report to ministers, it said: “Our concern is that in recent zwabber, a commenter on the • United States
“The Government has argued years our remit groups are Cif America poll thread points • Healthcare industry
that senior staff should increasingly gaining out:
demonstrate leadership on pay impression that the Government This does not make sense at all: Richard Adams
Costa Rica has the best© Guardian
The Beck-Massa Convergence Open Thread socialized medical safety net of News & Media Limited 2010 |
all central American countries, Use of this content is subject to
(Little Green Footballs) The big questions: will Eric has to, to keep any street cred if not Latin American countries. our Terms & Conditions| More
Submitted at 3/9/2010 1:57:51 PM Massa even show up? Will he with the kookosphere.) Infinitely much better then the Feeds
throw a fit and stalk off the set? Will Massa muss Beck’s hair? US system. In addition there is
Here’s an open thread as we rub Will Glenn Beck go nuclear on the government run "extra"
our hands in glee waiting for the Massa about the groping
Glenn Beck show to begin. investigation? (He pretty much
14 World/ Popular News/ Tech News/ E-reader News Edition

British Fritzl escaped for 30 years Large Hadron Collider -

despite seven incest accusations timeline
(Top stories from Times their father. that the man was fathering his (Latest news, breaking news, bit of a baguette into the
Online) Chris Cook, independent chair daughters’ children and there current news, UK news, world machine causing further
of Lincolnshire Safeguarding were seven family allegations news, celebrity news, politics delays
Submitted at 3/10/2010 7:24:46 AM
Children Board, said: “We are reported to professionals about 30 November 2009 - LHC
A father who repeatedly raped genuinely sorry. We should incest or sexual abuse. Submitted at 3/10/2010 8:40:10 AM becomes the world's highest
his two daughters and fathered have protected you.” On 23 separate occasions from By Richard Alleyne, Science energy particle accelerator
nine babies with them during a Agencies involved with the 1998 to 2005 the girls were Correspondent achieving 1.18 TeV
35-year orgy of physical and family failed to take action specifically asked about the Published: 4:40PM GMT 10 March 2010 - LHC expected to
sexual abuse escaped detection against the father even though paternity of their children by Mar 2010 reach seven TeV, 3.5 times the
due to a litany of failings by he was accused of incest on various people, it said. 10 September 2008 - scientists power of any previous
care professionals, a report seven separate occasions, with a The report said: “Between 1990 successfully fire first protons collider.
revealed today. further 12 reported incidents of and 1996 either Adult M or around the tunnel March 2010 - Dr Steve Myers,
Professor Pat Cantrill, author of violence. Adult N was pregnant every 19 September 2008 - a of CERN, announces that it will
the independent report, said that The 57-year-old man, who year or on some occasions twice malfunction causes a loss of close at the end of 2011 for up
action should have been taken cannot be named to protect his a year. On four occasions they approximately six tons of to a year
to rescue the women at least a children, received 25 life were pregnant at the same liquid helium. Five Filters featured article:
decade earlier once a sentences after his daughters time.” 23 September 2008 - closed for Chilcot Inquiry. Available tools:
“substantial picture” of the finally told social workers of No action was taken because repairs initially until Spring PDF Newspaper, Full Text RSS,
abuses had been drawn up. their lifelong ordeal in 2008. professionals felt that there was 2009 but then until summer Term Extraction.
She said a culture of “having a An independent review of the nothing they could do. It was and then until autumn.
quiet word” had contributed to case, published today, disclosed not until the family returned to November 2009 - a bird drops a
the failure to intervene, despite that more than 100 care Sheffield and the police were
seven allegations of incest from professionals from 28 agencies given a statement in 2008 that March 10, 2000: Pop Goes the
members of the family.
Public sector agencies in
were involved with the family in
Sheffield and Lincolnshire over
the man was arrested.
Five Filters featured article:
Sheffield and Lincolnshire today a 35-year period from 1973 to Chilcot Inquiry. Available tools: Tony Long (Wired Top The Nasdaq begins its
issued an unreserved apology to 2008. PDF Newspaper, Full Text RSS, Stories) spectacular collapse, signaling
the women, now adults, for The report found that Term Extraction. Submitted at 3/9/2010 9:00:00 PM the end of the dot-com boom.
failing to protect them from professionals were suspicious

Are LED lamps a best buy for cities?

(Holy Kaw!) lifespan—from production to city of Pittsburgh is considering Get smarter: research news.
Submitted at 3/10/2010 9:08:00 AM disposal—a new bulb replacing 40,000 streetlights Photo credit: Fotolia
comparison shows. with LEDs, similar to retrofits Permalink| Leave a comment »
Light-emitting diode (LED) The study, conducted by and pilot programs under way in
streetlights strike the best U n i v e r s i t y o f P i t t s b u r g h several cities, including Los
balance between brightness, e n g i n e e r s , c o i n c i d e s w i t h Angeles, San Francisco,
a f f o r d a b i l i t y , a n d e n e r g y initiatives in several U.S. cities lamps—known for their flat Raleigh, and Ann Arbor.
s a v i n g s o v e r t h e i r to replace energy-guzzling HPS orange glow—with LEDs. The Full story at Futurity.
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Cleanteach: Can David Learn to Love Goliath

John Elkington (Fast
Submitted at 3/10/2010 11:51:28 AM

Traveling around Silicon

Valley last week, I heard the
David vs. Goliath story over and
again, but in surprisingly
different versions. In some,
David (in the form of a
cleantech start-up) aims to kill
incumbent market giants, in
others they end up in bed
together. Yes, this was San
Francisco, but it seems we are
seeing a seismic shift in the
cleantech industry's underlying
Nowhere was this more
apparent than at the sixteenth
Cleantech Forum. After trekking
through the Valley of Death, as
Cleantech Group President
Sheeraz Haji put it, many
cleantech firms see operating
conditions improving--not least
because of the $512 billion in
direct government stimulus
funding. But he warned that
China's $200 billion cleantech
stimulus is way ahead, with
China and Hong Kong
accounting for 69% of cleantech companies like HP, public drivers including climate 2000--and the turnover rate is M&A, accelerated by the fact
investment last year. sector actors like San change, energy security, water now 10% a year. that the downturn has ensured
I was in the Valley to help Francisco's City Hall, leading scarcity and the growing green Who, he wondered, would be there are "a lot of cheap assets
guide a group of founders, change agents like Arup or sensibility. Cleantech Group tomorrow's "clean chips?" He on the chopping block."
CEOs and senior executives of IDEO, or early stage companies Executive Chairman Nick underscored the growing interest Several major corporations
19 U.K. cleantech companies like Better Place or Serious Parker told the Forum's opening of corporate giants, with Google used the Forum to trail their
taking part in the first Clean & Materials. session that "creative alone responsible for two of the cloak, among them Boeing,
Cool Mission. And it was Once again, as economist destruction is accelerating." In largest three cleantech deals last Coca-Cola and Duke Energy.
striking how the sustainability Joseph Schumpeter predicted, 1960, S&P listed companies year. We are seeing a shift from There are many reasons why
lexicon surfaced everywhere we the great economic tectonic lasted an average 40 years, cleantech-focused venture
plates are in motion--with key which had halved to 20 years by capitalism to cleantech-oriented CLEANTEACH: page 19
went, whether to giant
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Overwhelming Majority
Oh, what a (bad) feeling Of EU Parliament Votes (Scott eaten by saber-toothed tigers. Chrysler, including the Leonard Evans, author of the Against ACTA
Jagow) (Marketplace Scratch The caveman brain creates a Chrysler, Jeep and Dodge book “Traffic Safety,” also Mike Masnick (Techdirt)
Pad) simple pattern about a simple models, was hit with 171 bemoans what he calls “the
Submitted at 3/10/2010 5:27:12 AM
Submitted at 3/9/2010 12:20:50 PM problem: All saber-toothed complaints. lethal American obsession with
Toyota announced another tigers are deadly. They are to be General Motors, including the technical flaws.” Evans said: Wasn't expecting such a
recall today— this time 2004- avoided. That may not be true, Pontiac, Cadillac, GMC, Saturn, “Whether it’s … defect or a lopsided result, but EU
2009 Prius Hybrids — and this but it’s close enough for the Saab, Buick, Hummer and child darting into the road, most Parliament voted 663 to 13
morning, there was another caveman brain. Chevrolet brands [including the crashes occur because drivers against ACTA, saying that "it
wreck involving such a Prius. A An example from today: The Chevy Cobalt SS, above], tallied don’t leave an adequate safety flouts agreed EU laws on
woman crashed into a stone wall brain sees another runaway 152 complaints. margin.” counterfeiting and piracy
in upstate New York. She said Toyota. The brain creates Honda, including its Acura “One hundred people are … online." Beyond that,
the accelerator got stuck. What another simple pattern: All division, received 113 killed every day, and it has apparently the Parliament is
is going on? Toyotas are dangerous. But the complaints. nothing to do with technology, ready to go to court to stop EU
As I’m sure you’ve heard, brain is wrong this time because Nissan, including its Infiniti recent or otherwise,” says negotiators from continuing
yesterday, just hours after this is not a simple problem. It’s division, logged 62 complaints. Evans. “We can cut that number down the path they're on: MEPs
Toyota held a news conference a highly complicated one. And Last month, I heard a crisis by half by concentrating on will go to the Court of Justice if
to dispute an ABC story about we need to make our brains management expert on Talk of driver attitudes.” the EU does not reject ACTA
a c c e l e r a t i o n p r o b l e m s , stretch to fully comprehend the Nation say how the Defects can lead to terrible rules, including cutting off users
California police had to help a what is happening, instead of American consumer circumstances over which a from the Internet "gradually" if
61-year-old driver stop his applying a simple, though marketplace is very emotional driver has no control. I’ll never caught stealing content. Some
Prius. He reached speeds of 94 understandable, solution to a and different from Germany and forget, nor will my wife, who Members of Parliament are also
mph, saying the accelerator was complex situation. Japan. Is it possible that the now suffers from epilepsy that’s pointing out that the EU
stuck. His car was a 2008 recently pointed emotional reaction to this probably a result of the crash. negotiators are violating the
model. The woman in New out that unintended acceleration situation is making people panic But while it’s the extraordinary Lisbon Treaty, which says that
York was driving a 2005. has been a problem for some on the road? that makes for headlines and EU Parliament Members should
It’s hard to deny that Toyota time within the car industry as a A similar theme was echoed in congressional demagoguery, have "full and immediate access
could have a serious flaw in its whole. The website compiled today’s LA Times by Michael focusing on the ordinary is what at all stages of international
recent engineering, but it’s the following list: Fumento, director of the will truly save lives. negotiations."
becoming more and more Toyota, consisting of its nonprofit Independent I’m not trying to make a case This is pretty big -- and a
difficult to assess how much of T o y o t a , L e x u s a n d S c i o n Journalism Project. Fumento, for or against Toyota here. I’m massive setback for ACTA
this is mechanical and how brands, logged 1,133 consumer who was in a bad Toyota crash simply trying to understand supporters. The MEPs didn't
much of it is psychological. c o m p l a i n t s o f u n i n t e n d e d many years ago (and still drives what it is that we’re actually just reject the lack of
Frank Ahrens at the Washington acceleration filed with the Toyota) suggests that the witnessing. Any thoughts? transparency, they were
Post puts it this way: NHTSA through Feb. 3. extraordinary focus on a few blatantly rejecting some of the
An example from 100,000 Ford, including the Ford, dramatic incidents does a proposals that were in the leaked
years ago: The brain sees three Lincoln and Mercury models, disservice to the goal of making documents.
of its caveman brain buddies get received 387 complaints. the roads safer: Permalink| Comments| Email
This Story
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How to Make the $499 iPad 3G Compatible (Thanks,

Kit Eaton (Fast Company) who're not interested in yet
Submitted at 3/10/2010 11:57:19 AM another two year 3G contract.
But Verizon, for all its
Verizon won't be getting any "cuteness" on this issue, has
action from Apple's iPad tapped what's likely to be a very
directly but, bless 'em, they're lucrative revenue vein, and it's
trying to make good of the one that'll be replicated
matter and push 3G wireless elsewhere around the World. It's
dongles on users who've bought partly because of the nature of
Wi-Fi only versions. Thing is, the iPad itself, as a half-
they've probably got the right smartphone, half-PC device. For
idea. me, this will make it invaluable
The guys at Engadget have when I'm mobile and need to
been "leaked" an internal memo write. But I already use a 7.2
from Verizon on the matter. mbps 3G datastick for my
And it's so desperately hopeful laptop, and I don't need to
it's almost cute. Until you duplicate that functionality in a
remember that this is a multi- 3G-enabled iPad. I'm certain I'll
billion-dollar market that this be looking for a similar solution
company is desperately sticking to Verizon's here where I live.
claws into so it don't lose its And I'm 100% sure I won't be
grip on the market. Check out alone in this. Which makes me
the screenshot above to see what obvious: It's clear that many offering a specialized version of of course. Verizon will have to wonder...while Apple's clearly
I mean. iPad buyers will opt for the its battery-powered 3G units sell the dongle for less than the sticking with its AT&T
"Apple introduces the iPad--an lower-priced versions lacking that, when powered on, grab $130 premium Apple's charging exclusivity, is the Wi-Fi-only
opportunity for VZW" and 3G chips inside since they're Verizon's 3G signal from its for a 3G-enabled iPad, and it'll iPad a way to subtly tap the
"Sounds great, but isn't iPad $130 cheaper. Apple's already nationwide network and have to be super-smart about the other 3G providers in the U.S.
exclusive to AT&T?" being the explained that you won't be able converts it to a local Wi-Fi way it charges for access to who don't suffer from AT&T's
most priceless phrases in there. to tether the tablets to iPhones to signal your iPad can pick up. mobile data too, since we know sucky reliability image?
The document is otherwise exploit that device's 3G powers, Meaning people who opted for that in the U.S. at least, AT&T's [Via Engadget]
straightforward, and merely lists so if you're ever to use a Wi-Fi the low-end iPad can hook up to opting for a European-style "opt To read more news like this,
the key hardware and only iPad while mobile, you'll mobile broadband just like the -in, opt-out" non-contract possibly on your iPad in a
contractual features we already need a different solution. more cash-rich folk who buy a payment model. And this AT&T month, follow me, Kit Eaton, on
know about Apple's wonder Which is where Verizon sees 3G iPad. option is a smart move, which Twitter.
device. But the intention is itself fitting right in. It'll be The trick in all this is pricing, will certainly appeal to people

10 Movies That Should Never, Ever Be Converted to 3D

Matt Blum (Wired Top Stories) Why, really, did the 3D movie began, thinking 'You know the some work, and some don't and attempted.
Submitted at 3/10/2010 7:39:00 AM trend start? Does anybody problem with movies? They’re some would be bad ideas. Here
remember, before the trend too two-dimensional?' Anyway, are 10 that should never be
18 Business/ Politics/ E-reader News Edition
Breaking: Massa Under
Interested in SBA Loan Incentives? Get in Line Investigation for
Allegedly Groping Male
Now Staffers
Courtney Rubin ( weekly average before the (Little Green Footballs)
Submitted at 3/10/2010 7:13:00 AM passage of last year's American Submitted at 3/9/2010 12:23:41 PM
Recovery and Reinvestment
The clock is ticking if you want Act. The SBA estimates the new Good grief. Is this story ever
to apply for bank loan with a funding will support $1.8 billion blowing up in Glenn Beck’s
Small Business Administration in small business lending. face: Massa under investigation
guarantee. Got a non-Recovery Act 7(a) or for allegedly groping male
The incentive program – 504 loan and wondering about staffers.
consisting of a 90 percent cancelling or resubmitting to Former Rep. Eric Massa (D-
government guarantee on the take advantage of better terms? N.Y.) has been under
SBA's flagship 7(a) loans for No can do. Nor can you have investigation for allegations that
start-ups and small businesses, the fees waived retroactively. he groped multiple male staffers
as well as a trim or total cut of The extension doesn't affect working in his office, according
the fees on 7(a) and 504 loans– other SBA Recovery Act to three sources familiar with
was set to expire February 28. programs, including the the probe.
President Barack Obama signed America's Recovery Capital The allegations surrounding the
an extension through March 28 Loan Program, which offers up former lawmaker date back at
into law last week. to $35,000 in short-term relief to least a year, and involve “a
Though Obama has proposed help small businesses ride out pattern of behavior and physical
keeping the loan breaks through the recession. The ARC harassment,” according to one
the end of the year, it's best not currently still has money, and source. The new claims of
to wait another minute to apply will hand it out until it runs out alleged groping contradict
– the deal runs out when the or September 30, whichever statements by Massa, who
funding does. If that's not comes first. resigned his office on Monday
enough to get you moving, Landrieu, the chair of the after it became public that he
consider that the program has totalling some $231 million that billion to some 55,000 small Senate Committee on Small was the subject of a House
proved so popular that the piled up after February 22. businesses – was included in last Business and Entrepreneurship, ethics committee investigation
agency has twice run out of Before the Senate passed the year's economic stimulus bill. said after last week's bill was for possible harassment.
money to supply it, first in bill, Senator Mary Landrieu, The 90 percent guarantee – up passed that the extension “is a Massa had said that the
November and then – despite Democrat of Louisiana, spoke of from the usual 75 percent – good first step to providing our allegations were limited to his
Congress's last-minute infusion a small-business owner on the made the loans less risky for small businesses with the tools use of “salty language” with his
of cash in December – on waiting list who told the senator lenders, while also attracting they need to keep their doors staff.
February 22. So with the $60 she'd have to lay off 27 workers borrowers through lower fees. open and growing.”
million last week's legislation if she did not obtain new SBA Administrator Karen Mills “I look forward to working my
handed the SBA, the agency financing. said the program led average
colleagues in the Senate to
today starts working through a Money for the original program weekly loan approvals to leap
ensure these programs receive a
waiting list of the 652 loans – which helped to lend $22 by 87 percent compared to the longer extension,” she said.
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Morning Reading continued from page 15

this is happening, but Parker laundry market), they aim to (Scott sidestep the whole mess and financial literacy training. At
Jagow) (Marketplace Scratch saw the take-off point as 2005, develop partnerships with the
say, “A plague on both your first, it seemed that required when both General Electric and right sort of giants.
Pad) houses.” Yet it is public policy education had little effect: A Walmart switched on to Venture capital is a stepping
Submitted at 3/10/2010 5:52:32 AM to a certain extent that leaves the 2005 report by consumer sustainability. Now even Bill stone--with Xeros CEO Bill
Good morning. A few things to TV viewer stuck where he is advocacy group Center for Gates has put his substantial Westwater joking that he might
start the day — Goldman gets because over time government Responsible Lending found that shoulder to the climate wheel, even set up a laundry in Sand
sued, the Pentagon expresses has granted the major players in 1in 5 active-duty military with his recent TED speech. Hill Road to help VCs see his
c o n c e r n a b o u t c o n s u m e r these battles certain rights and personnel had been payday The most striking of the big particular version of the future.
protection and a list of new exemptions to laws that have borrowers in the past year and corporate come-ons was That said, several Canadians I
economy slang: given them leverage over the that “predatory payday lending unveiled by Veolia spoke to worried that
Pension fund sues Goldman rest of us. costs military families over $80 Environnement. Senior Vice economically weaker countries
Sachs over compensation(CBS) Game consoles are zapping US million in abusive fees every President Philippe Martin seem to be wrapping up their
The International Brotherhood energy(Marketplace Morning year.” announced their new Innovation cleantech IP in "pretty bows" so
of Electrical Workers pension Report) Recession slang: Ten new terms Accelerator, saying that he it can be scooped up by Valley
fund said the bank allocates Noah Horowitz is with the for the new economy(Christian expects to be joined on the VCs!
about 47 percent of its 2009 Natural Resources Defense Science Monitor) Forum platform in 2011 by the In summary, the challenge for
revenue toward compensation, Council. He says the most • Decruited, adj. To be fired CEOs of at least four new those of us acting as dating
according to the Reuters news popular models are energy from a position one has not even cleantech firms Veolia will be agencies between the Davids
agency. The lawsuit aims to vampires. started yet. working with by then. and the Goliaths will be to
r e c o u p s o m e o f t h e NOAH HOROWITZ: If you They say you hear what you're ensure that the resulting
compensation for Goldman l e a v e y o u r X b o x 3 6 0 o r Sample sentence: “At first I felt listening for--so I was instantly relationships are as equitable
s h a r e h o l d e r s , s a y i n g t h e Playstation 3 on all night long really bad about being decruited alert when Nick Parker reflected and productive as possible, to
payments “ v a s t l y when you’re done, you’re using from that corporate law firm that it has taken "a long time for encourage a tsunami of
overcompensate management as much energy each year as after spending two summers of this to get into the C-Suite." I innovators, entrepreneurs and
and constitute corporate waste.” two new refrigerators would. law school interning for them. had already discussed with Fast investors to pour into this vast
The Oscars, the NFL and failed Pentagon weighs in on But then I decided to make the Company a new blog series we new opportunity space.
public policy(Real Clear consumer protection(PBS most of my funemployment and hope to launch early in April, John Elkington is co-founder
Markets) NewsHour) use my signing bonus to travel focusing on how sustainability and executive chairman of
In both cases, however, the This is hardly the first time the around Europe.” and social innovation challenges Volans Ventures and co-founder
consumer sits in the middle of military has concerned itself are looming on the radar screens and director SustainAbility. His
this game as the two sides hurtle with consumer protections. of CEOs, CFOs, COOs, CTOs, most recent book was The
towards each other. I suspect Since 1994, the military has CMOs, and CSOs (the new Power of Unreasonable People:
that many people would like to required personnel to receive breed of Chief Sustainability How Social Entrepreneurs
Call Me Google. (And Call Me, Google) Officers), among others.
The U.K. cleantech firms I was
Create Markets That Change the
World (Harvard Business
Curtis Silver (Wired Top intends to build and test super out all the stops to be selected with made a quite an impression School Press, 2008).
Stories) fast fiber-optic broadband with some attention-getting on those we visited. Virtually an
Submitted at 3/10/2010 6:23:00 AM networks in a few communities stunts that scream to the search A-to-Z, from AMEE (which
around the US has a few giant "Pick me! Pick ME!" helps clients calculate their
Google's announcement that it communities in the US pulling carbon footprints) to Xeros
(which aims to green the global
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The future of television B of A kills overdraft (Scott
Jagow) (Marketplace Scratch
fees (Scott Consumer groups like the move.
Submitted at 3/9/2010 9:49:30 AM Jagow) (Marketplace Scratch But let’s be real. Overdraft fees
Two pieces of news today Pad)
provide clues about what TV are a multi-billion dollar
and the Internet will be like in Submitted at 3/10/2010 9:02:02 AM business. That revenue has to
the not-so-distant future. Maybe Bank of America’s decision to be collected somewhere else,
it’s not that impressive to people get rid of overdraft fees on debit either through budget cuts or
who’ve grown up with the purchases sounds like a win for more likely, other fees. This
Internet and TV slowly merging, customers based on a rare could mean the end of free
but as someone who remembers commodity in the financial checking or rewards programs.
getting up to turn the dial on a sector — common sense. But is Consider this:
wood-paneled Magnavox to it really? In the past, a relatively small
channel U, it’s still kind of The bank says starting June 19, number of customers generated
amazing. customers who try to use their s u c h e n o r m o u s f e e s f r o m
Now, Cisco may have debit cards without enough overdraft charges and penalties
overhyped its announcement money in their checking account o n c r e d i t c a r d s t h a t t h e y
just a tad, saying it would will simply be declined. More subsidized free checking and
“Whether it was gaming or service as well as video from from the New York Times: generous rewards programs for
change the Internet forever. video or tablets or ESPN W e b s i t e s l i k e G o o g l e ’ s “What our customers kept the majority of customers.
Cisco simply unveiled a new bringing 3-D sports to TV, it’s YouTube, according to these telling me is ‘just don’t let me In the case of overdraft, 93
router, the CRS-3. But it’s a about video,” he said. Chambers people. It also lets users to spend money that I don’t have,’ percent of the fees are generated
whopper of a router, to be sure, added that this video traffic, personalize a lineup of shows, ” said Susan Faulkner, the by just 14 percent of the
which can transmit 322 terabits along with other data intensive these people said.
per second. It’s supposedly 12 bank’s deposit and card product customers who exceed their
applications for things such as With the test, Google moves e x e c u t i v e , w h o s a i d t h e balances five times or more a
times the capacity of existing health care, will require more deeper into a crowded field of overdraft changes were part of a year, according to a 2008 study
routers, and that can only mean bandwidth than anyone could companies, large and small, that broader push to build trust b y t h e F e d e r a l D e p o s i t
one thing— video: have imagined a short time ago. have been trying for years to among its customers. “We Insurance Corporation. Three-
John Chambers, CEO of Cisco, Check out this slide from marry the Web and TV and their wanted to help them avoid those quarters of customers are not
said this new router will serve as Cisco’s presentation: business models—from rivals unexpected overdraft fees.”
the foundation of the next- charged overdraft fees at all, the
Meanwhile, the Wall Street Microsoft Corp. and Apple Inc. Keep in mind that two weeks study found.
generation Internet that will see Journal reports that Google and t o t h e m a n u f a c t u r e r s o f after this policy takes effect, So the question is: As a
tremendous growth due to Dish Network are collaborating televisions and set-top boxes. banks will be required to get a customer, do you favor the
video. o n a n e w t e l e v i s i o n Remember when companies customer’s permission before elimination of overdraft fees,
“Video is the killer app,” he p r o g r a m m i n g s e r v i c e : were trying for years to come up enrolling them in a overdraft even if it means free checking or
said. “Video brings the Internet The service, which runs on TV with set-top boxes?
to life and most of the devices program. B of A will still offer other perks go away?
set-top boxes containing Google overdraft protection on checks Or is it unfair that a majority of
that will be coming on the software, allows users to find
network will evolve quickly into and automatic payments, with customers will have to make up
shows on the satellite-TV the customer’s permission. The for the fees that were generated
video. “
bank’s decision to eliminate by a minority of customers?
overdraft completely on debit
purchases is a bit of a surprise.
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Battlestar Galactica Coming Soon to Fight With Star Wars and

Star Trek MMOs
Kevin Ohannessian (Fast various classes of characters, market that feature both the
Company) and weaponry, and ships, and recently launched Star Trek
Submitted at 3/10/2010 12:07:04 PM dramatic storyline, and big MMO and the coming Star
worlds to play in," said Bill Wars: The Old Republic MMO?
B i g p o i n t a n d U n i t y Kisper, the GM of the digital Kisper said, "It's a crowded and
Technologies announced on platforms group at Universal competitive space. We're a little
T u e s d a y t h a t B a t t l e s t a r Partnerships and Licensing. bit different because, while
G a l a c t i c a O n l i n e w i l l b e Players will be able to play as those are more of a traditional
released this Fall. The MMO either humans or Cylons, in both MMO with a box product and
(massively multiplayer online ship combat sequences and an on-going subscription, we are
game) will debut on Syfy away missions on planets. The coming into the browser-based
Channel's site first, as a 30-day developers are working closely space. We thought that made
exclusive, and will use browser- with the production company at sense for Battlestar Galactica
based 3-D software Unity. Universal that is behind the game itself, with the characters CEO of Bigpoint. Details about because the fanbase for the
"We've always felt that show, sharing sound and and storyline. It's not just some what characters and stories from show is quite broad and spans a
Battlestar was the perfect IP for computer assets, and possibly starships flying around in orbit the show will be featured in the number of different
gaming. It's got all the elements more, "There will really be a and we call it a Battlestar game will be forthcoming. demographics. We wanted to
that you would want: The link between the show and the game," said Heiko Hubertz, But can the game succeed in a make it more accessible."

New Mixed Media Edition of Seth Godin Book Mach 6 Cruise

Missile, Ready
Unleashed for Prime Time?
Nadine Heintz ( SUPER Ideavirus. of the terms in the text are to toggling back and forth Nathan Hodge (Wired Top
Submitted at 3/10/2010 7:03:28 AM The e-book, which costs just 99 linked, so you can click on between the videos and text, Stories)
cents for an online version or GeoCities, for example, to read especially if you're viewing the
Submitted at 3/10/2010 8:42:00 AM
T o d a y , V o o k r e l e a s e d a iPhone app, has a uncluttered, about the company on vook on your iPhone. But the
multimedia version of Seth crisp design. You can choose to Wikipedia. Of course, there are concept makes a lot of sense This spring, the Air Force was
G o d i n ' s U n l e a s h i n g t h e view it as text only, video only, pictures and plenty of graphs now that more and more books preparing for a groundbreaking
Ideavirus, which was originally or a mix of both text and video. that help illustrate Godin's ideas. are being read on tablets and e- test of the X-51 WaveRider, a
published online ten years ago. Each section features text and Another cool feature of the vook readers. In particular, the hypersonic cruise missile that
I've been reading a lot about accompanying videos. For is the ability to click on the multimedia approach works well would reach speeds of up to
mixed media books designed for example, the section about the "connect" view to comment on for instructional books such as Mach 6. But it looks like the
tablets and e-readers, so I d e c l i n e o f " i n t e r r u p t i o n the book on Facebook or Twitter Godin's. I think I'd rather read WaveRider’s debut flight will
thought I'd check out the new marketing" includes a video or go to Godin's website and my Jane Austen the old have to wait while some
take on Godin's book, which case study about the Little Miss blog. fashioned way, though. technical issues are addressed.
Vook is calling Unleashing the Matched sock company. Some It might take a while to adjust
22 Business/ Entertainment/ E-reader News Edition

Analyst Calls: ADI, BCS,

Eric Buscemi from underweight following the
(BloggingStocks) company's Q4 results.
Submitted at 3/10/2010 11:30:00 AM • Lockheed Martin ( LMT) was
upgraded to neutral from
Filed under: Analyst Reports, underperform at Macquarie.
A n a l y s t U p g r a d e s a n d • Analog Devices ( ADI) was
Downgrades, Analyst Initiations upgraded to outperform from
Analyst Upgrades market perform at Bernstein.
• T h i n k E q u i t y u p g r a d e d • Goodrich ( GR) was upgraded
InterMune ( ITMN) to buy from to conviction buy from buy at
h o l d f o l l o w i n g t h e F D A Goldman.
Please Exit in an Orderly, Well- advisory committee's approval
of Esbriet. InterMune was also Continue reading Analyst Calls:

Designed Fashion upgraded to outperform from ADI, BCS, CMA, CVX, FACT,
market perform at Wells Fargo. GR, ITMN, JCG, LMT, NFLX
• Piper Jaffray upgraded Radian ...
William Bostwick (Fast door, developed in the late '70s the Jamaica station, Mies Hora
Company) ( RDN) to neutral from Analyst Calls: ADI, BCS,
by the Japanese designer Yukio is splitting the difference, using
underweight with a $9 target. C M A , C V X , F A C T , G R ,
Submitted at 3/10/2010 10:41:33 AM Ota. It's called, unsurprisingly, a green-lettered EXIT and the
The firm believes the company ITMN, JCG, LMT, NFLX ...
the running man, and its running man. Maybe it'll wean
Slate editor Julia Turner advocates say it's more legible will not have to raise capital as o r i g i n a l l y a p p e a r e d o n
us off the red menace altogether.
explains why American exit (wordless and green, not red, the government is allowing it to BloggingStocks on Wed, 10
(By the way, hear Turner talk
signs need to be shown the door. which means "stop" not "run increase its leverage ratio Mar 2010 11:30:00 EST. Please
about the graphic design horror
Over at Slate, in her epic six- away"). But still we stick with beyond historic maximum see our terms for use of feeds.
that is Penn Station on WNYC's
part series on wayfinding, the red letters. Why? levels. Permalink| Email this|
Brian Lehrer Show. It's not the
deputy editor Julia Turner • JPMorgan upgraded Comments
Well, mainly because we designers' fault--it's
explains the exit sign: designed couldn't think of anything better, ExlService ( EXLS) to neutral
bureaucracy. The three owners
to stand out, but ignored by T u r n e r s a y s . T h e o n l y of Penn Station just can't get
designers--at least in the U.S.-- a l t e r n a t i v e s h e c i t e s w a s
for 75 years. In America, we developed for the AIGA's
their act together to unify the
wayfinding system. You can see
Corey Haim Dead At 38
have the commanding, red symbol set for DOT(right) but it a nice, if overly dramatic, (ETonline - Breaking News) the actor has passed away.
EXIT, standardized in the '30s never caught on, for obvious slideshow of getting lost in Penn Submitted at 3/10/2010 5:24:00 AM Authorities say that early
and '40s. But most everywhere reasons. Still, there might be Station at the Slate article here.) Wednesday morning, Corey was
else, it's the ISO standard: a hope. In his new pictograph '80s teen heartthrob Corey Haim transported by ambulance to St.
green man bounding out the system for MTA, being tested at was pronounced dead this Joseph's hospital in Burbank,
morning in Los Angeles. He CA, where he was pronounced
was 38. dead. The hospital then notified
The North Hollywood police police.
department confirms to ET that
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Govt Considers Free(ish) Broadband InterMune Showered

for All. Err... with Analyst Love on
Addy Dugdale (Fast
Company) FDA Approval
Submitted at 3/10/2010 11:58:37 AM
Elizabeth Harrow
Next week sees the release of
the Government's National Submitted at 3/10/2010 12:00:00 PM

Broadband Plan, in which it

briefly outlines a "broadband for Filed under: Major Movement,
all" idea (something that our Analyst Reports, Analyst
U.K. readers might remember Upgrades and Downgrades,
from the British Government's Good news, Products and
Services to issue its final ruling on the
Digital Britain report of 2009.)
Late Tuesday, an advisory drug's fate by early May.
The FCC is proposing that free
panel of the Food & Drug Continue reading InterMune
or low-cost wireless spectrum
Administration (FDA) voiced its Showered with Analyst Love on
be set aside in an attempt to get
approval for pirfenidone, the FDA Approval
the 93 million or so Americans
experimental lung drug from InterMune Showered with
who are currently without
D . C . - - o r s q u a s h t h e danger of "a new category of InterMune ( ITMN). The panel Analyst Love on FDA Approval
broadband in their homes. In an
functionality of the free service second-class citizens." voted 9-3 in favor of originally appeared on
effort to keep the costs low,
until it's barely useable. Alongside this hot potato, the recommending pirfenidone to BloggingStocks on Wed, 10
they're looking to the private,
Given the huge amount of National Broadband Plan is also p a t i e n t s w i t h i d i o p a t h i c Mar 2010 12:00:00 EST. Please
not-for-profit, and philanthropic
entertainment the Internet now proposing measures to combat p u l m o n a r y f i b r o s i s . see our terms for use of feeds.
p r o v i d e s , i t ' s b e c o m i n g digital illiteracy, with an Online The FDA is expected to follow Permalink| Email this|
While admirable--and typically
increasingly hard to view Skills Portal and a Digital the advice of the advisory panel, Comments
forward-thinking from the
Obama administration--there's a broadband as a utility. However, Literacy Corps. Congress gets to although it's not required to do
small flaw to the plan. No ISP in you can't argue with FCC Chair hear the plan next Wednesday, so. The regulatory agency is due
its right mind would be happy Julius Genachowski's warning March 17.
about this, and their lobbyists that, without computer literacy [ V i a E l e c t r o n i s t a a n d
will kick up a right old stink in and Internet access, there is a Z D N e t . c o m ]

Clinton Endorsement Shakes Up Maine Gov. Race

(Newsmax - Politics) Elizabeth Mitchell. The e-mail blast from Clinton here.
Submitted at 3/9/2010 12:06:44 PM Mitchell long-time supporter of to Maine Democrats arrived 22 © Newsmax. All rights
the Clintons, is expected to get a days before Mitchell must reserved.
Former President Bill Clinton huge boost from the former submit 3,250, $5 qualifying Five Filters featured article:
stirred up Maine’s Democratic president to help her campaign contributions to the state, the Chilcot Inquiry. Available tools:
race for governor Tuesday when reach the number of qualifying Web site of the Maine Public PDF Newspaper, Full Text RSS,
he announced his support for contributions for Clean Broadcasting Network. Term Extraction.
Maine Senate President Elections funding. You can read the full story
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Biden steps up pressure on Israel

(BBC News | Americas | of the planning decision, saying
World Edition) it represented "the ruining of
Submitted at 3/10/2010 9:19:33 AM trust and a serious blow" to
peace efforts.
Please turn on JavaScript. Mr Abbas has refused to
Media requires JavaScript to resume direct negotiations with
play. the Israeli government because
Joe Biden: Israeli government's of its refusal to put a complete
decision "undermines trust" stop to the expansion of
US Vice-President Joe Biden settlements in the West Bank
has again condemned Israel over and East Jerusalem.
a controversial building project, Israeli denial
saying its approval undermined In November, Israel announced
trust in the peace process. a 10-month suspension of new
Mr Biden was speaking after building in the West Bank,
meeting the Palestinian under heavy US pressure. But it
Authority President, Mahmoud considers areas within the
Abbas, in the West Bank. Jerusalem municipality as its
Mr Abbas also said the territory and the restrictions do
approval of another 1,600 not apply.
homes in occupied East Close to 500,000 Jews live in
Jerusalem threatened the peace s t a t e m e n t o r a c t i o n s t h a t said - can take the risks needed planning for new housing units more than 100 settlements built
process and demanded the plans inflamed tensions or prejudiced for peace. in East Jerusalem undermines since Israel's 1967 occupation of
be scrapped. the outcome of talks. Strong But equally it wants to exert that very trust - the trust that we t h e W e s t B a n k a n d E a s t
Israel has insisted the move had words. But was Israel's prime s o m e p r e s s u r e o v e r a need right now in order to begin Jerusalem. They are considered
nothing to do with Mr Biden's minister listening? government that, in resisting a as well as produce profitable illegal under international law,
visit. M a n y o b s e r v e r s s e e M r full-scale settlement freeze, has negotiations." although Israel disputes this.
'Lasting peace' Netanyahu's priority as being pretty well outfoxed the US Mr Biden said achieving peace During their dinner on Tuesday
Israel and the Palestinians had political survival, and he is during the first year of President would require both Israel and evening, Israeli Prime Minister
a g r e e d t o h o l d i n d i r e c t practiced in the art of navigating Obama's tenure. t h e P a l e s t i n i a n s t o t a k e Benjamin Netanyahu told Mr
"proximity talks" in a bid to between domestic pressures and Mr Biden told a joint press " h i s t o r i c a l l y b o l d " s t e p s . Biden that he had no prior
restart the peace process, which those coming from Washington. conference with Mr Abbas that M r A b b a s s a i d h e w a s knowledge of the decision to
has been stalled for 17 months. Historical boldness, as Mr h e w o u l d c o n d e m n a l l addressing the Israeli people in authorise the new housing units
However, the Israeli settlement Biden put it, is not in his nature statements that inflamed the saying that the "time is right for in the ultra-Orthodox settlement
a n n o u n c e m e n t h a s c a s t a - nor in fairness is it part of the situation or prejudiced the peace peace based on two states - an of Ramat Shlomo, officials said.
shadow on those talks, with the make-up of President Abbas. process. Israeli state living in peace and He said the plans had been
Palestinian Authority saying the But that is just what the US now He said the US would play an security alongside a Palestinian submitted three years ago and
approval showed Israel believed expects. active and sustained role in the state". had only received initial
US negotiation efforts had failed Mr Biden's mission underscores talks process and warned that it He said there should be a a p p r o v a l t h a t d a y .
before they had even begun. the fundamental ambivalence in was "incumbent on both sides "permanent, lasting and just " T h e d i s t r i c t c o m m i t t e e s
In the future, he asserted, the US position. It must seek to not to complicate the process". peace" that took in all areas, approve plans weekly without
Washington would hold both make Israel feel secure, because "Yesterday, the decision by the including Syria and Lebanon. BIDEN page 30
sides accountable for any only a secure government - it is Israeli government to advance But he was also highly critical
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New national math, English standards drafted (AP)

(Yahoo! News: U.S. News) consensus, said Chris Minnich, determine what is appropriate comparisons and the collective focuses on higher-level problem
Submitted at 3/10/2010 6:06:33 AM director of standards and for Texas children to learn in its professional judgment of solving. McCallum said the
assessment for the Council of public schools," Scott wrote in a educators, researchers and draft standards respect both
SEATTLE – Math and English Chief State School Officers. letter to U.S. Sen. John Cornyn, mathematicians. points of view, calling for both
instruction in the United States "We really used evidence in an R-Texas. "It is clear that the first "These are rigorous standards. conceptual understanding and
moved a step closer to uniform u n p r e c e d e n t e d f a s h i o n , " step toward nationalization of These standards are as high as computational skills.
— and more rigorous — Minnich said Monday. our schools has been put into the highest standards that any "We tried to resolve conflicts
standards Wednesday as draft In contrast, states that have place." state has," said William and go beyond some of these
new national guidelines were engaged in consensus-building The public is invited to McCallum, chairman of the arguments," McCallum said.
released. have not made the tough comment on the proposed new math standards committee, math "We listened very hard."
Supporters of the project led by decisions about what should be national standards until April 2, professor and head of the The draft report also addresses
t h e N a t i o n a l G o v e r n o r s contained in the standards and and the developers hope to mathematics department at the the debate over how much
Association and the Council of what shouldn't, Minnich said. publish final education goals for University of Arizona. should be expected from
Chief State School Officers Some have criticized the K-12 math and English in May. One math expert who was not immigrants who are just
hope the lists of things kids process, saying adoption of the A glance at the math standards involved in writing the draft learning English. An
should learn at each grade level new standards will not be reveals the changes are not standards questioned the value introduction to the standards
will replace a patchwork of voluntary. dramatic: Kids would still learn of moving concepts earlier. explains that English language
systems across the country. "First they tried to tie it to Race to count in kindergarten, not Cathy Seeley, senior fellow at learners should be held to the
The effort is expected to lead to to the Top money ... now they're multiply and divide. Minnich the Charles A. Dana Center at same standards but should be
standardization of textbooks and trying to tie it to Title I funds," said the main improvement is the University of Texas, has given more time and
testing and make learning easier s a i d R o b e r t S c o t t , T e x a s ' clarity and focus. In that, they been involved in the revision of instructional support to meet the
for students who move from commissioner of education. follow the trend already set by math standards in more than a requirements.
state to state. President Barack Obama told recent state standards revisions. dozen states. She saw a lot of Students with disabilities
T h e f e d e r a l g o v e r n m e n t the nation's governors last Each grade will have fewer similarity between the recent should also be challenged to
recently opened bidding for month that he wants to make goals in each subject area, but state revisions and the national master as many of the standards
$350 million to work on new Title I dollars for public schools each goal goes deeper; the goals plan. as they can, the document
national tests that would be contingent on adoption of are written in plain English with Seeley, who plans to participate argues.
given to students in states that c o l l e g e - a n d c a r e e r - r e a d y little or no educational jargon; in the public comment period, ____
adopt the national standards. reading and math standards, but and some learning goals may said she doesn't think making AP reporter April Castro
People involved in the effort the president said the states start to show up earlier than kids learn things earlier contributed to this story from
endorsed by 48 states, two would not be required to adopt expected. translates into higher standards. Austin, Texas.
territories and the District of the coalition's standards. For example, second graders "It's not that they're learning it ____
C o l u m b i a s a i d t h e n e w Texas and Alaska are the only now are expected to add and well but too late. It's that they're On the Net:
standards will raise expectations states not participating in the subtract triple digit numbers. not learning it well," Seeley Common Standards Initiative:
of student achievement in some national standards effort and Fractions start in third grade. said.
states and be in line with the Texas also opted out of the And kindergartners are expected The development team worked Five Filters featured article:
educational expectations of top- f e d e r a l R a c e t o t h e T o p to learn to count to 100. to resolve differences between Chilcot Inquiry. Available tools:
performing states and countries. competition for $4.35 billion for Grade placement of particular those who would like to see PDF Newspaper, Full Text RSS,
Unlike most efforts to revise education reform. topics in both the math and math instruction focus on Term Extraction.
standards at a state level, this "Texas has chosen to preserve English standards was based on computation and those who
document was not built on its sovereign authority to state and international prefer the discovery method that
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'Jihad Jane' indictment shows terror's evolution (AP)

(Yahoo! News: U.S. News) provide material support to Europe in August to do so. helping imprisoned blind Sheik LaRose had an initial court
Submitted at 3/10/2010 8:40:12 AM terrorists, underscores the LaRose indicated in her online Omar Abdel Rahman appearance on Oct. 16 but didn't
evolving nature of the threat we conversations that she thought communicate with his followers, enter a plea. No further court
PHILADELPHIA – The self- face," said David Kris, assistant her blond hair and blue eyes and Aafia Siddiqui, a Pakistani dates have been set.
described "Jihad Jane" who attorney general for national would help her move freely in scientist found guilty of Her boyfriend, Kurt Gorman,
thought her blond hair and blue security. Sweden to carry out the attack, shooting at U.S. personnel in told the Philadelphia Daily
eyes would let her blend in as LaRose had targeted Swedish the indictment said. Afghanistan while yelling, News that the two met in Ennis,
she sought to kill an artist in artist Lars Vilks and had online LaRose is a convert to Islam "Death to Americans!" Texas, several years ago and
Sweden is a rare case of an discussions about her plans with who actively recruited others, But neither case involved the that nothing seemed amiss until
American woman aiding in at least one of several suspects including at least one kind of plotting attributed to she packed up her clothes and
foreign terrorism and shows the apprehended over that plot unidentified American, and her LaRose — a woman charged moved out of their apartment in
evolution of the global threat, Tuesday in Ireland, according to online messages expressed her with trying to foment a terror Pennsburg without warning in
authorities say. a U.S. official speaking on willingness to become a martyr conspiracy to kill someone August, the day after his father's
The suburban Philadelphia condition of anonymity because and her impatience to take overseas. funeral.
woman, Colleen R. LaRose, is the official wasn't authorized to action, according to the Stewart has insisted she is "not "I was upset, worried. Maybe
accused in the indictment filed discuss details of the indictment and the U.S. official. a traitor," while Siddiqui has something happened to her," he
Tuesday of trying to recruit investigation. Killing the target would be her accused U.S. authorities of lying said.
fighters, as well as agreeing to Irish police said Wednesday goal "till I achieve it or die about her. A few weeks later, two FBI
murder the artist, marry a those arrested were two trying," she wrote a south Asian LaRose called herself JihadJane agents visited him, and in
terrorism suspect so he could Algerians, two Libyans, a suspect in March 2009, in a YouTube video in which November or December he was
move to Europe and martyr Palestinian, a Croatian and an according to the indictment. Her she said she was "desperate to subpoenaed by a federal grand
herself if necessary. American woman married to federal public defender, Mark T. do something somehow to help" jury to testify, Gorman said.
LaRose is "one of only a few one of the Algerian suspects. Wilson, declined to comment ease the suffering of Muslims, "She never talked about
such cases nationwide in which They were not identified by Tuesday. the indictment said. According international events, about
females have been charged with name. "I'm glad she didn't kill me," to the 11-page document, she Muslims, anything," he told the
terrorism violations," said U.S. A U.S. Department of Justice Vilks told The Associated Press agreed to obtain residency in a newspaper. "It's very strange. I
Department of Justice spokesman wouldn't confirm the on Wednesday, saying the European country and marry still can't believe it."
spokesman Dean Boyd. case is related to Vilks, who suspects appeared to be "low- one of the terrorists to enable ___
LaRose, 46, of Pennsburg but angered Muslims by depicting tech." He said he he has built him to live there. Associated Press writers Devlin
with close ties to south Texas, the Prophet Muhammad with defense systems in his home to She moved to Europe in August Barrett in Washington and
has been held without bail since the body of a dog. At least three thwart would-be terrorists, with her boyfriend's stolen Louise Nordstrom and Karl
her Oct. 15 arrest in Swedish newspapers published including a safe room and passport and intended to give it Ritter in Stockholm contributed
Philadelphia. the cartoon Wednesday, arguing electrified barbed wire. to one of her "brothers," the to this report.
Authorities said the case shows that it had news value or was a U.S. Attorney Michael Levy indictment said. She hoped to Five Filters featured article:
how terrorist groups are looking free-speech symbol. said the indictment doesn't link "live and train with jihadists and Chilcot Inquiry. Available tools:
to recruit Americans to carry out The indictment charges that LaRose to any organized terror to find and kill" the targeted PDF Newspaper, Full Text RSS,
their goals. LaRose, who also used the name groups. artist, it said. Term Extraction.
"Today's indictment, which Fatima LaRose online, agreed to In recent years, the only other LaRose also agreed to provide
alleges that a woman from try killing the target on orders women charged in the U.S. with financial help to her
suburban America agreed to from the unnamed terrorists she terror violations were lawyer coconspirators in Asia and
carry out murder overseas and to met online, and traveled to Lynne Stewart, convicted of Europe, the indictment charged.
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'JihadJane' a Sign of the Evolution of Terrorism Threat?

( carry out murder overseas and to from the unnamed terrorists she women charged in the U.S. with LaRose also agreed to provide
Submitted at 3/10/2010 8:46:56 AM provide material support to met online, and traveled to terror violations were lawyer financial help to her
terrorists, underscores the Europe in August to do so. Lynne Stewart, convicted of coconspirators in Asia and
PHILADELPHIA The self- evolving nature of the threat we LaRose indicated in her online helping imprisoned blind Sheik Europe, the indictment charged.
described "Jihad Jane" who face," said David Kris, assistant conversations that she thought Omar Abdel Rahman LaRose had an initial court
thought her blond hair and blue attorney general for national her blond hair and blue eyes communicate with his followers, appearance on Oct. 16 but didn't
eyes would let her blend in as security. would help her move freely in and Aafia Siddiqui, a Pakistani enter a plea. No further court
she sought to kill an artist in LaRose had targeted Swedish Sweden to carry out the attack, scientist found guilty of dates have been set.
Sweden is a rare case of an artist Lars Vilks and had online the indictment said. shooting at U.S. personnel in Her boyfriend, Kurt Gorman,
American woman aiding in discussions about her plans with LaRose is a convert to Islam Afghanistan while yelling, told the Philadelphia Daily
foreign terrorism and shows the at least one of several suspects who actively recruited others, "Death to Americans!" News that the two met in Ennis,
evolution of the global threat, apprehended over that plot including at least one But neither case involved the Texas, several years ago and
authorities say. Tuesday in Ireland, according to unidentified American, and her kind of plotting attributed to that nothing seemed amiss until
The suburban Philadelphia a U.S. official speaking on online messages expressed her LaRose — a woman charged she packed up her clothes and
woman, Colleen R. LaRose, is condition of anonymity because willingness to become a martyr with trying to foment a terror moved out of their apartment in
accused in the indictment filed the official wasn't authorized to and her impatience to take conspiracy to kill someone Pennsburg without warning in
Tuesday of trying to recruit discuss details of the action, according to the overseas. August, the day after his father's
fighters, as well as agreeing to investigation. indictment and the U.S. official. Stewart has insisted she is "not funeral.
murder the artist, marry a Irish police said Wednesday Killing the target would be her a traitor," while Siddiqui has "I was upset, worried. Maybe
terrorism suspect so he could those arrested were two goal "till I achieve it or die accused U.S. authorities of lying something happened to her," he
move to Europe and martyr Algerians, two Libyans, a trying," she wrote a south Asian about her. said.
herself if necessary. Palestinian, a Croatian and an suspect in March 2009, LaRose called herself JihadJane A few weeks later, two FBI
LaRose is "one of only a few American woman married to according to the indictment. Her in a YouTube video in which agents visited him, and in
such cases nationwide in which one of the Algerian suspects. federal public defender, Mark T. she said she was "desperate to November or December he was
females have been charged with They were not identified by Wilson, declined to comment do something somehow to help" subpoenaed by a federal grand
terrorism violations," said U.S. name. Tuesday. ease the suffering of Muslims, jury to testify, Gorman said.
Department of Justice A U.S. Department of Justice "I'm glad she didn't kill me," the indictment said. According "She never talked about
spokesman Dean Boyd. spokesman wouldn't confirm the Vilks told The Associated Press to the 11-page document, she international events, about
LaRose, 46, of Pennsburg but case is related to Vilks, who on Wednesday, saying the agreed to obtain residency in a Muslims, anything," he told the
with close ties to south Texas, angered Muslims by depicting suspects appeared to be "low- European country and marry newspaper. "It's very strange. I
has been held without bail since the Prophet Muhammad with tech." He said he he has built one of the terrorists to enable still can't believe it."
her Oct. 15 arrest in the body of a dog. At least three defense systems in his home to him to live there. Click here to read more on this
Philadelphia. Swedish newspapers published thwart would-be terrorists, She moved to Europe in August story from
Authorities said the case shows the cartoon Wednesday, arguing including a safe room and with her boyfriend's stolen Five Filters featured article:
how terrorist groups are looking that it had news value or was a electrified barbed wire. passport and intended to give it Chilcot Inquiry. Available tools:
to recruit Americans to carry out free-speech symbol. U.S. Attorney Michael Levy to one of her "brothers," the PDF Newspaper, Full Text RSS,
their goals. The indictment charges that said the indictment doesn't link indictment said. She hoped to Term Extraction.
"Today's indictment, which LaRose, who also used the name LaRose to any organized terror "live and train with jihadists and
alleges that a woman from Fatima LaRose online, agreed to groups. to find and kill" the targeted
suburban America agreed to try killing the target on orders In recent years, the only other artist, it said.
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Calif. jury recommends death for serial killer (AP)

(Yahoo! News: U.S. News) serial killer, this is what I did' Alcala, an amateur Robert Samsoe stalked out of home.
Submitted at 3/10/2010 4:47:29 AM and give up the victims." photographer and UCLA court as the song was played. The jury convicted Alcala of
Jurors took just an hour graduate, focused his entire Juror Greg Lacey said the lyrics the murders on Feb. 25, and also
SANTA ANA, Calif. – It was Tuesday to return the death defense on the Samsoe case and deeply affected the panel — but found true special-circumstance
2005 when Bruce Barcomb r e c o m m e n d a t i o n a f t e r a ignored the murders of the four not in the way Alcala had allegations of rape, torture and
received the call he'd been sometimes surreal six-week trial Los Angeles County cases. hoped. kidnapping, making him eligible
a w a i t i n g f o r n e a r l y t h r e e in which the 66-year-old Alcala "Thirty-six people now have "It didn't make sense to us. for the death penalty.
decades: Police had finally — w h o w a s r e p r e s e n t i n g convicted him of death and We're sitting there doing our During the guilt phase of trial,
identified the man who raped himself — grilled the mother of that's a great feeling knowing duty, we're not out there stalking Alcala's defense took a surreal
and murdered his little sister in a one of his victims, cross- that Robin did not die for someone," Lacey said, adding turn when he played a seconds-
remote canyon on a dark night examined police investigators nothing. We took a monster off that the gruesome evidence in long clip showing himself on a
in 1977. and answered his own questions the street, we've got closure for the case gave him many 1978 episode of "The Dating
Police told Barcomb the while taking the stand in his other families who didn't have sleepless nights. Game."
suspect, Rodney James Alcala, own defense. it," said Robin's older brother, Robin Samsoe was kidnapped He said the grainy clip proved
was already on death row for Alcala also relied on a piece of Robert Samsoe, 44. "This is a while riding a bicycle to ballet that he was wearing a gold-ball
killing a 12-year-old girl and an Arlo Guthrie song and a 1978 joyous occasion." class on June 20, 1979. Her earring almost a year before
had to exhaust his appeals clip of himself as a winning Alcala gave his own closing body was found 12 days later in Samsoe was killed.
before there could be a new trial contestant on "The Dating arguments earlier Tuesday, the Angeles National Forest. Prosecutors said the earring,
with the newly discovered Game" in his rambling and telling jurors that a death Alcala was arrested a month found in a small pouch with
victims included. sometimes incoherent defense. recommendation would make after Samsoe's disappearance other earrings in a storage locker
So Barcomb wrote Alcala in Alcala has been sentenced to them "de facto killers" and when his parole agent Alcala had rented, belong to
prison, begging him to admit to death twice before in the 1979 "wanna-be killers in waiting." recognized him from a police Samsoe and that Alcala had
killing his 18-year-old sister, murder of 12-year-old Robin He then played a piece of Arlo sketch and called authorities. taken it as a trophy.
J i l l , a n d f o u r o t h e r s i n Samsoe of Orange County, but Guthrie's 1967 song " Alice's Alcala has been in custody ever The other women murdered
stranglings between 1977 and those verdicts were overturned Restaurant," in which the since. were Georgia Wixted, 27, a
1979. Alcala never wrote back. on appeal. narrator tries to avoid being He was first tried in Samsoe's nurse from Malibu; Charlotte
"I wrote to him four times," Prosecutors refiled charges in drafted for the Vietnam War by murder in 1980. Prosecutors Lamb, 32, a legal secretary from
Barcomb said Tuesday, after a t h a t c a s e a n d a d d e d J i l l trying to convince a psychiatrist added the murders of the four Santa Monica; and Jill
jury recommended the death Barcomb's murder and three that he's unfit for the military women in 2006 after Parenteau, 21, a key punch
penalty for Alcala in Jill o t h e r s i n 2 0 0 6 a f t e r because of his supposed extreme investigators discovered operator from Burbank.
Barcomb's murder and four investigators linked them to desire to kill. forensic evidence linking him to Five Filters featured article:
others more than 30 years after Alcala using DNA samples and "I wanna see blood and gore and those crimes, including DNA Chilcot Inquiry. Available tools:
the crimes. other forensic evidence. Those guts and veins in my teeth," the found on three of the women, a PDF Newspaper, Full Text RSS,
"It was always about why put us cases, which had gone unsolved song's narrator sings. "Eat dead bloody hand-print and marker Term Extraction.
through the carnage of this trial? for decades, went on trial for the burnt bodies. I mean: kill, kill, testing done on blood Alcala left
Really tell us the truth: 'I'm a first time this year. kill, kill." on a towel in the fourth victim's

Completely Erase Storage Drives for Security [Security]

Kevin Purdy (Lifehacker) No matter how you're getting removed from it, because ways to wipe down a hard drive,
Submitted at 3/10/2010 7:30:00 AM rid of a computer or external identity thieves love laziness. SSD, or USB drive. More »
drive, you want all your data MaximumPC details the best
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US 'hid terror suspect treatment'

(BBC News | Americas | UK security officers. However, questions remain was not prepared to comment on
World Edition) Eliza Manningham-Buller's about exactly when they learnt the former MI5 chief's
Submitted at 3/10/2010 3:19:15 AM intervention has provided a few that the US apparently changed comments.
more insights into the its rules on torture after the 9/11 She said the Foreign Office
The former head of MI5 has contentious issue of what the attacks. could not, at this stage, find any
claimed US intelligence UK knew about the US Lady Manningham-Buller, who details of protests lodged by the
agencies "concealed" their treatment of detainees but it headed MI5 between 2002 and British government with the US
mistreatment of terror suspects. does not provide us with a full 2007, said: "The Americans over the treatment of detainees. Get the Most From
Baroness Eliza Manningham- picture or final answers. were very keen that people like BBC security correspondent
Buller said she only discovered From what she said, it is clear us did not discover what they Gordon Corera said Lady
Your Point-and-Shoot
alleged 9/11 mastermind Khalid that in at least one case the UK were doing." Manningham-Buller's remarks Camera [Photography]
S h e i k h M o h a m m e d w a s learned of mistreatment and In a lecture at an event were an acknowledgement MI5 Jason Fitzpatrick (Lifehacker)
waterboarded after retiring in lodged protests with the US. organised by the Mile End had been slow to realise what
Submitted at 3/10/2010 9:00:00 AM
2007. But in other instances, notably Group, she said she had the US was doing.
In a lecture at the House of the case of Khalid Sheikh wondered, in 2002 and 2003, However, he said, there was Just because you've got a
Lords, she said the US had been Mohammed, Lady Manningham how the US had been able to still not a complete picture of relatively inexpensive point-and
"very keen to conceal from us -Buller indicated the service had supply the UK with intelligence what happened. -shoot camera and not a $1500+
what was happening". not known that he was from Khalid Sheikh Mohammed "It is clear that at some point DSLR rig doesn't mean you
Her comments follow waterboarded. and was told that he was "very documents came to the UK can't take awesome photos.
controversy over UK agents' In the crucial case of Binyam proud of his achievements when saying he [Binyam Mohamed] Here's a look at how you can
alleged collusion with US Mohamed, we know that MI5 at questioned about it". had been mistreated by the US. elevate your regular old point-
counterparts using torture s o m e p o i n t d i d r e c e i v e "It wasn't actually until after I What we don't know is exactly and-shoot shots to greatness.
techniques. documents from the US retired that I read that, in fact, he when those documents came More »
Last month it emerged that detailing his treatment in had been waterboarded 160 and... who saw them," he told
Binyam Mohamed, a British Pakistan but we do not know times," she said. BBC Radio 4's Today
r e s i d e n t f o r m e r l y h e l d a t who exactly saw these and at
Guantanamo Bay, had been what stage.
Lady Manningham-Buller said
the government had lodged
Print Sponsor
subjected to "cruel, inhuman Answering the question of who "protests" with the US about its Five Filters featured article: Barry Ritholtz (The Big
and degrading" treatment. knew what and when will be treatment of detainees, but Chilcot Inquiry. Available tools:
Ministers and current MI5 head central to the ongoing police refused to go into further detail. PDF Newspaper, Full Text RSS, Submitted at 3/10/2010 7:16:04 AM

Jonathan Evans have insisted investigation into possibly Mistreatment Term Extraction.
that there was no collusion by complicity in torture. A Foreign Office spokeswoman This is dead pan brilliance:
Maritime Ship Construction

Blu-Ray Players - from Consumer Reports and Environmental Concerns

Back to work!
Five Filters featured article:
Press Room (Consumer Consumer Reports Consumer blu-ray discs. Podcast - Blu-Ray reliability on hundreds of
Reports) Chilcot Inquiry. Available tools:
Reports' tests of Blu-Ray Players Subscribe now! products. Update your feed PDF Newspaper, Full Text RSS,
Submitted at 3/9/2010 9:00:59 PM players for the March '10 issue S u b s c r i b e t o preferences Term Extraction.
show all have excellent picture for expert
Blu-Ray Players - from quality when playing high-def Ratings, buying advice and
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Employees Comfort Dead Houston continued from page 24

informing me," Interior Minister Catherine Ashton also

Oil Exec's Family Eli Yishai, the chairman of the
ultra-Orthodox Shas party, told
condemned the move, saying it
risked peace talks before they
( foot walkway by the river. for him is endless, we were Israel Radio on Wednesday had even begun and called on
Submitted at 3/10/2010 6:53:05 AM The video evidence led police lucky to have him in our lives. morning. Israel to reverse the decision.
to no longer suspect foul play, Thank you for all your love and "If I'd have known, I would The Arab League was due to
Employees of a Houston energy saying it was "likely" Schantz support." have postponed the meet in Cairo to decide on a
company are rallying around the fell into the river and Family and friends have refused authorisation by a week or two response.
family of an executive found accidentally drowned. Riley said to speculate about what might since we had no intention of Israeli government spokesman
dead in New Orleans, Schantz appeared disoriented have happened to Schantz, but provoking anyone." Mark Regev insisted Israel had reported. and added that he had been his oldest son pointed out earlier But the US government has not "a very good working
Police say a body recovered drinking. his father was taking several accepted Israel's explanation relationship and a very good
from the Mississippi River is Shantz had a tremendous medications. that the announcement was personal relationship" with the
that of Douglas Schantz, 54, reputation in Houston as a "He does have high cholesterol essentially part of a bureaucratic US.
who went missing early Friday business executive and and high blood pressure that he's process that had no connection He dismissed speculation that
morning. philanthropist at heart. He was on medicine for. He had a cough with Mr Biden's visit, says BBC the interior ministry's
The discovery was made just the president of Sequent Energy and a cold, and from what I Middle East editor Jeremy announcement was a deliberate
before noon Tuesday by Management, L.P. understand he might have been Bowen in Jerusalem. move by some members of Mr
volunteers from Texas Online, people from around the on antihistamine and antibiotic," Israel, deliberately or not, Netanyahu's cabinet to scupper
Equusearch, a Houston-based world have been offering words said Michael Schantz. inflicted something close to a any chance of peace talks.
organization led by Tim Miller. of hope and prayers for a His strange death is in contrast humiliation on the Obama The US special envoy to the
Equusearch volunteers found miracle. Hundreds joined the to the way he lived his life as a administration and the words Middle East, George Mitchell, is
Schantz's body in the river, near Facebook group, "Have you family man and passionate they chose in reaction reflected scheduled to arrive in the region
the French Quarter. seen Doug Schantz?" leader. The Sequent Energy that, our correspondent says. next week to conduct the second
Schantz, a top executive of a One person wrote Schantz was offices released a statement The UK Foreign Secretary round of proximity talks.
Houston energy company, was an "exceptional executive, a praising the response and David Miliband condemned the Print Sponsor
last seen leaving a bar on good friend and a wonderful amount of resources dedicated announcement by Israel. Five Filters featured article:
Bourbon Street in New Orleans. person." to the search. Schantz leaves "This is a bad decision at the Chilcot Inquiry. Available tools:
Security cameras recorded him a When news came a body had behind a wife and three adult wrong time. It will give strength PDF Newspaper, Full Text RSS,
short time later walking through been found, his sister wrote, children. to those who argue that Israel is Term Extraction.
the French Quarter. "We are praying it's not him." Click here for more from not serious about peace," he said
New Orleans Police An hour later, Susanne Schantz in a press statement.
Superintendent Warren Riley posted: Five Filters featured article: "I condemn it as certain to
said Schantz, who left the "It is with a broken heart that I Chilcot Inquiry. Available tools: undermine the mutual
Razzoo Bar and Patio about 2 have to tell you our wonderful PDF Newspaper, Full Text RSS, confidence we need."
a.m. Friday, was seen on Doug is dead. He drowned in Term Extraction. EU foreign affairs chief
security video walking on a 2- the Mississippi River. Our love

Turn a Hoodie into a Laptop Bag [Clever Uses]

Jason Fitzpatrick (Lifehacker) If you like getting the most use into a laptop bag, baby carrier,
Submitted at 3/10/2010 6:30:00 AM out of your possessions as and more. More »
possible, this guide will help you turn a hooded sweatshirt
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US activist Granny D dies at 100 Calif. Teacher Charged

(BBC News | Americas |
World Edition)
Submitted at 3/10/2010 1:43:03 AM
"This country has become one
in which, in order to run for
'Raising hell'
After her walk, Granny D kept
campaigning. In 2004, she
With Having Sex With
office, a poor man has to sell his
Doris Haddock, who walked soul, or he has to be a multi-
jumped into the race for the US
senate at the last minute, losing Student
across the US at the age of 89 to m i l l i o n a i r e . T h a t ' s n o t New Hampshire to the ( "She walked in with her
press for changes in election d e m o c r a c y , " s h e s a i d . Republican incumbent Judd Submitted at 3/10/2010 6:15:06 AM attorney...and said, ‘Hey, I came
campaign funding, has died at Granny D's aim was to press Gregg. to surrender for what I did.'"
her home in New Hampshire. Congress to plug loopholes in "We are always saddened when A 33-year-old Burbank middle Beck surrendered at the police
Granny D, as she was widely campaign laws that allowed someone with a genuine school teacher accused of station on Monday afternoon.
known, trekked 3,200 miles what was known as "soft commitment to their values and having sex with a teenage male "She said she had sexual
(1,650km) in 1999 and 2000 to money" from corporations, trade principles passes away," New student over a six-month period relations with one of her
draw attention to the high cost unions, and interest groups to Hampshire Republican Party l a s t y e a r w a s c h a r g e d o n students," Quesada said.
of running for office in the US. influence political campaigns. Chairman John Sununu said. Tuesday with unlawful sex with Police interviewed the boy "and
A candidate had "to sell his In 2002, Congress passed the "Granny D was an unwavering a m i n o r , M y F o x L A . c o m confirmed that the acts did
soul" or be a multi-millionaire, Bipartisan Campaign Reform advocate for her beliefs." reported. occur" between March and
she told the BBC during her Act (widely known as the Granny D died at her home in Amy Victoria Beck, a teacher at September of last year, the
journey. McCain-Feingold act after the Dublin, New Hampshire, on David Starr Jordan Middle sergeant said.
In 2004, she ran for the US senators who proposed it), Tuesday just two months after School, is scheduled to be The boy was 14 at the time the
Senate for the Democrats, losing which banned national political celebrating her 100th birthday. a r r a i g n e d W e d n e s d a y i n alleged sexual activity began,
66% to 34%. party committees from The subtitle of her Burbank Superior Court on four and he is now 15, Quesada said.
On 1 January 1999, Granny D accepting or spending soft autobiography was: "You're counts of unlawful sex with a His name was not released.
set out on her walk across the money contributions. Never Too Old to Raise a Little person under 16 and one count Beck had taught English and
US, covering about 10 miles a In another development, in Hell." of oral copulation with a person Social Science at the school for
day, six days a week. January this year the US Print Sponsor under 16, according to the ten years, according to The
Speaking about the then Supreme Court overturned long- Five Filters featured article: District Attorney's Office. Burbank Leader. She resigned
presidential race, she said the standing limits on how much Chilcot Inquiry. Available tools: If convicted, Beck faces up to on Friday.
amount of money being thrown companies could spend on PDF Newspaper, Full Text RSS, seven years in state prison, "She’s a well-respected and
about was "obscene". political campaigns. Term Extraction. officials said. loved teacher," Principal Sharon
SLIDESHOW: 'Sex' Teachers Cuseo told the paper. "We’re all
Google Maps Adds Bike-Friendly Who Still Get Paychecks
"We’re still trying to piece
Click here for more from
everything together, what
Directions and Trails [Google Maps] happened, where, what kind of Five Filters featured article:
sex acts, how many, and how Chilcot Inquiry. Available tools:
Kevin Purdy (Lifehacker) routes, find trails, and avoid long it’s been going on," PDF Newspaper, Full Text RSS,
Submitted at 3/10/2010 8:00:00 AM snarling traffic with Google Burbank police Sgt. Robert Term Extraction.
Maps' Bicycle layer. More » Quesada said, according to The
It's long been one of Google Burbank Leader.
Map's most requested features, cyclists and bike commuters
and now it's here. Recreational alike can plot cycle-friendly
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Insurers 'face $7bn Chile bill' 10 biggest IPO flops in

(BBC News | Americas |
World Edition)
Munich Re said it still expected
to report a profit of more than
2bn euros ($2.7bn; £1.8bn) this
relatively unaffected by the
quake - economists predict the
country's economy will still
Submitted at 3/10/2010 2:43:45 AM
(Holy Kaw!) very highest end of the pricing
year. grow by 5% this year.
The earthquake in Chile may Analysts said that while the The country also has one of the Submitted at 3/10/2010 9:36:16 AM spectrum. Unfortunately, it
c o s t t h e g l o b a l i n s u r a n c e losses were large, they were lowest government debt to turned out that the underwriters
industry as much as $7bn probably not sufficient to An initial public offering (IPO) had gotten greedy and finished
economic output ratios in Latin
( £ 4 . 7 b n ) , S w i s s R e h a s reverse recent falls in the prices i s o f t e n d e s c r i b e d a s a the next day down $1.75, one of
estimated. company's "coming out party." the worst IPO debuts of the
reinsurance companies charge Chile's inflation rate is
The company, the world's insurance firms to cover natural I t ' s t h e m o m e n t w h e n a year.
currently at 1.5% and its interest
second-largest reinsurer, said disasters such as earthquakes or s u c c e s s f u l , p r i v a t e l y h e l d •
rate is 0.5%, where it has been
the impact on the sector would hurricanes. business says, "Hey, world! was almost too good to be true.
since August of last year.
between $4bn and $7bn. Who wants a piece of the Unfortunately, it was also a
"Although it will almost Chile's President-elect
Swiss Re said its own losses certainly lead to a change in action?" Then again, you can't financial pipe dream. Webvan
Sebastian Pinera will take
from last month's 8.8 magnitude reinsurance prices for business really predict a party's outcome. went public in 1999 and raised
control of the country's
earthquake would total about in that region, it is not an What if nobody shows up? $375 million in the process. Yet
earthquake recovery work when
$500m. The same is true for IPOs. Sure, even with this cash -- plus an
industry-changing event on its he takes office on Thursday.
Chile's outgoing government own," said Helvea analyst Tim an IPO can bring an instant incredible $1 billion from
He is preparing an emergency
has said it will take the country Dawson. flood of capital, but it can also private investment firms, the
bill and a reconstruction law,
up to four years to recover, but Reinsurance companies allow mean opening your company to company was unable to be
saying the country's 2010
economists say Chile is well insurance firms to reduce their greater public scrutiny, cranky profitable. In a last ditch effort
budget will be "adjusted to
placed to do this. shareholders and fickle market to save money,
risk and exposure. reflect our needs and the reality
Another reinsurance company, Stable economy f o r c e s . F o r t h e f o l l o w i n g drastically cut the variety of
on the ground".
Germany's Munich Re, has also Chile is regarded as having one companies, their long-awaited products it offered on the site
Print Sponsor
said how much it estimates it of the best-run economies in IPOs proved to be DOA. but still had to declare
Five Filters featured article:
will have to pay out as a result Latin America. • Shanda Games: In China, bankruptcy in 2001, a mere 18
Chilcot Inquiry. Available tools:
of the Chilean earthquake - Led by its substantial copper Shanda Games is synonymous months after its triumphant IPO.
PDF Newspaper, Full Text RSS,
$543m. with the hugely popular online
production - which was Term Extraction.
gaming market. Shanda planned F u l l l i s t a t
a big coming out party with a H o w S t u f f W o r k s . c o m .
Use the Stock Theory of Decluttering U.S. IPO in September 2009. Total aggregation of
Feeling the time was ripe for a H o w S t u f f W o r k s . c o m .
to Clean Your House [Clutter] big payday, the underwriters Photo credit: Fotolia
bumped up the total number of Permalink| Leave a comment »
Jason Fitzpatrick (Lifehacker) it home, and we're loathe to look initial shares, and they set the
Submitted at 3/10/2010 8:30:00 AM at that as wasted money. Use the opening price at $12.50, the
"Stock Theory of Decluttering"
We become invested in our to help purge your junk. More »
when we bought it and brought
junk, through the price we paid
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7-Year-Old Calls 911, Saves Family Even as tiny blocks, you’ll

From Attack recognize Super Mario Bros.
( Call
The boy and his 6-year-old
grabbed the boy and asked who
he called. He responded, "911."
in this Arduino project
Submitted at 3/10/2010 8:45:07 AM Doug Aamoth (CrunchGear) “a simple version of Super
sister hid unnoticed in the The gunmen fled without taking
Submitted at 3/10/2010 8:00:14 AM Mario Bros using an 8×8 LED
NORWALK, Calif. A terrified locked bathroom while the anything or injuring the family.
matrix (one color), an Arduino
7 - y e a r - o l d b o y b e g g e d suspects threatened his mother "If not for the brave and Funny thing, isn’t it? That you Nano, two buttons for the input
emergency dispatchers to send and father at gunpoint. educated actions of the 7-year- can watch some little blocks (forward and jump), and a piezo
police to his Southern California "There's some guy who's going old boy, this might have ended moving on an 8×8 LED matrix sensor hooked to a separate
h o m e w h e r e t h r e e a r m e d to kill my mom and dad," he tragically," said sheriff's Capt. and recognize the first level of Arduino for the theme song.”
robbers threatened his parents, said breathlessly. "Bring cops. A Pat Maxwell. Super Mario Bros. buried in the Nice work, young lady. I give it
according to a recording of the lot of them! ... And soldiers, The three men remain at large. squares? an A++, the highest mark
call released Tuesday. too." Click here for more from Developed by a Carnegie known to mankind.
Gunmen broke into the boy's The suspects eventually broke Mellon student named Chloe for [ Vimeo via Make]
home Tuesday morning and into the bathroom and someone Five Filters featured article: an Arduino class, the project is
announced that they would take screamed. The 911 operator Chilcot Inquiry. Available tools:
whatever they wanted, Los s o u n d e d s h a k e n a s s h e PDF Newspaper, Full Text RSS,
Angeles County sheriff's Lt. explained what happened to her Term Extraction.
Steve Kenny said. colleagues.
VIDEO: Listen to the Boy's 911 Kenny said the suspects

Green plastic breakthrough from Big Blue, Stanford

(CNET "Additionally, the team has Many people have been plastic products in conjunction
Submitted at 3/10/2010 9:04:44 AM developed a new strategy for the working on the plastics issue, with partner companies.
synthesis of high molecular and there are several organic- Details of the polymer
Jim Hedrick is a researcher at weight cyclic polyesters and the based recyclable plastics being development can be found in the
IBM's San Jose, Calif., facility generation of new families of introduced. In February, for paper "Organocatalysis:
w h o w o r k e d o n t h e biocompatible polymers for example, the Imperial College Opportunities and Challenges
o r g a n o c a t a l y s i s biomedical applications," London and BioCeramic for Polymer Synthesis," which
b r e a k t h r o u g h . ( C r e d i t : according to IBM. Therapeutics introduced a has been published in the
IBM/Monica M. Davey) In terms of real-world degradable plastic polymer American Chemical Society
A group of scientists from IBM application, the science could made from the sugars derived journal, Macromolecules.
a n d S t a n f o r d U n i v e r s i t y lead to plastics becoming from the breakdown of Five Filters featured article:
a n n o u n c e d W e d n e s d a y a endlessly recyclable rather than lignocellulosic biomass. There Chilcot Inquiry. Available tools:
chemistry breakthrough that junk in a landfill. also already exists several plant- PDF Newspaper, Full Text RSS,
could change the nature of As IBM points out, many and cornstarch-based plastic Term Extraction.
plastics and plastics recycling. plastic bottles, while they are products including household
Using organic catalysts, the now being recycled, can only be generation recycled plastic paper goods, food packaging,
team has developed a new recycled once for what is called cannot be recycled yet again, and bioplastic children's toys
method for producing and "second-generation use." Most and so are typically sent to from Cereplast. Metabolix also
breaking down plastic polymers. bottles made from second- landfills. has several lines of corn-based
34 Tech/ E-reader News Edition

YouTube Darlings OK Go Say Bye-Bye to EMI

Brenna Ehrlich (Mashable!) As we have reported in the past, According to State Farm changed the way people look at
Submitted at 3/10/2010 7:33:36 AM OK Go took arms against the Advertising Manager Todd a 30-second television ad spot
sea of troubles that arose back in Fischer, the band and the because they also think of how
Welcome to Act III of the OK January when EMI and insurance company had been in it will translate to the online
Go/EMI drama: According to YouTube disabled embedding talks since the fall of 2009 about space, because of the power and
EMI, the pop band has decided on a video for one of their new the possibility of making a the influence that online has in
to leave the record company and singles, “This Too Shall Pass.” sponsored video. “Both of us reaching so many more people
form their own independent The band has built its hits in just two days. The State kind of looked at each other as these days.”
label, Paracadute Recordings, reputation to some degree on the Farm Factor iconic brands in our own sense On OK Go’s side, the band was
under which they will take over popularity of its viral videos, Therefore, the band had the — the OK Go guys liked what able to create the video that they
control of their third album, Of and Kulash and the rest believed world’s attention when they State Farm has been doing in the wanted, while also attracting
the Blue Colour of the Sky. that the lock-down version of released another video for the m u s i c a n d e n t e r t a i n m e n t tons of media attention. “We
Here is the full statement from “This Too Shall Pass” was same song last week, this time space… On the flip side, we had this idea to do a Rube
EMI: hindering fans’ enjoyment of the featuring a Rube Goldberg obviously — like so many other Goldberg project and it was a
“OK Go, the band whose video as well as any publicity machine and fully embeddable, people — had great respect for slightly more expensive idea
inventive internet campaigns the band might garner from thanks to sponsorship from State what OK Go had done in the than what we had had in the past
and self-directed music videos sharing. Kulash released a Farm Insurance. Just for point of social media space and how they and they were willing to sponsor
have set records and won the public statement on the band’s reference: At press time, this had used their videos to connect it, but also let us do whatever it
band a GRAMMY® Award, site and even wrote an op-ed in video, which was released on with young adults and with was we wanted to do,”
and EMI Music’s Capitol The New York Times on the March 1, has nearly seven music fans along the way.” Nordwind says.
Records, the band’s label since issue. million views. The first video, Although the insurance According to Fischer, the
2001, have agreed to part ways An interesting tidbit from the featuring the Notre Dame company has done branded company would also be game to
by mutual agreement. OK Go op-ed: marching band, was released on integration with movies and TV partner with the band again, as
has formed their own “When EMI disabled the January 8. As of now, it only before, this the first time they’ve well as other bands that might
independent label, Paracadute embedding feature, views of our has 1,181,070 views. been involved in a viral music have similarly innovative ideas.
Recordings. They will take on treadmill video dropped 90 When asked whether he thought video, an avenue by which they What Does This Split Mean?
all distribution and promotion percent, from about 10,000 per the controversy surrounding the saw an opportunity to connect This chain events, as well as the
functions for their latest album, day to just over 1,000. Our last first video contributed at all to with a whole new market. most recent chapter in the
Of The Blue Colour Of The royalty statement from the label, the success of the second, We’ve reported in the past on drama, raises the question that
Sky, which was released in which covered six months of bassist Tim Nordwind said, “It’s several viral video campaigns everyone’s been asking as of
January. ‘We’d like to thank the streams, shows a whopping hard to know if Damian’s op- that made use of this growing late: Does OK Go — or any
people at EMI Music who have $27.77 credit to our account.” p i e c e h a s m a d e a h u g e medium as a way to grab the band for that matter — require a
worked so hard on our behalf,’ Blogs, fans and news outlets difference, but for people who attention of the Internet-savvy relationship with record
said OK Go singer Damian were buzzing, and it was clear pay attention to it, yes, I think set — the Ray-Bans tattoo company in order to survive?
Kulash. EMI Music said: that people were interested in that it’s one reason that people commercial and the Chuck According to an representative
‘We’ve really enjoyed our the issue of ownership and the are paying attention. Or maybe Liddell Reebok spot spring to from EMI, the label was
relationship with OK Go. battle between achieving virality even possibly rooting for us… I mind. instrumental in setting up the
They’ve always pushed creative and making money. In fact, t h i n k w h a t p e o p l e a r e Fischer says that the partnership partnership with State Farm.
boundaries and have broken according to a release from Big responding to is that it’s just speaks to the evolving manner EMI has a unit called Brand
new ground, particularly with Hassle Media, who represent kind of an awesome video. I by which we consume media. Partnerships, Licensing and
their videos. We wish them the OK Go, Kulash’s blog post think people are reacting to the “You see a lot more brands Synchronization that basically
greatest success for the future.’” about the issue went viral itself, Herculean effort that it took to starting to play in the space [of
make this thing.” YOUTUBE page 37
How Did We Get Here? garnering more than 500,000 viral videos]… I think it’s
E-reader News Edition Tech/ 35

Don't trust the critics: Four Apple products they thought would
Chris Rawson (The Unofficial It seems absurd now, but there Slashdot's now-famous opinion of whom were unimpressed with
Apple Weblog (TUAW)) was a time when some critics of the just-announced iPod: "No the iPod at best and thought it
Submitted at 3/10/2010 10:00:00 AM thought the Mac would be a wireless. Less space than a was Apple's death knell at
complete failure. They Nomad. Lame." worst. People who weren't great
Filed under: iPod Family, considered the mouse-driven The comments that follow are fans of Apple at the time, like
iPhone, iPad Ever since the interface "Useless." Ponder that even better. "I don't see many the guys behind Penny Arcade,
iPad's introduction a month and one for a bit. "Awkward," "Not sales in the future of iPod." "All had even harsher things to say
a half ago, the internet has been easy to learn," and of course, I can say is, as an Apple 'fan', about the iPod, even two years
awash in criticism of the as-yet- "Costs too much" were other I'm sad." But don't just take after its release (not safe for
unreleased device. "It's just a big 1984-era complaints leveled at Slashdot's word for it. The work language -- it is Penny
iPod touch," many have said. Apple's latest creation. These forum folks at MacRumors had Arcade, after all). Over nine
"No Flash, no multitasking, no critics were used to the some true gems too: "Great just years later, where are we? Over
sale," others bemoaned. And a keyboard-driven interface of what the world needs, another a quarter of a billion iPods have
few have gone so far as to say, DOS-running PCs, and from the freaking MP3 player." "I still been sold since then, and it's
"It doesn't do a lot of things that sounds of things, they can't believe this! All this hype largely due to the iPod's
a netbook that costs half as considered the Mac, with its for something so ridiculous! momentum that Apple has
much will do." For these reasons graphic user interface and world in 1998. Add to that the Who cares about an MP3 become the phenomenal success
and many more, many of the "awkward" mouse, to be nothing iMac's hermetically-sealed case player?" "'I'd call it the Cube 2.0 it is today.
pundits and forum dwellers have more than an overpriced and not particularly upgrade- as it wont sell, and be killed off 4. The iPhone
but one prediction: the iPad is novelty, doomed to fail. friendly components, and once in a short time...and it's not For the first half of 2007,
going to crash and burn. I hardly need to tell you what again, tech critics and build-it- really functional." "The Reality before the iPhone actually hit
Don't you believe it, because happened next. The original yourself users who had been Distiortion Field[TM] is starting stores, people either thought it
the critics have been wrong Macintosh completely used to beige towers predicted to warp Steve's mind if he thinks was the greatest innovation of
before. Several times, actually, revolutionized the computer the iMac would never catch on. for one second that this thing is the past ten years (at least) or an
according to The Week, which industry. Within only a short Instead, the iMac sold like crazy gonna take off." "Not exactly overpriced, overhyped device
provides a list of five Apple time, companies like Microsoft and almost instantaneously 'revolutionary'. " "The real that lacked features common to
products the critics thought scrambled to duplicate the d o u b l e d A p p l e ' s P C money is in DRM and many other phones. Of course,
would fail. Out of those five, GUI/mouse combo the Mac marketshare. Twelve years later, distribution (ala Real Musicnet). there was no lack of punditry
only one, the Newton, failed to brought to the market. Today, the iMac is still Apple's best- If Apple were smart they would from those who thought the
find mainstream success. The nearly every desktop, notebook, selling desktop, and it shows no be focusing on high gross iPhone was doomed, and Apple
other four were industry- and netbook out there runs a s i g n s o f g o i n g a n y w h e r e revenue from services rather right along with it. Tech critic
defining products which went GUI/mouse interface. And 26 anytime soon... unlike those than a playback device." "It is John Dvorak said of the iPhone,
on to sell millions of units each. years after the first Macintosh floppy disks everyone once by no means revolutionary or "I'd advise people to cover their
What did the critics have to say debuted, Apple still sells Macs thought were so crucial. groundbreaking. It is an MP3 eyes. You are not going to like
about these four "failed" Apple by the millions every year. I 3. The iPod player. BFD. It is just a step in what you'll see." A former CEO
products when they first wish I could fail half as hard as One of the greatest things about the evolution of an MP3 player of Palm said, "We've learned
debuted, and which products that. the internet is that in a way, it's [...] Think different is dead." and struggled for a few years
were they? Click "Read More" 2. The iMac the closest any of us will get to It goes on like that, for pages here figuring out how to make a
to find out. "No floppy drive?!?" was the time travel. Let's go back to and pages. And this is at a site
1. The Mac echoing cry among the tech October 23, 2001, and get full of Apple fans, the majority DON'T page 43
36 Tech/ E-reader News Edition

GDC 2010: Real Racing and Flight Control on the iPad with
Mike Schramm (The Unofficial
Apple Weblog (TUAW))
Submitted at 3/10/2010 9:00:00 AM

Filed under: Gaming, Software,

Freeware, App Store, iPad We
got to sit down with Australian
developer Firemint here at the
Game Developers Conference
2010 in San Francisco -- it's a
mobile game developer who hit
it big last year with the very
popular iPhone game Flight
Control, and while it used to
make mobile games for just a
handful of larger game
publishers like EA, the company
is now trying to cement a
reputation for making a smaller
stable of high quality App Store
games. "We like to joke that we
went from ten customers to ten
million," community manager
Alexandra Peters told us.
She also showed us their
second game, Real Racing, pulls it off pretty well by the App Store, but there is an development for a free game. of that with Flight Control HD -
which has been winning all focusing on that -- depending on interesting lite version to try as Firemint also told us about the - they've even set up a Wacom
kinds of awards even in the the settings, you can simply let well -- Volkswagen actually version of Flight Control they're tablet to test the larger control
crowded accelerometer racing the car accelerate and even approached Firemint after the working on for the iPad. It will scheme out. And they're hoping
game genre, and talked with us break on its own, and just focus success of the game and be called Flight Control HD, the game comes out soon after
both about Flight Control HD on hitting the curves while commissioned an "adverware" and of course it'll make use of the iPad's launch on April 3rd,
(their upcoming "soon after driving 48 different cars around version to release on the App the bigger touchscreen, but like so look for it then.
launch" title for the iPad) as the game's 12 tracks, or actually Store. It's there to try-- most developers, Firemint hasn't Other than that, Firemint also
well as what's next for the jump in and control the car unfortunately, the content is a had an actual iPad dev device to has two other games in
company. yourself. little light for a game with so work with -- they've only got the development, still under wraps.
Real Racing was impressive for We only got to drive a few laps, many ads, but it's one of the game running in the iPad SDK The first will be coming out
an iPhone racing game. While but the game's crystal-clear better integration models for in- simulation. Peters said the iPad later this year, and the other one
the accelerometer-as-steering is presentation got us interested game ads I've ever seen, and the makes for a "very personal and is definitely the biggest iPhone
basically a cliche in iPhone enough to want to play more. extra commission for Firemint very immersive experience," so
games at this point, Real Racing The game is currently $4.99 in certainly help offset the costs of they're hoping to take advantage GDC page 38
E-reader News Edition Tech/ 37
Sorry, There's No Silver Bullet Business Model continued from page 34

brings bands and brands

For The Music Industry together — they’re the ones who
get songs into commercials
Dennis Yang (Techdirt) (which is becoming a more and
Submitted at 3/10/2010 4:01:00 AM
more common way for a band to
make money). According to a
Forrester analyst Mark rep from EMI, the label
Mulligan believes that the approached State Farm and
problem for the recording pitched the idea to the company.
industry is one of demographics. what has driven the recording model: Record music that it is very unlikely to drive the “Basically our label sort of
Mulligan uses the fact that the industry for decades now is " people want to hear on physical type of purchasing behavior worked as a middleman,”
billionth application purchaser format change," where the media. Sell that media. Repeat. that, in the past, came with each Nordwind says, “but it was
on iTunes, 13 year-old Connor r e c o r d c o m p a n i e s h a v e Then, the 00s brought the latest new recording format -- and it basically us sort of dealing with
Mulcahey, was much younger c o n t i n u a l l y a s k e d t h e i r maturation of the recording certainly won't "save recorded State Farm. But to be really
than the 10 billionth iTunes customers to essentially re-buy format, the mp3, with its near- music." The problem is that the honest, the label and State Farm
music purchaser, 71 year-old their recordings each time a new infinite portability and an audio user is no longer locked into the were very hands-off with us.
Louie Sulcer, to highlight the format is adopted -- from quality that can only really be recording industry's physical They really just let us do what
issue: older users may still pay records, to cassettes, to CDs. contested by audio snobs. Since product for the distribution of we wanted to do.”
for music tracks, but younger With each new technology, it could be easily copied and music. There is no "one thing" Therefore, the question
users are more likely to "part customers were compelled to used in many different devices, they can sell that the audience becomes: Is the band/label
with their cash" for apps than b u y t h e p r o d u c t s n o t b y it had the opportunity to become will have no alternative but to s i t u a t i o n a k i n d o f R u b e
for music. To Mulligan, the legislature or law, but rather, by the most widely used music buy. To be successful, the Goldberg machine in its own
problem is with the current a continual desire to have their format ever. But, because of its recording industry is going to right — an overly elaborate
digital-music product itself. music be more accessible. First, near-infinite portability, the have to experiment and figure system built up to achieve a
Thus, he prescribes a feature- the phonograph made music recording industry's old tried- out how make revenue from simple outcome? Can OK Go
rich app as the savior -- and the more affordable and accessible, and-true business model of many different sources, which achieve the success on their
future -- of the music industry. as compared to hiring a band of selling physical media was no requires creativity that the labels own? It will be interesting to see
He proposes a music application musicians to come and play in longer as viable. have so far been unable or what results from their breaking
that wraps digital tracks with your living room. In the 80s, The evolution of recording unwilling to muster. While the away from EMI, and how they
social networking, live on- the cassette tape made listening formats shows that what has industry is out there looking for continue to use the medium of
demand footage, song lyrics, more portable, albeit with a loss really driven the industry has the "silver bullet" of a business the Internet to spread their
games, and forums. This sounds in audio quality. Then, in the been a hunger for increased model, the reality is that the music.
like an interesting idea, which 90s, the CD combined both accessibility and portability, not answer is more like a whole clip We’ve reached out to the band
could see some success (if well- portability and high audio necessarily the introduction of full of silver bullets, coupled for further comment and will
executed), but if the music quality into one small package, n e w f e a t u r e s . S o , w h i l e with some garlic, and finished update this post if we hear
industry is seeking a "silver leading to a huge up-swell in Mulligan's music application off with a wooden stake or two. anything more.
bullet" business model, this is recording purchases. For years, idea may drive some interest in Permalink| Comments| Email Tags: EMI, music, OK Go,
not likely to be it. the recording industry has had a recoded music, by empowering This Story State-Farm, youtube
It's pretty well understood that fantastic, well-defined business the audience to do more with it,
38 Tech/ Gadgets/ E-reader News Edition
What Apple's and Microsoft's patent threats mean continued from page 36

project they've ever done (we

for start-ups got the impression that it would
be a larger, 3D action project)
(CNET like Facebook that not-so-long- members, and they offer a good open-source projects (like that will be out sometime in
Submitted at 3/10/2010 8:34:46 AM ago were start-ups. But it may start. But it's just a start, and it Linux), but we need more than 2011. We asked them if those
fall particularly hard on open- costs quite a bit to participate charity in order to offer start-ups games were planned for the
Perhaps retirement doesn't suit source projects and companies, fully with them. (This makes --open source or otherwise-- iPhone or the iPad, and they told
former Sun Microsystems CEO which typically eschew patents. sense, given how much money "Sun-like" protection from the us while they were currently
Jonathan Schwartz. When Apple came calling to such collectives must spend to patent extortion racket. working on both of them for the
Just weeks into his post-Sun threaten Sun with a user- buy the patents in the first At some point, the interests of iPhone, "we'll have to wait and
life, Schwartz offers some interface design patent lawsuit, place.) open source-friendly IBM or see" on the iPad.
delicious anecdotes in a blog and when Microsoft asked to Whatever the cost, this may be Oracle will conflict with a start- All in all, Firemint seems to be
post, summarizing Apple's and smoke the peace pipe over the only refuge for start-ups and up or project, just as has a company that has really taken
Microsoft's threats to sue Sun OpenOffice (at the "small" price others, like Red Hat, that don't happened with Microsoft, and advantage of the opportunities
for patent infringement as more of a royalty on every copy of have an aggressive patent- then big brother the protector in the App Store, and grown
about bluster than substance. OpenOffice downloaded, as acquisition policy. will become Big Brother the both their reputation and their
But that's not the lesson I learn Schwartz read it), Sun had a As I said, the technology tormentor. repetoire thanks to Apple's
from Schwartz's commentary. compelling response: it's industry is a quagmire of Perhaps it's time we focus our platform. Flight Control and
Instead, what is immediately possible that we violate your conflicting patent claims. For collective efforts on a single Real Racing have both been
obvious to me is that a) the patents, but have you looked example, it's as certain that patent collective like Open excellent examples of their "just
technology industry is a morass into your own trampling on Microsoft violates Linux-related I n v e n t i o n N e t w o r k , a n a few good games" philosophy,
of conflicting patent claims, b) Sun's IP? patents as it is that Linux organization that becomes the and we can't wait to see what
since there's really no way to It's a good argument, if a violates Microsoft patents. The equal of a Microsoft in a patent they do with other titles and the
completely avoid others' patents depressing one. Depressing, industry is simply too messy for feud? As in the insurance iPad.
the best defense is to have a because it's the kind of it to be otherwise. industry, the premium should TUAW GDC 2010: Real
hefty counterbalancing patent argument that only big We need better, more come down as more participants Racing and Flight Control on
portfolio of one's own, and c) companies can make since often comprehensive ways for smaller join in. the iPad with Firemint originally
thus, only big companies can they're the ones with more companies to be able to compete Other ideas? appeared on The Unofficial
truly compete in a trigger- patents than sense. in this market without the fear Five Filters featured article: Apple Weblog (TUAW) on
happy, patent-wielding The Open Invention Network of running afoul of some big Chilcot Inquiry. Available tools: Wed, 10 Mar 2010 09:00:00
marketplace. and other patent collectives have company's patent portfolio. It's PDF Newspaper, Full Text RSS, EST. Please see our terms for
Guess what? This rules out sought to level the playing field great that companies like IBM Term Extraction. use of feeds.
virtually all new entrants to a by buying up patents to be held have been pledging patents for Read| Permalink| Email this|
market, including companies for the defense of their the protection of its preferred Comments

Dress Yourself, Linux Users [Linux]

Mark Wilson (Gizmodo) Linux users are such penny-
Submitted at 3/10/2010 10:40:00 AM pinchers, $18 is probably more
than they'll pay for a single
A t-shirt-stuffed Linux store has garment of clothing. [
opened for business, the the Linux Foundation. But since LinuxStore via CrunchGear]
proceeds from which support More »
E-reader News Edition Tech/ 39

Panasonic, Best Buy double down on 3D TV

(CNET both of whom insisted 3D
Submitted at 3/10/2010 8:48:00 AM content is in the pipeline.
DirecTV pledged that the first of
Brad and Ashley, a couple from its three promised 3D channels
Manhattan's Upper West Side, would be online by June, and
score a 3D TV bundle.(Credit: dropped a teaser that this year's
Sarah Tew/CNET) baseball All-Star Game would
Panasonic has announced its be broadcast in 3D. Fox's Mary
first 3D TV bundle available Daily, meanwhile, announced
exclusively at Best Buy stores, that "Ice Age: Dawn of the
featuring a plasma TV and 3D- Dinosaurs" will soon be coming
compatible Blu-ray player. The to 3D Blu-ray. However, she
bundle will cost $2,900 for a 50- couldn't provide any details as
inch TC-P50VT20 TV (a $2,500 to when Fox's "Avatar," the 3D
value by itself) and 3D- standard-bearer, would be
compatible DMP-BDT300 Blu- available for home viewing in
ray player ($400), and also 3D.
include one pair of 3D glasses In the meantime, Brad and
(model TY-EW3D10U, $149). Ashley--and anyone else who
The Panasonic bundle and TVs purchases a 3D TV and 3D Blu-
will be "sold exclusively at ray player--won't really have
select Best Buy stores via any 3D content to watch.
Magnolia Home Theater," (Panasonic may be including a
according to Panasonic. The 50- calibration mode not found on pre-arranged by Best Buy models have already begun 3D demo reel with the Blu-ray
inch model will be followed by the Best Buy version, but it's beforehand.) With New York popping up in showrooms player, but unlike Samsung--
54-, 58-, and 65-inch versions slightly more expensive. (See an sales tax, the total came to about around the country, and they've which is bundling "Monsters vs.
later this year, though pricing early hands-on evaluation here.) $3,100. Immediately afterward, been available via Amazon for Aliens"--there won't be any
has yet to be determined. To drum up excitement for the t h e y w e r e b o m b a r d e d b y several weeks. Still, the event theatrical feature included.)
If the TC-P50VT20 sounds 3D launch, the companies held a questions and interviews from was another reminder that 3D Titles will be trickling out as the
different from the TC-P50VT25 joint press event at the Best Buy the large group of media who p r o d u c t s a r e r e a l , n o t year progresses, but many of
model that was CNET's Best of store in Manhattan's Union had shown up to document the v a p o r w a r e . them will be animated movies
CES pick earlier this year, that's Square. Immediately following event. But if the hardware's here, targeted at children.
because it is--albeit just slightly. the press conference, the first In the end, despite the hype, finding 3D content to watch still Five Filters featured article:
The two models are nearly bundle was sold to customers this wasn't the first 3D TV r e m a i n s a c h a l l e n g e . Chilcot Inquiry. Available tools:
identical: the VT25 has minor Brad and Ashley, a couple from actually sold in 2010. Samsung Wednesday's media event also PDF Newspaper, Full Text RSS,
external styling differences Manhattan's Upper West Side. has also launched a 3D bundle included representatives from Term Extraction.
(different color bezel) and (The timing of the sale had been in partnership with Best Buy. Its DirecTV and Fox Home Video,
includes an RS232 port and ISF
40 Tech/ Gadgets/ E-reader News Edition

TextExpander 3 makes short work of keyboard

TJ Luoma (The Unofficial feature to capitalize new looks like a great upgrade to
Apple Weblog (TUAW)) sentences as well, but that what was already a full-featured
Submitted at 3/10/2010 12:00:00 PM feature was a little hit-or-miss application.
for me. TextExpander costs $34.95, but
F i l e d u n d e r : S o f t w a r e In its new application form, they offer a full-featured demo
TextExpander, one of my very TextExpander has to be running and a 90-day guarantee which is
Rumor: Cisco Prepping
most favorite (yes, I like it that for it to work. That may seem far longer than I'm used to New Flip Video
much) utilities has been updated obvious, but since it used to be a seeing for software. If you own Cameras [Cisco]
to version 3. This is a major preference pane, users may be an earlier version of
update and renovation of the used to it running "hidden" as a TextExpander you can upgrade Adam Frucci (Gizmodo)
program, which has changed daemon in the background. for $15. Those who bought Submitted at 3/10/2010 12:20:44 PM

from a preference pane to an There is an option to hide the TextExpander on or after

application. application icon in the dock. If group to sync via MobileMe. November 1st, 2009 are eligible Silicon Alley Insider is
I honestly don't think that I you hide it in the dock, you can Syncing is now an "all or for a free upgrade. reporting that Cisco is prepping
c o u l d u s e a M a c w i t h o u t still access TextExpander from nothing" option. There's even a companion a new line of Flip video cameras
TextExpander anymore. I have a its icon in the menu bar. They've You can also create a new application for the iPhone and to be announced next month at
customized list of "frequently even included several different snippet, edit the last expanded iPod touch called TextExpander the NAB conference in Vegas.
misspelled words" that I have it styles of icon for the menu bar, snippet (handy if you realize touch which will sync to your Makes sense! No details on the
correct for me, as well as a which is good news for those of that you need to "tweak" it), or local Mac, so you can use your models themselves,
snippet of text for creating a you who believe that menu bar use the clipboard to make a new snippets in a wide range of unfortunately. [ Silicon Alley
new shell script, a shortcut to items should only be black and snippet. New in this version is iPhone apps. Insider] More »
insert the current date or time, white. also the avility to create global TUAW TextExpander 3 makes
HTML markup, and more. The menu bar offers a slew of "hotkeys" which will reduce the s h o r t w o r k o f k e y b o a r d
TextExpander has been able to cool new features, including a "friction" involved in making a shortcuts originally appeared on
sync via MobileMe for some search function and a list of all new shortcut. I know I've The Unofficial Apple Weblog
time, but version 3 also includes of the folders and snippets for previously thought "Oh, I ought (TUAW) on Wed, 10 Mar 2010
the ability to sync via Dropbox. you to navigate, in case you to make a shortcut for this" but I 12:00:00 EST. Please see our
It can also correct "double caps" have forgotten a shortcut. This usually wait too long before I terms for use of feeds.
at the beginning of a sentence is a good reason to start sorting finally get sick of re-typing it Read| Permalink| Email this|
w h i c h h a p p e n w h e n y o u snippets into "Groups" which and actually do it. Comments
accidentally hold down the shift were previously a bit of a pain I've only just started playing
key for too long. There is a because you had to tell each with this new version, but it

R.I.P. Dell Adamo XPS, You Died Too Young [Obituary]

Rosa Golijan (Gizmodo) We thought the Dell Adamo MacBook Air. It had potential.
Submitted at 3/10/2010 11:10:46 AM XPS to be a truly beautiful More »
creation, an innovative challenger that one-upped the
E-reader News Edition Tech/ 41

FT Boss: Positive Thinking And halts

Balls Are The Secrets To A ad networks over
Successful Paywall malware
Mike Masnick (Techdirt) should have more balls, they generation (that's rapidly hitting (CNET malware that had affected
Submitted at 3/10/2010 9:16:00 AM should have more confidence the business world) has never Submitted at 3/10/2010 9:01:00 AM Senate computers the day
about what they're doing," is paid for a newspaper before.
It's no secret that I'm pretty how Rob Grimshaw, managing subscription and see no reason has stopped ad Matt Drudge denied the
skeptical of the longterm director of put it. to start now. None. So, the networks from delivering ads to accusation on his site and
viability of just about any "If they put their mind to it then papers with the paywalls are its site after they were found to accused the committee of
newspaper paywall. Among the they can produce compelling limiting themselves to an contain fake antivirus malware. politicking. But several CNET
"success stories," however, products online which people audience that will die off. " O n M o n d a y m o r n i n g readers reported that they too
many people point to the will pay for." You would think That's dangerous. Furthermore, WhitePages received reports had been hit with the malware
Financial Times, which has a that someone working for a as we keep pointing out, news from users [about] malware in when they visited the Drudge
policy of only letting savvy business publication, like consumers today aren't there to the form of a fake antivirus Report Web site, a conservative
unregistered users see a single the FT, would offer a bit more just read, but to share the news. upsell program that we believe news aggregator that sometimes
story per month before locking in the way of strategic detail. In other words, the very act of originated (against our terms) authors stories too.
them out. If you register (still Confidence alone doesn't putting up this paywall makes from a third-party advertising Web sites that have ad
free) you get ten stories per change the market position. I the newspaper less valuable to network serving ads on our networks serve their ads are
month. After that you have to agree that if they put their mind the current news consumer, website, in addition to other susceptible to malware being
pay (or you erase your cookies, to it, others can come up with because they can't freely share w e b s i t e s , " a W h i t e P a g e s distributed on their sites without
or use Google searches, since compelling products that people the content with others. spokeswoman said in an e-mail their knowledge or involvement.
you can get access if you come will pay for -- but these have to There are strategies for late Tuesday. Visitors to the Drudge Report,
via Google). This has resulted be products of scarce value. alternative revenue streams for "We immediately suspended the The New York Times, the San
in about 126,000 customers, The FT has mostly been able to publications, but locking up networks in question at which Francisco Chronicle, and other
which isn't bad, though I still do this with good your content and hoping people time the reports from users Web sites were found to be
question if it can last (I'll financial/business content, but will just pay to access it is an subsided," she wrote. "We are d e l i v e r i n g a d s c o n t a i n i n g
explain my reasons at the end of that may not be sustainable. It's attempt to set up artificial working diligently to prevent m a l w a r e l a s t y e a r .
the post). really a huge opportunity for scarcities in a world of this from happening in the The Drudge Report did not
However, in an interview, Rob someone else to step in and abundance. It's a strategy that's future." return an e-mail seeking
Grimshaw, the managing offer top financial and business hard to make last for very long. A representative for the comment Wednesday.
director of the Financial Times, content for free and pick up the Permalink| Comments| Email S e n a t e ' s C o m m i t t e e o n Five Filters featured article:
suggests that lots of others can readers that don't want to pay This Story Environment and Public Works Chilcot Inquiry. Available tools:
do well with a paywall if they for either the FT or the WSJ. said on Tuesday that officials PDF Newspaper, Full Text RSS,
just had "balls" and "put their And that group of people is were looking a t Term Extraction.
mind to it." Really:"Publishers growing. The younger and Drudge
Report as possible sources of
42 Tech/ Gadgets/ E-reader News Edition

LifeLock Has To Pay $12 Million Corey Haim Dies: Fans

For Bogus Advertising, Little Actual Pay Tribute on Social
Protection And Awful Security Media Sites
Mike Masnick (Techdirt) CEO of LifeLock, after having advertising, which went beyond Christina Warren (Mashable!)
Submitted at 3/10/2010 6:50:00 AM his own identity fraudulently just false implied promises -- to Submitted at 3/10/2010 9:37:17 AM
used, went to the home of the sending out letters that tried to
AdamR was the first of a few of guy who did it to "coerce a claim that the recipient's info Corey Haim, best known as one
you to point out that the FTC confession." "wasn't safe" as a scare tactic. half of “the two Coreys,” was
(along with 35 state attorneys But the bigger questions were On top of that, apparently, found dead in his home this
general) has fined Lifelock $12 about the service itself. All it LifeLock itself wasn't morning at the age of 38,
m i l l i o n f o r a v a r i e t y o f really did was put a fraud block particularly secure with how it apparently from an accidental
misdeeds, starting with bogus on your credit, which you could handled its customers private drug overdose.
advertising. This should be no do for free. It didn't stop people information. This fact looks The actor was a teen icon and became a trending topic on
surprise to Techdirt readers, as from using your existing credit even worse when you realize heartthrob in the late 1980s, Twitter as well. However, it was
the discussions around LifeLock cards if they had access to the that LifeLock would prey on known for his roles in films like Feldman, not Haim, that starred
have always raised a lot more information, or from taking out firms who had recently had data Lucas, The Lost Boys, License in that classic.
questions than were answered. loans in your name (which is breaches, and suggest they sign to Drive and Dream a Little Facebook groups like“R.I.P.
It kicked off with the fact that what happened to the CEO) -- up customers for a "free" year of Dream. While his more recent Corey Haim (The Lost Boys)”
LifeLock's CEO, who proudly even though its advertisements LifeLock -- thereby putting their work has been more limited, are also sprouting up.
places his Social Security implied you'd be safe from such data at risk yet again. Not only that hasn’t stopped fans from Haim, who suffered from drug
Number on ads to "prove" how situations (which are more was the data not properly flooding Twitter and Facebook addiction throughout the 1990s
convinced he is that LifeLock common than someone taking handled, but LifeLock falsely with responses to this news. and 2000s, gained Internet
will protect him... was a victim out a credit card in your name). claimed that the data was Haim is most prominently attention in 2001 when he
of identity fraud himself. Oh, Oh, and then there was the fact encrypted and only authorized known for his work in the The attempted to sell his hair and
and there was also the stuff that the fraud reports that employees would have access. Lost Boys— a coming-of-age teeth on eBay(these auctions
about how one of the founder's Lifelock would put on accounts Neither turned out to be true. story about teenage vampires. were eventually pulled down
of the company had a past that were found to be illegal. Basically, it sounds like rather The film, which was his first because they violated eBay’s
involved doing bad things with All that looks pretty bad -- and than protect your identity, collaboraton with Corey TOS, which states you can’t sell
the private information of his it gets worse as you read the LifeLock put you at greater risk. Feldman, has become something body parts). He also starred in a
own customers. And then there details of the FTC slapdown. Permalink| Comments| Email of a cult classic, spawning a reality show called The Two
was the story about how the There was the questionable This Story straight-to-video sequel in 2008, Coreys alongside Corey
with another follow-up planned. Feldman for two seasons on

How to Improvise a Laptop Carrying Today, however, it’s a trending

topic on Twitter.
What was your favorite Corey
Haim movie? Let us know in the
Because Corey Haim and Corey
Bag [How To] Feldman were frequently
associated with one another, it’s
Tags:#ripcoreyhaim, corey
Jesus Diaz (Gizmodo) these easy steps. [ Likecool] not surprising that for a brief haim, death
Submitted at 3/10/2010 12:00:00 PM More » period of time, “The Goonies”
need a hoodie and to follow
In case of emergency, you just
E-reader News Edition Tech/ Economy/ 43

"Girl With the Dragon Tattoo" uses Macs to solve mysteries

Victor Agreda, Jr. (The and was unsurprised to find it Dragon Tattoo is in theaters near
Unofficial Apple Weblog was based on a highly-regarded you starting March 19th.
(TUAW)) novel. The next clue:
Submitted at 3/10/2010 8:00:00 AM The lead character, Lisbeth No 9 to 5'ing for this guy. Just
Filed under: Cult of Mac If you Salander, actually uses her like Lisbeth and Mikael, this
happen to have gotten caught up MacBook Pro to hack into all renegade, Jonathan Fields, made
in the phenomenon known as manner of places, just as Macs his own way (he even wrote a
the Girl With the Dragon have managed to appear in all book about it) and he helps
Tattoo, then you know that the sorts of movies. There's even a people find the career that lets
computer of choice for these Flickr group dedicated to them do what they love to do.
world-class computer genius chronicling the appearance of TUAW"Girl With the Dragon
hackers is made by Apple. I them in film and TV. If you got Tattoo" uses Macs to solve
screened the film version of the a kick out of Hackers back in mysteries originally appeared on
story, and MacBook Pros are the day, Lisbeth will be a little The Unofficial Apple Weblog
visible throughout as the the tool familiar, but she's a nice modern (TUAW) on Wed, 10 Mar 2010
used to solve mysteries. It's a spin on the "cool hacker" type. H U N T - - a n I n t e r n e t - w i d e books, the movie soundtrack, 08:00:00 EST. Please see our
good film as well, as far as taut TUAW is part of a "blog hunt" scavenger hunt tied to the posters and more. To join the terms for use of feeds.
thrillers from Sweden go. In for clues to win prizes for the feature film launch of the contest, start at the beginning of Read| Permalink| Email this|
fact, I found it a refreshing take movie, and you can find out bestselling book The Girl With the HUNT by visiting the Comments
on the thriller (with a little more on the next page... the Dragon Tattoo. Win great contest page for full details and
social commentary thrown in) Join the Dragon Tattoo Blog prizes: free movie tickets, the first clue. The Girl With the
DON'T Stocks edge higher
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decent phone. PC guys are not that HTC and other phone four products were smashing quotes to point and laugh at. on hopes for
going to just figure this out. manufacturers have violated successes despite all the doom TUAW Don't trust the critics:
They're not going to just walk Apple's patents or not, the and gloom from both Four Apple products they
global economy
in." And who could forget Steve influence the iPhone has had on professional and armchair tech thought would fail originally (Financial Times - US
Ballmer of Microsoft, perhaps the smartphone industry is critics. Now, with the appeared on The Unofficial homepage)
the best-remembered critic of undeniable. Before June of introduction of the iPad, Apple Apple Weblog (TUAW) on Submitted at 3/10/2010 9:01:47 AM
the iPhone: "There's no chance 2007, almost all smartphones is aiming at a new industry: Wed, 10 Mar 2010 10:00:00
that the iPhone is going to get looked like clones of the ultraportable computers. For the EST. Please see our terms for By Jamie Chisholm, Global
any significant market share. No Blackberry. Less than three past month and a half, at least use of feeds. Markets Commentator
chance." Ballmer claimed Apple years later, an awful lot of half of everyone paying Read| Permalink| Email this| Published: March 10 2010
would be lucky to get 2-3% smartphones now look like attention to the iPad has laughed Comments 08:41 | Last updated: March 10
cellphone marketshare. clones of the iPhone instead. at it, pointed out its 2010 17:01
Over 42 million iPhones later, With these four products, Apple shortcomings, and predicted its Five Filters featured article:
Apple has become the largest drove the evolution of three failure. My prediction? A year Chilcot Inquiry. Available tools:
mobile device company in the industries: PCs, portable media from now, we're going to have a PDF Newspaper, Full Text RSS,
world. And whether you agree players, and smartphones. All very long list of misguided iPad Term Extraction.
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Hack: The iPod serial library enables Get Satisfaction Brings

homebrew remote controls Customer Support to
Kelly Guimont (The Unofficial
Apple Weblog (TUAW)) Facebook Pages
Submitted at 3/10/2010 11:00:00 AM
Jennifer Van Grove
Filed under: Hardware, iPod
Family, Hacks, iPhone Warning: Submitted at 3/10/2010 9:02:08 AM

If you are baffled by people who

think dismantling technology is Today Get Satisfaction is
fun, and completely fail to bringing their popular social
understand the excitement of CRM tool inside Facebook
building robots to battle other Pages with Social Engagement
robots, this post may not be for Hub. The new app, created by
Invovler using the Get conversation is lost inside the
you. Just so you know. Facebook experience and each
On the Make: magazine blog, Satisfaction API, gives brands
and businesses the ability to one can be distributed across
they recently posted a piece multiple environments (which
about the evolution of a project. integrate the entire support
experience into Facebook. allows for repurposing).
It was an iPod remote from last The application is currently
year that has gone from a "start That means the Ask A
Question, Share an Idea, Report being tested by a handful of
and stop" only device to a full brands (check out POM’s
featured remote. It is a lovely a Problem, and Give Praise
functionalities are all present support tab), but the company is
piece of tech, powered by rolling it out to all interested
Arduino hardware. Arduinos are say I did it, but also because it any other variety of Mac Tech and commingling with the
service’s intelligent question businesses. The Social
open-source circuit boards and would be a nicer way to get my Mashup? Tell me about it, I'd Engagement Hub is targeted to
software you can use to develop iPod or iPhone (depending) love to see what you all can do! database so both customers and
brand representatives have the bigger brands, but coming this
interfaces with all sorts of working nicely with my car P h o t o b y spring Get Satisfaction will roll
electronics. stereo. ability to collectively tackle
queries. a slightly scaled down version
I remember reading the first Honestly I only understand nsprings// CC BY-NC-SA 2.0 — minus customization — for
post about this remote last fall about half of what he's talking TUAW Hack: The iPod serial The Social Engagement Hub
lives in its own tab inside the small and medium business that
and being interested in where he about in this article, but I'm library enables homebrew will cost $99 per month in
would take this project, mostly good at following instructions remote controls originally Facebook Page and can be fully
customized, branded, and addition to their current paid
because I love seeing what and I am reasonably handy with appeared on The Unofficial plan.
people do with Altoids tins. I a soldering iron, so this doesn't Apple Weblog (TUAW) on tweaked for a specific purpose
or campaign. The most Tags: facebook, facebook page,
have to admit hooking one up to look completely unreasonable. Wed, 10 Mar 2010 11:00:00 get satisfaction, MARKETING,
a giant "Easy" button for my car If I do end up building one I'll EST. Please see our terms for impressive part, though, is that
all activity inside the hub is software
never really occurred to me, be sure to post all about it for use of feeds.
though. you. In the meantime, have you Read| Permalink| Email this| centralized on the Get
I really like the idea of building built an unholy alliance between Comments Satisfaction platform, so no
my own remote; partly so I can your Roomba and your iMac, or
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The First Rule Of Developing For Case-mate Hug Review: A Wireless

iPhone Charging Pad That Actually
The iPhone Is: You Do Not Talk Works Well [Review]
About Developing For The iPhone Jason Chen (Gizmodo)
Submitted at 3/10/2010 11:20:00 AM

Mike Masnick (Techdirt) and post the document is that people who really make your
part of the agreement itself is platform valuable -- like crap Wireless charging has been
Submitted at 3/10/2010 8:07:00 AM
that you won't make any "public means that they'll be ready to around—even for the
We've certainly covered many statements" about the agreement jump to other platforms as they iPhone—for years, but it wasn't
until the last 12 months that it's mate's Hug is our favorite
different practices by Apple that itself, a la fight club. become viable. Perhaps Steve iPhone charging pad. More »
harm its developers, from As the EFF notes, this is an Jobs believes that Apple can been refined to be as good as
arbitrarily choosing what gets incredibly one-sided document, keep innovating ahead of the standard wired charging. Case-
approved to arbitrarily shutting which isn't all that surprising, curve far enough that demand
down apps with little or no given Apple's standard will remain ridiculously high for
explanation. Now, the EFF has operating procedures. And the iPhone and iPad, but it's
used a Freedom of Information while Apple remains a giant definitely a high wire act for the
Act request to NASA (who player in the market, many company, who could face
recently released an iPhone app) developers will just suck it up serious developer defections if
to get a look at the amazingly and accept it. But Apple may an alternative platform becomes
one-sided agreement that Apple find, over the long term, that really viable.
forces developers to sign. The this comes back to bite them in Permalink| Comments| Email
reason that the EFF was forced some pretty serious ways. This Story
to file an FOIA request to see Treating your developers -- the

Google Maps Now Includes Intelligent Bike Routes

Jennifer Van Grove as possible, provide efficient Google-recommended bike without a bike lane.
(Mashable!) routes, allow riders to customize routes (likely sans big hills!). Before you get too excited, we
Submitted at 3/10/2010 8:42:16 AM their trip, make use of bike You can also turn on a should note that as of right now
lanes, calculate rider-friendly “Bicycling” layer via the biking is not an option in mobile
Bikers rejoice, Google has just routes that avoid big hills and “More” tab when zoomed into a apps, so make sure to plan ahead
added intelligent biking customize the look of the map particular city in Google Maps. before you hit the pavement.
directions for more than 12,000 for cycling to encourage folks to The trails’ green hues should Tags: biking, Google, Google
U.S. bike trails as a new option hop on their bikes.” indicate terrain and road type. Maps
inside Google Maps. The new option now sits next to Dark green equates to bike-only,
The company writes that the the current Google Maps routing options, so users can light green means there’s a bike
new biking features will standbys — car, public transit select the new option from the lane, and dashed green means
“include as much bike trail data and walking — for online dropdown menu to uncover a it’s a decent biking path but one
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YouTube Deploys Ads Boston Review on 'What Darwin Got

on Mobile Site Wrong'
Samuel Axon (Mashable!) (Little Green Footballs) Palmarini set out to dismantle investigations, or any interest in
Submitted at 3/10/2010 9:15:31 AM Submitted at 3/9/2010 12:03:52 PM that framework. They argue that supplying alternative
standard evolutionary explanations of evolutionary
YouTube will now display At the Boston Review, Ned t h i n k i n g — w h a t t h e y c a l l phenomena. Instead, they wield
banner ads on the mobile Block and Philip Kitcher have Darwinism—is guilty of a basic philosophical tools to locate a
version of its website. Google an excellent piece on a new logical error, not a mistake in “conceptual fault line” in
made the announcement in a book titled “ What Darwin Got biology but an “intensional contemporary Darwinism.
blog post today, enticing would- Wrong,” that tries to cast doubt fallacy.” That fallacy, they say, Apparently unshaken by
be advertisers to sign up by on Charles Darwin’s theory of undermines the entire enterprise. withering criticism of Fodor’s
saying that users of its mobile the United States and Japan. evolution by approaching the To be clear, the authors preface earlier writings about
video website are tech-savvy Sony advertised the DVD subject from a philosophical t h e i r d e m o l i t i o n w i t h a evolutionary theory, they write
early adopters with cash to release of recent Oscar-nominee standpoint: Misunderstanding disclaimer: in attacking Darwin, with complete assurance,
spend — the ideal ad District 9 on YouTube mobile, Darwin. they are not supporting any confident that their limited
demographic. for example. Since the science isn’t in religious view of “origins”; understanding of biology
Google’s all about the mobile The company’s leaders and question, it makes sense that thoroughgoing materialists, they suffices for their critical
ads nowadays; it acquired engineers are wise to try and a t t e m p t s t o d i s c r e d i t do not think that biological purpose. The resulting argument
mobile ad network AdMob for stay on top of this. The search evolutionary science don’t patterns require an intelligent is doubly flawed: it is
$750 million last November, giant is a prominent force in actually involve, you know, designer. But their criticisms are biologically irrelevant and
and AdWords (those contextual desktop ads, but as more people science. The interesting thing intended to knock evolutionary philosophically confused. We
sponsored links in search results adopt smartphones it’s not hard about the book, though, is that t h e o r y f r o m i t s s c i e n t i f i c start with the biology.
and the like) went live on to imagine that mobile will the authors aren’t the usual pedestal by demolishing the Read the whole thing and give
iPhone and Android a year ago. eventually be an even more f u n d a m e n t a l i s t r e l i g i o u s scientific credentials of natural your cerebral cortex some
YouTube has experimented powerful influence in the fanatics, but materialists. (Or so selection. exercise. This review kind of
with mobile ads in the past, advertising sphere. they say.) Fodor and Piattelli-Palmarini made me want to read the book,
running exclusive campaigns Tags: ads, advertising, business, … Even as some scientists are not biologists. Fodor is a just to see if it’s as bad as Block
with select advertisers and MARKETING, Mobile 2.0, suggest that natural selection leading philosopher of mind and and Kitcher say it is. (Boo!
deploying ads to some users in youtube may be limited in ways Darwin cognitive scientist, best known There’s no Kindle version yet.)
could not envisage, they accept f o r h i s i d e a s a b o u t t h e PZ Myers also has an
his basic insights and work to m o d u l a r i t y o f m i n d a n d interesting post, responding to a
i m p r o v e o u r b i o l o g i c a l language of thought; Piattelli- summary of the book published
understanding within the Palmarini is a cognitive in New Scientist. (He’s not fond
f r a m e w o r k h e s e t f o r t h . scientist. They do not have new of it either.)
In their controversial new book, d a t a , n e w t h e o r y , c l o s e
What Darwin Got Wrong, Jerry acquaintance with the everyday
Fodor and Massimo Piattelli- p r a c t i c e o f e v o l u t i o n a r y
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Maliki vs. Allawi

Michael Crowley (The New Iraqi leader, and the coup never prevail? Though Allawi is also a Shiite, generally stabilized under his
Republic - All Feed) materialized. Maliki would go The Obama White House might he is more secular than Maliki control in the past two years.
Submitted at 3/9/2010 9:00:00 PM on to prove his doubters wrong. back Allawi over Maliki for and has expressed more His instincts have sometimes
Through a combination of several key reasons. The first is suspicion of Tehran. Shortly proved surprisingly good. The
In the late summer of 2007, Bush’s troop surge, alliances that he’s an old friend of before Sunday’s election, for Bush administration was
Baghdad was buzzing with talk with Sunni insurgent leaders, America. It’s true that Allawi instance, Allawi paid a surprised by Maliki’s impulsive
of a coup. Iraq was gripped by and his own stubborn started out as a Baathist ally of noteworthy visit to Saudi March 2008 offensive against
horrific civil war, and the leadership, Maliki oversaw Saddam Hussein in the 1970s. Arabia, Iran’s chief regional Muqtada al-Sadr’s Mahdi Army
government of Prime Minister Iraq’s transformation from a But that relationship rival. That’s not just reassuring militias in Basra; but the
Nouri al-Maliki seemed at best Mad Max-like apocalyptic soured—culminating with the to the United States. It also operation was a success which
unable to do anything about it. hellhole to a merely treacherous night two of Saddam’s endears Allawi to Iraqi Sunnis helped to pacify Iraq’s restive
(At worst he appeared guilty of and struggling nation. henchmen broke into Allawi’s like the politician with whom I south.
contributing to sectarian But Maliki may yet find house and took several whacks spoke. (The difference is not And Allawi has some dark
violence himself). In November, himself toppled in the coming at him with an axe. Allawi black-and-white, to be sure: patches on his record, including
U.S. national security advisor weeks—this time not by a secret miraculously survived the Tehran, for instance, has always his WMD claims and a 2004
Steve Hadley had returned from coup plot, but through the open attack, and later emerged as a favored the aggressively anti- Australian newspaper report,
a visit with Maliki and reported democratic process. Although top Iraqi opposition leader in American Islamic Supreme citing two unnamed
grave doubts about the prime last Sunday’s votes are still exile, developing nearly as Council of Iraq over Maliki’s eyewitnesses, which claimed
minister’s competence. “[T]he being counted and it could take many contacts within the CIA as Dawa party; fortunately for the that Allawi had lined up six
reality on the streets of Baghdad months to form a new the notorious exile leader Obama administration, ISCI prisoners in Baghdad and
suggests Maliki is either government, Maliki has gone Ahmed Chalabi (and similarly appears to have fared poorly in executed them with a gun before
ignorant of what is going on, from the near-certain prospect feeding the CIA some bad Sunday’s vote.) 30 witnesses. Allawi also didn’t
misrepresenting his intentions, of holding onto his job to the information about Saddam’s What’s more, Maliki has shown do a particularly impressive job
or that his capabilities are not real possibility of losing it when WMD programs). some recent and troubling signs during his first go-around as
yet sufficient to turn his good Iraq’s government reorganizes. The second reason Obama of autocratic thuggishness, prime minister. He tried to
intentions into action,” Hadley And one man seems likely to might be pulling for Allawi is including his use of the Iraqi promote a vision of nonsectarian
wrote in a memo leaked to the emerge as the top challenger to his wariness towards Iran. On a Army to intimidate his political unity, but may have appeared
media. On August 21, George Maliki’s power in the post- visit to Iraq last December, I rivals, and his defense of an too close to his Washington
W. Bush himself seemed to election coalition-making: Ayad heard one prominent Sunni effort to ban hundreds of former patrons, and lacked the political
encourage Maliki’s overthrow. Allawi, who served as Iraq’s politician complain about Baathists from Sunday’s skill to connect with the Iraqi
“The fundamental question is: prime minister from 2004 to Maliki’s ties to Shiite Iran. election ballot, which certainly public. (Even today, he is
Will the government respond to 2005. Allawi, as it happens, was During his own period of exile, looked like a sectarian power criticized for being a wan
the demands of the people?” the man considered most likely Maliki spent eight years living play that could haves stoked campaigner.) He served for a
Bush asked at a press to be installed in a possible 2007 in Iran, and since he became more violence. year before his party fared
conference. “If the government coup. Back then, Washington prime minister in 2006, he has Still, there are some good poorly in Iraq’s 2005 national
doesn't respond to the demands stopped short of pushing for paid several state visits to reasons to hope that Maliki election and he was out.
of the people, they will replace Allawi to replace Maliki. But Tehran. The Sunni politician sticks around. He offers In truth, however, there’s not
the government.” It was now that Iraqis have voted and a complained bitterly about Shiite continuity, for one thing. While all that much Obama can do to
practically an invitation to a new government must be leaders in Baghdad who are Iraq may be extremely choose the winner; American
coup. formed, the question of “only Iraqi on their official fragile—and a series of major influence over Iraqi politics has
Perhaps feeling that he’d given American interests comes to documents”—which sounded bombings have undermined dramatically dwindled. The
Maliki a useful scare, Bush soon mind. Would the Obama team like a reference to Maliki’s Maliki’s authority and MALIKI page 53
reaffirmed his support for the prefer Maliki or Allawi to longtime residency in Iran. popularity—the country has
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Rough Week on Ethics Front Could Lead to Reforms

(AEI.Org: Articles) my bias as a friend, but Sandy including Majority Leader Steny done the right way. moving beyond any reasonable
Submitted at 3/9/2010 3:00:00 PM Levin is as decent, thoughtful Hoyer (D-Md.) and the main Second, a ban on earmarks balance of costs vs. benefits for
and honorable a Member of progenitor of OCE, Rep. Mike could result in more corruption, taxpayers, and we have seen a
Last week was rocky on the Congress as we have, and he is Capuano (D-Mass.). They need not less. There are many ways to major increase in the appearance
e t h i c s f r o n t f o r H o u s e driven by all the right reasons to both to make sure that the OCE influence allocation decisions, of conflicts of interest via the
Democrats, starting with the be in public service and serve survives and thrives as an entity many of them not public. Keep nexus of campaign contributions
sturm und drang over Rep. his country. with credibility outside the in mind that nearly all of the and earmark requests. So we
Charlie Rangel (N.Y.), and it I expect Ways and Means, as institution as well as inside, and quids pro quo (Latin in this case need more reform of this
did not get much better at the important as any committee in to make sure the Committee on for bribes) that ex-Rep. Duke process. The suggestion coming
start of this week. Rep. Eric Congress, to move quickly out Standards of Official Conduct Cunningham (R-Calif.) from a group of freshmen to ban
Massa (N.Y.) did not take the of its largely moribund status lives up to the "standards" in its perpetrated were not earmarks campaign contributions from
admonition "No Massa" very over the past year and become name and focuses on setting and in the traditional sense. Many executives involved with
seriously, going on media active and engaged in all the key enforcing those standards. were contracts with the organizations receiving
outlets to blast his party's policy areas within its purview, On trips outside the U.S. paid Department of Defense or with earmarks is a good one.
leaders, to blast Rahm Emanuel including jobs, health, taxes, for by private entities, we need intelligence agencies, done via An even better idea, in my
as the "son of the devil's spawn" welfare, trade and the global much clearer guidelines about private influence he exerted on view, is for lawmakers to create
--apparently making him the economy. I expect Levin to do's and don'ts, along with real executive branch employees credible independent processes
grandson of the devil--and to make a real effort to bring penalties for those who step making the contract awards in to sift through earmark requests
o f f e r h i s d e f e n s e o f h i s Republicans into the dialogue. over the line--which includes the relevant agencies. and thereby insulate themselves
i n a p p r o p r i a t e c o m m e n t s . And I hope if and when he does failure to disclose the real costs Before the explosion of from any questionable
On the radio, he described his so that they respond with real of trips and failure to provide earmarks, Members of Congress connections. If all lawmakers
exchanges with his own staff at efforts to engage, and without a full and accurate information shaped a lot of the allocation created independent
a wedding party (where, he said, reflexive opposition to all the before a trip in order to gain decisions by adding often commissions in their districts,
his staff were drunk to near- b i l l s c o n s i d e r e d i n t h e "pre-clearance" from the ethics opaque language in committee akin to the judicial selection
incoherence). After one staffer committee (or, as has happened panel. reports or via more subtle commissions used by many
apparently suggested to the boss too much in the House, to vote Pelosi is apparently considering influence on the agency Senators, to screen and evaluate
that he should be "fracking" a en bloc against bills on the floor taking other bold steps, employees. Most were not all earmark requests and rank
bridesmaid Massa had danced after working in a bipartisan including, as Monday's Roll corrupt, but trying to find links them as priorities for their
with, the Congressman cleared f a s h i o n o n b i l l s i n t h e Call reported, a ban on between campaign contributions Representatives, no one could
things up by tousling the hair of c o m m i t t e e ) . earmarks. I don't have any and earmark requests, or trying make a credible accusation of
a male staffer and said he should By fighting hard and long to problem with a one-year ban on to find a connection between improper connections between
be "fracking" him. Glad he create an independent Office of earmarks. For many reasons, I earmarks implemented and the money and earmarking.
c l e a r e d t h a t u p - - I h a d Congressional Ethics, against would have a problem with a personal financial stake of the Despite the flaps of the past
mistakenly thought Massa might the ardent opposition of many of permanent ban on them. First, earmarkers and their families couple of weeks, most
have done something that her own Democrats and nearly earmarks are not unbridled evil. and friends, was very hard-- Americans are not focused on
reflected badly on the conduct all of the House Republicans, Someone has to make allocation much harder than it is in the age ethics issues in Congress; they
o f a n e l e c t e d M e m b e r o f Speaker Nancy Pelosi (Calif.) decisions and having them made of transparency and earmarking, have bigger things to worry
Congress. took a big and difficult step to by Washington-based especially after major reforms in about. But the low public
One good thing has come out of create a meaningful ethics bureaucrats has its problems and this Congress that provided esteem for Congress, combined
this mess: the Democrats' choice investigative process in the limits. Getting some input from much more transparency than with the populist anger out there
of Rep. Sander Levin (Mich.) to House. Now it is clear that the local officials and local we had before. Earmarks clearly fueled by a lousy economy, is a
chair the Ways and Means ethics process itself needs help residents about their needs and have careened out of control, ROUGH page 52
Committee. Take into account from her and her colleagues, priorities is not a bad thing, if distorting the budget and
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THE READ: Common Calamities

Ruth Franklin (The New The earthquake seems to have and Jeronimo are identified by morality and justice are young heroine falls in love with
Republic - All Feed) acted as a great leveler, erasing people in the crowd—Jeronimo tormented by inflexible, a European man after he rapes
Submitted at 3/9/2010 9:00:00 PM the previous divisions of class by his own father—and inhumane laws or codes of her.) The blacks in the story are
and piety: murdered. It takes more than an behavior. (Kafka considered conniving and bloodthirsty; the
Heinrich von Kleist’s famous Amidst these awful moments earthquake, Kleist suggests, to Kleist a kind of honorary whites have apparently done no
story “The Earthquake in Chile” that had brought about the rend the social fabric. Physical ancestor.) His narratives are taut wrong, and the heroine dies in
is set in Santiago in 1647. A destruction of all of humanity’s buildings may crumble, but with psychological tension, but her attempt to save her lover
young Carmelite nun named worldly possessions, and during societal structures are fixed the outcome can never really be from her relatives’ clutches. I’m
Josephe, condemned to death for which all of nature threatened to more firmly. in doubt: innocents will pay for not sure that, as Wortsman
becoming pregnant out of be engulfed, it did indeed seem Amid the news reports the crimes of the guilty, who go writes, it would have been a
w e d l o c k , i s a b o u t t o b e that the human spirit itself comparing the earthquakes in unpunished. “literary calumny” to leave this
beheaded. Across town, her blossomed like a lovely flower. Chile and Haiti and their “Depending on how you view story out of the volume. And on
lover, Jeronimo Rugera, is In the fields all around, as far as different effects—especially the them, from the outside in or the the surface, at least, this story
preparing to hang himself in the the eye could see, there were often-repeated statement that inside out, Kleist’s narrative seems to have very little
prison where he has been people of all social classes lying more people survived in Chile, structures … are either relevance to the miseries
incarcerated. Just as the bells together, nobles and beggars, despite the quake’s greater emotional arches about to depicted in the photographs that
announcing Josephe’s imminent m a t r o n s o f o n c e s t a t e l y magnitude, because of the collapse overhead, or pressure have been coming out of Haiti
execution begin to toll, a households and peasant women, country’s stricter building codes cookers about to explode, that since January. But, like
gigantic earthquake strikes: We civil servants and day laborers, and generally greater wealth—I hold somehow, while the Conrad’s Heart of Darkness,
now know that it measured m o n k s a n d n u n s : a l l found myself turning back to pressure gauge whirrs out of beneath the offenses of “The
around 8.5 on the Richter scale, commiserating with each other, Kleist’s parable of injustice and control,” Wortsman writes in an Betrothal in Santo Domingo”
just a little less than the recent helping each other, cheerfully inevitability. I had hoped, I afterword to his translation. In lies a narrative of the human
8.8 quake. The pillar on which sharing the little of life’s suppose, to find some kind of addition to “The Earthquake in condition that, like suffering
Jeronimo was to hang himself necessities they’d been able to wisdom or consolation in it, Chile,” the book also includes a itself, finally transcends race.
becomes his support, and he salvage, as though the common some explanation for the less well-known story called Was not the massive death toll
escapes as the building collapses calamity had joined all those massive human suffering that “The Betrothal in Santo in Haiti really the price that
around him. His beloved, saved who’d managed to survive it accompanied these “acts of Domingo,” which takes place in innocent victims paid for the
by the same “heavenly miracle,” into a single harmonious family God.” (As my colleague Leon what is now Haiti at the corruption, crimes, and
finds him in the countryside, of man. Wieseltier wrote several weeks beginning of the nineteenth ignorance of others?
where the refugees from the city But the new harmony is even ago, earthquakes do not solve century, during the Ruth Franklin is a senior editor
have gathered. (This quotation shorter-lived than the European metaphysical problems.) revolution—or, as Kleist puts it, of The New Republic.
and the others come from Peter solidarity with America after Apparently I had forgotten how “when the blacks slaughtered For more TNR, become a fan
Wortsman’s new translation of S e p t e m b e r 1 1 ( r e m e m b e r little consolation is to be found the whites.” The story, which on Facebook and follow us on
Kleist’s Selected Prose, just out the“We are all Americans” in Kleist’s unsparing vision of describes the efforts of a Twitter.
in an attractive new edition from declarations?). When Josephe the human condition. His stories mestizo girl to save a group of Five Filters featured article:
Archipelago Books.) The same and Jeronimo attend church with are set all over the globe, but white refugees from a trap laid Chilcot Inquiry. Available tools:
townspeople who earlier that their new friends, they are their worldview is the same: a by her mulatto mother and her PDF Newspaper, Full Text RSS,
day had gathered to watch stunned to hear the priest society—if a group of human stepfather, the “dreadful old Term Extraction.
Josephe’s execution now greet denounce the moral corruption beings with so little fellow Negro” Congo Hoango, is
the pair with warmth and that brought the earthquake feeling deserves that irredeemably racist, as
compassion. Had the past, they upon the city, referring to the name—where people who dare Wortsman acknowledges. (It is
wonder, only been a bad dream? two of them by name. Josephe to live by an inner-conception of not a little misogynist, too: the
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Promises, Promises, Promises

Jeffrey Rosen (The New keep any kind of partisan divide Washington Post-ABC News when he said he would try to converge around narrow,
Republic - All Feed) out of the judiciary,” he said.) poll, 80 percent of respondents promote narrow, unanimous unanimous opinions, as his
Submitted at 3/9/2010 9:00:00 PM As these statements clearly said they opposed the Court’s opinions, rather than deciding greatest predecessor, John
show, the chief justice presented decision to allow unregulated hotly contested questions by Marshall, had done. Speaking to
In a recent TNR article about his vision for more consensus on corporate spending in general ideologically polarized 5-4 the Georgetown University Law
the Citizens United decision, the Court forcefully and elections, with relatively little votes. The most significant area Center commencement in May
“Roberts versus Roberts,” I repeatedly, although he difference among Democrats where the Roberts Court has 2006, Chief Justice Roberts
argued that the chief justice has acknowledged that it would be (85 percent opposed to the succeeded in achieving near said:
so far failed to achieve his goal difficult to achieve. ruling) and Republicans (76 unanimity is in cases affecting [T]here are clear benefits to a
of promoting narrow, Hearing before the Senate percent opposed). That’s not a business interests, which tend to greater degree of consensus on
unanimous decisions rather than Committee on the Judiciary surprise during a time of be decided in a pro-business the Court. Unanimity or near
ideologically polarizing ones. We the People? Corporate financial crisis when the direction. The broad rhetoric in unanimity promote clarity and
After the piece came out, Ed Spending in American Elections influence of money in Citizens United about the rights guidance to lawyers and to the
Whelan claimed that Roberts after Citizens United politics—Justice Louis Brandeis of corporations, combined with lower courts trying to figure out
had never promised to try to Wednesday, March 10, 2010 called it the “curse of bigness” the apparent willingness of the 5 what the Supreme Court meant.
lead the Court in such a fashion. By Jeffrey Rosen and “our financial -4 conservative majority on the Perhaps most importantly there
In fact, in an interview in 2006, Professor of Law oligarchy”—is the most pressing Roberts Court to invalidate are jurisprudential benefits: the
Roberts acknowledged to me George Washington University political question of the day. federal regulations that have broader the agreement among
that he had set himself a Legal Affairs Editor You asked me to testify about broad bipartisan support, could the justices, the more likely it is
daunting task in seeking The New Republic the constitutional implications lead to future confrontations that the decision is on the
unanimity and consensus rather Dear Senator Leahy and of the decision—and what it between the Supreme Court and narrowest possible grounds. It’s
than polarizing 5-4 decisions, members of the Senate Judiciary suggests about the Roberts Congress on matters of when the decision moves
but he said it was one worth Committee, Court's attitude toward economic fairness that citizens beyond what’s necessary to
pursuing because it would be Thank you very much for corporate interests and care intensely about. decide the case that justices tend
good for the court and the holding this hearing and inviting government regulation of the Let me begin by describing to bail out. If it’s not necessary
country. me to testify about the Supreme economy in the future. how Citizens United is hard to to decide more to dispose of a
Today, TNR contributor Doug Court’s recent decision in Unfortunately, the implications reconcile with the vision of case, in my view it is necessary
Kendall and I are testifying Citizens United v. Federal are not encouraging. bipartisan unity that Chief not to decide more. In Felix
before the Senate Judiciary Election Commission. My name Citizens United is an activist Justice John Roberts originally Frankfurter’s words, a narrow
Committee for a hearing entitled is Jeffrey Rosen; I teach decision by any definition of embraced. In 2006, at the end of decision helps ensure that we
"We the People? Corporate constitutional law at George judicial activism. It is activist in his first term on the Court, Chief “do not embarrass the future too
Spending in American Elections Washington University and am its disregard of constitutional Justice Roberts said in several much.”
after Citizens United." I've the legal affairs editor of The history, tradition, Supreme speeches and interviews that Five Filters featured article:
included in my testimony, New Republic and a nonresident Court precedent, and the that he was concerned that his Chilcot Inquiry. Available tools:
posted below, remarks he made senior fellow at the Brookings considered views of the colleagues, in issuing 5-4 PDF Newspaper, Full Text RSS,
at a commencement address at Institution. president and Congress. It is opinions divided along Term Extraction.
Georgetown University Law The 5-4 ruling in Citizens precisely the kind of divisive predictable lines, were acting
Center in May 2006, as well as United v. Federal Election and unnecessarily sweeping more like law professors than
more extensive selections from Commission has been strongly decision that Chief Justice John members of a collegial court.
what Roberts told me in July of opposed by Americans of both Roberts pledged to avoid in his His goal, he said, was to
that year. (“It’s a high priority to parties: last month, in a confirmation hearings and after, persuade his fellow justices to
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Senate Hopeful Has WWE in Her Corner

(Newsmax - Politics) subcontractors. campaign the fair-market value involving related parties would space was leased to Mrs.
Submitted at 3/10/2010 1:52:55 AM Campaign officials say the for the provided television be a good thing," said Paul McMahon personally, not to the
money for the WWE-produced production services," worth Ryan, associate legal counsel of McMahon campaign.
When Linda McMahon ads flowed from the McMahon approximately $162,000, the the nonpartisan Campaign Legal Mrs. McMahon's affiliation to
resigned her job last year campaign to its media company said. Center. the WWE has surfaced as an
running World Wrestling consulting firm, which, in turn, McMahon spokesman Ed Patru Mr. Ryan said that while the issue on the campaign trail. She
Entertainment in hopes of filling hired the WWE at fair-market said the campaign's media law prohibits candidates from has pointed to her experience as
the seat of retiring Democratic value. consultant, Scott Howell & Co., converting campaign funds for a corporate executive to bolster
Sen. Christopher J. Dodd in The arrangement, which is hired the WWE among other "personal use," campaigns her business credentials, but
Connecticut, she told voters she legal, sheds light on a side of the subcontractors "at market rate to nonetheless can pay a company critics have pointed to the
was no longer active in the federal election law that allows use production facilities and owned by the candidate or content of WWE programming
company that's made her campaigns to spend millions of equipment." family members as long as the as a potential liability.
wealthy enough to finance a dollars on media consultants, yet "Scott Howell & Co. chose to services are charged at fair- She founded the WWE with her
campaign with tens of millions requires no public paper trail to subcontract with WWE facilities market value. husband, Vince, who serves as
of dollars of her own money. show how these same because their facilities and WWE spokesman Robert the company's chief executive
But World Wrestling consultants pay out substantial capabilities met the firm's needs, Zimmerman said the company, and chairman. According to the
Entertainment (WWE), best sums of campaign cash. and the proximity and which typically doesn't produce Center for Responsive Politics
known for its televised wrestling The WWE's role as availability met our campaign's political ads, undertook the job analysis last year, Mrs.
matches and soap opera story- subcontractor in the McMahon needs," he said. at the request of the campaign. McMahon and her husband have
line plots, was plenty active campaign became public only "WWE bills Scott Howell & Co. "WWE has done outside contributed nearly $90,000 to
early in Mrs. McMahon's through a recent U.S. Securities directly, which in turn pays production for others at which federal candidates and
campaign. and Exchange Commission those bills," he said. "As Scott WWE charged/charges fair- committees since 1989, with 54
According to a little-noticed (SEC) filing by the WWE. Howell & Co. submits market value, such as THQ and percent to Republicans and 44
regulatory filing, the WWE was Like all publicly traded reimbursement invoices to the MyNetwork TV," Mr. percent to Democrats.
producing political ads for the companies, the WWE must campaign, we pay those bills." Zimmerman wrote in an e-mail Mrs. McMahon has said she
McMahon campaign, as the report on any so-called "related So far, Mr. Patru said, the to The Washington Times. won't take money from political
former chief executive launched party" dealings between the campaign has received two "This is done on an 'as able' action committees and
a bid to win the Republican company and entities or people invoices from Scott Howell & basis, if asked," he said. "WWE reportedly is set to spend up to
primary. who may have personal or Co. for $69,150.94, which he agreed, at the request of the $50 million of her own money
The hiring of the wrestling family relationships with its said were paid and later reported campaign and for a fair-market to finance her campaign.
company to produce $162,000 executives. in an FEC disclosure report. fee, to provide production © Copyright 2010 The
in ads appears nowhere in any "Mrs. McMahon's election team The law does not require services for the short period in Washington Times, LLC
of Mrs. McMahon's campaign- engaged the Company to campaigns to make public how question." Five Filters featured article:
finance reports, however. That's produce certain television media companies spend The same SEC filing also notes Chilcot Inquiry. Available tools:
because the WWE was acting as advertisements during the initial campaign money, though that Mrs. McMahon rented PDF Newspaper, Full Text RSS,
a subcontractor to one of the months of the campaign," the federal regulators still require office space from the WWE for Term Extraction.
campaign's vendors, and federal WWE reported in the SEC that records be kept in case of an 2 1/2 months, for which the
election law generally doesn't filing. audit. company received a fair-market
require campaigns to publicly "The Company performed these "I think any additional value of $23,000.
report payments by vendors to services and charged the disclosure of transactions Mr. Zimmerman said the office
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N.H. Campaign Finance Activist Granny D Dies at 100

(Newsmax - Politics) people to know that democracy Haddock walked through more She lost to Gregg 66 to 34 someone with a genuine
Submitted at 3/9/2010 11:39:54 PM and government belongs to us." than 1,000 miles of desert, percent. commitment to their values and
Haddock was born Jan. 24, climbed the Appalachian Range "It comes down to this — if you principles passes away," said
Doris "Granny D" Haddock, a 1910, in Laconia and attended in blizzard conditions and even want something done right Republican Party Chairman
New Hampshire woman who Emerson College before skied 100 miles after snowfall today, you have to run for John H. Sununu. "Granny D was
walked across the country at age marrying James Haddock. She made roadside walking Congress yourself — or at least an unwavering advocate for her
89 to promote campaign finance later worked at a shoe company impossible. She started in near- send your grandmother," said. beliefs, and her tireless efforts
reform and later waged a for 20 years. obscurity, but soon was In recent years, she founded a inspired many Granite Staters to
quixotic campaign for U.S. After retiring in 1972, Haddock discovered by local and national group that pushed the state participate in our political
Senate, has died. She was 100. became more active in media. Legislature to create the Citizen process," he said.
Haddock died Tuesday night of community affairs. She became Burke, who co-wrote Funded Election Task Force and In her new book's dedication,
chronic respiratory illness at her interested in campaign finance Haddock's memoir, met attended the task force's weekly Haddock offers readers advice:
home in Dublin, N.H., said reform after the defeat of the Haddock as she walked through meetings. She was honored at a "You have to keep the young
spokeswoman and family friend first attempt of Sens. John Arizona on her way to Statehouse ceremony in January adventurer inside your heart
Maude Salinger. She was McCain and Russ Feingold to Washington. to mark her 100th birthday. alive long enough for it to
surrounded by her son, daughter remove unregulated "soft" "Doris was one of the youngest She was working on a new someday re-emerge. It may take
-in-law, grandchildren, and great money from campaigns in 1995. people I have ever known. She book, "My Bohemian Century," some coaxing and some
-grandchildren. Inspiration for her cross-country was a little kid about her which focuses on her college courage, but that person is in
In 2000, Haddock walked 3,200 trek came from the Tuesday country — so in love she was days and her Senate campaign you always — never growing
miles to draw attention to Morning Academy, a group of with it and so excited for it and is expected to be published old."
campaign finance reform. In women in Dublin who met always," he said early this spring. Haddock had stayed A public memorial service is
2004, at age 94, she ran for U.S. every Tuesday at 8 a.m. to do Wednesday. with Burke's family in Phoenix planned.
Senate against Republican Judd ballet exercises and discuss In 2004, Haddock jumped into last month to complete work on © Copyright 2010 The
Gregg. The subtitle of her world affairs. the Senate race on the last day to it, he said. Associated Press. All rights
autobiography, written with "Sometimes I think it was a file after the presumptive Both Democrats and reserved. This material may not
Dennis Burke, was "You're fool's errand, but I think there Democratic nominee dropped Republicans offered be published, broadcast,
Never Too Old to Raise a Little are more people in this country out when his campaign manager condolences Tuesday night. rewritten or redistributed.
Hell." who know what campaign was accused of financial fraud. "Her commitment to fair and Five Filters featured article:
"Her age wasn't a factor in what finance reform means since I A few months before the open democracy should inspire Chilcot Inquiry. Available tools:
she did," Salinger said. "She started," she told The election, she officially changed us all to work even harder for PDF Newspaper, Full Text RSS,
never gave up. Until the end, Associated Press in February her name to "Granny D," but reform," state Democratic Party Term Extraction.
she advocated for public 2000. stressed that the "D" stood for Chairman Ray Buckley.
funding. She would wanted Covering about 10 miles a day, "Doris," not her party affiliation. "We are always saddened when
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combustible combination. P h o t o C r e d i t :
Failure to act firmly to get the Stock.xchng/harrykeel
House in order could have real Five Filters featured article:
consequences. Chilcot Inquiry. Available tools:
Norman J. Ornstein is a resident PDF Newspaper, Full Text RSS,
scholar at AEI. Term Extraction.
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What You Missed Last
Ga. Bill Would Outlaw Abortion for Race, Sex Night: Michael Emerson
Reveals a 'Lost' Secret to
(Newsmax - Politics) Pro-choice leaders are outraged and gynecology at the Cullins said.
Submitted at 3/10/2010 1:59:41 AM by both the billboards and the University of Chicago Medical Meanwhile, Georgia Right to Kimmel
bill. Center. Unplanned pregnancies, Life is continuing to raise the Bob Sassone (TV Squad)
A Georgia bill that would "The wording of the campaign lack of access to health care and black-abortion issue, which it
Submitted at 3/10/2010 12:35:00 PM
outlaw abortions based on race, is offensive … to many of us, it lack of income for contraception says is long overdue to be
color or sex is fueling arguments compares our children to exotic are all reasons for differences in discussed. I thought last night's episode of
over whether abortion providers animals. Our children are not abortion rates, she said. "We are not demonizing black 'Lost' was one of the best ever:
are targeting black women. animals," said Loretta Ross, Planned Parenthood has been women," said Catherine Davis, exciting, unpredictable, with
The Prenatal Nondiscrimination national coordinator of wrongly depicted as racist director of minority outreach for several developments that
Act would apply to abortion SisterSong Women of Color through "race-baiting phone Georgia Right to Life, to CNN moves the story along and it
"the same standards of Reproductive Justice Collective. calls," added Dr. Vanessa last week. "What we are saying even had a cliffhanger. Michael
nondiscrimination" that govern In a phone briefing Tuesday Cullins, vice president for is that the abortion industry has Emerson deserves an Emmy for
employment, education, held by, a medical affairs for Planned targeted, specifically, the black this episode alone. He also
government and housing, said Web site committed to Parenthood Federation of community." showed up on 'Jimmy Kimmel
Georgia state Rep. Barry advancing sexual and America. The goal is to "alert the Live' to reveal, um, something.
Loudermilk, a Republican who reproductive rights, Ms. Ross She was referring, among other community and awaken the [Watch episodes of 'Jimmy
introduced the bill last month called the bill an intrusion upon things, to calls from pro-lifers community," she said. Kimmel Live' and other shows
with bipartisan support. the doctor-patient relationship pretending to be racists who Guttmacher Institute figures say at SlashControl.]
If enacted, the bill would make because it would require doctors wanted to donate money to that of 1.2 million abortions Filed under: Lost, Video,
it illegal to knowingly solicit, to ask women why they wanted Planned Parenthood if it would obtained in 2005, 37 percent Watercooler Talk, Celebrities,
perform or accept funding for an abortion and then record their be used to abort minority were to black women. Blacks Reality-Free
race- or sex-selected abortions. answers. children. make up about 13 percent of the Permalink| Email this| |
The bill has a hearing set for What's really going on is a "test Planned Parenthood — which U.S. population. Comments
Wednesday before the Judiciary case" for national legislation to has retrained its staff to © Copyright 2010 The
Non-Civil Committee. get abortions outlawed and to recognize and handle such calls Washington Times, LLC
The Radiance Foundation has create divisions in the black — "does not tolerate racism and Five Filters featured article:
been raising the issue of black community, Ms. Ross said. does not accept racially Chilcot Inquiry. Available tools:
abortion with billboards that It's "absurd" to say that abortion motivated donations. When we PDF Newspaper, Full Text RSS,
say, "Black Children Are An providers target women of color, are presented with any evidence Term Extraction.
Endangered Species" and said Dr. Melissa Gilliam, an that this may be occurring, we
"" associate professor for obstetrics act swiftly to correct that," Dr.
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good news is that neither Allawi and Obama national security of less ideal outcomes. The Washington’s, perhaps Twitter.
nor Maliki should terrify the council. (One caveat: “It’s hard inability of Iraqi politicians to including our old friend—and Five Filters featured article:
Obama team. “In both cases to see either ‘headliner’ serving form a new government after the recent nemesis—Ahmed Chilcot Inquiry. Available tools:
they are people we can do in the other's government,” he country’s 2006 elections fueled Chalabi. And you thought Iraq PDF Newspaper, Full Text RSS,
business with and are at least says. “I don't anticipate that that year’s explosion of was depressing now. Term Extraction.
reasonably competent either Maliki or Allawi would violence. It’s also possible that Michael Crowley is a senior
administrators, not extremists,” take a Hillary-like position in a the political jockeying could editor of The New Republic.
says Douglas Ollivant, who prominent ministry.”) wind up placing in charge an For more TNR, become a fan
handled Iraq issues on the Bush Heaven knows there are plenty outright antagonist of on Facebook and follow us on
54 Consumer Reports/ Entertainment/ E-reader News Edition

Track test: How does brake-override affect enthusiast driving?

Consumer Reports Shopping like heel-and-toe downshifting name of science. Twitter (@CRcars) to keep up
Blog (Consumer Reports) or left-foot braking to tease a car What did we prove? We with the latest information and
Submitted at 3/10/2010 4:59:59 AM through fast turns or from performed these demonstrations advice, also see our unintended
pulling off those crowd- not just to set race drivers' acceleration guide.
Track test: How does brake- pleasing, tire-smoking, "brake minds at ease but to undo a Related:
override affect enthusiast stand" burnouts. Nor does it fundamental misconception. Consumers Union calls for
driving? Some driving prevent a regular driver from Brake-override doesn't cut all changes to strengthen U.S. car-
enthusiasts are griping that " using the brake and gas pedal power to the engine when you safety net
smart throttle" or "brake- together to start off on a hill. hit the brakes. It reduces power Toyota reportedly worked with
override" technology, intended Here's what we did: At our just fine while lightly applying enough that hard braking will feds to save $100 million in
to halt dangerous sudden- track we set up some the brakes. always easily stop the car even recalls
acceleration events, will take the challenging driving situations Hill starts: If you have to start if for some reason--any reason-- Eight things that can
fun out of driving. Not to worry. and used three of our test cars off when part way up a steep the throttle mechanism is stuck dramatically improve auto
We've just run some tests that that came equipped with brake- hill, say when stopped for a open. safety
prove that the thrill isn't gone. override technology: a Mercedes traffic light, you normally hold We think it should be Five key fixes automakers
Brake override is a software -Benz E350 and a Volkswagen the car with the brake while mandatory in every car. It's not should make now to reduce
algorithm that gives the brakes Jetta Sportwagen with automatic easing down on the gas pedal. a cure-all, but it is an easy-to- unintended acceleration
precedence over the throttle if transmissions, and a manual- The Jetta and the Mercedes adopt safety measure that should Unintended acceleration stories
both are activated at once. shift Volkswagen GTI. E350 executed this start-off with halt a runaway car using brakes wanted
Toyota, plagued by reports of Heel and toe: Driving the ease, as did our 2010 Toyota alone, whether that event is How to tell if your Toyota is
sudden-acceleration problems sporty GTI, we zipped through C a m r y , w h i c h h a d b r a k e - caused by a jammed gas pedal, a affected by the recent recalls
and now undertaking massive our serpentine handling course override installed during a stuck linkage, an electrical fault, How to stop a runaway car:
recalls, has pledged to using the heel-and-toe technique recent recall service. or by some driver errors. (But, Don’t pump the brakes
implement this feature in all to rapidly downshift, blipping Brake stand: Brake-override of course, brake-override won't Subscribe now!
future models and to retrofit it in the throttle while braking before doesn't even bar drivers from h e l p i f t h e u n i n t e n d e d S u b s c r i b e t o
some of the recalled vehicles. each corner. The engine revved spinning the rear wheels, if they a c c e l e r a t i o n i s c a u s e d b y for expert
It's already widely used by just as expected and desired. want to. Using our Mercedes someone flooring the accelerator Ratings, buying advice and
Chrysler, Mercedes-Benz, Trail braking: A practiced E350 with its traction control instead of using the brake.) reliability on hundreds of
N i s s a n / I n f i n i t i , driver can sometimes take switched off, we sat on the Read: " Consumers Union calls products. Update your feed
Volkswagen/Audi, and on some corners faster in a front-wheel- brakes and kicked down the for changes to strengthen U.S. preferences
GM models. drive car by using brakes and accelerator. As you'll see from car-safety net."
Despite some concerns, brake throttle simultaneously. In an the picture, we could still smoke — Jake Fisher and Gordon Hard
override doesn't impede a boy autocross simulation, we could the tires. Of course we would Be sure to follow Consumer
racer from using fancy footwork power our GTI through the turns never, ever, do this except in the Reports Cars blog ( RSS) and

Corey Haim Update: Coroner Says No Illegal Drugs Found

(ETonline - Breaking News) dead early this morning. Ed 11:45 p.m. complaining of flu- dead at the hospital at 2:15 a.m. coroner has Corey's body and
Submitted at 3/10/2010 7:20:00 AM Winter of the coroner's office like symptoms. He got out of Ed also says that no illegal the investigation is ongoing.
offers new details to ET. bed, feeling weak, and fell to his drugs were found, but some
ET has the latest on Corey Ed tells ET that Corey woke up knees. His mother called prescription drugs have been
Haim, who was pronounced somewhere between 11:30 and paramedics. He was pronounced identified. Chief Winter says the
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Samsung’s 3D TV offer: Buy a 3D TV and a 3D

Blu-ray player, get 3D glasses and "Monsters vs.
Aliens 3D" free
James Willcox (Consumer -inch (UN46C7000) and 55-inch 2010
Reports) (UN55C7000) 7000-series • UN46C8000 $2,800 46" April
Submitted at 3/9/2010 2:32:31 PM models, priced at $2,600 and 2010
$3,300, respectively. New 7000 • UN55C7000 $3,300 55"
Samsung’s 3D TV offer: Buy a and 8000 ultra-thin plasma 3D March 2010 'Mad Men' to
3D TV and a 3D Blu-ray player, sets, which start at $1,800,
get 3D glasses and "Monsters won’t be available until May.
• UN46C7000 $2,600 46"
March 2010
Become Ken
vs. Aliens 3D" free Samsung's All of Samsung’s 3D TVs have
3D glasses. built-in processors that can
• UN40C7000 $2,000 40" May
and Barbie Dolls
Photo: Samsung render standard 2D content into Nick Zaino (TV Squad)
If you’re willing to leap head- 3D on the fly. The new C8000- includes two pairs of basic Plasma TVs Submitted at 3/10/2010 11:45:00 AM

first into 3D rather than gingerly series LCD sets have edge LED active LCD shutter glasses and • PN63C800063"$3,800 May
testing the waters with your backlights that can be locally the Monsters vs. Aliens 3D disc, 2010 If you can't wait for season four
toes, Samsung has an offer for dimmed, a feature normally with the purchase of a Samsung • PN58C800058"$3,000 May of'Mad Men' when it debuts
you: Buy both a 3D TV and a reserved for full-array LED 3D HDTV and either the 2010 later this year, Mattel can help
3D Blu-ray player or 3D HTIB, models. All 3D models have Samsung BD-C6900 3D Blu-ray • PN50C8000 50" $2,100 May you play 'Mad Men' and create
and you’ll get a free 3D Starter Internet connectivity, plus Player or the HT-C6930W 3D 2010 your own stories. According to
Kit that bundles two pairs of Samsung Apps, which provide Home Theater System. • PN63C7000 63" $3,500 May the New York Times, the toy
battery-powered 3D glasses with a c c e s s t o o n l i n e c o n t e n t , Samsung will also offer two 2010 company is creating versions of
DreamWorks’ Monsters vs. including Netflix, Pandora, other 3D glasses—a model with • PN58C7000 58" $2,700 May Barbie and Ken based on four
Aliens 3D title. Twitter, USA Today, and Vudu, Touch of Color accents and a 2010 'Mad Men' characters- Don
At a press event this morning in among other. Samsung BD- rechargeable battery, and a • PN50C7000 50" $1,800 May Draper, his wife Betty, Roger
New York City, Samsung C6900, a 3D Blu-ray player model designed especially for 2010 Sterling and Joan Harris.
unveiled its entire lineup of 3D Photo: Samsung kids. If purchased separately, If you want to play out Draper's
LCD and plasma TVs, which Samsung’s 3D-enabled Blu-ray the glasses are $149. Panasonic will be officially past, you can get a full-sized
range in price from $1,700 for a player, the BD-C6900, is priced Here’s a breakdown of unveiling its 3D lineup G.I. Joes and swap clothes. Or
4 6 - i n c h L C D w i t h a at $400. It’s a slim-line player Samsung’s 3D TV lineup, with tomorrow, so check back in with you can get a bunch of regular
conventional CCFL backlight to with built-in Wi-Fi and a pricing: our blog for our report. — Barbies and have an office party
almost $7,000 for a 55-inch transparent cover so you can see LCD with LED backlights James K. Willcox Subscribe and make them dance to the
L C D m o d e l w i t h 2 4 0 H z the disc spinning. The 7.1- now! 'Mad Men' soundtrack.
technology and an edge LED channel 3D-enabled Blu-ray • UN55C9000 $7,00055" April S u b s c r i b e t o Continue reading'Mad Men' to
backlight. All 240Hz LCDs in H T I B s y s t e m , m o d e l H T - 2010 for expert Become Ken and Barbie Dolls
Samsung’s lineup are 3D C6930W, is $900, and it • UN46C9000 $6,000 46" April Ratings, buying advice and Filed under: Celebrities, Reality
models, and all except one includes wireless rear satellite 2010 reliability on hundreds of -Free, Mad Men
series (the C750 set mentioned speakers. • UN65C8000 $5,000 65" July products. Update your feed Permalink| Email this| |
above) have LED backlights. 3D For a limited time, you’ll get a 2010 preferences Comments
TVs immediately for sale are 46 free 3D Starter Kit, which • UN55C8000 $3,500 55" April
56 Consumer Reports/ Entertainment/ Tech News/ E-reader News Edition

Cash for Appliances Update: Bigger 'The Bachelor''s Jake

rebates generate greater consumer Pavelka Puts on His
interest 'Dancing' Shoes
Consumer Reports Shopping Such demand may explain why appliances category was one of (ETonline - Breaking News) me in … no guy should wear
Blog (Consumer Reports) Florida is requiring residents to only two where consumers spent Submitted at 3/10/2010 5:04:00 AM shoes like that. They have a heel
Submitted at 3/9/2010 2:03:32 PM reserve rebates for the sizable 20 more in February. on them and they make your
percent givebacks through its — Daniel DiClerico "The Bachelor"'s Jake Pavelka feet hurt. Now, I am more
Cash for Appliances Update: $ 1 7 , 5 8 5 , 4 6 6 E n e r g y S t a r Essential information: Get the strikes a pose with his "Dancing sensitive to Vienna[ Girardi]
Bigger rebates generate greater Appliance Rebate Program, latest information from the cash with the Stars" partner Chelsie when she says her feet hurt. I
consumer interest If Iowa and which runs April 16-25. "We for clunkers for appliances Web H i g h t o w e r - - a n d E T i s get it."
Minnesota are any indication, don't want a lot of disappointed site in your state. Also check out exclusively behind the scenes of Jake and Chelsie will be
the more generous the rebate in people," program manager our cash for appliances buyer's his "Dancing" photo shoot for performing the Viennese Waltz
the U.S. Department of Energy's Brenda Buchan told The Palm guides to dishwashers and OK! magazine. for their first dance, and the
$300 million State Energy Beach Post. washing machines and find out "It is all in the hips," he tells ET f o r m e r " B a c h e l o r , " n o w
Efficient Appliance Rebate Several other states, including where to buy appliances. when asked how his dance engaged to Vienna, says he may
Program, the faster the money Pennsylvania and Texas, are Subscribe now! lessons are going. "I am sore. be in for trouble because he is in
t e n d s t o g o . B o t h s t a t e s also requiring reservations, S u b s c r i b e t o My knees hurt; my hips hurt. shape!
e x h a u s t e d t h e i r c a s h f o r perhaps a sign that there's pent- for expert The shoes that they are putting
clunkers for appliances funding up demand for appliances Ratings, buying advice and
in a single day. (Iowa doled out among consumers. Indeed, reliability on hundreds of
$ 2 , 8 8 1 , 0 0 0 ; M i n n e s o t a , based on the latest Consumer products. Update your feed
$5,009,000.) Reports Index, the major- preferences

Q&A: Statin side effect? involving the liver or kidney. eliminate the smell.
(Consumer Reports) The most common causes of Learn more on how to read
Submitted at 3/10/2010 3:29:59 AM strong-smelling urine are changes in your urine, and for
insufficient fluid intake, a more on statin side effects, read
Q&A: Statin side effect? urinary-tract infection(in which our free Best Buy Drugs report.
My urine has developed an case urine may also be dark Subscribe now!
unusually strong smell. Could it yellow), or certain vegetables, S u b s c r i b e t o
be from the cholesterol-lowering such as asparagus or broccoli. for expert
SXSW 2010 for
statin I’m taking? — M.A., If you think you have an
Gardner, Kan. infection—signaled by strong- your doctor. If dehydration or
Ratings, buying advice and
reliability on hundreds of
Marketers &
Probably not, though a dark- smelling urine plus the need to diet is the culprit, drinking more
water or easing up on odor-
products. Update your feed Online Strategists
brown color could be a sign of a urinate frequently or a burning preferences
producing vegetables should Elyssa Pallai (ReadWriteWeb)
dangerous statin side effect sensation when you go—contact
Submitted at 3/10/2010 6:00:00 AM

SXSW page 57
E-reader News Edition 57
continued from page 56

Navigating SXSW is the changes in the media content of this presentation has and wireless networks that presentation we will explain
overwhelming to say the least! landscape but also how to lead not been announced, but provide alternatives to the wired how following the 10
To help you out ReadWriteWeb it. Brian Solis will be joined by knowing Gary and his client/server infrastructure that commandments can boost your
has been breaking the events, a special guest to discuss the successful track record in characterizes the Web." project's ease of use, appeal,
panels and parties down into new book and answer questions growing business through the The Young and the Digital conversion rates, and more."
vertical reviews. This post followed by a book signing." use of social media, this one is With Craig Watkins. "In 2006, With Raina Van Cleave, Nick
provides what we think are The Future of Influence not to be missed. S. Craig Watkins participated in Finck.
some of the best for marketers "The ability to share online has Program or be Programmed: the MacArthur Foundation's Persuasive Design:
and online strategists. We'd also allowed consumers to control Ten Commands for a Digital well-funded digital media Encouraging Your Users To Do
love to hear your and filter the Web. For brands Age initiative alongside a select team What You Want Them To!
recommendations in the and publishers, tapping into With Douglas Rushkoff. of scholars and tech experts. "So you've designed a great
comments. Influence is critical to social "Winner of the first Neil The goal was simple: to product, fixed a stack of
Online strategy is multi-faceted. media's future. What is Postman award for Career understand young people's usability problems and spent a
You need to know as much influence and how is it Achievement in Public emphatic embrace of social and fortune on marketing. The only
about marketing and measured? Leading voices in Intellectual Activity, Douglas mobile media. Watkins went on problem is, people aren't using
understanding people and their social media from multiple Rushkoff is an author, teacher, to build a small research team it. In this session you will learn
motivations as you do perfecting backgrounds will define the and documentarian who focuses that skillfully collected over 500 how to get your users to do what
the online experience, value of influence, discuss best on the ways people, cultures, surveys and conducted 350 in- you want them to through good
understanding the next practices, and predict future and institutions create, share, depth interviews with young design, human psychology and a
technology breakthrough on the impact. Data will be shared! and influence each other's adults, parents, and educators." touch of mind control." With
horizon and being an excellent This panel is sponsored by values." Design and Usability, The UX Andy Budd.
conversationalist - while still ShareThis." With Tim Schigel, I Don't Trust You One Stinking of Mobile My Three-Year Old Is My
being able to measure the Paul Berry, Dave Knox, Mike Bit "The term 'user experience' used Usability Expert
impact of it all. So this list John-Baptiste, Shiv Singh. "What gives people confidence to be an afterthought in mobile "Children are perfect testers for
provides a smattering of some of Extending Your Brand? There's on the Web? Bringing together application design. The iPhone the innate usability of visual
the best to see in all four. an App for That experts in social capital and changed all that and has set a structures. Learn how
Sponsor "For many, brand extension into online trust, we help you build new benchmark for user neuroscience and cognitive
This is part of a series of the digital realm means a Web the company your users can love experience on mobile devices. psychology research can make
ReadWriteWeb guides to SXSW site, a banner ad, a viral and call their own." With Chris This panel will serve as a primer your designs and interfaces
Interactive 2010. If this guide campaign. But applications can Brogan and Julien Smith. for anyone interested in learning more intuitive." With Dave
isn't your cup of tea, be sure to extend conversations and Monkeys with Internet Access: how to apply UX principles to Stanton.
check back for more perceptions of a brand, as well Sharing, Human Nature, and the creation of applications for Can the Real-Time Web Be
information soon! as add to discussions and ideas Digital Data iPhone, Android, and mobile Realized?
How Your Brand Can Succeed in compelling new ways. How Clay Shirky hasn't announced websites." With Barbara "The emergence of the real-time
in the New Web can applications help your brand the content of his presentation Ballard, Tom Limongello, Scott Web enables an unprecedented
With Brian Solis. "Engage is and idea be more authentic, yet. He "divides his time Jenson. level of user engagement and
the new book by Brian Solis that genuine, user friendly, and just between consulting, teaching, The Ten Commandments of dynamic content online.
will debut at SXSW. plain old fun? Learn from the and writing on the social and User Experience However, the rapidly growing
Representing the third book on folks that are making it happen. economic effects of Internet "User experience is the result of audience puts new, complex
new media and its impact on This panel is sponsored by technologies. His consulting your interactions with a product demands on the architecture of
society, culture and Microsoft Silverlight." practice is focused on the rise of or service, specifically how it's the Web as we know it. This
communication. Engage will The Human Experience decentralized technologies such delivered and its related artifacts
help anyone not only understand With Gary Vaynerchuk. The as peer-to-peer, Web services, according to the design. In this SXSW page 61
58 Tech News/ E-reader News Edition

Hulu on the iPad? Not as Easy as it Sounds

Sarah Perez (ReadWriteWeb) collaborative, experimental hot shows like the now-departed reigning standard.
Submitted at 3/10/2010 9:03:54 AM effort to bring streaming TV to Comedy Central fare. Problem However, going the HTML5
web (and make it profitable) has B: Will Apple Allow a Hulu route would probably be the best
In a recent interview, Hulu managed to attract a number of App on the iPhone/iPad? solution for Hulu since it would
C E O J a s o n K i l a r t o l d users in the U.S. Although the Another problem? Hulu has be a future-proofed technology
technology reporter Om Malik audience size varies widely been planning to delay its implementation that would work
that his company was "very depending on who's counting, iPhone app launch until a on multiple platforms, including
bullish" on mobile, even going the company has managed to participants. Recently, for subscription model was in place, Apple's, with or without that
so far as to say "we will become a household name example, Viacom pulled two of according to earlier reports. But company's blessing. What's
embrace every device." That's a t h a n k s t o e y e - c a t c h i n g the top shows - The Daily Show with the biggest names pulling Hulu Doing Now?
funny statement, considering commercials on NBC featuring and the Colbert Report - from out, subscriptions could be a So is this the plan Hulu has
that the company has been actors from the network's top the site, claiming that they harder sell. Still, even if Hulu decided on now? It's hard to
touting that same sentiment for shows. simply weren't earning enough was able to make subscriptions know for sure. Like Apple, the
years but has yet to launch But there's a problem facing money via the advertising model happen, there are no guarantees company is incredibly secretive
anything for mobile, be it an app Hulu: in-video advertising is, currently in place. Viacom Inc. that Apple would ever allow about their plans and product
o r s i m p l y a m o b i l e - r e a d y apparently, not as profitable as C h i e f E x e c u t i v e O f f i c e r them into the iTunes store, roadmap, often refusing to
streaming site. once hoped. In fact, it's just too Philippe Dauman said that "on especially considering they're respond to calls and emails
Now, with the launch of the expensive, says Marc Ruxin, the the current economic model for o f f e r i n g a c o m p e t i n g entirely, even to say "no
iPad just around the corner, the Chief Innovation Officer for ad Hulu, there's just not much in it product.(See: Google Voice comment."
rumors of an iPhone/iPad Hulu a g e n c y n e t w o r k M c C a n n for us to continue at this time." banishment from the iPhone, for And yet, the Hulu iPhone app
app are rising up again. But Worldgroup. Hulu has been And so the situation degrades. example). exists. We've spoken to
there's a bigger mobile web than aware of this problem, though, So what is Hulu doing now? It's Meanwhile, Hulu's online site someone who's seen it...but that
just the one accessible via Apple and has been hinting towards the trying to attract more viewers to doesn't work in the iPhone's web was ages ago. For all we know,
products, and that may be what launch of a subscription service, its site with the launch of " If I browser because it was built in iPhone/iPad app plans have
Hulu has its eye on now. "We with News Corp. chairman Can Dream," an original series Flash. If Apple rejects the Hulu since been scrapped to work on
don't think about one device Rupert Murdoch telling an that premiered earlier this app from iTunes, the company's a new solution that works
only," Kilar said. investor conference last fall that month. The fact that they're now other option is re-encoding all around any potential Apple
However, going mobile is the company, was looking at making the foray into this sort their site's content in HTML5, restrictions. But sources inside
going to be a challenge for "adding subscription services of online programming is the new web language that Hulu have clammed up lately,
Hulu. And it's not as simple as and pay per view" options. somewhat worrying. After all, if offers streaming video sans meaning they're either building
re-encoding a few videos, no Through the subscription model, hit video webisodes alone made plugin. But for a site with a something top, top secret...or
matter what you may have Hulu could potentially generate for a profitable service, then large repository of video, the perhaps nothing at all.
heard. enough revenue to keep the YouTube would have achieved switch from one technology to We hope it's the former,
Sponsor studios happy and maybe even profitability ages ago, instead of another is no small matter...not " because frankly, an iPad without
Problem A: Hulu's Business encourage them to offer up more (maybe) getting there this year, no problem," as others have Hulu is a sad, sad affair. But
Model Needs Work programming. five years post-launch. Let's recently claimed. And let's not will we ever see a real app? At
The fact that Hulu exists at all Unfortunately, the subscription face it, original programming is forget that HTML5, for all its this point, we're not holding our
is somewhat of an amazement. model has yet to launch and the a bonus for Hulu users, but it's glory, is still in development breath. Discuss
Through tenuous connections profits from video ads have been not going to take the place of and the working group has not
w i t h m a j o r s t u d i o s , t h e far too lean for some Hulu chosen one codec as the
E-reader News Edition Tech News/ 59

Does HTML5 Really Beat Flash? The Surprising Results of

New Tests
Sarah Perez (ReadWriteWeb) performed worse. Testing Flash 22.41% CPU and Flash 10.1 X/Safari platform (or their
Submitted at 3/10/2010 7:15:50 AM and HTML5 used 14.62% CPU iPod/iPhone/iPad one, either) by
Jan Ozer is an expert in video not providing the access to the
With the impending launch of encoding technologies, has Hardware Acceleration Key to hardware it needs to reduce its
the Apple iPad, the Cupertino- worked in digital video since Flash Performance CPU load. Adobe is waiting and
based company's shunning of 1990 and is the author of 13 In analyzing the results of the watching to see if they do, but,
Adobe Flash technology has books related to the subject. tests, Ozer determined that the as Ozer says "the ball is in
been brought to the forefront of Recently, he put HTML5 up key to better Flash performance Apple's court."
technological discussions. While against Flash in a series of tests was dependent upon whether or Will Apple budge? At this
it was one thing to forgo Flash that pitted the two technologies not it could access hardware point, it's unlikely. In blocking
on a small, mobile device such against each other on both the acceleration. This feature, Flash on Apple devices, the
as the iPhone or iPod Touch, Mac and PC and in different launched in Flash 10.1, allows company can easily claim that
some are questioning whether web browsers including Internet the plugin to use the graphics it's simply not an efficient
lack of Flash support is going to Explorer 8, Google Chrome, processing unit (GPU) on some technology...and that's true for
be a make-it-or-break it feature Apple Safari and Mozilla computers to decode video. now, considering how it's set up.
for the new slate devices Firefox. Depending on the video card But if the company wanted to
arriving next month - devices The results of the tests in their a n d d r i v e r s , ( N V I D I A , allow it and make it work, it
which, if you believe Apple entirety are published here on slightly less efficient than in
AMD/ATI and Intel offer seems reasonable to believe that
CEO Steve Jobs - are "better Safari, but better than in
products that support this), the they could. This is what leads
than netbooks." Chrome
The summary in a nutshell? video decoding process in Flash some insiders to believe that the
O n t h e f l i p s i d e , A p p l e Flash isn't always a CPU hog, 10.1 can now work for all video decision to block Flash is less of
supporters echo the company's sometimes that honor goes to Windows Tests
playback, not just full-screen a technological one and more of
sentiments that "Flash is a CPU HTML5. playback as was available in a business-minded one. After
hog" and including support for • Safari wouldn't play HTML5
Some of the highlights of Flash 10.0. all, if you could easily visit
the technology in Apple's Ozer's findings are below, videos, so there was no way to
According to Adobe, hardware (or, overseas, the
mobile line-up would negatively broken up into both Mac and test that. However, Flash 10.0
acceleration is not supported BBC iPlayer, for example) to
impact battery life. used 23.22% CPU but Flash
Windows test results. Mac Tests under either Linux or Mac OS stream TV shows and movies,
Sponsor 10.1 only used 7.43% CPU
X, the latter because Mac OS X then why would you need to buy
However, recent tests have put • With Safari, HTML5 was the • Google Chrome was more
does not expose access to the them from the iTunes Store?
Flash up against HTML5, the most efficient and consumed efficient on Windows than Mac.
required APIs. Adobe goes on to So while Flash's "CPU
new web markup language that less CPU than Flash using only Playback with Flash Player 10.0
say "The Flash Player team will hogging" may be a contributing
eliminates the need for the 12.39% CPU. With Flash 10.0, was about 24% more efficient
continue to evaluate adding factor in Apple's decision to not
Adobe plugin. The results of CPU utilization was at 37.41% than HTML5, while Flash
hardware acceleration to Linux support the technology on their
these tests show that this is not a and with Flash 10.1, it dropped Player 10.1 was 58% more
a n d M a c O S X i n f u t u r e mobile devices, that's probably
simple black-and-white issue. Is to 32.07% efficient than HTML5.
releases." not the only reason behind the
Flash really a CPU hog? Yes, in • With Google Chrome, Flash • On Firefox, Flash 10.1
Here's what this all means in block.
some cases. But, surprisingly, and HTML5 were both equally dropped CPU utilization to 6%
layman's terms: Apple isn't Thank you to Dan Rayburn,
n o t a l l t h e t i m e . I n f a c t , inefficient(both are around 50%) from 22% in Flash 10.0
allowing Flash to become more who pointed us to Jan Ozer's
sometimes HTML5 actually • With Firefox, Flash was only • In IE8, Flash 10.0 used
efficient on their Mac OS article. Discuss
60 Tech News/ Entertainment/ E-reader News Edition

Expensify: Easy, Paperless Expense Tracking and First Look at

Reporting 'The Twilight
Chris Cameron
travel reservations that require
special treatment, users can
Apps Marketplace, software
vendors like Expensify are
Saga: Eclipse'
(ETonline - Breaking News)
Submitted at 3/10/2010 9:00:00 AM email the confirmation to problem and everyone hates the h e l p i n g u s b u i l d a r i c h Submitted at 3/10/2010 5:20:00 AM
Expensify and the app will current solution," Barrett told ecosystem of integrated apps
T u e s d a y n i g h t G o o g l e generate the data and include a ReadWriteWeb Tuesday. "One that work seamlessly with The third installment of 'The
announced the creation of the PDF of the email in the report. thing that makes Expensify Google Apps." Twilight Saga' is months away
Google Apps Marketplace, a If you use the wrong card or pay unique from other applications One of the large benefits of the from hitting the big screen, but
place for third-party applications with cash, mobile applications is it's not built for accountants; app is that it is relatively ET has a sneak peak of 'Eclipse'
developers to share their work for iPhone, Blackberry, Android it's built for the people actually inexpensive. It is free for users that includes Taylor Lautner
with the community of Google and Palm devices allow users to doing it." to send reports, but costs $5 per shirtless and Robert Pattinson in
A p p s u s e r s . C u r r e n t l y , snap a picture of the receipt and With the new Google Apps m o n t h , p e r s u b m i t t e r f o r a lovers embrace with Kristen
businesses can use enterprise send it to Expensify. Marketplace, companies looking managers with the first two Stewart.
versions of Google's popular When sending reports, to implement the app into their submitters free. Integration with 'Eclipse' picks up where 'New
suite of web apps, and with the Expensify makes full color business can simply add it as an FreshBooks and QuickBooks Moon' left off as the love
new Apps Marketplace, they can PDFs with tables, charts and extension of Google Apps. This makes Expensify a solid choice triangle between Edward Cullen
integrate outside applications graphs of the data. Recipients means that employees won't to track and report expenses for (Pattinson), Bella Swan
into these services. One of the can accept, modify or reject the have to create new Expensify small businesses and startups. (Stewart) and Jacob Black
applications launching in the expense reports and can even accounts; the application does Additionally, Expensify is a (Lautner) continues to grow. "I
App Marketplace is Expensify, reimburse the expenses from t h a t a u t o m a t i c a l l y i n t h e great example of how third- know the consequences of the
an online tool for gathering and directly within Expensify by background when added to party developers can now use choice you're making," Edward
reporting expenses. printing a check or sending a Google Apps through the Apps Google's new marketplace to tells Bella while laying down.
Sponsor payment via direct deposit. Or, Marketplace. From anywhere build, integrate and market their Teen wolf Jacob is still fighting
Expensify, whose motto is if need be, the reports can be within Google Apps, users can products. Startups can use and for Bella's affections, expressing
"Expense reports that don't send to third-party bookkeepers click the "More" tab at the top develop on Google apps like to her, "I'm going to fight for
suck," prides itself on its ability for review. Expensify's CEO of the screen, select "Expenses" Gmail, Calendar and Docs you until your heart stops
to create detailed and IRS David Barrett hopes, however, a n d t h e y a r e d i r e c t e d t o instead of creating their own. beating."
certified expense reports without that small businesses and Expensify's site with the help of This makes it much easier to
the need for a single scrap of startups taking advantage of OpenID. quickly launch products and
paper. Users can associate a Expensify will be able to cut "We are very excited to have features, but running a business
credit card with their account for bookkeepers out of their work Expensify in the Google Apps built on the shoulders of Google
automatic tracking of purchases, flow entirely. M a r k e t p l a c e , " s a i d S c o t t may not necessarily be a long-
and Expensify will create " E x p e n s e r e p o r t s a f f e c t M c M u l l a n , G o o g l e A p p s term solution. The marketplace
electronic versions of the everyone of all business sizes, P a r t n e r L e a d f o r G o o g l e does, however, provide great
receipt, eliminating the need for from sole proprietorships to Enterprise in a press release exposure potential for apps.
paper receipt hoarding. m i l l i o n d o l l a r Tuesday. "Through the Google Discuss
For expenses like hotel and businesses...Everyone has this
E-reader News Edition Tech News/ 61
Bicycling Directions, Trails Come to continued from page 57

panel will discuss what is HTML5: Tales from the

Google Maps needed to make the real-time
Web achievable." With Scott
Development Trenches
"HTML5 is coming. Originally
Mike Melanson intersections. Google says that it Raymond, Brett Slatkin, Dare called "Web applications 1.0", it
(ReadWriteWeb) even takes hills and other factors Obasanjo, Marshall Kirkpatrick, brings new semantics,
Submitted at 3/10/2010 5:31:00 AM into account when calculating Jack Moffitt. JavaScript APIs for drag and
your trip time. "Assuming Time + Social + Location. drop, offline storage, generating
There's nothing worse for a typical values for mass and for W h a t ' s N e x t I n M o b i l e images, plugin-free video and
bicyclist than finding yourself a and stick to the bike trails when wind resistance, we compute the E x p e r i e n c e s ? form validation. It's upset
mile in to a two-mile stretch of it could. The directions got a effort you'll require and the "As more devices become semantic Web advocates,
shoulder-less, busy, highway- little wonky when we threw it a speed you'll achieve while going location aware, social uses will accessibility evangelists and
speed traffic with no alternative few curve balls, but we expect uphill," Google says in its Lat continue to evolve beyond just baffled developers. Cut through
route. Before today, this was a this to happen with any mapping Long Blog. who and what,to WHEN. the crap: learn what it is and
common occurrence if you went service, especially one still in Google worked with the Rails- Adding the temporal dimension what it does."
to trusty Google Maps to get beta. But, as we've learned, you to-Trails Conservancy to bring creates new opportunities for What Are Analytics? A Guide
bicycling directions, but starting can't just go mindlessly follow more than 12,000 miles of social interaction. Learn about To Practical Data
today, that has all changed. directions, lest you end up in a biking trails to its map, along ways to leverage and use "Analytics are often a confusing
Google has added bicycling lake. w i t h b i k e l a n e s a n d technology to add features at the and convoluted mess, but that
directions, lanes and routes to The new feature also includes a recommended streets for 150 intersection of temporal, social, doesn't mean that they have to
Google Maps, meaning you no "Bicycling Layer", which shows cities across the country. Google and location." With Naveen be. The Guide to Practical Data
longer have to drive, walk or bike paths and bike-friendly makes sure to point out that the Selvadurai, Josh Babetski, Greg will help ensure you're reaching
bus to get directions. And we streets with or without lanes. feature is still in beta, so feel Cypes. your full analytical potential.
can tell you, bicyclists are Three different lanes appear in free to tell Google the next time Is It Getting Learn how to analyze public and
excited. the layer. you find yourself on a crowded, Streamy In Here? proprietary data to accelerate the
Sponsor • Dark green indicates a shoulder-less highway because "From Facebook's newsfeed to success of any initiative." With
Before now, the only option to dedicated bike-only trail;• Light of Google Maps. Twitter's relentless real-time Margaret Francis, Blake
cyclists to get even remotely green indicates a dedicated bike And for those of you headed to updates, the metaphor of the Robinson.
appropriate directions, was to lane along a road;• Dashed fair Austin this week, make sure "stream" has taken social Those are our SXSW
use the walking option, but this green indicates roads that are to take a look at the new feature, networking beyond blog posts Interaction recommendations for
would still ignore bike trails. designated as preferred for because it includes all of and on to rich social activities. marketers and Web strategists.
Google has heard the pleas of bicycling, but without dedicated Austin's numerous bike trails Learn about - If you've got suggestions or
cyclists and, from first look, we lanes and bike lanes. If you've never the open format adopted by feedback, let us know in the
have to say that the feature is been to Austin for SXSW F a c e b o o k , M y S p a c e , a n d comments! See you in Austin!
well implemented. before, bicycling is the way to Windows Live - and how it's Discuss
We gave it a test to see if it get around town and now you'll fundamentally changing the
would put us on some of According to Google, it has know how to get there. Discuss s o c i a l W e b . " W i t h C h r i s
Austin's more bike unfriendly also taken steps to avoid uphill Messina.
streets, but it managed to chose and long downhill routes, busy
some good alternative routes r o a d s a n d e v e n b u s y
62 Gadgets/ Entertainment/ E-reader News Edition
Charlie Sheen
Returning to
Work After Rehab
(ETonline - Breaking News)
Submitted at 3/10/2010 7:19:00 AM

Actor Charlie Sheen is

scheduled to return to his hit
CBS show "Two and a Half
Men" following his short stint in
TNA Wrestling can trend on Twitter just fine, but Sheen checked into a rehab
facility on February 23 as a

can it draw actual TV ratings? (No.) preventative measure, but will

be back on set as early as next
Tuesday, the actor's rep
Nicholas Deleon show only drew a 0.98 rating(it 1.3.) you spend the time it takes to
(CrunchGear) confirms to ET.
rounds up to a 1.0). I thought It speaks to the perception that create a movie for your
In February, three counts were
Submitted at 3/10/2010 9:30:07 AM Twitter = ratings? Twitter is God. If it’s on YouTube account, which has all
filed against the actor, a felony
Right, so all throughout the Twitter, by golly, then everyone of 9,000 subscribers, when you
menacing count and two
We’re all well aware that night, “TNA” was all over the must be talking about it. Clearly could have used that same time
misdemeanors (3rd degree
Twitter represents man’s best Twitter, and it was trending for not. to create a video package to air
assault and criminal mischief),
chance of Redemption. No one’s the duration of the broadcast. Twtiter has something like 75 on your TV show, where a lot
in relation to an alleged
disputing that. What is in Clearly people on the terribly million registered accounts, of more than 9,000 people are
domestic violence dispute that
dispute today is just how important Web site thought which only 10-15 million of watching? Using social media to
occurred last Christmas between
representative Twitter is of The highly of the show. Too bad them can be considered active. promote your product when
him and his wife Brooke
Real World. Case in point: TNA nobody else did. And who knows how many of you’re already on prime time
Mueller. The next court date on
Wrestling made its long awaited The show only drew a 0.98 those active accounts are TV is beyond dumb.
the matter is set for March 15.
move to Monday nights this rating, which is pretty much the nothing but annoying bots? As The point? There really isn’t
week, and all throughout the disappointment of all soon as we write something one, I’m just sort of bored and
night “TNA” was a trending disappointments. I mean, you here, something like 20 bots wanted to write about the TNA
topic on Twitter. We’ve been had Hulk Hogan vs. Ric Flair on automatically re-tweet it. rating. If there’s a lesson to be
led to believe that anything that American TV for the first time Imagine how many bots are re- drawn here, it’s to not think of
trends on Twitter is hugely in something like 10 years. If tweeting popular sites! Twitter as the end-all, be-all of
important, not merely in the that’s not a ratings draw, then I There’s a whole lot to TNA’s “what’s what” in America.
cozy confines of the don’t know what is. (A rubbish rating, chief among
Twitterverse, but all over Planet successful rating would have them terrible build-up and
Earth. Explain this, then: the been in the neighborhood of terrible promotion. Why would
E-reader News Edition Gadgets/ 63

The Field Guide To Modern 3D Final Four to be shown

Glasses in 3D theaters
Doug Aamoth (CrunchGear) What’s it like to watch a
Matt Burns (CrunchGear) you the SSG-2100AB with a 290,000 yen or $3,204 USD, basketball game in 3D? Ask
Submitted at 3/10/2010 7:30:45 AM
Submitted at 3/10/2010 8:30:16 AM user-replaceable battery, while comes with glasses — two, in Mark Cuban. In an interview we
the $200 set is rechargeable. fact. Panasonic Mark Cuban and Bud Mayo did with him at CES in 2009 he
You might want to take a ( S S G - 2 2 0 0 A R ) T h e r e i s a The Panasonic TY-EW3D10U have been pushing the current said, “We did a live Mavs game
d i f f e r e n t a p p r o a c h w h e n rechargeable pair for children glasses clearly win the “most generation of 3D long before the this past March in 3D and I can
shopping for a 3D TV than a priced at $180. ( SSG-2200KR) radical” award. Each Panasonic current generation of 3D had just tell you, it’s crazy. It is
standard HDTV. Instead of just Samsung 3D TVs come bundled 3D TV comes with a set and even been pitched as the next crazy. It’s the LSD of 2009!”
looking at the picture quality, with two glasses and a 3D Blu- they retail for $149.99. big thing to consumers by TV Granted, he’s probably a
you should also take a serious ray movie. Sony Nvidia manufacturers. Cuban and Mayo teensy, weensy bit biased. And
look at the brand’s 3D glasses. Sony hasn’t official announced 3D content can also be seen on (sounds like a delicious there’s no guarantee that it’ll
S o m e s h o w s o m e c l e a r its US 3D TV accessories, but computers with the right gear sandwich) aren’t trying to get also be the LSD of 2010 but if
advantages to purchase that it’s probably safe to say that the from Nvidia. The $199 Nvidia you to watch 3D television in you’re into the tournament and
brand’s 3D TV and until there’s Japanese-market versions will 3D Vision kit includes one pair your home, though. They 3D, you won’t want to miss it.
a standard format for 3D be available here, too. The of glasses, IR emitter, and actually want you to leave the No word on which theaters will
glasses, each brand requires its standard size TDG-BR100 gray connection cables. Additional house. be participating (Cinedigm has
own unique glasses, thereby model, along with the smaller glasses can be purchased for And you’ll be able to do just locations all over the US) or
l o c k i n g y o u i n t o t h a t blue and pink TDG-BR50 $149 each. Keep in mind, that if you live near one of the how much tickets will cost, but
manufacturer’s products. Yeah, glasses will sell for 12,000 yen though, that a 3D-ready Cinedigm-fitted 3D theaters you can sign up for more info on
it’s a bit messy right now. Click in Japan. That translates to $132 monitor/projector, GPU, and that’ll be showing the semi- Cinedigm’s site.
through for details on all of USD. The glasses also require operating system like Vista or finals and championship game LIVE 3D – FINAL FOUR
them. Samsung the TMR-BR100 IR emitter, Win7 is also required. for the NCAA Final Four TOURNAMENT[
There are three different models too. (5,000 yen, $55 USD) Only college basketball tournament in m via]
currently available. $150 gets the LX900, which retails for early April.
64 Gadgets/ Entertainment/ E-reader News Edition

Will Critics Spoil the

Ridiculous End of
Remember Me?
Richard Lawson (Gawker)
Submitted at 3/10/2010 10:07:17 AM

Twilight sparkleboyfriend
Robert Pattinson is starring in a
new movie, premiering Friday,
about a young couple falling in
love in New York. It's all
romantic and silly, until the
film's exploitative gotcha!
ending. Want to know what it
is? More »

G-Tec Intendix brain-computer interface ready for

consumers (video)
Joseph L. Flatley (Engadget) for starters). Well, it looks like eventually typing as fast as 1 interface ready for consumers
Submitted at 3/10/2010 11:19:00 AM that day is close at hand: With character per second. In addition (video)
the brand name Intendix, the to to text messages, the system G-Tec Intendix brain-computer
If you've seen G-Tec's thought €9000 (about $12,250) brain- can also be used to trigger an interface ready for consumers
control cap being used to control computer interface gives you alarm, send email, or send (video) originally appeared on KDDI concocts
a Second Life avatar, play a everything you need to send text commands to external devices. Engadget on Wed, 10 Mar 2010 snooping mobile phones,
game of Pong, or make music in messages with brain activity There's no word on a shipping 11:19:00 EST. Please see our line managers rub hands
an orchestral setting, you alone via EEG cap. According date yet, but we did thoughtfully terms for use of feeds.
probably wondered when the to the company, most people provide that Second Life demo Permalink Singularity Hub|
with glee
thing would become available achieve five to ten characters for you after the break. Intendix| Email this| Comments Vladislav Savov (Engadget)
for less frivolous pursuits (to per minute the first time they Continue reading G-Tec Submitted at 3/10/2010 10:27:00 AM
help the disabled communicate, use the thing, with some folks Intendix brain-computer Sci-fi movies
KDDI often present us
page 65
E-reader News Edition Gadgets/ Entertainment/ 65
continued from page 64 Target launches first scannable
with omniscient villains who are
able to track the most minute
breakdown of their activities.
The benefits touted include mobile coupon program,
actions of their underlings and "central monitoring, "salesforce
foes. Rarely do we get a glimpse optimisation," and frugalistas going wild
into their surveillance systems, improvements in employee Laura June (Engadget)
but you have to imagine that efficiency. We're guessing
Submitted at 3/10/2010 11:42:00 AM
some of the more rudimentary privacy concerns were filed
"employee evaluation" hardware away in a collateral damage Target's announced it is
will not be too far off from folder somewhere. launching a scannable mobile Breast Milk
KDDI's latest. The Japanese KDDI concocts snooping
cellphone giant has unveiled a mobile phones, line managers
coupon program -- the first of its
kind. The opt-in program will
Cheese: Tastes
new system, built around rub hands with glee originally provides Target shoppers with a Like Pickles [Yum]
accelerometers, that can detect appeared on Engadget on Wed, customized webpage on their Hamilton Nolan (Gawker)
the difference between a cleaner 10 Mar 2010 10:27:00 EST. mobile phones, with all offers
scrubbing or sweeping a floor Please see our terms for use of scannable at checkout via a Submitted at 3/10/2010 10:23:21 AM

and merely walking along it. feeds. Permalink| BBC| Email single barcode. Target's no
Based on new analytical this| Comments Yesterday, Lori Mason won
stranger to innovative marketing plaudits from kinky sex freaks
software, stored remotely, this -- its gift cards are well known
should provide not only accurate far and wide for allowing her
for their cute, gadgety ways-- chef husband to make cheese
positional information about and while this new program is
workers, but also a detailed from her breast milk. Alas! Now
essentially a text message driven comes a food critic to dispel
sale (meaning it could quickly your dreams of tasty human
become a mere annoyance), bosom curd. More »
anything that minimizes our going wild
interactions with fellow humans Target launches first scannable
gets our stamp of approval, so mobile coupon program,
the ability to scan your own frugalistas going wild originally
barcode at the register? Thumbs appeared on Engadget on Wed,
up. The full press release is after 10 Mar 2010 11:42:00 EST.
the break. Please see our terms for use of
Continue reading Target feeds. Permalink| | Email this|
launches first scannable mobile Comments
coupon program, frugalistas

Obama Hires Internet's Favorite Pretty Chart Guy [Charts &

Pareene (Gawker) designer and statistician Edward that Admiral Ackbar is the new
Submitted at 3/10/2010 11:19:08 AM Tufte to the stimulus-monitoring Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of
Recovery Independent Advisory the internet, this is like learning Staff. More »
Barack Obama has appointed Panel. To a certain segment of
66 Gadgets/ Entertainment/ E-reader News Edition

Lost WTF of the

Week: The
Invincibles [Clips]
Richard Lawson (Gawker)
Submitted at 3/10/2010 10:43:01 AM

Lenovo IdeaPad S10-3t Adidas Finale Madrid: This is Last night's Lost episode was
definitely strange, and not just

review the fancy ball that will be used because it was directed by
Mario van Peebles. (But srsly,
at the Champions League final
Joanna Stern (Engadget) Atom N470 processor. But can
wtf?) There was also weirdness
about Richard Alpert, our
Submitted at 3/10/2010 10:52:00 AM the S10-3t straddle both worlds Nicholas Deleon stars? Somehow, Adidas has mysterious and eyelinered island
and do it well? And perhaps (CrunchGear) managed to make that eternal. More »
Who says you have to pick more importantly, is it worth the Submitted at 3/10/2010 8:30:12 AM completely inseparable from the
between a netbook and the premium $649 price tag? That's ball itself—it’s not just painted
coming onslaught of standalone the question we've been asking The convergence of sport and on there. That helps ensure the
tablet devices? Okay maybe ourselves for the last few days, technology! I don’t know, I ball’s flight is as unobstructed as
some (eh hem Apple), but so hit the break for some think it’s cool. So, here’s possible. The ball keeps the PSC
Lenovo's trying to have it both answers in our full review. another. This is the Finale Texture as seen in previous
ways with the IdeaPad U1 and Gallery: Lenovo IdeaPad S10- Madrid, and it will be used at balls. It’s the golf ball effect:
the S10-3t. In clamshell mode 3t review the UEFA Champions League golf balls have dimples in order
the S10-3t looks like any old 10- Continue reading Lenovo final in Madrid this May. In a to steady the flight, and so does
inch netbook, but swivel around IdeaPad S10-3t review perfect world, the game will be the Finale Madrid.
its capacitive mulitouch display Lenovo IdeaPad S10-3t review played between Real Madrid Again, the UEFA Champions
and it turns into that slate device originally appeared on Engadget and Barcelona—I will lose my League final will be played in
you've been dreaming of. That's on Wed, 10 Mar 2010 10:52:00 mind if that happens. Madrid (Real Madrid’s home
not all: the S10-3t is one of the EST. Please see our terms for Like other soccer balls (the stadium, the Santiago Bernabéu,
first netbooks (or netveritbles) use of feeds. Permalink| | Adidas Jabulani and the Nike to be exact) on May 22. I will be
that has the new Intel 1.83GHz Email this| Comments T90 Ascente), there’s a lot completely unreachable during
going on in here. You see the the game.
E-reader News Edition Gadgets/ Tech Blog/ Entertainment/ 67

A nice boost for

(Scripting News) update notification. River2, the
Submitted at 3/9/2010 4:36:30 PM aggregator I've built for Frontier
(it runs in the OPML Editor) has
It's been a while since we could support for rssCloud.
announce new major support for For a demo here's a screen shot
rssCloud, but today is one of o f a n u p d a t e I p o s t e d t o
those big days we'll remember Note the time of the
for a long time. update. I immediately refreshed has now enabled the home page of my River2
rssCloud support in the RSS 2.0 server, and there's the update.
feeds for all its users. Elapsed time ==> 12 seconds.
This means that, the That's what real time means.
server operated by, This is my feed. A source
has the feature, as well as all screen shot shows the element.
other sites they operate. I It's also a holy grail for the idea
assume it will be baked into a of a distributed loosely-coupled
subsequent open source release network of Twitter-like services,
( is GPL software). linked together in real time
What does this mean? Well, using RSS.(What a mouthful!)
when I post an update to my It's very elegant and lightweight
account on, any cloud- and it works today.
aware aggregator will receive an

Casio Exilim G EX-G1 review Iron Cross Director Sues

Donald Melanson (Engadget) device, comes with its fair share Gallery: Casio Exilim G EX-G1
Submitted at 3/10/2010 12:04:00 PM of compromises. If you value
ruggedness over everything else,
Continue reading Casio Exilim
Variety Over Oscar
Casio's Exilim G EX-G1
camera made a solid enough
first impression with us when
the Exilim G definitely deserves
some serious consideration
G EX-G1 review
Casio Exilim G EX-G1 review Shakedown [Legit]
(especially in this price range). originally appeared on Engadget John Cook (Gawker)
we got our hands on it in On the other hand, if you're on Wed, 10 Mar 2010 12:04:00 Submitted at 3/10/2010 10:11:10 AM
January, but we've now had a looking for an all-around, EST. Please see our terms for
chance to use it a fair bit more everyday point-and-shoot that use of feeds. Permalink| | Joshua Newton, the director
both indoors and out, and reach just so happens to be a bit more Email this| Comments who thought a $400,000 Oscar
some firmer conclusions about durable than the rest, you may made good on his threat to sue
campaign in Variety would buy
it. The short verdict is that the well find yourself disappointed. the Hollywood trade. More »
his movie a positive review, has
camera, like any other rugged Read on for our full review.
68 Apple/ E-reader News Edition

First Look: FileMaker Pro 11

Weldon Dodd (TheAppleBlog) data from Bento, XML files, change, but it does bring the completely static and the results
Submitted at 3/9/2010 12:00:36 PM Excel spreadsheets and other database product into better of the saved search may change
sources. alignment with the iWork between the time you look at the
A year after the launch of Once you are up and running in applications. Inspectors are records and send those to
FileMaker Pro 10, the Apple- a database, there are a few packed with detail that might be someone else. The snapshot link
owned database company is interface changes that will jump overwhelming to some users, always shows the current
back to debut the latest version out at you immediately. First up but they do add a bit of information in the database, and
o f i t s f r a n c h i s e p r o d u c t . is the new Quick Find feature. convenience and expose some keeps the found set intact even
FileMaker Pro 11 introduces Quick Find adds a Spotlight-like features to discovery that may if the underlying data changes.
long-awaited features and builds search field to your toolbar that have been hidden deep in menu It took me a while to fully grasp
on the interface and engine will search through multiple options. the implications, but the more I
improvements to create new fields on the current layout. Charting think about it, the more uses I
capabilities. I have been taking This feature is handy if you are The biggest visual change to find to use this feature in a
the product through its paces for looking for something like a Filemaker Pro 11 is the addition workgroup environment.
the last few weeks and I am left phone number, but are not sure of the new charting feature. You Other Improvements
with the impression that this is if the number is in the home, can create pie charts, bar charts Recurring import will watch an
what FileMaker Pro 10 should office, mobile, or fax fields. (vertical and horizontal), line external file like an Excel
have been because the changes You can set which fields are itself, you can now directly add graphs, and area charts and spreadsheet and update the data
made to the interface and the included in the Quick Find fields and records with include those directly in your in FileMaker as the watched
scripting engine are really index to limit the search and the convenient + buttons and layouts. The charts provide an spreadsheet changes. You can
evident in 11. The update size of the indexes. Quick Find change the sort by clicking on opportunity to not only create set script triggers on this file as
i n c l u d e s a v a r i e t y o f works like an “AND” search column headers. Layouts better reports but also design well to have it update every 15
improvements that will benefit across multiple fields and themselves can now be completely new interfaces for minutes or some other interval.
both users and developers. A matches on the start of strings organized into layout folders to dashboard views and other You can copy and paste scripts
New Start only. It does not do partial string make it simpler for both users ideas. to make it simpler to bring tricks
When greeted by the redesigned m a t c h i n g s o a s e a r c h o n and developers to work in a Snapshot Links over from other solutions.
Start Screen, among the starter “ m a k e r ” w i l l n o t m a t c h database with a large number of Another new user-focused External file protection
solutions offered as a template is “ F i l e M a k e r ” a t t h i s t i m e . layouts. feature that takes a bit of improves the security of
a new Invoices solution. This L a y o u t s Another layout option is Portal explaining is Snapshot Links. Filemaker databases. The server
solution allows you to track One small refinement is Text filtering. Portal filters allow you You can take a snapshot of the version has new diagnostics to
c u s t o m e r s , p r o d u c t s , a n d Highlighting. You can mark text to limit related records that are current records that you are help find out which user has
invoices in a single database. with a yellow background in a displayed in a portal by either viewing and send those to a co- issued the query that is bringing
Invoices implements multiple field to bring attention to the fixed or calculated criteria. worker with access to the same the system to a crawl. Filemaker
tables and relationships on highlighted section. More When designing layouts, new database. The snapshot includes Pro 11 Server Advanced also
multiple keys and provides a significant changes have been Inspector palettes grant the current found set, but also removes user limits in this
g r e a t i n t r o d u c t i o n t o a made to improve the ease of immediate access to common remembers the selected record, version.
moderately complex database. I working with layouts. The new formatting functions and the current layout, the focused System requirements are
recommend peaking under the layout assistant makes setting up settings. The Inspector has three tab on a layout and other substantially the same. Pricing
hood to get a feel for how things table-based report layouts a tabs, but you can open up information. Previously, you All FileMaker 11 products are
are done if you are new to breeze. The assistant walks you multiple inspectors and have may have printed a report to immediately available.
FileMaker. Beyond the starter through choosing fields, setting each tab visible. The addition of PDF or saved a search in FMP FileMaker Pro 11 is $299/$179
solutions, you can also create a the sort order and adding sub- the Inspector may seem a minor 10. The problem with those FIRST page 69
new database by starting with summaries. In the table view approaches is that the PDF is
E-reader News Edition Apple/ 69
Why Apple Should Buy Adobe continued from page 68

upgrade (U.S. suggested list

Andrew Flocchini about them altogether. This keep it around until HTML5
(TheAppleBlog) price) and FileMaker Pro 11
would come down to money in took over. They should only Advanced is $499/$299
Submitted at 3/9/2010 2:00:16 PM the long run. I personally don’t provide security fixes but no upgrade. FileMaker Server 11 is
think Apple needs to worry new features. This would allow $999/$599 upgrade and
The rumors of Adobe being about the PC side unless they it a peaceful death. FileMaker Server 11 Advanced
bought by Apple come up every a r e g o i n g t o l e g i t i m a t e l y Adobe has so many products is $2,999/$1,799 upgrade.
so often. Apple could easily compete against AVID for that it’s kind of ridiculous. Most For a limited time, FileMaker
afford such a purchase and the dominance. Design of them could either be worked extends upgrade pricing to
results would be interesting. I Photoshop and Illustrator go into existing Apple products or licensed users of FileMaker 8
would love to see Adobe hand in hand with Apple. The forgotten forever. If Apple did and 8.5 products. This offer
restructured by a company like general public thinks of Apple purchase Adobe, what about the expires September 23, 2010, and
A p p l e . A d o b e h a s m a n y when Photoshop is mentioned PC side of Adobe’s business? details are online.
applications that are the gold and vice versa. This is known as They would have to crunch the Recommendation
standard but it seems to lack o n e o f A p p l e ’ s s t r o n g e s t numbers to see what products There is something for
focus. These are my thoughts on markets. Most believe that these are worth the extra cost of everyone in this update to
what Apple could do with design apps run better on a Mac its core purpose. Every other development, but Apple could
week we hear of an exploit in really limit what’s available for FileMaker Pro. Users will love
Adobe’s biggest apps and make but as we know, Adobe is slow the convenience of Quick Find,
everyone’s life a lot easier. in keeping these flagship apps PDF’s and it’s because they Windows. Whether that would
don’t do the simple task they that be a good or bad thing, I’m the visual enhancements in
Video on the cutting edge. Apple could charting and layouts, and
Adobe’s video market could be force them to be designed for were conceived to do. Strip out not really sure. In Apple’s mind,
all the extra junk and just make if it sells more Macs then it’s sharing snapshots. Developers
trimmed down. Anything that t h e l a t e s t a n d g r e a t e s t will love the Inspector for
can already be done in Final Cut environments. While they’re at PDF’s do what they need to do. worth doing.
Reader should be killed for the I believe Apple could really quickly making layout changes,
S t u d i o s h o u l d b e g o n e , it, stop releasing new versions the scripting improvements, and
i n c l u d i n g P r e m i e r e a n d every year that don’t have any Mac OS also, Preview is way improve Adobe’s products and
quicker and does the job just make them more reliable than the flexibility of using portal
Soundbooth. I’m not sure if s i g n i f i c a n t i m p r o v e m e n t s . filtering and charting to create
After Effects would even be Adobe needs the money to keep fine. Flash they ever have been. It would
Then there’s the elephant in the end the grudge that they have great layouts and reports
worth it in the end. Most believe r o l l i n g i n t h r o u g h y e a r l y without extra plugins.
that Final Cut is a very nice revisions but Apple wouldn’t room, Flash. Oh my dear old against each other and hopefully
friend, you were once so cool. get applications like Acrobat I see great possibilities to use
video suite on the Mac platform have this problem. Make a new these new features to create
and in the PC world, AVID version when real features are Animations, games, crazy and Flash back to their roots.
navigation menus and long site Adding useless features just to solutions with FileMaker Pro
holds the crown. Why is a created. In an educational and I am probably more excited
program like Premiere needed? environment, we are forced to intros were such a treat. Now I sell a different version every
have grown bored with you. about the future of the product
It’s not quite AVID but way upgrade every year because the year will not win you any fans. now than I have been over the
better than Windows Movie textbooks only cover the newest The problem is that Flash is so Make it a worthwhile upgrade or
ubiquitous with the web that it inexpensive and I will gladly last few years. It feels like the
Maker. Now throw Sony Vegas versions. This puts a large strain investment in previous versions
in there and it’s starting to get on software budgets. Documents can’t just be tossed out into the support you.
street. Apple would need to has paid off and everything is
crowded. Apple could create Acrobat should also be firing on all cylinders to move
Final Cut for the PC or forget restructured and brought back to clean it up significantly and
70 Apple/ Game/ E-reader News Edition

Analyst: iPhone to Overtake BlackBerry in 2011 Video: The

Darrell Etherington
significant milestone for the
iPhone, and one consumers
elusive iPhone
Submitted at 3/10/2010 7:33:46 AM should be wary of more than
anything. As a disruptor of the
A few years ago it would’ve status quo, Apple innovates, and Richard Mitchell (Joystiq)
been only the insane and the innovates well. Once it reaches Submitted at 3/10/2010 10:30:00 AM

insanely prescient who were the top of the pile and

predicting that Apple would subjugates its competition, that The jury is still out on Street
replace RIM in terms of world doesn’t necessarily continue to Fighter IV for iPhone, but let it
mobile phone market share. hold true. A victory over RIM in be known: You probably won't
Now it doesn’t seem that the mobile phone market could pull off a Shoryuken -- the
outlandish, but the question of lead to a stagnation of iPhone "Rising Dragon Fist" -- on your
how soon we’ll actually see it innovation, something the minor first try. Or the second. Or the
happen remains up in the air. updates to the iPhone 3GS were third.
According to a new financial hopefully not a sign of. We learned this very quickly
analysis company, Trefis(via The iPhone can overtake the when trying out the game at
Forbes), the iPhone will pass BlackBerry by continuing to Capcom's Fight Club event
BlackBerries in 2011. So as of expand the markets in which it during GDC. Granted, there is a
next year, the iPhone will is available, and by going with simplified input configuration --
supposedly overtake RIM’s multiple carriers in places where which we discovered after this
varied line of smartphones, it only has presence with one or video was shot -- but longtime
despite offering far less in terms two so far. It may have seemed Street Fighter fans could get a
of consumer choice, and being unusual to hang on to single- tad miffed by all the whiffs.
limited to only one network in the stock price will climb factors like the iPad will provider models for this long, Should you make the $10
major markets like the U.S. So accordingly. They have a neat p r o b a b l y investment for SFIV, on your
have a but now it’s in a much stronger
how’s that supposed to happen? little tool that illustrates this, disproportionately large effect position in terms of negotiating phone, you'll probably want to
Before we get to how, let’s look and you can set your own on the stock price of Apple in with others. It’s also begun to spend some time in the game's
a t w h y T r e f i s t h i n k s t h i s prediction to see how it affects the coming months. Marketing grow its share in the enterprise, expansive "Dojo" training mode
information is important. If the model. before hitting the world circuit.
h y p e d e f i n i t e l y i n f l a t e s where the BlackBerry has
you’re looking to buy Apple It’s neat, but it’s also a gross consumer expectation and traditionally held sway. Video: The elusive iPhone
stock, then it’s very important o v e r s i m p l i f i c a t i o n . E v e n hopefully appetite, but it also 2011 could indeed be the year Shoryuken originally appeared
indeed. Trefis estimates that w i t h o u t c o n s i d e r i n g t h e misrepresents how important a of the iPhone, but I’m hoping on Joystiq on Wed, 10 Mar
around 52 percent of Apple’s potentially market-rearranging product is to a company’s RIM makes a comeback before 2010 10:30:00 EST. Please see
stock value is dependent upon effect the continuing emergence future. then to stoke the fires under our terms for use of feeds.
its mobile phone business, so of Android might have on If Apple does overtake RIM, A p p l e a n d s t a v e o f f a n y Permalink| Email this|
that as the iPhone’s global mobile phones globally, other h o w e v e r , i t w i l l m a r k a impending complacency that Comments
market share continues to grow, might crop up.
E-reader News Edition Apple/ TV/ 71

Analyst: Apple “Disrupting” iPhone TV 101: How 'Lost' Is

Competitors With Legal Threats Like a Loveless
Charles Jade (TheAppleBlog)
Submitted at 3/9/2010 10:30:55 AM Marriage consumers from stifling
innovation in the name of
intellectual property rights, the Jay Black (TV Squad)
Via Apple 2.0, Oppenheimer real-world implications of
analyst Yair Reiner asserts in a driving hardware manufacturers Submitted at 3/10/2010 11:02:00 AM

research note that Apple’s away from Google is that they

lawsuit with HTC over the For a lot of ' Lost' fans, the only
will be going towards Microsoft.
iPhone interface was the numbers that really matter
With Windows Mobile as good
culmination of “blunt talks” anymore are 5, 23, and 10 - May
as dead, and Windows Phone
with other phone manufacturers. 23rd of this year, the Dharma
Series 7 not to be released until
According to Reiner, starting in Train finally pulls into the
the end of the year, it could have
January Apple began closed- station and we'll find out once
been argued that Microsoft was
door discussions with OEMs and for all whether the writers
close to being pushed out of the
regarding the company’s knew what they were doing.
mobile market entirely. Don’t
“growing displeasure” with the It's almost a certainty that
count on that now.
theft of Apple’s intellectual you're going to be disappointed.
Microsoft has been quick to
property. Had the show ended during its
sniff out this burgeoning
That displeasure was first noted second or third season, I would
opportunity and has begun to
a year earlier at a conference have stocked up on flashlights,
aggressively promote the
call. Apple COO Tim Cook according to “industry checks” canned goods, and pornography
strength of its own IP portfolio,
responded to a question about by Reiner, resulted in hardware to wait out the riots that surely
as well as its willingness to join
the Palm Pre by stating that “we manufacturers reassessing their would have followed some lame being a love affair and started
battle with customers that come
will not stand for having our IP positions regarding Google’s "not all questions are meant to being a loveless marriage.
under IP attack.
ripped off,” though Cook wasn’t Android operating system. be answered" kind of ending. Continue reading TV 101: How
It’s one thing to threaten a
necessarily talking about Palm, Rival software and hardware I'm not worried now because 'Lost' Is Like a Loveless
relatively small company like
or just Palm, anyway. Earlier teams are going back to the that kind of car-tipping passion Marriage
HTC, but quite another to go
this month, Steve Jobs publicly drawing board to look for work- just isn't there anymore. For Filed under: OpEd, Lost, TV
after Microsoft, as Apple found
accused HTC of theft in a press arounds. Lawyers are most fans, this last season 101, Reality-Free
out once before. While
release associated with the redoubling efforts to gauge marked the moment when our Permalink| Email this| |
temporarily disrupting Android
iPhone lawsuit. Unfortunately, potential defensive and relationship with 'Lost' stopped Comments
through lawsuits isn’t going to
that lawsuit may not ultimately offensive responses. And make that problem go away, it
protect the iPhone the way Steve strategy teams are working to might just help Microsoft get
Jobs thinks. chart OS strategies that are back in the mobile business.
However, in the short term better hedged.
tough talk and legal action has, Ignoring the negative impact on
72 Apple/ TV/ E-reader News Edition

You Look Ridiculous: The Other Jimmy Smits Returning

Augmented Reality Issue to TV in NBC Legal
David Klein (TheAppleBlog)
Submitted at 3/10/2010 7:27:09 AM Drama
Allison Waldman (TV Squad)
Augmented Reality (AR) is a
hot topic in the app stores these Submitted at 3/10/2010 10:31:00 AM

days. So, what’s AR? It’s

multiple technologies being Is it a step down for Jimmy
used simultaneously to provide Smits that he'll only be a
you with data relevant to your Supreme Court Justice in a new
location. This includes your NBC pilot? Some might think so
phone’s compass to determine since his last stint on NBC was
the direction you are facing, as Congressman Matt Santos
GPS to determine your exact confusing and time-consuming. Here’s Yelp’s easier to who became the President of the
location, Internet connection to You have to maintain the comprehend (although it can United States on the last season
gather information about your phone’s direction and camera quickly become cluttered) of ' The West Wing.' However, attorney who specializes in
surroundings, camera to capture angle otherwise you lose the “Monacle” feature. Note: To in the pilot that John Eisendrath fighting constitutional injustices.
your reality, and the screen to details on your screen. Your activate this feature you must is putting together, Jimmy Smits Continue reading Jimmy Smits
augment it with extremely face is glued to your screen for a shake your phone when on the has agreed to play a judge for Returning to TV in NBC Legal
specific data. longer than appropriate time Nearby tab. NBC. Drama
The app that gets the most free period. We have quickly grown And finally, an innocent AR Not any judge. The character is Filed under: OpEd, Celebrities,
publicity is Layar for its on- accustomed to people looking user begging to be mugged a strict interpreter of the Casting, Emmys, Reality-Free
again off-again relationship with down at their phones while while trying to learn more about constitution, a 'by the book' Permalink| Email this| |
Apple’s app store. Whether or walking around town (although his location. Supreme Court Justice (there are Comments
not this app should be allowed some would argue that this is We can all agree that AR is only nine at any one time), who
in the app store is the issue aggravating and dangerous). AR extremely cool. Hopefully it will steps down from the bench so he
people have been harping on for users have taken this awkward soon be a useful way to can return to the law as an
several months now. I think behavior to a new high since understand your surroundings.
there is a much more urgent AR their phones are at eye level But for now these apps feel
issue. with people walking by. more like usability and HCI
You look completely ridiculous Below is Layar showing the research experiments.
when you use it. Drink layer. Note the confusing Related GigaOM Pro Research:
Seriously. People take pictures interface that requires thorough Augmented Reality: Lots of
all the time with their mobile focus to decipher while you are Promise, Lots of Hurdles
phones. It’s a simple, quick task. standing on a sidewalk holding
But using an AR app is your phone in the air.
E-reader News Edition Tech Blog/ Sports/ 73

Please fix WordPress for podcast

(Scripting News) Click the screen shot for the full
Submitted at 3/10/2010 5:01:06 AM effect.
See the red arrow pointing to
Jay and I use WordPress to do the box called Enclosure? That's
the site. where you paste the link to the
It's a mixed bag. On the pro enclosure. Anyone no matter
side, we both know how to use how technical they are not,
WordPress, and because Jay could be taught to do that
writes the show notes and I do correctly.
the tech stuff, it's a good tool to everyone listens to).
put between us.
We never had the problem
For the last three episodes of WordPress is having. Granted a
For Iverson, the Answer
But WordPress doesn't do our podcast, it's failed to add an lot fewer people did podcasts
podcast feeds well.
And that's being generous.
enclosure element to the feed. then than now. Maybe. I'd argue Rests in the Past
As a result none of our listeners that the way WordPress works Kevin Blackistone (FanHouse Billy, sent him in the early '90s.
Here's how the UI works get the podcast on time, and it n o w i s k i l l i n g t h e a r t o f Main)
currently. You edit your post always takes some fussing by podcasting because it's so The only thing that was more
and link to an MP3 or a movie the WordPress tech people to unpredictable and it's virtually Submitted at 3/9/2010 2:30:00 PM amazing about Iverson was what
or an AVI or some other media get it working, and for all I g o t t h e m a r k e t c o r n e r e d . happened to him after a
object. The first one that WP know a bunch of people never R e g a r d l e s s , I ' m a p a y i n g Filed under: NBA basketball game his senior year
encounters as it parses your text, hear the podcast. I suppose it c u s t o m e r , a n d I ' d l i k e t o Steve James was well into in which he celebrated at a
it will supposedly turn into an depends on whether or not the continue to use WordPress, but making in Chicago what would bowling alley. A brawl erupted
enclosure. If you happen to link client sees an item as read if the eventually I'm going to have to become his epic sports after someone spat a racial slur
to two MP3s but the second is guid doesn't change but all of a switch because it's killing our documentary Hoop Dreams at Iverson and his friends.
the enclosure, you're out of luck. s u d d e n t h e i t e m h a s a n product. when his father, back in his Iverson wound up arrested,
And for some reason if you e n c l o s u r e . I m h o a p r o p e r Please Matt and company, fix home in the Hampton Roads charged and convicted for mob
store the MP3 on Amazon S3, as podcast client would just watch this! area of Virginia, started regaling violence. No white participants
we do, it usually doesn't even the guid, and therefore would PS: I wish was him about a phenom of a in the fight were busted.
find the enclosure. But this is miss the enclosure. Regardless, more hackable, if there was a teenage athlete at James' rival On Sunday, James' newest
variable. Today they've hacked it's simply unacceptable that way for me to patch our feed I high school, Bethel. documentary, No Crossover:
up our link to point to some WordPress work this way and could fix this without their help. The kid already had The Trial of Allen Iverson, is
server on, totally that Automattic doesn't do Alas it's not something I can fix quarterbacked Bethel to the state scheduled for an official
without our permission. What a something to fix it. football title over James' alma premiere at the South by
myself and I don't have any
mess. And even so there's no This is how we did it in Radio interest in running my own mater, Hampton. He was Southwest festival in Austin,
enclosure in our feed for this 8, in 2002, eight years ago. working on doing the same in Texas.
installation or fussing around
week's show (which btw I think Here's a screen shot. basketball. "To me, Allen Iverson's public
with PHP etc.
is one of our best, one I hope The kid's name was Allen image that has persisted to this
Iverson. day," James said, "began when
"He ... was incredible," James he was 17 in this bowling alley
on Tuesday told me he came to incident."
realize of the wiry Iverson in the
newspaper clippings his father,
74 TV/ Sports/ E-reader News Edition

What's On Tonight: 'Scrubs,' 'Human Like Carolina, Manny Legace

Target,' 'America's Next Top Model,' Is Coming on Strong Susan Slusser (FanHouse
'Tosh.0' Submitted at 3/10/2010 3:29:00 AM

Bob Sassone (TV Squad) of'Tyler Perry's Meet the Filed under: Hurricanes Manny
Submitted at 3/10/2010 12:15:00 PM Browns' at 10. Legace has no one but himself
• Food Network has a to blame for tumbling into the
Here's tonight's TV lineup (all new'Dinner: Impossible' at 10.NHL scrapheap before this
times Eastern). • E! has'Chelsea's Big Interview
season -- or, at least, that's what
Special' at 10. the Carolina goaltender would
• At 8, ABC has a new'Scrubs,' • Also at 10: MTV has a new argue.
followed by new episodes episode of'The Real World.' "It was my fault for not being
of'The Middle,' 'Modern • At 10:30, Comedy Central hasspecial enough," Legace said of
Family,' 'Cougar Town,' then a new'Shear Genius.' a new'Tosh.0' at 10. his time in St. Louis last season.
and'Ugly Betty.' • Syfy has a new'Ghost Hunters'
"I was coming off my best
• CBS has a new'Old Christine' at 9. Check your local TV listings season, an All-Star game (start), Carolina's season. Somewhat
at 8, then new episodes'Gary • F o o d N e t w o r k h a s a for more. forgotten, he's picked up steam,
and it was one thing after
Unmarried,' 'Criminal Minds,' new'Throwdown with Bobby After the jump, the late night winning his past five starts in
another after that. It was a bad
and'CSI: NY.' Flay' at 9. talk shows. net, including a shutout over
situation, and I made it worse by
• NBC has a new'Mercy' at 8. • Travel Channel has'Man vs. Continue reading What's On Atlanta in his most recent game.
letting things bother me. It was
• FOX has new episodes Food Presents Carnivore' at 9. Tonight: 'Scrubs,' 'Human The Hurricanes, meantime, are
my fault. I should have played
of'Human Target' and'American • History Channel has a Target,' 'America's Next Top red hot, winning 12 of their past
Idol.' new'MonsterQuest' at 9. Model,' 'Tosh.0' 15.
Legace is in some ways a
• The CW has the season • At 9:30, BBC America has a Filed under: Late Night, p e r f e c t r e p r e s e n t a t i v e o f
premiere of'America's Next Top n e w e p i s o d e o f ' T h e Programming, Celebrities, Talk
Model' at 8, followed by the Inbetweeners.' Show, What To Watch Tonight,
premiere of'High Society.' • At 10, NBC has a new'Law Reality-Free
• TCM has'The Gay Divorcee' and Order: SVU.' Permalink| Email this| |
at 8, then'Top Hat.' • USA has the season finale C o m m e n t s
• At 9, Bravo has a new'Real of'Psych' at 10.
Housewives of Orange County,' • TBS has two new episodes

Derek Anderson Says Browns Fans Don't Deserve a Winner

Adam Gretz (FanHouse Main) perhaps even a little nuts about after he suffered a season- decline over the following two
Submitted at 3/9/2010 2:50:00 PM their team. And they don't ending knee injury. years.
always have a great relationship On Tuesday, Anderson was Still stinging from hearing fans
Filed under: Browns, NFL with their starting quarterbacks. released by the Browns, ending cheer his injury, the 26-year-old
Fans, NFL Free Agency Take, for example, the time a four-year run with the team quarterback sounded off about
Cleveland Browns fans are they made former No. 1 overall that included a trip to the Pro the orange-and-brown faithful.
extremely passionate, loyal and pick Tim Couch cry, or when they cheered Derek Anderson Bowl in 2007 and a steady
E-reader News Edition Sports/ 75

Is Nascar Pleasing its Fans, Toying With Death or Both?

( The Daily Fix)
Submitted at 3/10/2010 9:14:38 AM

Associated Press Cars are not

supposed to point in this
Like fighting in the NHL,
concussive brutality in the NFL
and neck tattoos in the NBA, the
threat of wild, scary, super-
telegenic car crashes is one of
the less reputable but undeniable
elements in Nascar’s appeal. Put
a bunch of macho dudes in
souped-up sedans in a tight
space, and accidents will
The issue that Nascar faces at
the moment is different. In
Sunday’s Sprint Cup race in
Hampton, Ga., star racer Carl celebritocracy; the brighter sometimes, when emotions are blue-chip programs this season. hopes are gone, of course,
Edwards nudged the bumper of lights get the biggest breaks.” boiling, it’s a philosophy that is For the time being, as obscure dashed by a four-game losing
Brad Keselowski’s car in In the Baltimore Sun, Tania tantamount to letting the mid-major and small-conference streak that ended with three
retaliation for an earlier on-track Ganguly notes that the protect- inmates run the asylum.”* * * teams punch tournament tickets mind-numbing stinkers,” Jacobs
incident, propelling Keselowski the-star sentiment runs the other The transition from what’s-the- every day — way to go, writes. “Only the little hopes are
into a dramatic airborne crash. way, too, as Keselowski is an matter-with-UConn/UNC Wofford — all most fans can do left now. Jim Calhoun said he
On Tuesday, Edwards was unpopular figure among his articles to ones pondering the is wonder what happened. had never thought about turning
handed a penalty that many fellow racers. weirdness of an NCAA UConn’s experienced roster down an NIT invitation before,
drivers and racing pundits found Some see the crash as the tournament field without either and super-talented backcourt but he wanted a few days this
stunningly light: a three-race immediate and unmistakable team was made about a month suggested great things ahead time.”
probation. This might be a good consequences of Nascar’s recent ago. Reality now just about has when the season started. But the The schedule has given North
time to look at the picture of that decision not to enforce harsh caught up to those articles, as Huskies were hobbled by Carolina an extra day of hope,
accident again. discipline for incidents like this UConn left the Big East inconsistency all season, and but the Tar Heels have looked
“You know what? He did get off one. Now, that decision has its tournament in the first round on coach Jim Calhoun’s health- far worse than the Huskies all
easy,” Yahoo’s Jay Busbee signature image. It will likely Tuesday in a strikingly related sabbatical in the middle season long, despite a
writes. “If it had been someone not be the last such image, Scott disengaged 73-51 loss to St. of the season ensured plenty of comparable level of big-time
else other than a controversial Fowler writes at John’s. North Carolina faces the distracting is-he-retiring talent. In the Greensboro News-
rookie flying through the air, if “This is the prospect of having to win the speculation. Still, the Huskies Record, Ed Hardin examines the
it had been a less notable driver dark side of ‘Boys, have at it,’ ” ACC tournament to secure a seemed just too good to wind up team-wide apathy that doomed a
causing the wreck, you can bet Fowler writes. “Those four March Madness berth. in the NIT. In the Hartford Heels team with plenty of
the hammer would have hit words make economic sense, Eventually, sprawling post Courant, Jeff Jacobs writes that players left over from the roster
harder. NASCAR, like every adding more excitement and mortems will be written on the the team has been forced to NASCAR page 77
other enterprise, is a selling more tickets. But collapse of these two bluest of realize that it isn’t. “The big
76 Sports/ E-reader News Edition

Longtime Boston Red Sox shortstop Nomar Garciaparra

announces retirement
Gordon Edes ( p):first").text()); } else { dream, to be able to retire in a titles in back-to-back seasons in retire when he realized this
Submitted at 3/10/2010 9:21:31 AM I.setDescription(jQuery("p:first" Red Sox uniform," Garciaparra 1999 and 2000. His career offseason that due to a condition
).text()); } if said at a press conference at average with the Red Sox stands that has limited him over the
(jQuery(".article .image, City of Palms Park. "Thanks to at .323, with 178 homers and years, he "just couldn't work out
• Email .headshot").length > 0) { var Mr. [John] Henry, Mr. [Tom] 690 RBIs. the way I like to work out, and
• Print theimage = (jQuery(".article Werner, Mr. [Larry] Lucchino He stressed Wednesday that fan that really was my ultimate
• Comments . i m a g e , and Theo [Epstein], today I get support was one of the biggest decision."
.headshot").find("img").attr("src to fulfill that dream and retire as reasons why it was so important "There was a time this offseason
'); document.write(''); } ")); I.addMediaItem( { type: a Red Sox. to him to retire in a Red Sox when I was getting ready and I
else if ( show_gigya ) { 'image', src: theimage, href: "Earlier today, I did sign a uniform. remember coming home and
document.write('• '); ' minor league contract to be a "Everywhere I go I get so many looking at my wife and going
document.write(' n/mlb/news/story?id=4981701' part of the organization once [Red Sox fans] come to me and 'My tank is empty,'" Garciaparra
'); function }); } A.userAction = again. I was getting choked up tell me 'Thank you. We miss said. "And that for me was an
showShareUI(){ var H = I ; then, and I'm getting choked up you. We still love you,'" absolute thrill to be able to say
{APIKey:"2_B48MVBl19K9C now. I've got the chills. Garciaparra said. "And it's so that. I really just gave
Qj72UVrAqLh7VSAyZDfMkcl areUI(H,A); return false; "But to be able to have that genuine and the feeling is everything I could to this game."
kt8foSSRaAbdWu36H_N3Ky_ } } By Gordon Edes dream come true, I really just mutual. Hopefully from my Garciaparra's wife, former
ERWhDG", enabledProviders: can't put into words because of actions throughout my career in soccer star Mia Hamm, attended
"facebook,twitter", Archive what this organization has that uniform and hopefully my the press conference with the
cid:"ESPN.Story"}; var I = FORT MYERS, Fla. -- always meant to me, meant to actions today again tell them couple's twin daughters.
n e w Longtime Boston Red Sox my family, the fans. I always what it means to me." Garciaparra was famously shortstop Nomar Garciaparra tell people Red Sox Nation is Lucchino echoed those traded to the Chicago Cubs by
ion(); var A = {}; retired from baseball on bigger than any nation out there, sentiments from the team's general manager Theo Epstein
I.setUserMessage(""); if Wednesday morning, signing a and to be able to tell people that perspective. at the trade deadline during the
(jQuery(":header:first").length > one-day contract with the Red I came back home to be back to "We welcome you home," 2004 season, a controversial
0 ) { Sox in order to retire as a Red Sox Nation is truly a thrill." Lucchino said at the press move that resulted in the
I.setTitle(jQuery(".article").find( member of the team. Garciaparra will join ESPN as a conference. "It gives us addition of Doug Mientkiewicz
":header:first").text()); } else “ baseball analyst. He will be seen enormous pride to recognize the and Orlando Cabrera, who
{ Everywhere I go I get so many primarily on Baseball Tonight respect you have to the helped to spark the team to its
I.setTitle(decodeURIComponent [Red Sox fans] come to me and but will also serve as an organization, the connection you first World Series title in 86
("Nomar%20retires%20as%20R tell me 'Thank you. We miss occasional game analyst. feel to the organization, the years.
ed%20Sox%20player,%20will% you. We still love you.' And it's The 36-year-old Garciaparra connection you feel to our fans Garciaparra re-signed with the
20join%20ESPN")); } so genuine and the feeling is spent the first nine seasons of and Fenway Park, and I'm here Cubs in 2005, but injuries
I.setLinkBack("http://sports.esp mutual. Hopefully from my his 14-year career in Boston, to fell you the feelings are limited him to just 62 games actions throughout my career in where he developed into a fan mutual. When the history of the that season. He played with the
?id=4981701"); if that uniform and hopefully my favorite, a perennial All-Star Boston Red Sox is written Los Angeles Dodgers from 2006
(jQuery("#videoInfo").length > actions today again tell them and the best shortstop in team again, there will be a very large -2008 and was a part-time
0 ) { what it means to me.”-- Nomar history. He won the American and important chapter devoted player with the Oakland
I.setDescription(jQuery(".article Garciaparra League Rookie of the Year to Nomar Garciaparra."
p:not(div.beta-opt "I've always had a recurring Award in 1997 and won batting Garciaparra said he decided to LONGTIME page 79
E-reader News Edition Fashion/ 77
continued from page 75

that won last year’s NCAA last half-decade or so. All of was more than the rate for other two All-Star Game appearances
championship. which is to say that the news of former collegiate star and three Gold Gloves — Davis
The NCAA tournament field Nathan’s torn elbow ligament quarterbacks Colt McCoy and never quite reached that level.
will get to 65, with other teams and likely date with Tommy Sam Bradford, and because it’s But Davis, who died Tuesday at
probably filling the spots John surgery is a very big deal Tebow — surely the most the age of 69, remains a legend
usually given by default to indeed for the Twins. In the vanilla controversy-magnet in to those who saw him play.
UConn and UNC. Count North Minneapolis Star-Tribune, Jim sports history — it has become a “What none of those [top tier]
Texas, one of the worst Souhan assesses the impact of story. At CNBC, Darren Rovell players had — few that I can
basketball programs in the Nathan’s likely absence. brushes off the controversy over recall in any era — was Davis’
nation a decade ago, among that In Sports Illustrated, Joe Tebow’s pricy signature as an combination of urban cool and
group. The Mean Green held off Posnanski runs down the list of example of the market at work. blazing speed,” the San
Troy University in the Sun Belt the Twins’ in-house At Deadspin, Dashiell Bennett Francisco Chronicle’s Bruce
Conference finals and are replacements and goes in-depth does Rovell one better, floating Jenkins writes. “He addressed
staging an impressive program- on Nathan’s mastery. “With the idea of Tebow as a one-man the world at a slow, measured
wide comeback, Tim Nathan out, there is definitely a economic-stimulus package. “If pace, never in a rush. He
MacMahon writes at ESPN new wind of hope blowing a guy can get this much basically let life come to him.
Dallas. through the American League attention for an autograph Even as he approached home
Another member of the
tournament field will come out
Central,” Posnanski concludes.
“Combined, the Indians, Tigers,
signing, imagine what would
happen if he actually appeared
plate with a bat in his hands, he
struck the impression of a man
Street Chic:
of the Mid-American
Conference, but as the Journal’s
Royals and White Sox hit .161
against Joe Nathan. They’ll be
in a football game,” Bennett
writes. “Granted, this probably
wearing shades at the far corner
table of a jazz club.” Paris Fashion
Darren Everson reports, that happy to take their swings only applies to Northern Florida, — Tip of the Fix cap to readers
likely will be the last we hear of
them. No MAC team has won
against someone else.”* * *
Many professional athletes
but the economic benefits may
be much greater than we ever
Gerard Cosloy, Don Hartline
and Steve McCants, and to
Week (ELLE News Blog)
an NCAA championship in any charge fees for their autographs. anticipated.”* * * fellow Fixer Garey Ris.
Submitted at 3/10/2010 9:00:00 AM
sport since 1965, and the The biggest names can score a Willie Davis enjoyed a long Found a good column from the
conference hasn’t had a team solid payday simply by and successful big-league world of sports? Don’t keep it to An elegant fur and a statement
win an NCAA tournament game scribbling said name a few career, but was never mentioned yourself — write to us at bag offer a double dose of luxe
in six seasons.* * * hundred times. So there was in the first tier of National and we’ll style.
Because he does his work nothing so controversial about League outfielders during his consider your find for inclusion Photo: Anne Ziegler
quietly, and in the small Tim Tebow participating in an glory years with the Los in the Daily Fix. You can email Click here for our complete fall
baseball market of Minnesota, autograph signing in Angeles Dodgers. Given that David at 2010 Fashion Week coverage
Joe Nathan remains somewhat Jacksonville last weekend, nor said first tier comprised Hall of Think you are Street Chic? E-
underrated. By the numbers, even about the 2007 Heisman Famers such as Willie Mays, mail us your photo and you
though, only Mariano Rivera Trophy winner’s fees of $160 Henry Aaron, Frank Robinson could appear in's
has even approached Nathan’s per autograph and $75 for a and Roberto Clemente, it’s Street Chic Daily.
excellence as a closer during the photo. Still, because that price understandable that — despite Follow ELLE on Twitter.
Become our Facebook fan!
78 Sports/ Fashion/ E-reader News Edition

Derek Anderson says he regrets lashing out at

Cleveland Browns fans following release news services 1767"); if released Anderson, a former Pro Herald reporter] Jeff Schudel
( (jQuery("#videoInfo").length > Bowl quarterback, after five earlier that I regret," Anderson
Submitted at 3/10/2010 8:22:26 AM 0 ) { years in Cleveland, as the team said. "Those of you who got to
I.setDescription(jQuery(".article decided to cast its lot with know me personally from
p:not(div.beta-opt Brady Quinn and avoid paying covering the Browns over the
• Email p):first").text()); } else { Anderson a $2 million roster past five years, know this was
• Print I.setDescription(jQuery("p:first" bonus and a $7.45 million salary out of character for me. I wasn't
• Comments ).text()); } if in 2010. taken out of context, but I was
(jQuery(".article .image, The move came just one day speaking out of frustration after
'); document.write(''); } .headshot").length > 0) { var after the team acquired Seneca my career with the Browns
else if ( show_gigya ) { theimage = (jQuery(".article Wallace in a trade with the came to a close.
document.write('• '); . i m a g e , Seattle Seahawks. "I had some great times playing
document.write(' .headshot").find("img").attr("src Following his release, in Cleveland, especially during
'); function ")); I.addMediaItem( { type: Anderson lashed out at Browns the 2007 season, and I met some
var H = 'image', src: theimage, href:
fans in an e-mail to the
Willoughby News-Herald.
great people and made many
lifelong friends along the way,"
Street Chic:
ws/story?id=4981767' });
A.userAction =
"The fans are ruthless and don't
deserve a winner," Anderson
Anderson said Wednesday. "I'm
looking forward to starting a
Paris Fashion
ERWhDG", enabledProviders:
areUI(H,A); return false;
said in the e-mail Tuesday. "I
will never forget getting cheered
new chapter in my life."
According to a league source, Week
cid:"ESPN.Story"}; var I = } } news services when I was injured. Anderson already has two (ELLE News Blog)
n e w Former Cleveland Browns "I know at times I wasn't great. I scheduled visits -- first with the
Submitted at 3/10/2010 7:30:00 AM quarterback Derek Anderson hope and pray I'm playing when Seattle Seahawks on Thursday
ion(); var A = {}; says he regrets statements he my team comes to town and and then the Arizona Cardinals A sophisticated print stands out
I.setUserMessage(""); if made blasting Browns fans [we] roll them." on Friday. against black basics.
(jQuery(":header:first").length > following his release from the In a statement released AFC North writer Photo: Anne Ziegler
0 ) { team on Tuesday. Wednesday, Anderson said James Walker and The Click here for our complete fall
I.setTitle(jQuery(".article").find( A Tough Town For QBs those words came out of Associated Press contributed to 2010 Fashion Week coverage
":header:first").text()); } else Derek Anderson's comments frustration. this report. Think you are Street Chic? E-
{ point to two things that are true “ Five Filters featured article: mail us your photo and you
I.setTitle(decodeURIComponent in Cleveland, writes James I wasn't taken out of context, Chilcot Inquiry. Available tools: could appear in's
("Anderson%20regrets%20lashi Walker. Browns fans are but I was speaking out of PDF Newspaper, Full Text RSS, Street Chic Daily.
ng%20out%20at%20Browns%2 frustrated. And they're often frustration after my career with Term Extraction. Follow ELLE on Twitter.
0fans")); } smitten with the quarterback the Browns came to a close.”-- Become our Facebook fan!
I.setLinkBack("http://sports.esp holding the clipboard. Blog Ex-Browns QB Derek Anderson On Tuesday, the Browns "I said some things to [News-
E-reader News Edition Sports/ 79
Marion Jones signs contract with continued from page 76

Athletics last season. Francona recalled a meeting he

WNBA's Tulsa Shock Red Sox manager Terry
Francona's experience with
had with Kevin Kennedy, who
was managing the Red Sox at
Associated Press 0over,%20signs%20with%20W enhancing drugs. Nomar bookends the beginning the time, and Tim Johnson, one
( NBA%20team")); } Jones was a star at the 2000 and end of Garciaparra's time of his coaches, and being asked
Submitted at 3/10/2010 9:27:45 AM I.setLinkBack("http://sports.esp Olympics in Sydney but with the Red Sox. Francona whether he thought Garciaparra admitted two years ago that she managed Garciaparra in the could play second base.
982240"); if had taken a designer steroid Arizona Fall League in 1994, "I said I don't know who you
• Email (jQuery("#videoInfo").length > known as the "clear." The after Garciaparra's first season have at short, but whoever it is
• Print 0 ) { International Olympic with the Sox organization, and you might want to move him.''
• Comments I.setDescription(jQuery(".article Committee took away her was managing the Sox when In 1997, when Garciaparra
p:not(div.beta-opt medals, including three golds. Nomar was traded in 2004. made it to the big leagues, new
'); document.write(''); } p):first").text()); } else { She also spent about six months "The time I had him in the Fall manager Jimy Williams did just
else if ( show_gigya ) { I.setDescription(jQuery("p:first" in a Texas federal prison for League was one of the that, prompting a brief walkout
document.write('• '); ).text()); } if lying about doping and her role highlights of my career,'' from camp by John Valentin,
document.write(' (jQuery(".article .image, in a check-fraud scam. Francona said Wednesday. "[In who reluctantly gave up short
'); function .headshot").length > 0) { var Before she became known as 2004,] I think he was kind of and played second and third.
showShareUI(){ var H = theimage = (jQuery(".article the world's fastest woman, Jones Boston'd out. It kind of wore on Francona, who was in his first
{APIKey:"2_B48MVBl19K9C . i m a g e , was the starting point guard on him for whatever reasons. season as manager with the Red
Qj72UVrAqLh7VSAyZDfMkcl .headshot").find("img").attr("src North Carolina's national Sometimes it's just time to move Sox, said he didn't fully realize
kt8foSSRaAbdWu36H_N3Ky_ ")); I.addMediaItem( { type: championship team in 1994. on.'' how iconic Garciaparra was in
ERWhDG", enabledProviders: 'image', src: theimage, href: She was drafted by Phoenix in Spring training updates Boston until after the trading-
"facebook,twitter", ' 2003 but never played in the Gordon Edes, Joe McDonald deadline deal that sent Nomar to
cid:"ESPN.Story"}; var I = news/story?id=4982240' }); WNBA. and the rest of the the Cubs.
n e w } A.userAction = I; Jones was introduced team have "When it was over, I remember Wednesday at a news you covered on the Red Sox laughing with Theo [Epstein], 'I
ion(); var A = {}; areUI(H,A); return false; conference in Tulsa. from Fort Myers. Blog was behind you every step of
I.setUserMessage(""); if } } Associated Press Copyright 2010 by The • Sox spring training photos » the way, not in front of you.'''
(jQuery(":header:first").length > TULSA, Okla. -- Former Associated Press The biggest thing that caught Gordon Edes covers the Red
0 ) { sprinter Marion Jones has Five Filters featured article: Francona's eye in the Fall Sox for
I.setTitle(jQuery(".article").find( signed on to play with the Chilcot Inquiry. Available tools: League? "A 20-year-old kid Follow him on Twitter.
":header:first").text()); } else WNBA's Tulsa Shock, hoping PDF Newspaper, Full Text RSS, personally passing out Five Filters featured article:
{ to launch a new career after Term Extraction. Christmas cards three weeks Chilcot Inquiry. Available tools:
I.setTitle(decodeURIComponent being stripped of five Olympic early. I hadn't even bought my PDF Newspaper, Full Text RSS,
("Marion%20Jones%20starts%2 medals for using performance- family presents yet. Term Extraction.
"He wasn't pulling the ball yet,
everything was to right-center,
but you could see it coming.''
80 Sports/ Economy/ E-reader News Edition

The Count: UConn Women Face Clips Dump Dunleavy,

Tough Historical Comparison Bench Davis and Hope
( The Daily Fix)
Submitted at 3/9/2010 12:59:19 PM
opponents. Then again, against
more limited top-flight
competition last year, UConn
for LeBron
Tim Povtak (FanHouse Main)
The Big East and the rest of the was more dominant, winning by
Submitted at 3/9/2010 5:05:00 PM
nation’s women’s basketball an average of 29 points against
teams haven’t posed much of a top 10 teams, compared to 26 Filed under: Clippers, Magic
challenge to UConn this season. points this year. ORLANDO, Fla. -- It was
The Huskies improved to 32-0 Also notable: This year’s team another wacky day in the weird
and won their record 71st last year’s UConn team, which is stingier on defense, yielding
world of the Los Angeles
consecutive game overall with a went 39-0. an average of 47 points per Clippers, one of the most
59-44 defeat of No. 7 Notre This year’s team needs seven game, compared to 53 last year
confounding franchises in NBA
D a m e i n t h e B i g E a s t more tough wins to match that at this point in the season. When
t o u r n a m e n t s e m i f i n a l s o n record. But so far, it’s kept pace baskets are harder to come by, a
The Clippers fired -- or as they
Monday. If UConn keeps rolling or even passed the prior year’s double-digit points deficit is
said, "severed ties''-- with
— t h r o u g h t h e B i g E a s t model. The average victory more dominant.
general manager Mike
championship game against margin this year is 35 points, There’s one qualitative way this It was a game in which point
Dunleavy, and announced it
West Virginia on Tuesday, and c o m p a r e d t o 3 1 l a s t y e a r year’s UConn team could assert guard Baron Davis-- their
during a game in which they
the six games needed to win the through the Big East semis. dominance over last year’s. highest-paid player and
never were competitive. In
N C A A t o u r n a m e n t — i t s During the equivalent 32-game Neither one had Tennessee on supposed leader -- lashed out for
making the announcement on
biggest rival might be last year’s spans, this year’s team has the regular-season schedule. The being benched after missing a
the team's Web site, Clipper
UConn team. Associated Press fewer losses by fewer than 15 two traditional powerhouses — morning practice with "a
management also blasted
Maya Moore and UConn have — two compared to seven — winners of 11 of the last 15 stomach ailment.''
Dunleavy on his way out the
work to do to match last year’s and by fewer than 20 points — national titles — haven’t faced
Huskies team. five compared to 10. each other in over three years,
That 15-point victory over Also, UConn has faced an thanks to a spat over recruiting.
Notre Dame was too close for arguably tougher schedule this Last year’s UConn team missed Fears of China property bubble
c o m f o r t f o r t h e H u s k i e s . year. By this point last season, t h e V o l u n t e e r s i n t h e
They’ve had just two wins by UConn had played five games tournament, as it was a down grow
smaller margins this season, the against top 25 opponents, and year for Tennessee. This year, (Financial Times - US 70 largest cities rose by 10.7 per
closest a 12-point victory over three against top 10 teams. This the Volunteers are ranked fourth homepage) cent in February from the same
No. 2 Stanford in December. year the Huskies already have in the nation and could meet the Submitted at 3/10/2010 8:06:27 AM period a year earlier, a marked
Just one team has won all of its faced 12 games against top 25 Huskies in the Final Four. increase from the 9.5 per cent
games by double-digit margins, teams, 11 against top 13 teams Chinese real estate prices year-on-year gain in January,
including in postseason play: a n d s e v e n a g a i n s t t o p 1 0 accelerated last month, rising by according to China’s statistics
their fastest pace in two years bureau.
despite government efforts to Five Filters featured article:
cool the market amid fears of a Chilcot Inquiry. Available tools:
looming property bubble. PDF Newspaper, Full Text RSS,
Prices of commercial and Term Extraction.
residential property in China’s
E-reader News Edition Sports/ Game/ 81

48-year-old defenseman Chris

Chelios called up by Atlanta
Pierre LeBrun ( { } } By Pierre LeBrun
Submitted at 3/10/2010 8:51:19 AM I.setTitle(decodeURIComponent
("Thrashers%20call%20up%204 Archive
8 - y e a r - Chris Chelios is headed back to
• Email old%20Chelios%20from%20A the show.
• Print
• Comments
} The 48-year-old defenseman
has been called up by the
Atlanta Thrashers, general
Report: Rebellion cuts
'); document.write('');
else if ( show_gigya ) {
} 82207");
(jQuery("#videoInfo").length >
if manager Don Waddell told Wednesday.
20 staff, Derby studio
document.write('• ');
'); function
0 )
{ Chelios had 22 points (5 goals,
17 assists) in 46 games with the
AHL's Chicago Wolves this
shuts down
Alexander Sliwinski (Joystiq) the Derby studio, which once
showShareUI(){ var H = p):first").text()); } else { season. He signed an NHL deal
{APIKey:"2_B48MVBl19K9C I.setDescription(jQuery("p:first" with the Thrashers on March 2. Submitted at 3/10/2010 11:00:00 AM upon a time was Core Design(
Qj72UVrAqLh7VSAyZDfMkcl ).text()); } if The Wolves are Atlanta's Tomb Raider), has been on the
kt8foSSRaAbdWu36H_N3Ky_ Rebellion has allegedly let go chopping block for months. If
(jQuery(".article .image, primary AHL affiliate.
ERWhDG", enabledProviders: approximately 20 staff from its y o u a r e a m e m b e r o r
.headshot").length > 0) { var The Chicago native last played
"facebook,twitter", main studio in Oxford, UK, representative of the studio,
theimage = (jQuery(".article in the NHL last May 27 with the
cid:"ESPN.Story"}; var I = while its Derby location has please don't hesitate to contact
. i m a g e , Detroit Red Wings against the
n e w b e e n s h u t d o w n , r e p o r t s us(whether on or off the record)
.headshot").find("img").attr("src Chicago Blackhawks in the Develop. Rebellion, which most with clarification.
")); I.addMediaItem( { type: Western Conference finals.
ion(); var A = {}; -recently released Aliens vs [Via Edge]
'image', src: theimage, href: Pierre LeBrun covers the NHL
I.setUserMessage(""); if Predator, has yet to confirm the Report: Rebellion cuts 20 staff,
' for
(jQuery(":header:first").length > details Derby studio shuts down
ws/story?id=4982207' }); } Five Filters featured article:
0 ) { As is typical with these types of originally appeared on Joystiq
A.userAction = I; Chilcot Inquiry. Available tools:
I.setTitle(jQuery(".article").find( stories, it's hard to tell if the on Wed, 10 Mar 2010 11:00:00 PDF Newspaper, Full Text RSS,
":header:first").text()); } else layoffs were part of the natural EST. Please see our terms for
areUI(H,A); return false; Term Extraction.
game development cycle after a use of feeds.
major release, or if there's an Read| Permalink| Email this|
actual "issue" going on. As for Comments
82 Sports/ Economy/ E-reader News Edition
Wholesale inventories
Warning to NASCAR Dopes: Someone Is Going unexpectedly falls and
I/S ratio now at record
to Die low
Jay Mariotti (FanHouse Main) Peter Boockvar (The Big
Submitted at 3/9/2010 3:05:00 PM
Submitted at 3/10/2010 7:22:07 AM
We know what would happen,
of course. If Carl Edwards was Jan inventories at the wholesale
driving down a freeway level unexpectedly fell by .2%
somewhere in America and vs a forecasted gain of .2% and
decided to play a vindictive Dec was revised lower by .2 of
game of bumper cars, he'd be % pt to a decline of 1%. Durable
convicted of vehicular assault good inventories fell across the
and sent to jail for months, if not board, in auto’s, computers and
years. But out on a NASCAR machinery partially offset by a
track, in a souped-up racing rise in nondurables, led by
machine speeding at 195 miles groceries. Auto wholesale
per hour with thousands of inventories have now fallen for
spectators close by, an angry a 3rd month. Machinery
Edwards somehow is allowed to inventories fell for a 12 straight
retaliate against Brad month. Because sales rose 1.3%,
Keselowski by purposely the inventory to sales ratio fell
wrecking into his car and to an all time record low of 1.10
sending it airborne into the front track. Let me state right here, "boys, have at it" philosophy -- season and send him to a shrink. f r o m 1 . 1 2 . B o t t o m l i n e ,
-stretch retaining fence in right now, that we're going to permitting drivers to police But in the fantasy world of inventory restocking (which
Atlanta. have a funeral or two sooner themselves and settle scores NASCAR, where they pretend statistically lifts GDP) has still
This is beyond lunacy. It's an than later if these foolish, amid bad wrecks and heat-of-the that cars are props and human not handed the baton to stocking
invitation for tragedy, the desperate good-old-boys don't - b a t t l e d i s a g r e e m e n t s - - beings are mannequins, he will likely due to the still uncertain
equivalent of Major League reassess their policies and p r e s i d e n t M i k e H e l t o n keep driving in the Sprint Cup outlook with final demand. With
Baseball granting its pitchers prevent drivers from retaliating announced that Edwards has and Nationwide Series. Why? this said, inventories are very
permission to head-hunt, a death inside their moving coffins. been placed on probation for Oh, probably because Edwards lean and even the slightest pick
game that endangers drivers and Incredibly Tuesday, NASCAR three weeks. In real life, this is has a sponsor, Aflac, and in the up in end demand should lead to
fans in the name of creating didn't suspend Edwards for his akin to an enraged motorist current economy within a the eventual restocking.
attention and television ratings scary and very intentional run at sending another driver into a financially struggling sport, it's Five Filters featured article:
for a fading sport. The problem Keselowski last Sunday, an guardrail and totaling his car, better to give a hall pass to a Chilcot Inquiry. Available tools:
with the gearheads who run incident that came when he was only to receive a $5 fine. vehicular maniac than risk PDF Newspaper, Full Text RSS,
NASCAR is that they think trailing by a whopping 153 laps. Personally, I would banish losing a major account. Term Extraction.
drivers and fans can't die at the Staying true to its shameful Edwards for the rest of the Sad. And sick.
E-reader News Edition Game/ Fashion/ 83

Metareview: Final Fantasy XIII

Alexander Sliwinski (Joystiq) long for the days of old. When
Submitted at 3/10/2010 12:00:00 PM Vanille is knocked out in battle,
she sometimes says: 'What went
Sweet Shiva, the Final Fantasy wrong' It's a question we find
XIII reviews are all over the ourselves wondering as well."
place. What has been clear over • Edge: ( 50/100): " FFXIII
the past couple years is that the takes brave risks with the series'
Japanese RPG has been going foundations, but they ultimately
through some seriously violent create trembling fractures
flux. The genre is trying to find throughout the entire edifice,
a new path, and even as that robust battle system unable
Japanese developers seem to to support the weight of an
search for a balance that'll entire world. Final Fantasy
please several markets, they're games are always an investment.
freaking out western reviewers This time, the returns are
and audiences, who have a questionable."
certain expectation going into
these games -- a fault of fans, as Gallery: Final Fantasy XIII
with our review; let's see what myth, Final Fantasy XIII is a please everyone. So it's strange
much as decades of ingrained Metareview: Final Fantasy XIII
other outlets think: phenomenal RPG destined to be to see it try, and no surprise that
convention by those developers. originally appeared on Joystiq
remembered as a technical the result is not a total success."
The new JRPGs aren't on Wed, 10 Mar 2010 12:00:00
• Game Informer( 93/100): "For milestone for the series." • VideoGamer( 70/100): "You
necessarily great games. They EST. Please see our terms for
years, gamers have had visions • Eurogamer( 80/100): have to hand it to Square Enix
certainly break conventions of use of feeds.
of this title as an industry- "Palatable is very much the for trying to move things
what a JRPG is, so how to Read| Permalink| Email this|
transforming epiphany, but no word for Final Fantasy XIII. forward - better that than yet
review them? Along comes Comments
game could possibly live up to The Final Fantasy series, with another rehash of the tried and
Final Fantasy XIII, another risk
such astronomical expectations. its lengthy cinematics, stubborn tested Final Fantasy formula ...
taker, but this time by the
That's no reason to lose faith; style and carefully prescribed But it does so along a path so
genre's big kahuna -- at least, it
though reality doesn't match the limitations, can never hope to narrow and straight that you
is in the west. We've weighed in

Person-ELLE Style: Head-to-Toe Black (ELLE News Blog) gothic school girl, and Sarah ELLE fashion department, we Schussheim, Assistant Fashion
Submitted at 3/10/2010 9:10:17 AM toyed with androgyny in her rare rarely get to flex our math Editor
but directional skirt-pant...or is muscles, but we couldn't resist —Jennifer Gach, Assistant
Great fashion minds think alike; it skant? No matter how it's this happy coincidence cum Fashion Editor
a n d , y e s t e r d a y , t h r e e i n worn, all-black is a strong fashion algebra equation: Follow ELLE on Twitter.
particular were thinking head-to fashion statement to make. Malina + Jade = Sarah! Become our Facebook fan!
- t o e b l a c k . M a l i n a w e n t Sometimes mistaken for gloom, From left: Malina Joseph,
minimalistic (not generally a it's a look that's chic in its intangible, subtle toughness Fashion Bookings Editor; Jade
habit of hers), Jade channeled a simplicity and embodies an without being too literal. In the Frampton, Market Editor; Sarah
84 Game/ Economy/ E-reader News Edition

Regulators tell US banks

to hold funds
(Financial Times - US stocks argue that winners of the
homepage) credit crisis, such as JPMorgan
Submitted at 3/9/2010 2:30:42 PM Chase and Goldman Sachs, have
profitable businesses and strong
US regulators have told banks balance sheets and should
not to increase dividends or buy consider raising dividends or
back shares until political and buying back stocks.
economic uncertainty Five Filters featured article:
surrounding the industry Chilcot Inquiry. Available tools:
dissipates, in a move that will PDF Newspaper, Full Text RSS,
delay by months the return of Term Extraction.
capital to shareholders.
Some investors in financial

Lone Star set to revive KEB

stake sale
Reggie: Nintendo not 'thinking (Financial Times - US
Suisse to advise on the stake
sale, according to people
seriously' about next console yet Submitted at 3/10/2010 5:24:00 AM familiar with the matter, in the
clearest sign for months that it is
Lone Star, the US private p r e p a r e d t o e n g a g e w i t h
JC Fletcher (Joystiq) be executed on the current will not create a brand new
platform, that's when we start experience. Therefore, we're not equity fund, is set to restart the p o t e n t i a l b u y e r s .
Submitted at 3/10/2010 12:30:00 PM
thinking seriously about the next interested. What we have to sale process of its controlling Five Filters featured article:
In a Forbes interview, Nintendo system. We're not there yet, push for are groundbreaking stake in Korea Exchange Bank, Chilcot Inquiry. Available tools:
of America president Reggie from a Wii perspective." Of new experiences. Technology paving the way for the ending of PDF Newspaper, Full Text RSS,
Fils-Aime gave the impression course, E3 is still a few months has to enable it, not to be a one of Asia’s longest running Term Extraction.
that a new home console from away. means all by itself." financial sagas.
Nintendo is still in the distant Satoru Iwata recently [Via Edge] The fund has appointed Credit
future. commented that a Wii successor Reggie: Nintendo not 'thinking
"The way we approach that would "need something new" in seriously' about next console yet
innovation," he said, referring to addition to HD graphics to be originally appeared on Joystiq
Nintendo's innovative "jumps" worthwhile, and Fils-Aime, who on Wed, 10 Mar 2010 12:30:00
(like the Wii), "because we have has previously, " forcefully" EST. Please see our terms for
hardware developers working denied plans for an Wii HD use of feeds.
side by side with software model, echoed this sentiment. Read| Permalink| Email this|
developers, is that when the "So when people talk about high Comments
software developer comes definition for the Wii console,
forward with an idea that can't our feedback is that that by itself
E-reader News Edition Game/ Picture/ 85

Your friend’s favorites

Zack Sheppard (Flickr Blog) one of my contact’s favorites,
finding a photo, checking out
Submitted at 3/9/2010 10:19:05 AM
that person’s favorites, etc.
GDC Hands-on: Joe Danger (PSN) Favorites are a great way to Photos from Arman-h , Jim
explore Flickr. You’ll almost P a t t e r s o n P h o t o g r a p h y ,
Andrew Yoon (Joystiq) The little we've seen of Joe system, while not being always find jewels leading you j a s o n t h e a k e r ,
Danger up to now has been a bit
Submitted at 3/10/2010 11:30:00 AM unapproachable. Tricks are very to new photostreams and groups LOlandeseVolante, Matilde B.,
misleading. It has come off as a easy to perform: simply press that you’d otherwise have never and[Adam_Baker].
Hey PS3 owners, have you simple, cartoony motocross- L1 or R1. There's no need for found. So next time you’re Five Filters featured article:
been waiting for the PSN style racer. During my GDC complex button inputs or tricky looking at someone’s photo, Chilcot Inquiry. Available tools:
equivalent of Trials HD? Well, demo, however, developer Hello stick twirls. mouse over their buddy icon and PDF Newspaper, Full Text RSS,
Joe Danger's for you. Have you G a m e s n a m e - d r o p p e d a n Gallery: Joe Danger click “Favorites”. The above Term Extraction.
been waiting for a new side- intriguing, if not seemingly Continue reading GDC Hands- photos were found by looking at
scrolling Sonic the Hedgehog r a n d o m l i s t o f c e l e b r a t e d on: Joe Danger (PSN)
game? Then, Joe Danger is also inspirations for the game -- GDC Hands-on: Joe Danger
for you. How about an HD ranging from Tony Hawk to (PSN) originally appeared on
version of Canabalt? Yep, Joe Super Monkey Ball. After a few Joystiq on Wed, 10 Mar 2010
Danger is your game. Or, have moments of play, the shutouts 11:30:00 EST. Please see our
you been missing those split- made sense. terms for use of feeds.
screen multiplayer racing games While it may appear to be a Permalink| Email this|
of old? It should be obvious by simple racing game, Joe Danger Comments
now: Joe Danger is the game hides a surprising level of depth
you're looking for. and complexity in its stunt
86 Fashion/ E-reader News Edition

The World of Giuseppe Zanotti Design Opens

Online boutique (ELLE News Blog)
Submitted at 3/10/2010 9:19:43 AM

With the launch of,
news, pictures, video clips, plus Delman Exhibit Opens
services designed and devoted at the Fashion Institute
to the designer’s most faithful
customers are available with the of Technology Museum
swish of their mouse. Even (ELLE News Blog)
better—the designer’s coveted Submitted at 3/10/2010 9:06:28 AM
creations can be purchased at
the brand-new online store You can tell more about a
operating in Europe, the United woman by the shoes she wears
States, Japan and many other than by reading her palm," said
countries. legendary shoeman Herman
The site has three notable Delman, who’s being honored in
sections: first and foremost is a wonderful exhibit that opened
the “e-collection,” featuring two yesterday at the Museum of
unique and exclusive pieces The section “Special request” is matrimonially minded by not embroidery work and expertly F.I.T. called “Scandal Sandals
created in a limited edition for devoted to fashion addicts. It’s a only offering his stunning bridal decorated heels will make the and Lady Slippers: A History of
the launch of this new website, simple and handy solution for accessories for purchase, but by bride’s look truly extraordinary Delman Shoes.” A laundry list
and available only by ordering making often hard-to-find pieces also giving brides the on the most special day of her of iconic women such
online. Essential and elegant, available, with a special form opportunity to order items made life. Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis,
the superflat sandal made of that lets visitors send requests -to-measure. The customer can I promise just visiting the Marilyn Monroe, Ava Gardner,
black nappa leather sparkles for certain items and, once set up an appointment with a website will make any shoe and Marlene Dietrich all wore
with a band of iridescent ready, they can be picked up at Giuseppe Zanotti Design lovers heart skip a beat. Delman shoes, and thanks to the
crystals and the matching clutch the closest boutique. boutique online and, once in —Kyle Anderson, Senior exhibition, Delman's special
bag is also covered with a Another innovation on the store, a personal shopper at the Accessories Editor allure is very much on view this
cascade of small shining stars. boutique will assist the customer Follow ELLE on Twitter. spring. Innovative shoes from
These two jewel accessories website is the “Your wedding in picking out the model, Become our Facebook fan! the Museum and Delman's own
come in three shades of color: shoe” section devoted entirely to material, and color that goes archived footwear is shown
crystal, aurora borealis and brides. Giuseppe is showing best with the wedding dress. along with classic Delman ads
cobalt. special attention to the Sophisticated brooches, elegant by Russian artist Erte, and
photographs by John Rawlings
and Man Ray. “Delman
showcased fine craftsmanship as
much as promoted beautiful
DELMAN page 87
E-reader News Edition Economy/ 87
continued from page 86

design," wrote the co-curators Hours: Tuesday-Friday, 12pm-

Sarah Byrd and Laura Mina, 8pm, and Saturday 10-5pm.
who produced the show with — K y l e A n d e r s o n , S e n i o r
their graduate colleagues at FIT. A c c e s s o r i e s E d i t o r
The exhibit continues through Follow ELLE on Twitter.
April 3rd at the Museum of the Become our Facebook fan!
Fashion Institute of Technology,
which is located at 227 West
27th Street at seventh Avenue in
New York City.

Life insurance: Snoopy sniffs an opportunity

(The Economist: News insurer in America, where its from the financial crisis bruised faith in retirement products. A Alico’s investment portfolio,
analysis) Snoopy logo is ubiquitous, it has but far from broken, with a solid survey by LIMRA, an industry with its substantial exposure to
Submitted at 3/9/2010 11:38:03 PM been tentative abroad. Alico will investment-grade credit rating. group, in October found that spicy sovereign debt (Greek and
give it a presence in 64 The firm raised private capital only 18% of Americans had Polish bonds) and property (all
Life insurance AIG reluctantly countries, up from 17 now, as opportunities arose, avoiding “strong” confidence in insurers. manner of mortgage-backed
hands its crown as America’s taking its non-American revenue the need to take public money Logical though it is, foreign securities).
global life insurer to MetLife from 15% of the total to 40%. when markets froze. expansion carries risks for Thanks to AIG’s woes, MetLife
Mar 10th 2010 | NEW YORK | The biggest leap will be in Its new focus on foreign MetLife. Moody’s, a rating has been able to pick up a solid,
From The Economist print Japan, the world’s second- markets is understandable. agency, responded by cutting its diverse franchise that would
edition largest life market, in which Domestic premiums are outlook to negative, citing have taken many years to
ANOTHER week, another Alico is a top-tier competitor. stabilising after plummeting “execution risks” and replicate organically. But in
opportunity for AIG’s rivals to But MetLife’s boss, Robert during the turmoil, but growth is heightened pressure on cash insurance, as in banking, most
expand at the American Henrikson (who took over in likely to be anaemic. American flow due to increased debt mergers end up flopping, says
insurer’s expense. Days after 2006 from Robert Benmosche, life insurers returned to profit issuance. Analysts worry that A.M. Best’s Andrew Edelsberg.
sealing a $35.5 billion deal for now AIG’s chief executive), last year after recording a MetLife will be less adept at Snoopy’s tail may be wagging,
its Asian life-insurance also has his eye on the faster- thumping loss of $52 billion in navigating local regulatory but it is not yet time to dole out
operations with Britain’s growing markets in Eastern 2008 (on a statutory-accounting regimes than AIG, whose ability the treats. Readers' comments
Prudential, the firm, which is Europe, the Middle East and basis). But A.M. Best, a rating to negotiate sweetheart deals in The Economist welcomes your
being dismembered to recoup Latin America that make up agency that specialises in tricky markets was legendary. In views.
bail-out costs, agreed on March almost a quarter of Alico’s insurance, has a negative Japan, the acquisition is a Five Filters featured article:
8th to sell another crown jewel, business. Another attraction is outlook on the sector. Among gamble on the continued growth Chilcot Inquiry. Available tools:
Alico. The acquisition propels its distribution network: 60,000 the agency’s concerns are of medical insurance as the PDF Newspaper, Full Text RSS,
New York-based MetLife, agents, brokers and other local economic weakness, tighter population ages, even as other Term Extraction.
which is paying $15.5 billion, middlemen. federal regulation (insurers are Western firms, such as Aflac,
into the industry’s global elite. MetLife was well placed to currently overseen state by strengthen their foothold there.
Though it is the biggest life grab Alico, having emerged state) and the public’s loss of Another potential grenade is
88 Economy/ E-reader News Edition

139-year Monthly Database for the U.S. Stock Market

Bob Bronson (The Big and financial economics, he has chart below (See chart below). have become increasingly each of those periods, the latter
Picture) developed a number of unique The stock market’s emergent, as especially seen in of which especially has caused
Submitted at 3/10/2010 8:00:23 AM investment concepts and refined performance over nine rolling 16-year returns rather the 16-year Supercycle
portfolio-management alternating Bronson Asset predictably peaking at 15% +/- Oscillator to be approaching its
For the past 42 years, Bob techniques that improve returns Allocation Cycle (BAAC) 1% and troughing at 0% +/- 2% predictable 0% +/- 2% trough.
Bronson ( BRONSON and lower downside-volatility Supercycle Bull and Bear (see the lower panel of the We continue to expect the end
CAPITAL MARKETS risk. To learn more, read his Market Periods (green and red chart), which further establishes of the current Supercycle
RESEARCH) has applied a BIO. shaded areas, respectively) 16 +/- 4 years as the average Period (a Supercycle Winter, or
disciplined, analytical approach ~~~ create a robust high-low length of a BAAC Supercycle deflationary Supercycle Bear
to understanding and forecasting The Supercycle mean-reverting volatility channel, with parallel Period (Bull or Bear). Market Period) will be signaled
capital markets and advising nature of the stock market is upper and lower boundaries The S&P 500 index is by the Oscillator declining still
investment advisors. Through best revealed through its real showing growth of 6.6% currently at the same level as it further from about 5% at
his rigorous analysis of capital total returns (that is, adjusted for annualized over the 139-year was four to five months ago, 15 present to probably below 1%
markets and economic data and price inflation and dividends period. months ago and 12 years ago –
his background in mathematics reinvested), as illustrated in the Notice how Supercycle Periods that is, there are 0% gains over 139-YEAR page 89
E-reader News Edition E-reader News/ 89
continued from page 88

during the next several years, a Shiller’s database splices the bull- and bear-market high and
New Mixed Media Edition
forecast supported by our
Supercycle fundamental
Cowles Commission database
from 1870 to 1926 with the high
low prices going back to its first
availability in 1896:
of Seth Godin Book
valuation and other indicators
in our forecasting models.
-quality, no-survivor-bias,
CRSP database, as explained
x.cfm?view=industrial&page=re Unleashed (Inc Magazine)
> h e r e : ports&show=performance&sym (Yahoo! News Search Results about the company on
click for giant chart bol=DJI for e-readers) Wikipedia. Of course, there are
> ter_for_Research_in_Security_P All of this spliced, expanded Submitted at 3/10/2010 9:02:44 AM pictures and plenty of graphs
The monthly real total return rices But instead of essentially and more refined monthly CWI that help illustrate Godin's ideas.
index used in this chart is smoothing data as Shiller does data is further enhanced by Today, Vook released a Another cool feature of the vook
from our uniquely compiled by using the average of daily presenting it as a real total multimedia version of Seth is the ability to click on the
capitalization-weighted index closing prices during each return index, which reveals Godin's Unleashing the "connect" view to comment on
(CWI) of all exchanged-traded month, we prefer not to smooth Supercycles better than more Ideavirus, which was originally the book on Facebook or Twitter
US common stocks which, and instead to track very popular presentations that do published online ten years ago. or go to Godin's website and
along with several important important mean-reverting bull- not adjust for either dividends or I've been reading a lot about blog.
enhancements explained bear volatility. Thus, our CWI price inflation. mixed media books designed for It might take a while to adjust
below, splices the uses intra-month, cyclical bull- Subscribers to our private list tablets and e-readers, so I to toggling back and forth
S&P/Wilshire 5000 Composite and bear-market high and low may request a fully detailed and thought I'd check out the new between the videos and text,
Index with a database going prices, identified in exhibit E: easy-to-maintain spreadsheet of take on Godin's book, which especially if you're viewing the
back to 1870 that is maintained the 139-year price-only, Vook is calling Unleashing the vook on your iPhone. But the
by Yale professor of economics editorials/bronson/model.pdf, nominal-total-return and real- SUPER Ideavirus. concept makes a lot of sense
R o b e r t S h i l l e r : which we substitute for month- total-return history of our The e-book, which costs just 99 now that more and more books end prices for the S&P 500 monthly CWI index, not cents for an online version or are being read on tablets and e-
a.htm. Index since Dec 1949 and for otherwise available, for their iPhone app, has a uncluttered, readers. In particular, the
Our CWI contains only the S&P Wilshire 5000 private, non-commercial use. crisp design. You can choose to multimedia approach works well
common stocks, which currently Composite Index since Apr Five Filters featured article: view it as text only, video only, for instructional books such as
comprise some 6,000 of the 2001. Chilcot Inquiry. Available tools: or a mix of both text and video. Godin's. I think I'd rather read
more than 10,000 securities Further, in order to capture as PDF Newspaper, Full Text RSS, Each section features text and my Jane Austen the old
currently traded on the NYSE, much meaningful price volatility Term Extraction. accompanying videos. For fashioned way, though.
NASDAQ and ASE. It excludes as reasonably possible for the example, the section about the Follow Inc. magazine
the more than 4,000 non- even earlier monthly data prior decline of "interruption at@incmagazine
common stocks, which would to 1950, we’ve replaced marketing" includes a video Five Filters featured article:
otherwise constitute statistically Shiller’s monthly averaged data case study about the Little Miss Chilcot Inquiry. Available tools:
-distorting data that is with Dow Jones Industrial Matched sock company. Some PDF Newspaper, Full Text RSS,
duplicative or irrelevant. Average intra-month cyclical of the terms in the text are Term Extraction.
linked, so you can click on
GeoCities, for example, to read
90 Economy/ E-reader News Edition

Updated: Federal Withholding Tax Revenue

Barry Ritholtz (The Big move above zero will require This is the daily plot of the April 2009 withholding tax bars use the adjusted data.
Picture) that some new net jobs get annual growth rate of the raw credit went into effect. then, so I >
Submitted at 3/10/2010 8:58:30 AM created. I hope we get that, but data. Matt observes we are created a second data series to These charts are updated every
in 2002 we had a massive real- making the same pattern that we try and estimate what day at: The Daily Jobs Update.
Matt Trivisonno no stranger to estate building spree going on did at the bottom of the last withholdings would have been If you want the most up-to-date,
these pages. He has set up a new and creating jobs for every body recession in 2002. without the credit. real time tax data, you can also
site to do “ Real-Time Tracking from copper miners to i-bankers. > Daily Federal Withholding (Methodology here) With the become a paying subscriber to
of the US Economy Using We don’t have anything like that Year over Year Percentage adjustments, the curve has his site there.
Withholding Tax Revenue:” : today. Change turned up decisively. Five Filters featured article:
The Daily Jobs Update. So, I do worry that we won’t be > > Chilcot Inquiry. Available tools:
Here’s Matt: able to run up to +8% as fast as The next chart is also an > PDF Newspaper, Full Text RSS,
“I’m thinking that if payrolls we did last time.” annual, but plotted every 12 Here are the Quarterly- Term Extraction.
stay flat, the annual growth rate And of course, Matt has some days to smooth the line. Its also Adjusted version (except for the
can move up to zero. But to new charts for us: adjusted to reflect when the last four quarters). Those four
E-reader News Edition Picture/ E-reader News/ 91

Flickr on Black
Cris Stoddard (Flickr Blog) also get a dynamic badge to
Submitted at 3/10/2010 7:35:04 AM display on your profile or
website, showing off your own
Take a look at 3 Flickr viewers, or your group’s photos. We
each of which displays Flickr really enjoy pulling up random
photos “on black”, offers selections from groups to find
continuous scrolling, and allows hidden gems buried in the pool. Amazon Is Building
you to authenticate with your The map integration is stellar;
Flickr account to comment or search for a place and the map a Better Browser for
favorite to enhance your Flickr appears at the top of the page. Kindle (Wired News)
experience. Of course, each app Learn more about the App (Yahoo! News Search Results
is showing photos that are Garden in our FAQ. for e-readers)
hosted on Flickr, with Photos by spieri_sf,
attribution and links back to the Warriorwriter, anda74, Submitted at 3/9/2010 6:13:23 PM

photo pages on Flickr. Abizeleth, dog ma and

Fluidr presents photos quickly Browsing the web on one of
and seamlessly. It even includes Amazon’s Kindle e-readers is
photo viewing options, from with comment boxes built right Applications by haelio, Laurent like taking a step backwards in
some EXIF data, the description
being able to see photos large to into the page and one-click Henocque and iosart. time. It’s clunky and has only
and geodata as a map right next
c r e a t i n g a s k i n n a b l e commenting on multiple photos. Five Filters featured article: limited support for web
to the photo. Our favorite
background. We enjoy the ease Flickriver is a classic. Alex Chilcot Inquiry. Available tools: standards, and bare-bones
feature? Surprise! It gives you a
of which you quickly add links c o n t i n u a l l y u p d a t e s t h i s PDF Newspaper, Full Text RSS, JavaScript capabilities.
random selection from one of
to your photo’s descriptions to application, adding new features Term Extraction. But now Amazon may be
the 4 billion photos in the
view them on black in Darckr. which are sure to delight. looking to add browser
Flickrverse. It couldn’t be easier
You can even quickly catch-up B e s i d e s e x c e l l e n t a n d
to discover something new. AMAZON page 92
on your contact’s recent uploads uncluttered browsing, you can
Darckr delights in its wealth of

UC professor looks to innovate e-readers (The News Record)

(Yahoo! News Search Results the Sony Reader, or electronic including the addition of color. eight substantial technologies improve the reflectivity of color
for e-readers) paper. “We’re moving forward, but attempting to make color on electronic readers to a 60- to
Submitted at 3/9/2010 6:38:44 PM Electronic readers have had a there is still a lot of work to be feasible for electronic readers. 70-percent range with full-color
substantial impact, according to done,” Heikenfeld said. The Fujitsu FLEPia, the first — reflectivity of print paper
A University of Cincinnati DisplaySearch, a research firm Much of Heikenfeld’s research color e-book, debuted mid-2009 with color is 80 percent.
electrical engineering associate specializing in the display has focused on instituting the at a starting price of If that goal is achieved, it could
professor is looking to add a industry. The firm expects the color format style of current approximately $1,000. allow a device like the Kindle to
little color to e-readers. market to bring in print publications into the Until the industry adopts a become a portable e-paper
Jason Heikenfeld, an associate approximately $10 billion by the electronic readers. technology allowing it to use device that could be used for
professor of electrical year 2018 and grow “[Consumers] want color,” color, the electronic readers will almost anything, Heikenfeld
engineering at UC, is working approximately 41 percent Heikenfeld said. “You’ve got to be used predominately by said.
on annually. have bright color and you’ve got travelers and emerging readers, Despite the potential versatility
implementing color on products Despite these estimates, the to have video.” Heikenfeld said. PROFESSOR page 92
such as the Amazon Kindle and field is facing many challenges, There are currently seven or One goal UC research has is to
92 Gallup Poll/ E-reader News Edition
continued from page 91

engineers to the Kindle team, Wikipedia, but it doesn’t handle CNET’s Stephen Shankland
according to the job listings on images or more complex web tweeted about it.
the company’s website. apps particularly well. It Calls to Lab126 and Amazon
A job posting for a browser certainly doesn’t live up to the on Monday morning went
engineer at Lab126, the division same vision of the mobile web unreturned. I’ll update this post
of Amazon that develops the being outlined by the iPhone, or if and when I get more
Kindle, indicates the company is Android phones like the Droid information from Amazon or
looking for somebody to or Nexus One. And with the anyone else.
develop “an innovative coming of the Apple iPad and Meanwhile, if you have any
embedded web browser” for a other threats to Amazon’s advice about improving the
consumer product. dominant e-reader, which Kindle’s browsing mojo, leave it
The role at Lab126 includes should behave on the web about in the comments.
designing new features for a as well as (if not better than) the Photo: Charlie
new browser while supporting iPhone, the Kindle had better Sorrel/
the existing code. Job
requirements include familiarity
improve its browser if the
device is going to continue to
Five Filters featured article:
Chilcot Inquiry. Available tools:
Fewer Americans Set on
with current web standards and compete with these more PDF Newspaper, Full Text RSS,
web rendering engines, as well
as experience with Java and
capable devices.
Amazon recently launched a
Term Extraction. Buying Foreign Cars
(All Gallup Headlines) 2009 update found a slight
embedded Linux, both of which beta program for third-party app
the Kindle runs. developers who want to build Submitted at 3/9/2010 7:00:00 PM bump in the percentage of
The Kindle’s current browsing software for the Kindle. Americans who would consider
experience is notably subpar. Apparently, the job listing has PRINCETON, NJ -- In their car American cars exclusively. The
It’s good enough to check your been up for a month, but I only p u r c h a s i n g d e c i s i o n s , latest update shows no further
e-mail, post to Twitter or read became aware of it once Americans are now less likely to m o m e n t u m i n A m e r i c a n s '
show exclusive loyalty to commitment to domestic cars,
PROFESSOR FEWER foreign brands than they were in but as Japanese automaker
continued from page 91 continued from page 92 the recent past. Six percent in a Toyota struggles with safety
of e-readers, print media will H e i k e n f e l d i s a l e a d i n g adults, dropping from 20% to March 4-7 Gallup survey say issues, Gallup finds a significant
not be immediately affected. i n n o v a t o r i n t h e f i e l d . ” 7% since December 2008. This they would consider only drop in the percentage of
The effects might be visible in Five Filters featured article: group, aged 18 to 34, had foreign makes when buying a A m e r i c a n s w h o w o u l d
five or 10 years, Heikenfeld Chilcot Inquiry. Available tools: previously been the most likely car, compared with 12% in exclusively consider imports.
said PDF Newspaper, Full Text RSS, to say they would consider only February 2009 and 15% in The remainder of Americans
“E-readers are of great interest Term Extraction. foreign brands when making an December 2008. Meanwhile, the (57%) say they would consider
to our subscribers,” said Philip auto purchase; today, however, percentage who would consider both foreign and domestic
Ross, senior editor of Gallup finds few Americans of only American cars has leveled brands when making a car
“Spectrum” magazine, a any age group feeling that way. off after showing gains from purchase.
publication of the Institute of A corollary finding is that 2008 to 2009. Younger Adults Steering
Electrical and Electronic young adults are significantly Gallup first asked Americans Toward U.S. Brands
Engineers. “Professor more likely today than in a b o u t t h e i r c a r - b u y i n g The decline in preference for
December 2008 to say they preferences as the government foreign cars is especially
would consider only American was considering a bailout of the p r o n o u n c e d a m o n g y o u n g
FEWER page 93 struggling U.S. automakers in FEWER page 92
late 2008, and in its February
E-reader News Edition Energy/ 93
continued from page 92

brands -- 29% versus 19%. By to say they would consider only That's up from 87% in February
Green Kingpins Part 1:
contrast, a surge in "buy
American" sentiment seen
foreign cars.
Bottom Line
2009 and 82% in December
2008. KR Sridhar of Bloom
among middle-aged adults a Although the economic Survey Methods
year ago has tapered off
somewhat in the latest poll.
downturn has been devastating
to the U.S. auto industry --
Results are based on telephone
interviews with a random
Despite these changes, older bringing it to the brink of sample of 1,014 national adults, nothing yet. They've shipped 30
(Greentech Media: Headlines) of their Bloom box units so far
adults remain the most loyal to collapse barely a year ago -- the aged 18 and older, conducted
U.S. car companies, with 45% silver lining for Detroit is that March 4-7, 2010. For results Submitted at 3/10/2010 5:29:56 AM and "that's nothing compared to
saying they would consider only the crisis has helped draw based on the total sample of what the world needs." He said,
American brands, vs. 32% of Americans' attention to its cars. national adults, one can say with By the time they are done, J. "We have to execute and that
middle-aged adults and 29% of And because Americans like 95% confidence that the Craig Venter of Synthetic burden is on us. We take that
younger adults. what they have seen, or because maximum margin of sampling Genomics and KR Sridhar of responsibility very seriously."
Preference for American Autos they feel more compelled to error is ±4 percentage points. Bloom Energy will have raised When asked to identify the
Still Skews Downscale support American brands, or Interviews are conducted with more than a billion dollars of actual breakthrough that Bloom
Among income groups, perhaps because of Toyota's respondents on landline venture investment between the has made, Sridhar responded,
willingness to rule out foreign highly publicized safety telephones (for respondents with two of them. Both of these men "It's about how you put it
car brands is highest among problems, Americans are a landline telephone) and are world-class entrepreneurs together," adding, "We have the
households earning less than showing a greater willingness to cellular phones (for respondents with world-class investor advantage of being at the right
$30,000 per year (46%) and put themselves behind the wheel who are cell-phone only). backing. time and the right place of
lowest among those earning at of an American vehicle. In addition to sampling error, They spoke at the Wall Street advances in materials and
least $75,000 (24%). However, This is apparent in the February question wording and practical Journal ECO:nomics event last internet technology."
over the past 15 months, most of market data showing new car difficulties in conducting week. The men are in very Sridhar addressed the issue of
the increase in loyalty to U.S. sales at Ford, Chrysler, and surveys can introduce error or different markets with and deal cost and affordability when
car brands is seen among middle General Motors up compared to bias into the findings of public with very different sciences. confronted with the math of a
-income households. Among a year ago. It is also evident in opinion polls. But both are both taking on $750,000 box that generates
this group, willingness to Gallup polling showing more Five Filters featured article: enormous technical and societal 100kW. That reads as $7500 per
purchase only American cars Americans willing to look at an Chilcot Inquiry. Available tools: challenges and huge markets kilowatt -- while competitive
rose from 26% in December American brand for their next PDF Newspaper, Full Text RSS, while armed with big war chests cost targets for distributed
2008 to 37% in March 2009, car purchase. Currently, 93% of Term Extraction. -- and big egos. We'll cover generation are more in the range
and it remains at about that level Americans say they would Sridhar first. of $400 per kilowatt for the
today (39%). either consider American cars K.R. Sridhar, the CEO of system and $100 per kilowatt
At the same time, all income along with foreign cars, or Bloom Energy, fresh from the for the stack.
groups have become less likely consider only American cars. peak of the Bloom hype cycle, "That's the wrong way to look at
gave what sounded like a the whole problem," Sridhar
humble Oscar acceptance responded. "The commodity is
speech during his time on stage, not the box, it's the electrons."
thanking his investors and Sridhar claims that the customer
employees and saying that he cost of electricity will range
was "just the face of the from 4 cents per kilowatt hour
company." Despite to 15 cents per kilowatt hour,
endorsements from 60 Minutes, adding that "the economics for
Colin Powell, Coca Cola, eBay GREEN page 95
and others, the firm has won
94 Energy/ E-reader News Edition

Green Kingpins Part 2: Craig Venter of Synthetic Green Kingpins

Part 3: VC John
Genomics Doerr of KPCB generation biofuels using Venter has already created the we are not yet at the
(Greentech Media: Headlines)
photosynthetic algae. That first cell with a synthetic DNA development part of the R&D (Greentech Media: Headlines)
Submitted at 3/10/2010 5:45:27 AM investment will occur over a gene. If not exactly creating equation.
number of years -- but that's still life, Venter is bending the In Venter's "optimistic" Submitted at 3/10/2010 6:00:47 AM

By the time they are done, J. a lot of cash. It's more than the genetic code to do his bidding. estimation, it will take roughly a
Craig Venter of Synthetic total amount of venture capital He said that he is "going from decade to get to scale on CO2 to The occasionally lachrymose
Genomics and KR Sridhar of invested in algae startups since the four-letter genetic code of A, fuel. But "once the proof of but always compelling John
Bloom Energy will have raised 2005. A drop in the bucket for C, G and T to the binary codes concept is done, this will move Doerr of Kleiner Perkins has
more than a billion dollars of Exxon but still, big money. of ones and zeros." rapidly." been a longtime and vocal
venture investment between the Here's what Venter had to say: He is "amassing a genetic There remain many problems advocate of all things green,
two of them. Both of these men "We are at the early stages of database...continually learning with algae -- it's not just a both in Silicon Valley as well as
are world-class entrepreneurs seeing what biology can do." to write the genetic code" and matter of tricking the algae to in Washington, D.C., where he
w i t h w o r l d - c l a s s i n v e s t o r Venter has come up an idea to "treating the genetic code as a pump more lipids out or to is an advisor to President
backing. trick algae into pumping more raw material." By "changing secrete hydrocarbons. There's Obama. Doerr has invested in
They spoke at the Wall Street lipids out. He also claims to the DNA software in the cell, an entire process chain in algae some of venture capital's most
Journal ECO:nomics event last have "engineered algae to the cell converts to a new farming that needs to be famous successes (Google,
week. The men are in very c o n t i n u o u s l y p u m p o u t species." In Venter's words, optimized -- algae growth, water Amazon, Sun) and in some less
different markets and deal with h y d r o c a r b o n s , " w h i c h "The concept of life is issues, nutrient issues and more. than successful efforts (GO
very different sciences. But eliminates much of the cost and changing." He's looking to But Venter is a man of action Corporation, MyCFO, Segway).
b o t h a r e b o t h t a k i n g o n energy-intensity of conventional "design a new algae from and it's not a good bet to wager He has spearheaded KPCB's
enormous technical and societal algae oil farming. If that can be scratch with two to three times against him. investment efforts in greentech
challenges and huge markets done, economically and at scale more efficiency." Green Kingpins Part 1: KR to create a team of about 20
while armed with big war chests -- it is absolutely disruptive. Venter is still determining what Sridhar of Bloom Energy investment professionals and a
-- and big egos. Venter understands the types of algae to use and Green Kingpins Part 3: John portfolio of more than 20
Craig Venter is a visionary who challenge confronting him (and whether it is more efficient to Doerr of KPCB greentech startups including
led the effort to sequence the every other algae oil aspirant), grow them in open ponds or in Green Kingpins Part 4: VC Silver Spring Networks, Fisker
human genome and now he's saying, "The real bugaboo is closed containers called Vinod Khosla Automotive, Bloom Energy,
working on an equally world- scale." Exxon is ready to invest bioreactors -- and that's telling. Five Filters featured article: Alta Devices and Solexel.
changing project: Using algae to $600 million but "the next phase If these are still questions at Chilcot Inquiry. Available tools: John Doerr spoke at the Wall
g o d i r e c t l y f r o m C O 2 t o will require billions." Synthetic Genomics and Exxon PDF Newspaper, Full Text RSS, Street Journal ECO:nomics
hydrocarbons. Venter speaks in a matter-of- (i.e., how to grow the algae and Term Extraction. event last week. Here are some
In July of last year, Synthetic fact manner about his activities which species or strain to use), of the highlights of his talk:
Genomics announced a $300 but beneath that calm tone are then these firms have betrayed According to Doerr, China is
million agreement with Exxon mind-bending ideas straight out that we are still very early in the investing ten times more than
to research and develop next of science-fiction novels. research portion of the program; the U.S. on new clean energy as
a percentage of their GDP and
his conclusion is that "China is
winning." He said, "China will
be the largest wind
GREEN page 96
E-reader News Edition Energy/ 95
When Sleep Saves continued from page 93

the customer are very simple. be fabricated in a clean room. locations. Verdiem, a start-up Companies and organizations in
(Greentech Media: Headlines) The customer can know with Fabrication of the unit does not
that has partnered with Cisco the U.S. waste $2.8 billion a certainty and consistency their take specialized training -- an
Submitted at 3/10/2010 3:49:10 AM Systems for desktop energy year in energy costs by leaving fuel cost from natural gas or operator can be trained in three
management, has signed similar computers on overnight, biogas." weeks. Sridhar also asserted
Sleep saved Starwood Hotels large contracts. according to a 2009 study by He continued: "The economics that there is a Moore's Law of
and Resorts $350,000 in 2009. Computers and IT equipment software company 1E and the of the electrons are already there sorts at work in the form of
The company initiated a are not the biggest energy hogs Alliance to Save Energy. today with subsidies. And we advances in materials.
program in 2007 to put out there. Computers only "Though there is a small energy have a pathway and a roadmap Illustrating Mr. Sridhar's need
employee PCs into sleep mode consume 4 percent of the energy surge when a computer starts that makes us believe that the for good marketing
after an hour of inactivity, in U.S. commercial buildings, or up, this small amount is still less subsidy can go away." communications people, Sridhar
according to Mark McBeth, about the same as refrigeration, than the energy used when a I spoke with a long-time energy volunteered that, "Urgency is
Vice President IT, North according to the Department of computer runs for long periods. entrepreneur with experience in our middle name. Quality is our
America for Starwood. IT Energy. Other electronics like For energy savings and PPAs for distributed generation. last name."
managers often come up with printers and phones account for convenience, consider turning He sees Bloom having a chance He concluded by saying, "We
these sorts of programs, but the 7 percent. Still, green IT will off the monitor if you aren't if the costs of the unit can be are not just building a company,
goals can get sidetracked when likely become a growth market going to use your PC for more viewed over 20 years rather than we are building an ecosystem --
employees reset their because 1) solutions exist to than 20 minutes, and both the five and if maintenance can be and building an ecosystem takes
computers. (The system also curb power and 2) IT giants like CPU and monitor if you're not minimized. time."
does an early sleep on desktop Intel, IBM, Cisco, Oracle, Dell going to use your PC for more Google was the first Bloom We covered the Bloom
monitors.) and others see energy efficiency than two hours," the Department Box customer and the unveiling here and here. And
For its 13,000 desktops, the as a way to drive demand and of Energy advises. company's unit has been we brought some perspective to
company installed ScriptLogic's differentiate their products. Because hotels operate on a 24- operating for 19 months. their market challenges here.
Desktop Authority, which lets Antivirus companies will likely hour basis, Starwood chose to Sridhar claimed that the units Green Kingpins Part 2: Craig
IT managers figure out different make a more concerted push go with putting computers in have "exceeded every Venter of Synthetic Genomics
sleep regimens for various into PC energy management -- sleep mode rather than expectation." Sridhar adds that Green Kingpins Part 3: John
groups in the company. Symantec has already switching them off entirely. there are "no transmission lines, Doerr of KPCB
The company expects to save started.Thin client Five Filters featured article: no transmission losses. Net-net, Green Kingpins Part 4: VC
$400,000 this year and $1 manufacturers like N Chilcot Inquiry. Available tools: we will be better than the best Vinod Khosla
million over a three-year period. Computing and Wyse say that PDF Newspaper, Full Text RSS, power plant. We don't need a Five Filters featured article:
Starwood started using the their products are gaining Term Extraction. grid infrastructure and therefore Chilcot Inquiry. Available tools:
technology at 20 properties but traction because of reduced have a significantly better PDF Newspaper, Full Text RSS,
now has expanded to 150 energy consumption. carbon footprint." Term Extraction.
Sridhar emphasized that the
fuel cell itself uses no precious
metals, employs flat wafer
technology and does not need to
96 E-reader News Edition
continued from page 94

manufacturer, with 120 Explaining why the and creates massive

gigawatts of wind by 2020. supercapacitor idea is entrepreneurial ecosystems.
China went from two percent to compelling, Doerr quoted fellow Fellow panelist and former
50 percent in solar within a few KPCB investor, Bill Joy, with KPCB partner Vinod Khosla
years." He added that, "I believe this aphorism: Physics beats thinks that this could be the year
as a red-blooded American chemistry and chemistry beats that happens.
capitalist -- we cannot let this biology. (Craig Venter of Green Kingpins Part 1: KR
market pass us by." Synthetic Genomics might not Sridhar of Bloom Energy
"The only way we accomplish agree with this.) Green Kingpins Part 2: Craig
what we want to accomplish is Doerr said that he's learned that Venter of Synthetic Genomics
by using capital markets," he energy is not an industry -- it is Green Kingpins Part 4: VC
suggested. many, many industries with Vinod Khosla
One thing that really intrigues many different market Five Filters featured article:
Mr. Doerr on the technological structures. His firm didn't have Chilcot Inquiry. Available tools:
side is the prospect of a clear sense of how long it PDF Newspaper, Full Text RSS,
discovering solid-state ways to would take -- it has been nine Term Extraction.
be disruptive in energy storage - years since they wrote the first
- in other words, the check to Bloom Energy, their
supercapacitor. Whether Doerr first clean energy investment.
is referring to stealth, mystery What John Doerr is looking for
portfolio firm EEStor or another in the clean energy world is "the
supercapacitor firm remains to Netscape moment," the event
be seen. that fires people's imagination