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My heart is overflowing with gratitude by the confidence the people of Ascension Parish have
placed in me. Thank you for electing me as your Clerk of Court without opposition. I am a
lifelong resident of Ascension Parish and am very passionate about giving back to my community.
I am equally passionate about maintaining the quality of customer service that Ascension Parish
residents deserve to receive from their Clerks Office. My employees and I stand united in our
commitment to provide you with the stellar service you have come to expect.

With more than 31 years of service working in the Ascension Parish Clerk of Courts office, I
have been instrumental in the progress of the office by introducing the latest technology and
programs to improve efficiency. Our mission is to provide excellence in service, preservation,
and management of records and provide access to legal documents filed in our office.

We have offices located in both Donaldsonville and Gonzales for your convenience. Our main
office is located at the Courthouse in Donaldsonville and our satellite office in Gonzales is
located across the street from the Courthouse. Our Minute Clerk and Criminal Department is
located in the Courthouse complex in Gonzales.

The duties and responsibilities of the Clerk of Court are established in the Louisiana
Constitution which include but are not limited to: Clerk of the District Court, Clerk of the Parish
Court, Ex-Officio Recorder of Deeds, Mortgages, and other legal instruments, Treasurer for the
Court system, Chief Elections Officer for the Parish and Custodian of Voting Machines,
Ex-Officio Member of the Jury Commission, and Ex-Officio Member of the
Board of Supervisors of Elections.
We strive to continue to keep pace with the latest technology and are proud to offer an online
record search for Mortgage, Conveyance, Maps, Criminal, Traffic, Civil and Marriage records.
You can subscribe to our Ascension Clerk of Court Electronic Search
System (ACCESS) through a monthly subscription or day rate. Each
office is equipped with public access computers that will enable you to
access general information for records filed in our office.
Again thank you for giving me the opportunity to continue to serve
you, the citizens of Ascension Parish as your Clerk of Court.
I guarantee that our office will continue the preservation and
management of Ascension Parish records as we provide excellence in
service with professionalism, proficiency, and courtesy to our
customers. Visit our website at for more
information about the services we offer or like us on Facebook at

300 Houmas St
Donaldsonville La 70346
(225) 473.9866

815 E. Worthey St.

Gonzales, LA 70737
(225) 621-8400, ext. 6

828 So. Irma Blvd.

Gonzales, LA 70737
(225) 621-8400, ext. 7

Publisher / Editor
Mike Strong

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Its time to clean the rough and

tangled summertime beds and
prepare them for the fall season.

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publication labeled
are paid for editorials.
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publisher, editor or staff of

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Ascension Magazine

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necessarily those of the

Ryan "Shake" Schexnayder


18386 Little Prairie Rd.

Prairieville, LA 70769

Prairieville, La 70769 225.715.4594

Brand Energy & Infrastructure

Services Host
Golf Tournament to Benefit
Combat Marine Outdoors
Brand Energy &
Infrastructure Services
recently hosted its 5th Annual
Charity Golf Tournament at
Pelican Point Golf Club in

Gonzales. The tournament

benefitted Combat Marine
Outdoors, a non-profit
organization dedicated to
aiding in the rehabilitation of

Marines, Soldiers,
Airmen, Sailors and Navy
Corpsmen recovering
from traumatic injuries
sustained in combat.
60 teams participated in
this years tournament,
which raised $70,000 for
Combat Marine
Outdoors. There were
also 22 food and drink
tents. Brand would like
to send a special thank

you to the Geaux Seven Chapter of

the Blue Star Mothers of America,
Blue Star Mothers of America
Chapter 1, Military Order of the
Purple Hearts, Roland Doucet,
LTC Ronald Mahomes, SFC Tydas
Blue and the Glen Oaks High
School Junior ROTC, All of our
Sponsors and Sheriff Jeff Wiley
and his staff.
For more information, please
contact Brand at 225-754-1121
or email at

Ascension Chamber Holds Business Expo

L to R: Haggai Davis, Gulf South Technology Solutions; Cheryl Rice, EATEL; Jenny Heroman, EATEL; Melanie Basile, United Community Bank; Danette Duplessis, United Community Bank; Sherrie Despino, Ascension
Chamber of Commerce; Kendal Matassa, Regions Bank; Kathy Trepagnier, St. Elizabeth Physicians; Tyler Grodi , EFCU Financial; Mike Waguespack, Waguespack Insurance

The Ascension Chamber of

Commerce held their Fourth
Annual Business Expo on
Wednesday, August 19, 2015
at the Lamar Dixon Trade
Mart from 2:00pm-5:00pm.
This networking event included over 80 local businesses
ranging from restaurants, to
healthcare, to banks and insurance companies. Including

vendors and guests, approximately 300 businesses were

represented at the expo.
Carlico Caf, Chef KD
Louisiana Legends, Pelican
Point Golf Club and Sweet
Robichaux provided food and
drink tastings while Red River
bank handed out ice cream
from their Ice Cream Truck
and Jambalaya Festival


Conner Fryoux

Former NCAA Div.1 Punter

and Kicker and Current
NFL Free Agent

Upcoming Schedule
September 5,12, 26
October 11,18, 25
Follow us on Facebook
Twitter and Instagram

Trinity Kicking is the most

technologically advanced
instructional kicking and
punting organization in
the South.
Providing Fundamental
Technical Training for
High School
College Athletes
Professional Athletes
One on One
Individualized Instruction
Real Time Film Analysis
Mental Toughness
Let Trinity Produce
Your Highlight Tape

Contact Numbers
Conner 225-955-2446
Office 225-413-5792

Associations very own Wally

Taillon served his famous jambalaya. Over 100 door prizes
were given away throughout the
event. Waguespack &
Associates Insurance and Team
Honda teamed up to sponsor a
chance to win a new car. The
Ascension Chamber would like

Ill be an effective representative

for you and get things done.

I appreciate your
support. Thank You
Vote Saturday Oct 24.
Vote early Oct 10-17.

to give a special
thanks to our sponsors: EATEL, EFCU
Financial, Gulf
South Technology
Solutions, St.
Waguespack and
Associates Insurance
and United
Community Bank.

The Solid Choice in

Ascension Parish

Baton Rouge 225.761.1117 Prairieville 225.677.7177

Alexandria 318.442.6420 Bunkie 318.346.6900


Jewelry Doctor

and elegant pearl and diamond

combinations of exquisite beauty.
There are also many new styles
featuring freshwater pearls in
round, semi-round, and oval
shapes with gold or silver spacers,
and there are richly colored, high
gloss Tahitian pearls in fascinating

Is your watch really

Going Swimming?

September Sapphire.
Wisdom and clear thinking are the
personal traits of those born in
September. A gift of brilliant blue
Sapphire symbolizes loyalty,
sincerity and faithfulness. The
sapphire belongs to the corundum
group, classified by their hardness
which is second to diamond, the
hardest mineral on Earth!

A Perfect Choice
with Layne Gautreau
Todays pearl jewelry is not
something your grandmother ever
dreamed of having. The exciting
new designs available these days
are no longer limited to plain
strands of round pearls in different
formal lengths.
Pearl jewelry today comes in
dozens of eye-catching new
combinations for necklaces,
bracelets, earrings, and pins. There
are classic round pearls blended
with brightly colored gemstones,
pearl designs made up of many
different strands of pastel pearls,

dark shades including purple,

green, peacock blue, bronze,
beige, and silver.
Among the many fashion trends
this year are white gold lariat
necklaces with rainbow pearl
accents, pearl station necklaces
with individual pearls separated by
different lengths of gold chain,
and lavish torsade necklaces and
bracelets made of twisted strands
of multi-colored pearls.
Pearls have always been one of the
most popular gifts. Now theyre
even more alluring and appealing
than ever.


Most watches are not actually

waterproof. In fact, all watches
sold in the USA cannot legally be
called waterproof. Instead, the
term water resistant is used to
describe the ability of a watch to
withstand some exposure to
water. And the degree of water
resistance is usually marked on
the watchs face.
How much water resistance you
need depends on your level of
activity. A watch that is water
resistant to 30 meters can be
splashed with water but not
submerged. A watch with 50m on
the dial can be submerged (such
as in the shower) but not for any
length of time. A
rating of 100 meters
is OK for swimming,
diving, or snorkeling,
while a rating of 200
meters means the watch
can be used for
recreational scuba diving.
A rating of more than
200 meters is essential for
those participating in
active water sports and
serious divers.

Actions speak louder

than words.
Make sure what you say and what
you do align. It is very true that
women dont forget anything, so
its really important that if you say
youll do something or believe in
something that your actions reflect

Dont be a show off.

The Old
Dating is so superficial these days.
We have facebook status, texts,
dating sites, that just get in the
way of really getting to know
someone. So, here are a few
pointers to keep in mind when
dating. Take note guys!
Texts are alright, calling
is better.
In this time of supersonic speed
accessibility, dont text all the
time. Make time out to call a gal
that youre interested in. Texts do
not convey true to emotion and
real communication. Its pretty
simple-a text relationship is not a
real relationship.

Dont discuss your ex.

Make PLANS when you

make a date.

This means, is that you dont have

to spend a lot on a date to try to
impress. The kind of guy that
goes overboard with this is usually
a big turnoff. A picnic, walk
around the LSU lakes, or movie
and a pizza are great as long as the
conversation and laughs are good.
Most women arent blown away
with you blowing all your cash for
a date.

Its ok to be spontaneous sure, but

for the most part, when you ask a
gal out, make plans. Dont look
at your date and ask where she
wants to go when you pick her up.
Having a plan for a date, means
you have plans in your life. Get it?

Women still like an old fashioned

man. Open doors, ask if she needs
anything, and dont park near a
puddle when parking your vehicle.
Its the simple things really. The
smallest chivalrous gestures add up
to women.

Its one thing if you and your date

have some commonality with relationships or exes, but if a man is
only discussing his ex, then its a
real bummer and a woman is likely
to not go out with him again.

Ask ahead of time

for a date.
Dont ask last minute for a date.
Thats truly disrespectful of a
womans time and her schedule.
Also, when you make a plan, it
gives you both time for anticipation!

So, there you have it! One thing I

can say is that living in the South
is a good thing. Most southern
men have really got these top 10
down pat!

Day Dates are good!

Dont get stuck on dinner and a
movie. When you make plans for
an activity date, it allows you to
really get to know someone. It
creates a great bonding experience
through by having some quality
time together. So, perhaps you can
cook a meal, go fishing, take a
yoga class or go bowling! Just
have fun and get to know each
Dont oogle over other females!

Take things slow.

One of the biggest things for a

woman is feeling like shes the
only woman in the world, in her
mans eyes anyway, so dont break
your neck looking at other
women. Its disrespectful for one
and secondly, women will think
youre not completely interested.

Even if you feel very strongly

about a woman, hold back on all
the feelings, at least initially. Take
your time and get to know someone. Then slowly, when the time
is right, express your feelings in a
sincere way.




Pelican Family Health Clinic
held a Ribbon Cutting
Ceremony on Wednesday
September 9, 2015, celebrating
their opening at 6473 Hwy.44,
Suite 103, Gonzales, LA

Pelican Family Health Clinic

is a family practice clinic,
providing healthcare to all ages.
Services include
preventative/wellness care,
acute care (management of
illnesses such as flu, sinus
infections or urinary tract
infections, and injuries, such as
minor lacerations, muscle or
joint sprains), chronic care
(management of illnesses such
as high blood pressure or
diabetes), physicals for work,
school or sports, and aesthetic
procedures (such as Botox ).
Attending the ribbon cutting

for Pelican Family Health

Clinic were: Owner Mary
Lawson, FNPBC, DNP,
Sandra Wesley, Marketing
Consultant Danny Ritter,
Medical Assistant Patrice
Wilson and Office Manager
Bartley Wesley. Also in
attendance were Ascension
Parish Assessor Mert Smiley,
Ascension Chamber of
Commerce President/CEO
Sherrie Despino, Chamber
Ambassadors, Chamber
Members, VIP attendees and
Pelican Family Health Clinic

come over to
the lite side
Professional split ends
repairing treatment
reconstructs and repairs
weak, broken strands
protects against heat
styling and future damage
lasts 6 weeks


Natural , Non-synthetic B-Vitamins

Synergistic medley of nutritional energy
Blocks bad cravings
burns bad fat
restores balance

622.5085 44253 Hwy. 42

(1 mile from Port Vincent)


family and friends.

If you would like more
information on Pelican Family
Health Clinic please call (225)
257-1040, email or visit
Hours of operation are
Mondays 8:30am- 6:00pm,
Tuesday Friday 8:30am4:30pm. For more information
on the Ascension Chamber of
Commerce, please visit,
e-mail or
call (225) 647-7487.

Halloween Party
with Mojeaux

Saturday, October 31st

with Kellie

Monday Night

There is a hotel in Sweden built entirely out of ice;

it is rebuilt every year.

The average talker sprays about

300 microscopic saliva droplets per minute,
about 2.5 droplets per word.

The longest time between two twins being

born is 87 days.

The top of the Eiffel Tower leans away from the

sun, as the metal facing the sun heats up and
expands. It can move as much as 7 inches.

The average raindrop falls at 7 miles per hour.

Arnold Schonberg suffered from triskaidecphobia,

the fear of the number 13. He died 13 minutes
from midnight on Friday the 13th.

The national anthem of Greece has 158 verses.

California consumes more bottled water than any

other product.

A large flawless emerald is worth more than a

similarly large flawless diamond.

In Silence of the Lambs, Hannibal Lector

(Anthony Hopkins) never blinks.

The first bomb the Allies dropped on Berlin in

WWII killed the only elephant in the Berlin Zoo.

$4 Naked Ladies
$2.50 Blue Moon Drafts

Useless Random Facts




"Thirsty Thursday"



$5 Double Wells! 2 for 1 Bomb Shots Sp ecial $5 Bombs Coors Draft Combos

Your Choice Beer, Wine, Cocktails!!!

$3 from 8-11pm!!!



9/18 ... GREEN DAY

9/25 ... WEREWOLF


10/16 .. TRUE SPIN

9/19. LSU GAME Landon Davis

10/10. LSU GAME



Every Sunday


DJ MUSIC & KARAOKE ... $2.75 Domestics!!

Come Enjoy Golden Tee and Ms. Packman

E V E R Y D AY A T H A P P Y H O U R ,
T R Y Y O U R L U C K A T R O L L - A - D AY !


Visit our

1711 S. BURNSIDE GONZALES 644-8901





Monday October 12th

Pelican Point - Links Course


All Proceeds Will Benefit
EA & St. Amant High Schools
For more information on the event,
call James E. LeBlanc at (225) 445-5766, Don Hanna at (225) 802-5450,
Derek J. LeBlanc at (225) 313-5775, or Tommy Trahan at (225) 572-2426.
You can also contact Sherri Jenkins at (225) 644-4820.

For More Information Contact:

Bret Hughes (EA) 571.0807
Camile Trabeau (STA) 573-2530
Format.2 Man Team/ Best Ball or Scramble/ Match Play
Lunch and Registration.11:00 AM
Tee Time.12:00 PM Shotgun Start
Mulligans.$10.00 Each Player, 1 Per Player
Handicap Slots.Team captains will determine matches within slots.
Each match is worth 3 points, 1 for the front 9, 1 for the back 9 and
1 for the total.
Awards Ceremony and Meal Immediately Following (Beverages on Course)
Ryder Cup Entry Fee.$100.00 per player
Hole Sponsorship for Golf Tournament.$100.00 donation
Forms can be dropped off to Loyson Portas office or Hughes Insurance or mailed
to Shoutout, 510 S. Burnside Ave., Ste. C, Gonzales, LA 70737
Can also Fax Form to 644-4940 or email it to
Player____________________ HCap_____ Team(EA/STA)_____
Cell_______________ Email____________________________


No Dental
No Problem!
As the healthcare debate rages
nationally, Dr Calvin Bessonet
and Ascension Premier Dental
have decided to do something
tangible to help individuals and
families afford quality dental
care. Statistically speaking,
more than 60% of Americans
dont have dental insurance.
This means that a large majority
of people here locally delay
dental procedures, which is not
good for dental health or overall healthcare. A recent report
by CBS News indicated dental
decay as a contributing factor in
many seemingly unrelated
problems... including
employment issues, heart
disease and childhood school

simple cavity was not caught in

time. In some circumstances
that cavity was not caught
because the parents perceived
that they could not afford
dental care. By the time the
pain for the child is
unbearable... the cost of solving
the problem has escalated two
or three times over what it
would have been if caught a
year earlier. This roadblock to
dental care is a huge problem in
our community. The solution
that Dr. Bessonet has found is
very simple... and may prove to
be a model for healthcare
reform across the board.
Numbers dont lie... and they
now have a system where
families can get earlier
preventative and less expensive
dental care. The program is
called QDP - Quality Dental
Plan (,
which is now rolling out
nationally across the nation
thanks to Dr. Bessonet and
other forwarding-thinking

Even here in Ascension Parish

we see kids in our practice who
are in chronic pain because a

Quality Dental Plan is offered

to both children and adults at
an inexpensive yearly fee and is

By Calvin Bessonet, DDS,FAGD

an alternative to dental
insurance that can cost in the
thousands of dollars for
minimal benefits. Patients using
Quality Dental Plan can get
two dental visits, two teeth
cleanings, exams, x-rays, and
significant procedural discounts
by being a member. These
procedures include restorative
care, like fillings, crowns, root
canals, implants, IV sedation
even cosmetic dentistry and
I sat down with my front
office team and saw how much
money was going to insurance
companies, claim forms
administration and collections
costs. We also calculated how
many hundreds of extra dollars
families were spending by not
catching potential problems
that we could have found
during a simple annual dental
exam. When I began to run
these numbers with other
dentists around America... we
found that we could offer our
patients free initial exams,
free exam x-rays, free teeth
cleanings and as much as 15%
off other procedures simply by

creating our own in-house

dental savings plan. The result
was QDP... and Dr. Bessonet is
proud to offer it all people who
are interested. This one
simple step has allowed us to
eliminate the insurance
company middleman... and
those savings are going right
back into the pockets of people
here locally. Im really proud
to be part of this cost-savings
movement. This is a great
system for making dental care
more affordable.
If you do not have dental
insurance or you are looking for
an alternative to save money on
your treatment please give
Dr Bessonet and Ascension
Premier Dental a call at
225-673-6910 and we will be
happy to explain the
membership plan in detail and
answer any questions you might
have. You can also visit us
on the web at

IV Sedation
Invisalign Certified
Laser-Assisted Decay Detection
Porcelain Veneers
Wisdom Teeth


FREE Teeth Bleaching*

*( with New Patient Exam, X-ray and cleaning )


May not be combined with other coupons.

Limited to one person in each immediate family.

13375 Hwy 73, Suite 1 Geismar, LA 70734 Call:



Calvin G. Bessonet, DDS, FAGD

225.673.6910 www.


Dutchtown Physical Therapy along with Downtown Physical Therapy Highland Road are pleased to announce a new program that addresses
concussion management for young athletes.
The Comprehensive Concussion Management Program

Consists of education, balance, coordination and neurological testing which allows us to

determine a pre-injury baseline.
This baseline can help identify developmental and physical factors which can be addressed to
improve your child's sports performance.
In the case of a concussion, this program allows us to compare the post injury results to your
child's pre-injury objective baseline data.
The data collected during the pre-injury baseline can be used to help you and your child's
medical provider make sound decisions and ensures your child's safety. The program helps
take the guesswork out of decisions regarding returning to play.
Educating and managing sports concussions are crucial for young athletes and we are
working hard to help the Ascension and Baton Rouge area parents have the opportunity to
keep their children's head safe.

Call us today to have your child tested.

For additional information, feel free to call our clinic at (225) 744-3631
and talk to Chase Roy, PT, DPT or email us at

Chase Roy, PT, DPT

36501 Mission Street, Suite A

(Inside Fusion Health & Fitness)

Prairieville, Louisiana 70769

225.744-3631 Fax 225.744.3647


Also, software that is available to

attorneys to draft wills in other
states will not work in Louisiana
because our laws are so much
different than that of other states.


By Linda Melancon
you can write your own will, but
whether you should write your
own will.

Can I Write
My Own Will
People often ask me whether they
can write their own will. After all,
they know who should receive
their property and there must be
a form for a will available on the
internet. My answer to their
question is this: Sure, you can
write your own will; people writing their own will is great for my
probate business because it often
costs more in legal work to fix
the problems with a do-it-yourself will than it would have cost
to draft a will or the other
appropriate estate planning
document in the first place. As
you will see, the question you
should be asking is not whether

Louisiana law specifically allows

someone to draft their own will;
this type of will is called an
olographic will. To be valid, an
olographic will must be entirely
written, signed and dated in the
testators handwriting. To
probate an olographic will, two
witnesses familiar with the
testators handwriting must
testify that they know the will
was written by the testator in his
own handwriting. While this
usually makes the will probate
process a little more difficult and
costly, a handwritten will can be
valid in Louisiana.
Although you can write your own
will, the Louisiana Civil Code is
often confusing in this area. This
makes it difficult for those who
do not practice law regularly to
be able to effectively understand
and use it appropriately. In fact,
even Louisiana lawyers who do
not practice in the estate planning area regularly are often
reluctant to write wills as estate
planning often requires
specialized knowledge of tax law,
property law, debtor-creditor law
and community property law.

Wills also often include many

terms of art that if not used
carefully, can have much different
implications than what was
intended. Several years ago, I was
involved in a case where a wife
wrote her own will and left all of
her money to her husband.
They had no children together.
Although she had several
hundred thousand dollars worth
of savings bonds, her siblings
sued her husband and argued
that the savings bonds were not
money and therefore they
should get them instead of him.
This case was tied up in court for
many years before the judge
finally ruled that the husband
would receive the savings bonds.
Unfortunately, it cost him a lot of
time and money to receive what
his wife wanted him to get. This
time and expense could have
been avoided had she seen a
qualified estate planning attorney
to help with her will.
An AARP article actually advises
against Do It Yourself wills. As
the article points out, if a will
does not conform to legal
requirements, your property may
be distributed as if you had no
will at all. In that case, having a
defective will could mean that the

people you want to receive your

property do not receive it. Even
worse, it could mean that people
you dont want to receive your
property (like an ex-spouse) may
have control over property that
passes to your minor children.
While we are all looking for
ways to save money these days,
drafting your own will is probably
not where you should try to take
matters into your own hands. A
properly drafted will places your
property into the possession of
those you wish to receive it,
when you want them to receive it
and how you want them to
receive it. It should also
minimize unnecessary
administrative costs and tax
liabilities for your heirs. This task
should be left to trained
professionals to make sure that
the wealth you have accumulated
throughout your life is passed
down according to your wishes.
The peace of mind you get from
knowing your legacy is protected
will be worth the extra expense.

Mrs. Melancon has engaged in the practice of

law in Louisiana for the past 17 years. The primary focus of her practice is estate planning,
special needs planning, elder law and probate.
She is also accredited by the VA to give advice
regarding veterans benefits. For more information, please contact her at 225-744-0027.
You may also visit her website at

17122 Commerce Centre Dr., Prairieville, LA 70769 225.677.7004 WWW.INVESTARBANK.COM Member FDIC

Chemical Peel Q & A

What are the
benefits of a
Chemical Peel?
Everything from sun exposure
and aging to acne and clogged
pores can leave you with uneven
skin tone, fine lines, scarring
and a lackluster complexion.
If you want your skin to look
smoother, younger and most
importantly, vibrant, a
chemical peel can make a
significant difference.

Does it make
my skin literally
peel off?
The extent of peeling varies
according to the person and the
depth of the peel. Not everyone
actually peels following a
chemical peel. The peeling
process depends on the type
and strength of peel youve
had, but many dont call for
downtime. For example, the
common alpha-hydroxy and
glycolic acid peels have little
or no recovery time.

Who can get a

Chemical Peel?
Truthfully pretty much anyone
can get a peel as long as long
are they are not pregnant or
breastfeeding. Generally people
with darker skin need to take
more precautions before getting
a peel and must make sure that

the peel they are receiving is

formulated for their skin type.
Expectations will be explained
to you during your skin care

What should I
expect after my
Chemical Peel?
Following a peel your skin will
feel tight and then a little dry.
You may remain red for an hour
or so following the peel. If you
peel after the chemical peel
treatment peeling will begin
approximately 3 days following
your procedure and you may
peel for 3-5days. Some people
have some mild itchy following
their peels.

How do I care
for my skin after a
Chemical Peel?
Here at Williamson Cosmetic
Center we provide a post peel
kit. The patient will use the
products in this kit during the
peeling process. Generally,
patients can resume their usual
skin care regimen 7 days post
peel. As with any skin care
procedure it is important to
wear sunscreen daily and limit
your time in the sun. It should
be a physical sunscreen,
containing titanium dioxide
and zinc oxide SPF 30+.


Common Sense. Proven Conservative Leadership.

Improving Ascension Parish roads
Supporting high education standards
Supporting our 2nd Amendment rights
Not a Career Politician
100% Pro-Life

Tony Bacala has dedicated his life to serving Ascension Parish. For nearly four
decades, he worked for the Ascension Parish Sheriff's Office, starting as a
patrolman and working his way up through the ranks to Chief Deputy.
His one goal: To make Ascension Parish a safe place to proudly work,
live and raise a family.


Tony Bacala grew up in Dutchtown and was raised in a family with strong
traditions centered on working hard, staying out of trouble, being a good
neighbor, attending Mass every Sunday, getting a good education
and putting family first.


Tony has spent the last 37 years protecting the people of

Ascension Parish with courtesy and respect. Although he retired
from the Sheriffs Office, he is not ready to stop working
for our community.


As Chief Deputy for 15 years, Tony assisted

Sheriff Jeff Wiley in managing 310 full-time
and 50 part-time employees and a $34 million
budget for the Sheriffs Office.

Tony Bacala didn't become
involved with our community
when he decided to run for
public office; he has been
deeply involved in our
community his whole life.
Hes been going to neighborhood meetings, participating in
service projects, volunteering
for good causes, and making
donations to worthy endeavors
his entire life. He had a great
career and has been blessed
with a wonderful family. Giving
back is what he think a person
is supposed to do.
As a leader in the Sheriffs
Office, Tony has:

Managed the needs of the

community without asking for
a tax increase in nearly
20 years
Improved efficiency and
consolidated operations,
ensuring tax dollars are
spent where they are
supposed to be

Helped recruit industrial

expansion and new
construction to Ascension,
which pumped millions of
dollars into the economy
and created thousands of
high-paying jobs in
Ascension Parishensuring
the future economic viability
of the community

At the Sheriffs Office,

I had a reputation in the
community for being fair,
honest, and accessible.
As your next state
representative, I will
continue to uphold
that reputation in
the community.
I believe every issue
is worthy of my
attention, no matter
how big or small...
Tony Bacala

As your State Representative,
Tony will create and implement
plans to keep up with the
growth of Ascension Parish by:
Introducing legislation that
will require a larger portion of
Ascension gas tax dollars be
dedicated to road projects
right here in Ascension Parish

Working to improve
infrastructure in the parish and
fight for a better allocation of
state highway funds
Improving our schools by
setting high expectations and
holding teachers and students

Paid for by Tony Bacala Campaign Fund

accountablewhile still
allowing our teachers to teach

Coordinating with the

Ascension Parish Drainage
Board to resolve drainage and
flooding issues in District 59

Working to create a tax

structure that is fair, consistent
and predictable

Examining the efficiency of

state government and cutting

Instilling cooperation among

local and state officials for the
unified effort to move
Ascension Parish forward

Ask Tony:

You said you grew

up in Ascension;
tell us about your
family now?

Ive been married to my wife,

Lisa, for 29 years. We raised
our family here in Ascension
Parish. Our oldest son,
Anthony III, and his wife,
Amanda, are raising their
children, Anthony IV and Ava,
in Ascension Parish. Our
second son, Aaron, also lives
in Ascension Parish as does
our daughter, Angelica, and
her husband, John Rogillio,
and their son, Fitz. Both
Angelica and Amanda are
expecting, which will bring our
grandkid count to five!

Our roads and

traffic are
horrible! Whats
your plan to help?

I will fight to pass legislation

that ensures that Ascension
Parish receives a fair share of
road tax dollars by dedicating
25% of all gasoline taxes
collected in Ascension to stay
in Ascension. This would
mean that we would see a
major road project every 2 or
3 years instead of every 2 or 3
decades. The biggest problem
that we have isn't that there
isn't enough money to fix our
roads; the problem is how
those funds are allocated. I
am truly bewildered that our
State can justify a half-billion
dollar bridge from St.
Francisville to New Roads
that has almost no traffic,
while major traffic congestion
right here continues to get
worse and worse.

and universities, on fully

funding TOPS, and on
attracting job creating industry
to Louisiana. My grandchildren
and all the children in
Ascension parish deserve
nothing less.

How will you fix

the state budget?

You say youre a

proven leader.
What does that

As the State budget continues

to spiral out of control,
perhaps my most valuable
asset will be my vast
knowledge of government
finance and balancing
budgets. Among my
responsibilities at the Sheriff's
Office was managing a $34
million budget. At the Sheriff's
Office, we operated on simple
principles: Fully fund essential
missions, balance recurring

Hard work and ethical

leadership are essential to the
success of any organization,
the first takes effort and the
second takes character. It is
what we should expect, but

don't always get, from our

public leaders. While Im best
known as Chief Deputy of the
Ascension Parish Sheriff's
Office, I have been recognized
for my leadership ability in
every organization Ive been
affiliated with. Not only did I
work my way to the highest
level of leadership at the
Sheriff's Office, I was elected
by my pears to be President of
his Rotary Club, President of
the LSU Law Enforcement
Institute, President of the
Louisiana Chapter of the FBI
National Academy Associates,
and Chairman of the
Leadership Ascension
Alumni Committee.

Whats your
number one
priority in the

Putting Ascension Parish first.

With so many important issues
infrastructure, education, the
budget facing the next
legislature, its difficult to say
what the number one issue
will be. But, my number one
priority as a public servant will
always be to put Ascension
Parish first. Its what Ive done
my entire career, and its what
I will continue to do as your
next state representative.

If education is so
important, will you
make it a priority?

I want Ascension Parish

schools to be strong for my
grandchildren, and I want
them to attend a first-rate
university right here in
Louisiana. Then, I hope that
they will find great paying jobs
right here in Ascension Parish.
I will place a priority on quality
public school education, on
sound funding for our colleges

expenses with recurring

revenue, save money for
major capital projects, and
remember that we are only
stewards of the taxpayers'
dollars. Im proud that the
Sheriff's Office hasn't sought a
tax increase in nearly 20 years
and firmly believe government
should live within their financial means.


Paid for by Tony Bacala Campaign Fund

Candidacy for
Parish Council
District 7
To the voters of District 7, I
would consider it an honor and a
privilege to be your representative
on the Ascension Parish Council. I
am a very fiscally conservative and
Ill be a good steward with your
tax dollars. If you will compare
my qualifications and list of
accomplishments with all
candidates running in District 7,
without question, youll agree I
am the best qualified candidate in
the race. My promise to you is I
will not support any new taxes even millage roll forwards.
Ascension Parish is a wealthy
Parish. Parish Government and the
Drainage Board collect 5 times in
taxes and fees as Livingston Parish.
We don't have a revenue problem;
we have a spending problem. I
supported Impact fees when I
served the people in 2004-2007
and still support them. I do favor
asking the voters to approve some
portion of the Drainage
Revenues collected and dedicate
them to Infrastructure (roads) and
Sewer. I support property rights
and responsible, not reckless
growth, like we have now. I will
work with others that are honest
to help solve the problems
Ascension and Prairieville are facing. I need your vote and support
and I ask that you please review
both my Website
and Facebook page - Doug
Hillensbeck - Politician.
Former 2 term PTO President
of Prairieville
Founder and asst. Coach of the
Prairieville Broncos
As an ARNG engineer officer,
coordinated/built Prairieville
Middle Schools football field
Chartered Cub Scout Pack 249
and served as Pack 249s first

Served 22 years with the Cub

and Boy Scouts, father of two
sons, both Eagle Scout
Graduate of Florida State
University, Bachelor of Science
Degree in Finance
Lt. Colonel retired veteran, 31+
years U.S. Army National Guard,
three ODT deployments
Ascension Parish School Board
Member 1995-2003
Convinced the Board to
implement uniforms in K-8
schools in 1999
Convinced the Board to implement standardized dress policy for
high schools in 2002
Convinced the Board to buy 80
acre tract on Parker Rd for future
primary and high schools in 1999.
Prairieville Primary opened in
2009. Bond issue for new
Prairieville High School and other
projects will be on the April 2016
Convinced the Board in 2002 to
adopt his Plan 9 called The Feeder
School Plan by a 6-5 vote to send
Prairieville Middle School
Students to Dutchtown High
instead of EAHS.
State Representative (former
school board president) Ed Price
in 2004 credited Councilman
Doug Hillensbeck with initiating
the effort to end the near 40 year
deseg lawsuit and US Justice
Department review and overwatch
of Ascension Parish Schools
Ascension Parish Council
Member 2004-2007
As Councilman Elect - convinced the outgoing 2000-2003
Council to approve and form the
new Prairieville Fire District #3
In early 2005, as a Councilman,
he met with State Representative
Eddie Lambert on the heavily
traveled and dangerous LA Hwy
930 conditions. As a result of Rep
Lambert, plans are drawn,
required studies to widen Hwy
930 are completed and to date 41
of 81 parcels of right of way have
been purchased. Money for construction is budgeted.
With other Council members,
approved and implemented plan
for fire hydrants
Oak Grove Community Park secured $150,000 for improvements in the 2008 budget, which
was voted on and passed in 2007.
Also coordinated with parish and
US Rural Conservation District to
provide additional grant monies
for park improvements.
Active member of Carpenters
Chapel United Methodist Church
in Prairieville
As you can see, through dedication and hard work, I have delivered for the people of Prairieville
and Ascension Parish in the past. I
humbly ask for your support and
vote to allow me the opportunity
to represent you again. Thank you
and God Bless!

For more than 19 years, we have developed, owned and

managed senior housing communities throughout
Louisiana and Georgia that provide alternative living
arrangements for seniors combining wellness, independence
and personal care in a warm dignified setting with over
100 years of personal and professional experience.



2305 S. Purpera Avenue,
Gonzales, LA 70737




Dont Let a Good Fish Get Away

You've probably heard these lines
before; "Man, I don't know how I
missed him". He was standing
broadside at about sixty yards. He was
one of the best deer I've ever seen. Or
maybe, I saw him coming from about
a hundred yards away. Every now and
then he would stop and strut. He even
gobbled two times after I saw him. I
can't believe I missed that turkey. All I
had to do was wait until he cleared
that last sapling and stretch his neck
out. How about this one, I had him to
the boat. I could see the hook in the
top of his mouth. He was sooo BIG. I
should have waited for the net. I had
him beat but I got too excited and
tried to throw him in the boat. That
mistake cost me the fish of my lifetime.
We've all had certain opportunities
in our life that we've let slip right out
of our hands. I can't help but think
back to certain situations and decisions
that I made in my life involving job
careers, relationships, etc. At times I
have to wonder how different my life
would be at this moment if I would
have made different choices.
We're basically responsible for the
decisions we make in our lives and how
we influence other people along that
journey. For them to understand and
enjoy the things that we do as
outdoorsmen is very important for the
future of hunting and fishing. I have,
naturally, introduced many people to
the outdoors. Plenty of the people are
my own family and kin. There's been
dozens others just by acquaintance (on
jobs, etc.) that I've had the pleasure to
introduce to hunting and fishing.
Some became avid sportsmen and
sportswomen and still continue to
enjoy the outdoors today. There's been
a few that did not fully acquire the
passion, but just as importantly is the
fact that those people now understand,
accept and respect the reason those of
us that hunt and fish enjoy that way of
life. That is a blessing in itself. To this
day, I can't say that I've ever brought
anyone hunting or fishing that did not
have a good time.
The Louisiana Department of
Wildlife and Fisheries has recently
launched a new program to increase
recruitment of people to enjoy the
outdoor activities available to them.
The program is named The Hunter
Heritage program and focuses on

bringing more hunters afield, but

camping, fishing, and bird watching
are other acceptable activities of the
program. The intent of the program is
for seasoned veterans of the outdoors
to mentor those who have never had
the opportunity to be shown the ins
and outs of hunting. Although most of
the program focuses on children, men
and women of all ages are encouraged
to join the program. More info on the
Hunter Heritage program can be
found by contacting :LHHP Program,
LA Dept of Wildlife and Fisheries,
5652 Hwy 182, Opelousas, LA 70570.
Just recently I ran into an old
working partner of mine. We had
worked together for several years but
have now been apart for about a year.
After a few moments of conversation
he reminded me that I had promised
to bring him hunting someday. Now
this guy is in his late forties and no one
had offered to bring him hunting yet.
I acknowledged that I had promised to
bring him hunting someday. We
exchanged phone numbers again and
come this October I will bring him on
his first squirrel hunt. I've got a good
one here and I'm going to put him in
the boat. He won't get away, if he does
it'll be my fault. This will be a new
licensee, new revenue and new mentor
for the future. We all have people like
this in our lives. By all means, don't
let a good fish get away...


Now Serving Crawfish

Oysters By the Sack

Fresh Shrimp
A Wide Variety
of Fish and Seafood
Snow Crabs
Turtle Meat

Ask for Sallys stuff crabs.

Youll love them.

Doug & Sally


Spotless Auto Mobile Detailing is a self contained

portable car wash and detail service.

Till Next Time,

Give us a call and We come to you.

Invest in the Future

James "Goosie" Guice

Professional Reliable Experienced

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SAT. - 9:00 - A.M.
SUN. - 7:30 - P.M.
MON. - 9:00 - P.M.
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WED. - 10:00 P.M.
FRI. - 8 - P.M.


Make an appointment by
calling Gucci at 504.417.5633

Ils Sont Partis-And Theyre Off (Maybe Their Rocker)!

by Bill Delaune

As we endure the endless

political ads prior to our
October primaries-Im against
Common Core! Yeah, but
you supported common
whores!-in this state, one can
only imagine what we can
expect next year on
the national level.
After the first Republican
debate drew over 20 million
viewers (Somebody said,
Wasnt there a ball game
on?), the second one on
September 16 will probably
escalate in name calling
(Classless. Bimbo. Dr.
Knowlittle. Non-believing
heathers.) and probably
should not be watched with
small children or while
operating heavy machinery.
But, alas, my press deadline is
before the debacle-uh,
debate- so I am left with pure
speculation as to which
candidate can distance himselfor herself- from the field.
Damn, Im starting to sound
like Im going to the
track-which, come to think of
it, might not be a bad method
of predicting the outcome.
Lets break out a DRF-no, not
a Daily Racing Form-a Debate
Republican Format-and see if
we can separate contenders
from pretenders.
Lets start with the favorite

Those other
Bozos are Fired!!!


1. Donald TrumpHas come out of the gate

smoking and holds the early
lead. Question is-will he stand
up to the pressure when the
real running begins or collapse
like one of his bankrupt casinos.
Has trouble passing the eye
test with his dishelved mane
and his immigration stand
makes it difficult to find a
Mexican jockey to ride.
Despite the drawbacks and a
lack of class, his stable remains
confident with the optimistic
slogans, We shall overcomb,
and There will be hell

2. Jeb BushWell-bred entry, as both his

father and brother won highstakes races. Will be heavily
backed financially, especially the
closer it gets to post time.
Distracters point to race-fixing scandal in Florida in 2000
and overexposure of family

name. Some say Bush entries

are like Caddyshack movies.
They should have stopped
at one.

3. Ben CarsonLongshot darkhorse is making strides on the leaders with

his practical racing strategy.
Hey, this isnt brain surgery, his handlers have pointed
out. Has the backing of track
veterinarians, pool hustlers and
Bugs Bunny fans and others
known as Doc.
Lack of experience sticks out
on the race card but some fans
fall in love with first-time
starters because theyve never
lost a race.

4. Carly FiorinaOnly filly in the race that has

traditionally favored males.
Spirited mare who vaulted into
the top tier with a good showing against much weaker last
time out.
A couple bad races mar the
past performances and has a
reputation of overworking her
stock and then watching it rise
when she leaves. Accused of
running an entry (HP) into the
ground and now wanting to do
it again on the highest level.
Know her early.

5. Rand PaulFree-spirited sort whose Dad

ran similar campaigns but could
never win the big one. Tough


to rein in at times and may be

better suited for the Pony
Express since he believes the
only thing the Federal
Government should do is
deliver the mail.
Rambles all over the place
and tends to lose track from
time to time. Has been known
to make a spectacle of himself.

6. Mike HuckabeeHas not run well from this post

as he claims its too close to 66-6. Reminds followers of
1991 Kentucky Derby favorite
Holy Bull who finished 10th
but rebounded to beat Devil
His Due in the Woodward.
Made a big splash in
Kentucky recently when he
made a big move against

Supreme Court. Refused to be

gelded early in his career for
fear people might call him

ramble on-and on-and on.

Not a big fan of female entries.
Guess you could call him a

7. Chris Christie-

9. Marco Rubio-

Has come in overweight in

his last 10 races but has the
backing of Tony Soprano and
the Jersey Boys.
Did not fare well on a
Sandy track after a storm in
the Northeast. Jumped into
the big race when a concerned
supporter begged him, Please
consider running, then found
out later she was trying to get
him to start jogging to lose
Persistent questions about
how weight will affect his
performance have him giving
stock answer, Well cross that
bridge when we come to it.

Lost a chance to gain some

real ground when he stopped
for a drink of water during a
crucial moment in his biggest
race. However, if this were a
beauty contest, he would be the
eye candy winner and if you
dare to look a gift horse in the
mouth, he does have the best
Yet to challenge Trump for
the lead because he seems content to just play to the favorites
crowd. Favorable choice of
jockeys because he understands
English and also entiendo
Espanol. Dangerous if he
figures out how to run
his own race.

8. Ted CruzCanadian bred who sometimes become obsessed with

where other winners were born.
Big time racing may not be his
cup of tea but his vet Dr. Seuss
has him on a steady diet of
Green Eggs and Ham.
Another who has a tendency to

10. Scott WalkerRuns fast and furious and will

be hard to beat based on recent
speed ratings. Oh wait, thats
the late Paul Walker. This
hard-headed colt has busted
more teachers, firemen and
policemen out of their

hard-earned wages because

of his unconventional
running style.
Very popular with the
upper class who own all the
concession rights and like to
ask, Would you like some fries
with that Koch?
Insists on running on Labor
Day so folks wouldnt think it
was a holiday for the working
class. Didnt attend his high
school reunion (He dropped
out of college.) because it
included the word union on
the invitation.
And now the also rans

11. Bobby JindalHard to find a form on him in

Louisiana as he was never there.
Hard to see him threatening
the leaders although the second
spot in the exacta is not out of
reach. Especially when leading
mare Sarah Palin tells Fox News
that Native Americans should
go back where they came

12. Rick Perry-

these days. Change of

equipment-glasses to make him
look smarter-failed miserably.
Must avoid mistakes like,
Even a broken clock is right
once a day.

13. Rick SantorumLongshot win here could be

disastrous for industry as he is
against breeding in any way,
shape or form-with the
exception of the Immaculate
So there you have the
field for the 2016 Republican
Derby. Just be careful when
the horses come on the track
not to sing the second line of
the original version of Stephen
Fosters My Old Kentucky
Home that goes Its summer,
the darkies are gay
Politically correct or not, that
will not win you favor with any
of the above.
But you know what
they say about differences of
opinion-thats what makes a
horse race!

Hard-riding Texan has fallen

on hard times and is better s
uited for My Little Pony

Hey Dr. Rob?

Is there a age
limit for hunting

$100 off Termite Treatment

$25 off Initial Pest Control
Pest Prevention Programs Real Estate Certificates
Pre-Construction Soil / Borate Treatment
Termite Treatment Programs Mosquito Suppression Services

Local Licensed Insured Bonded


225-644-7466 Ascension 225-924-7096 Baton Rouge

225.7 44.4905


By Brandt Bourque

Dedication, the one word

that we all know and sometimes
even fear is the reason that local
group The Side Effects Band
has been successfully moving

crowds for over 15 years. Band

leaders Mark Sides and Wade
Duplessis continue to move the
band forward through good
and bad times and have been
committed to providing the
best live entertainment night
after night.
Along with forming a band
comes the frustration of losing
members and replacing them
with others. After struggling to
keep steady members, Side
Effects and Bittersweet (two
Ascension Parish based bands)
merged and became one.
When merging the two bands,
Duplessis left his position of
drummer, and moved
into a frontman, lead
singer role. A new
band was born with
two lead vocalists,
each compliment the
other with smooth
overlying harmonies.
The merger was
named "The SIDE
and although some of
the members have
changed over the
years, Mark and Wade
have been the con-


stant. Since Mark Sides is the

original founding member, lead
vocalist, keyboard player, and
booking manager. The members wanted to have Sides last
name incorporated into the
bands name and brought many
options to the table for consideration, eventually Side Effects
was chosen. It was decided
later to re-name the group
The current lineup features
Mark Sides - Keyboards and
Vocals, Wade Duplessis - Lead
Vocals and Percussion, Jeremy
"JJ Stix" Babin - Drums and

Vocals, Rustin Romano - Lead

Guitar and Vocals, Steve
Schittone - Bass and Vocals
A typical night of music from
The Side Effects Band will
include: Swamp Pop, Funk,
Classic Rock, R&B, Alternative
Rock, Country, and Popular
Line Dances. Some crowd
favorites include: Sweet Home
Alabama (their version is geared
to the college football fans of
LSU), Easy - Lionel Richey,
Don't Stop Believing - Journey,
The Dance - Garth, and of
course the most requested song
ever Brown Eyed Girl. The

band has many favorites, but

overall they look at each song
as an opportunity to perform it
better than the time before. A
few of the bands favorites to
pull off live are: No Parking /
Whip it, Free / Mystic, Boogie
Shoes / Take it to the
House, because they
have created their own
versions of these original
songs. That's the fun
part, says Duplessis,
We can change an
ending while on stage,
stretch a song with a
great lead part, or an
additional verse to get
the crowd to sing with
us, years of playing
together helps us feed
off each other and the
crowd. We chose a
variety of music that
would appeal to audiences of all ages, at any
function, and keep them on the
dance floor, said Sides. The
SIDE EFFECTS Band delivers
the perfect blend of music
selections into a dynamic and
engaging performance sure to
make any special event a
memorable occasion. The band

continues to add new songs to

provide the best overall
experience for everyone.
The band has played many
venues over the years but some
of their favorite shows have
been the St. John Fair, The
Gonzales Jambalaya Festival,
and St. Amant, East Ascension,
and Dutchtown graduation
parties. Community events like
these in Ascension Parish are
fun for the whole family.
There is a good chance that
you will see The Side Effects
Band at a wedding or party you
attend this fall as they play
many private functions. If you
are looking for a night of fun
and dancing check them out at
one of their upcoming shows in
the area. On September 18th
they will be at Rachels Place,

September 19th at Billys

Tavern, on the 25th of
September at Warsaw Marina
and on October 19th at Ts
Country. Check out their
facebook page for more date
coming in the up coming


Thoughts from Bully

The Agony
and the
Ecstacy of
Once Playing
My sister recently gave me an
East Ascension High School
football program from the year
1973. Mom had saved it and
she thought I would enjoy
having it.
As I thumbed through the
pages I realized, Im getting
older. Ive seen some of the
guys in these photos recently
and they dont look quite like
they did back then, including
myself. I think I weighed 80
pounds lighter back then. Oh,
to be under 200 again.
I started reminiscing about
those days and wondered.
What in the Hell was
I thinking?
Remember that first day of

practice and how sore you were

2 days later.
Remember suffering the
ridicule of the coaches, such as
gold brick, when you asked for
that 2 ozs. of water that was
permitted in the 2 hours of
Remember it was this time
of year? The 95 degree days
along with the occasional
shower to lift the humidity level
beyond 100 percent was
pure joy.
Remember the smell of the
locker room? Whats fun about
The first photo I came upon
was Head Coach Fred
Now I have been mad at Fred
for 42 years. He caught me
sneaking a drink, in the back of
our car, on the way to an LSU
ball game. Juno and Don, my
partners in crime, had there
drinks in a washed out coke
cup. I had the Orange juice
bottle. When Fred called us to
stay after practice on Monday.
He asked what was in the cups,
those buddies of mine said it
was coke in their cups and he
believed them. He didnt even
ask me and proceeded to make
me run whistle stop sprints for
a week.
As I said, Ive been mad all
these years. I ran into an old
friend not long ago and Freds
name came up. He told me of
how he and another friend got
caught and were punished. He
told me of about 10 other
stories of how you couldnt get
anything past Fred. He gave me


names of bunches of guys that

got caught. So, I am not mad
any more. I feel like I am a part
of the got-caught fraternity. I
didnt know Fred was a
graduate Scotland Yard
I remember the day we
caught some girls peeking in
the locker room from a second
story corner window. The next
day we knew theyd be there.
We piled up a bunch of dirty,
sweaty jocks right in the area
that was visible. After they were
looking in we jumped in,
dropped our towel to reveal
some full moons.
There was nothing fun about
having the football under your
arms, running
down the field
and seeing Randy
Troxclair bearing
down on you.
You knew that
soon it would be
like night because
you were going
to be seeing stars.
Coach Dugas
once had a beef
with about 8 of
us that werent
working hard
enough. He
made us get in a
ring and called
Randy over to be
the BULL in the
middle. After that
bruising I hustled
the rest of my
I remember
how excited I was
when Coach Paul
told me to take
some snaps under
center with the
first team. I
approached the
center, who was
Chester Laporte.
I placed my
hands under for
the snap and as I
was calling out the cadence, he
farted. I jumped back and got a
whistle for making the offense
jump off sides. Because of that I
got chewed out and had to call
another play. As we approached
the line I could hear Chester
giggling in his helmet. As I
approached he looked around
and had devilish grin. Do you
think I put my hands down
there again. I got whistled and
had to a run a lap.

What was fun about having a

coach who was also a teacher?
He was Coach Webb. Most
players had him for Industrial
Arts. One day someone found
out his nick name was Snap.
Tommy Reeves tried calling
him that and we all laughed. All
hell broke loose. Not only did
we get extra paper work in class
but we had to see him after
football practice. Let me tell
you the name Snap never
passed my lips.
Remember the first time
Shelby Robert walked up,
grabbed your face mask and
began speaking to you with sign
language. Your head would

twist and shake so much that

you dare not miss a word he
said. He could have been
ordering a hamburger I
wouldnt have known. I was 13
and very impressionable.
With all this pain I still loved
my football days. There are
many more fun stories than
horror stories. I was once called
to Coachs office because my
Volkswagen was parked in the
middle of the practice fields.

My friends thought it would be

funny to carry my car and place
it there so Id get blamed. I did.
There was this time when my
buddy Ram thought hed try
out for football. He was known
for being a good baseball player
and had the size but had never
put on a football uniform. He
had this thick bushy black hair.
When he put his helmet on the
ear holes would fill with his hair
and stick out like black golf
balls. It was so funny I couldnt
help but laugh. Needless to say
he didnt make it but those few
days of practice with Ram were
It was fun when we staged a
beat down on the Istrouma
Indians mascot before the all
important game. Istrouma was
ranked #1 in the state. Paul
Mayon dressed up as the
Istrouma Indian Mascot and
road out on the field on a
Shetland pony. As the crowd for
Istrouma roared, Don Braud,
our Spartan mascot, road out on
a Mighty White Stallion of the
East Ascension Spartans. As the
Spartan approached to demolish
the Indian his saddle broke and
he fell off his horse. He got up
and punched the horse. The

Istrouma side cheered. The

game pretty much went the
same way.
I played football for at least 6
years and have many friends and
stories from the experience.
I remember the very last
game I ever played. At the
beginning of the second half I
went for a fumble and collided
with another player head first. I
dont remember the second
half. I do remember walking
around the field after everyone
was leaving the stadium. I came
upon Juno. I asked him,
Wheres the huddle? He said,
We are all on the bus. I had a
concussion and was in the
hospital for three days for
The agony and ecstacy of
playing football is a legacy that I
hold dear. I believe every young
man should try it so one day
they can say, What in the Hell
was I thinking?

1 3 0 5 3 H W Y. 4 3 1 S T. A M A N T

24 Hr. Emergency Roadside Service

All tires from ATV to Commercial Machinery

All brands to fit autos, trucks and
18 wheelers, including tractor/
construction equipment tires

Emergency road service

assistance-Commercial Only
Locally owned and operated since 2004
New used and retreads
Great prices!


Locally Owned & Operated by

Oscar and Linda Mire and sons
Call for Appointment 225.644.8473




30 Years of Top Notch Services

Braud Company Welding & Industrial Supplies

has been providing material to industries for over
thirty years. Our emphasis is on service.
We take pride in same day delivery and
customer service is always our number one
priority and we deliver ontime, everytime.
We have a well stocked walk-in sales counter
where you can purchase any quantity of an item.

Adhesives, Sealants & Tapes
Chemicals, Lubricants & Paints
Display Units
Electrical & Lighting
Electrical Tools
Fasteners, Clamps & Straps
Hand Tools
Janitorial Equipment

Marking Tools
Material Handling
Measuring & Leveling Tools
MRO Supplies
Plumbing Equipment
Power Tools
Safety & Security
Welding Supplies

225.673.3370 Toll Free 888.269.4315


Kids of Summer Droppin a Line

The only thing better than Skid Marks Tire Pros

and their Five locations is a solid community.

These Kids Rock!

1312 WEST HWY. 30, GONZALES 225-647-9631 11209 COURSEY BLVD., BATON ROUGE 225-368-1234 1015 WEST LEE DRIVE, BATON ROUGE 225-767-5008 1800 SOUTH RANGE AVE. DENHAM SPRINGS 225-664-8103


Kids of Summer Droppin a Line

The only thing better than Skid Marks Tire Pros

and their Five locations is a solid community.

These Kids Rock!

1312 WEST HWY. 30, GONZALES 225-647-9631 11209 COURSEY BLVD., BATON ROUGE 225-368-1234 1015 WEST LEE DRIVE, BATON ROUGE 225-767-5008 1800 SOUTH RANGE AVE. DENHAM SPRINGS 225-664-8103


Kids of Summer Droppin a Line

The only thing better than Skid Marks Tire Pros

and their Five locations is a solid community.

These Kids Rock!

1312 WEST HWY. 30, GONZALES 225-647-9631 11209 COURSEY BLVD., BATON ROUGE 225-368-1234 1015 WEST LEE DRIVE, BATON ROUGE 225-767-5008 1800 SOUTH RANGE AVE. DENHAM SPRINGS 225-664-8103



Gourmet at Home

15 jalapeno peppers (cut in half
length wise seeds and pith
cup small diced white onion
cup small diced red bell pepper
cup green onions (sliced)
ounces cream cheese (softened)
10 ounces pepper jack cheese (shredded)
1 lb baby boiled shrimp rough chopped (90/110)
15 slices of bacon (chopped)
15 slices of bacon (cut in )
1 tsp fresh minced garlic

cup bread crumbs

Salt, Red Pepper, Black Pepper to Taste

In a pot, bring water to a rapid boil and blanch the jalapeno halves for
approx. 2 minutes then immediately scoop them and place them in an ice
bath to cool. While the peppers are cooling, in a large mixing bowl, add
your cream cheese, pepper jack cheese, garlic, green onions and shrimp.
Saut the onion and red bell pepper until tender then add to the cheese
mixture. Next, saut your chopped bacon until crispy and add to the cheese
mixture. (Grease too YUM) Add the bread crumbs to the cheese mixture
and mix well. Generously stuff the peppers with cheese mixture then wrap
the pepper with a slice of bacon and secure with a toothpick.

Cajun Stuffed Peppers

Executive Chef
Ben Jarreau

Prep Time:
30 Minutes
Cook Time:
6 Minutes

Now decide how you want to serve them.. Grilled, fried, baked.?????
If frying, pre heat oil to 350 degrees. Dust the peppers in flour then into
and egg wash, then back into the flour and fry for about 5 minutes or until
golden brown.
If grilling or baking, cook peppers for about 8 minutes or until bacon is to
your desired doneness.

Airline Hwy at Hwy 74 in Gonzales


Tues - Thurs & Sun 11am - 9pm Fri 11am - 10pm & Sat 5pm - 10pm
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The Inn at Houmas House

Plantation and Gardens

"The Great River Roads" newest and most elegant

bed and breakfast.
Our cottages are nestled along an alley of ancient oak trees, where you
will have full access to our world famous gardens to watch the sunset or
relax in a cozy spot and enjoy the gentle breeze from the Mississippi River.
The cottages depict historic structures that once graced Uncle Sam Plantation,
which was located downriver from Houmas House. Each room is complete
with a single king or queen size bed or double queen beds,
marble bathrooms, and a porch to enjoy the view.
Luxurious and romantic, each room is decorated with old world furnishings
allowing you to experience the lavish lifestyle of the wealthy Sugar Barons of
the early 1800's. With all the amenities world class travelers expect today.
Breakfast and a tour of the mansion are included.
Check In: 4pm Check Out: 11am.

Book Now Online

or call (225) 473-9380.


40136 Hwy 942, River Road, Darrow, LA 70725


This Month at Morans Marina in Port Fourchon

Moran's Marina 27900 Hwy 1 Golden Meadow, LA 70357
(985) 396-2728

We Are Hooking Them Up in Fourchon

Motel 985-396-3900 Bar 985-396-2713 Port Fourchon Marina 985-396-2792
Convenient Store/Deli 985-396-2727 Restaurant 985-396-2729 Office 985-396-2728

Captain Chris Moran


Inshore Trips

Consist of leaving out at 6 am and fishing for specks and reds, occasionally drum and sheephead as well, arriving back at
the dock for 3pm. Trips consist of live bait and artificial techniques Live bait, ice, tackle, included. If you have a favorite
rod by all means bring it. Food and drinks available upon request.
Colder months we usually fish Leeville and Golden Meadow marshes.
Warmer months we typically fish Barataria and Timbalier bays, beaches, and the western barrier islands.

Offshore Trips

Consist of leaving out at 6 am and arriving back at the dock between 4-6pm. These trips are the most commonly booked
trips, we generally target bottom species, live bait mangrove fish , and troll the rip when in season. Fish you can expect
to catch on these trips include snapper, grouper, amberjack, wahoo, blackfin tuna, lemon fish, dolphin.

For More Information or to Book a Charter Call Today (985) 396-2728

On these trips we generally travel up to 60 miles out.

Hi, I'm Captain Chris Moran and I have fished

the offshore and inshore waters of Louisiana
my entire life. I truly enjoy charter fishing to
the point that I don't know who is having
more fun, the clients or me. No saltwater
species is safe from Cajun Made Charters,
whether it be Tuna, Marlin, Wahoo, Dorado,
Shark, Cobia, Tarpon, Amberjack, Mangrove,
Red Snapper, Trigger Fish, Grouper, Trout,
Redfish or King Mackerel. Trips consist of
Inshore, Live/Artificial Trout and Redfishing,
Shallow and Deep Water Bottom Fishing,
Blue Water, Kite Fishing, Overnight Tuna and
Swordfish, Offshore Fly Fishing, and Big
Game Trolling.